June 23, 2013 - St. Ambrose Catholic Parish


June 23, 2013 - St. Ambrose Catholic Parish

Saint Ambrose

CATHOLIC PARISH Diocese of Cleveland




Images from the Light Show,

Thursday Evening at our

Parish Fesval…..





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June 23, 2013 | The 12 th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Saint Ambrose Catholic Parish | 929 Pearl Road, Brunswick, OH 44212

Phone | 330.460.7300 Fax |330.220.1748 | Together.StAmbrose.us | www.StAmbrose.us



M , !

Saturday, July 13 | Outdoor Mass and Movie

S, J 23

8:30 am-1:30 pm High-schoolers for Heartland (HH)

10:00 am-2:00 pm Confirmaon Interviews (LC)

6:00-8:00 pm Men’s Renewal Team (LCCR)

7:00-8:00 pm Knights of Columbus (C)

M, J 24

2:00-6:00 pm Confirmaon Interviews (LC)

T, J 25

August 4 | The FEST

13th Annual Catholic Family FESTival

9:00-10:00 am Building & Grounds (LCMT)

9:00-11:00 am Sarah’s Circle (R)

12:45-2:00 pm Pro-Life Group (LCLK)

6:00-8:30 pm Pastoral Council (HH)

6:30-9:00 pm CYO Basketball & Volleyball (HHG)

7:00-8:00 pm Overeaters Anonymous (LCMT)

7:00-9:00 pm Ministry of Consolaon (LCLK)

7:00-9:00 pm Knights of Columbus (LCFM)

September 7 | Saint Ambrose Annual

Steak Roast & More!

End of Summer Celebration

W, J 26

9:00-10:00 am Yoga (HH)

1:00-2:15 pm Fr. McNeil Book Club (R)

6:30-9:00 pm CYO Basketball & Volleyball (HHG)

7:00-9:00 pm Parish Finance Council (LCCR)

T, J 27

10:30-12:00 pm Prayer Shawl Ministry (LCMT)

6:00-7:00 pm Legion of Mary (CC)

6:30-8:00 pm Scripture Study (R)


Sun 9 am - 12:00 pm

Mon-Thurs 8:30 am - 7:00 pm

Fri 8:30 am - 6 pm

Sat 8:30 am - 4 pm

Phone | 330.460.7300

Fax | 330.220.1748

Web | www.StAmbrose.us

Net | Together.StAmbrose.us

6:30-9:00 pm CYO Basketball & Volleyball (HHG)

7:00-8:30 pm Men’s Fellowship (LCLK)

7:00-9:00 pm Boy Scouts #513 (LC)

F, J 28


C Church

CC Church Chapel

S School

R Rectory

HHG Hilkert Hall Gym








Hilkert Hall

Lehner Center, Conference Room

Lehner Center, Mahew

Lehner Center, Mark

Lehner Center, Luke

Lehner Center, John

Lehner Center, Fr. McGivney

5:00-11:00 pm Bingo (HHG)

7:15-9:30 pm Altar Servers (C)

S, J 29

10:30-12:00pm Altar Servers (C)

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…”Grant, O Lord, that

we may always revere

and love your holy name,

for you never deprive of

your guidance those you

set firm on the

foundation of your love.

Through our Lord Jesus

Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with

you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God,

for ever and ever.” The Collect for the 12 th

Sunday in Ordinary Time articulates a powerful

prayer and promise of the Lord, “for you never

deprive of your guidance those you set firm on

the foundation of our love.” Never deprived!!

That’s the promise of the Lord. We need to

pray each day for the wisdom to set our lives

on the foundation of the Lord. If we do so,

we will never be deprived of the grace and help

we need. In these summer days, make some

time to reflect on the promise of the Lord.

…I am writing this letter from our mission

community in the Dominican Republic. The

theme for the week is, “God’s grace is

sufficient.” We have been asking the group of

48 missionaries to be reflecting on how God’s

grace provides for all our needs. In the first

three days, they have been stretched and

challenged to do things and reflect on things

they have never encountered. In each moment,

we have been asking them to think of a

moment, need, instant, that God has not, or

could not, provide. So far, we have not found

an instance (or need) where the outpouring

of God’s grace has not been provided.

...Today we spent a full day unloading the

container which was shipped with supplies for

those most in need. As we unloaded the

materials, I was overwhelmingly aware of

your goodness. The container was packed…

full…and overflowing….all was/is a gift from

our members. In these days, I am holding

you in prayer and thought. I am acutely

aware of the good we do at home….in our

mission….throughout our region. You are

wonderful instruments of God’s grace and

goodness. Thank you so much.

…We are making great progress to assist

and support those who are most in need. By

the time you read this, we should be very close

to completing five houses. The families, who

currently live in tin shacks by the river, will be

moving into their homes on Sunday (this

weekend). We will also set the foundation for

five new homes. They will have water (nonportable)

which we installed. The foundation

for the new church (only Catholic Church in

the area) will be set. We will complete the

community center. This is all in addition to the

Vacation Bible School and basic repairs and


social work. All very good. Please hold us in

prayer as we travel home on Monday.

…I must confess that the beauty of the

internet and cell phones is that the work of

Saint Ambrose continues. In between the

mission work, I did some marriage counseling

on the phone today not to mention planning a

funeral. In a wonderful way, because our

parish is most alive, even in the midst of

summer, there is much going on. Praise God.

As we set our parish, and each of our lives,

we will never be deprived of what we need

from our good God.

…There’s also much progress around our

parish campus. Our building and grounds

volunteer crew is hard at work in the school

building making it safer for all our students.

Thanks to the wonderful water God has

provided, our new field looks amazing. All

very good.

…Each day our campus is alive because of the

120+ school-age children enrolled in our

summer camp program. It’s an excellent

opportunity for our young people to spend their

summer days with their friends, learning about

the Lord, enriching their studies, and having

great fun. Thank you, Mrs. Hill and Mrs.

Herman, for making this possible for our

young people.

…Many thanks to all who have already

signed up and offered fresh fruit and

vegetables for our Food Bank. All these

fresh items will be shared with those most in

need in our region. You may have also noticed

that ALL the fruit trees in our orchard are alive

and our parish community garden is planted

and growing. All very good (and healthy).

…Please keep our FIAT teens in your

prayers this week as they head to

Stuebenville for their youth conference/retreat.

It’s always a source of inspiration for our teens.

…This coming week, as we bring to a close

the month of June and the official end of the

school year, we say farewell to our outgoing

school principal, Mrs. Chris Bopp. She has

been a great blessing to Saint Ambrose

School and Parish for the past six years. Her

warm spirit and strong faith greatly enriched

our school community. Under her guidance,

our school has grown and developed. Thank

you, Chris, for all you have done for Saint

Ambrose. We wish you well and hold you in

prayer as you continue your service to the

Church at Saint Angela Parish.

…Thanks and farewell also to Alexa

Schuele. Alexa, as you have read, is headed to

Virginia to be with her boyfriend. She has

done a great job with our teen program. Alexa

is a strong woman of faith with a very generous


heart. I know that we will all greatly miss her

wonderful spirit at Saint Ambrose. She has

done a wonderful job in working with Jurell

Sison over the past two months to transition

him into the leadership for our youth ministry

programs. God bless you, Alexa.

…All Junior High Students should be

thinking about Camp Samaritan. It’s two

days of service in our region. It’s a great way

to meet friends, make good use of summer days

and, mostly, it’s the wise person who serves the

Lord. That’s the foundation of love that

provides the blessings of God’s abundance in

our lives. If you would like some

information, please contact Ann Marie

Frattare at 330.460.7325.

… …A summer date for your calendar: The

FEST, our Catholic Family FESTival is on

Sunday, August 4, at the Center for Pastoral

Leadership in Wickliffe. It’s a FREE family

day filled with great music, activities, displays

and an inspiring Mass with 30,000+

people. The day ends with the best fireworks

of the season!! For more information, go to:

www.theFEST.us. This year there’s a special

Mom’s Relaxation Station – a place for moms

to get best ideas to take care of themselves,

their homes and families. There will be great

presentations and over 120,000 give aways/

samples. Come for FREE. Have a GREAT

family day. Go home with lots and lots of

FREE stuff. Spread the word


…As we wrap up the month of June, our

Parish Finance Council will be meeting this

week for their monthly meeting. I am so

grateful for your generosity and support for

our parish. I am also most grateful for their

guidance and direction to help our parish

make wise and good decisions. The end of

the month brings the close of the fiscal year.

Many thanks for all your support!

…Our parish is blessed with some really

wonderful folks who work in our Business

Office: Al Becka, Carol Maline and Lynn

Rogers. They do a great job for our parish.

BTW: Lynn Rogers has a birthday this

coming week…if you see, or know Lynn,

drop her a kind word


…Never deprived! That’s our opening prayer

this weekend. May each of us have the

wisdom to set our lives on the firm foundation

of God’s love. May you always know the

abundance of God’s sufficient grace. You

are in my prayers always, and especially during

this week of mission. Enjoy these summer


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Daily: 8:15 am & 5:30 pm

Saturday: 8:15 am & 4:30 pm Vigil

Sunday: 7:30 am, 9 am, 10:30 am, 12 Noon & 5 pm

Holy Day Mass Schedule: 7 pm Vigil, 8:15 am,

12 Noon & 7pm

S, J 23 | 12 S O T

7:30 Swansinger Family (Family) GH

9:00 William Mills (Lasker Family) GH

10:30 Ray Terhart (Family) DM

12:00 Antonio Luna (Family) BW

5:00 Philip & Lola Wi (Camille) DM

M, J 24 | T N S. J B

8:15 Alex Cika (Cheryl Cika)

5:30 Rev. Robert Hilkert

T, J 25

8:15 Julie Farrenholtz-Miller (Bator Family)

5:30 Arthur Foth (Mom & Dad)

W, J 26

8:15 Fred Mack (Family)

5:30 Antonio Luna (Aromas Family)

T, J 27 | S. C A

8:15 Deacon John Miklosovic

5:30 Barbara Sweeney (Legion of Mary)

F, J 28 | S. I

8:15 Lida Doubert (Chrise Boger)

5:30 Shirley Bartelme (Mary Abel)

S, J 29 | S. P P

8:15 Gordon Simpson(Daughter)

4:30 Wilbur Wolfe (Rita Kline) RS

S, J 30 | 13 S O T

7:30 Fred & Florence Bucci (Fred & Barb Leyba) DM

9:00 Angelo Leeri (Family) BW

10:30 Edward Kostyack (Family) RS

12:00 Anthony Svehla (Mindzora Family) RS

5:00 Jim McGill (Good Samaritan Ministry) DM

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P K I Y P...

JoAnne Abramczyk

Jeanne Anderson

Bob Andrassy

Kimberly Banko

Josephine Belaska

John Buhoveckey

Joan Burns

Annee Chriszt

Cheryl Dick

Roger Droll

Haley Dunn

Baby Boy Dunn

Wes Elfers

Jimmy Fajfar

Jonathan Halsall

Anne Harcar

Mildred Jaworske

Karen Koren

Phillip May

Michael Murray

Ray Rodano

Diane Saunders

To add a name to our prayer list ,

contact the Parish Office at

330.460.7300 or

Connie at 330.225.9236.

I L M...

Joyce Hillenbrandt

Born into Life: July 6, 1951

Called to Eternal Life: June 15, 2013

Allan Joseph

- Brother of Jackie Lever

Born into Life: August 24, 1950

Called to Eternal Life: May 11, 2013

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord,

and let perpetual light shine upon them.

Lorrie Sirocky

MJ Sirocky

Joe Szelenyi

Sophie Terry

Francis Verchick

David Watson

Rosemary Williams

Dillon Yatson

“I Y…”

James 5: 13-16

A ,

, . We

need your help to tell us about any members of our

community who are shut in or sick that you know about but

our staff does not. Please give the parish office a call to let us

know if there is someone who is sick who would like a call or

visit from our parish staff. Thank you!


Planning a vacaon? Going to be traveling

for business? Every week thousands of

Catholics use MassTimes.org to find a

Mass. Visit their web-site and plan ahead

for your Sunday Mass!

F T B…..



T’ G

: “I ,

.” (Luke 9:23) At the heart

of each disciple is the choice of whether to

follow for the journey that lies ahead. Heading

into the unknown can be daunng and

overwhelming, especially for this doubng

Thomas and, along the way, we each find ourselves carrying one,

if not several crosses. Each cross in our life is different; some are

the burdens of illness, workload and responsibility while others

are the stress of relaonships, finances or the fear of rejecon

and loneliness. With all of this weight, we need to remember that

the heavier the cross we carry, the stronger we become in the

Lord. Each me I get into my car, I look at a visor clip that was

given to me by a good friend, which reads: “Lord, help me to

remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that you

and I can’t handle together.” Somemes, it can be hard to admit

that we need help but, when we remember that God is always at

our side, we can find the comfort and strength to li each cross,

carry it along the way with our fellow disciples and follow Christ to

love and serve the Lord.


T $30

D . Like us

on Facebook! Looking for a way to

volunteer in the parish? Help out at

Bingo one Friday night a month!

Quesons/comments please contact

Michele at msumner@stambrose.us or

direct at 330.460.7324.



. Just

fill out a contribuon card indicang

your offering amount and your

contribuon will be made directly from

your bank account to ours. If you are

interested, stop by the Parish Office or

call Lynn Rogers at 330.460.7335.

Vision 20/20


G T O P C!

June 16


Week of


July 1, 2012

June 16, 2013

Week of


Total Pledged $3,920,768 $3,920,768

Pledge Payments $6,004.99 $8,155.32

Total Payments Received $1,330,509.44 $1,338,664.76

Total # of Pledges 845 845

# Increased Offertory 16 16

July1, 2011

June 17, 2012

S C $34,548 $1,613,540 $1,609,184

A N ($29,200) ($1,489,200)

O/(U) $5,348 $124,340

B F $646 $23,729

ACH Collecon (Weekly) $2,005 (Monthly) $15,088

Children's Envelopes Amount $64 Used 37

Monday Counng Crew: 4 Friday Bingo Team: 4


Does your employer have a matching gi program?

Many area businesses have a program where donaons

made by their employees will be equally matched. Join

other St. Ambrose families who make their money work for

them. Just contact your Human Resources department for

more informaon.


P , especially those

from our parish community.

May God keep them safe and free from harm.

The complete list of parishioners serving in the military will be printed

in the bullen on the first Sunday of every month.

Let us hold your family member up in prayer; names of those serving in

the military can be e-mailed to bullen@stambrose.us.

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SAS + (S A S)

Yoga - All Wednesdays 9-10am

All are welcome | No contracts to sign | $5.00 per session

June 26 | Travel to Germany in just minutes at Heimatland Restaurant-

3511 Center Rd. Lunch 11:30am. – 10% off during June for seniors.



M | Breaking Your Promises and Being an

Undependable Spouse…Who wants to live with

someone who can’t be depended on? The more

promises you break, the more you say you will do

something and then don’t, the more you are late or

not where you say you will be, the more your spouse will lose trust in

you. hp://marriage.about.com

Marriage takes Three – Love one another. As I have loved you so you

must love One another. John 13:34 One man who vows to love his wife,

one wife who vows love too. But only when the Lord is first-will love be

ever true.

P | “Not everyone is going to be a friend, but no one needs to be

an enemy.”(Susan Vogt, Raising Kids Who Will Make a Difference) How do

you and your children deal with people you don’t like? Avoid them?

Pray for them? Try to understand them? Gossip about them? Confront

them? Fight with them? Other? www.susanvogt.net

Parents have a special role in their young child’s life: to mold and shape

them to become a follower of Christ.

C C: Guest speakers will be Bill Halbing, Ralph

Marn, Michele TePas, Harrison and Jason Solomon. Theme: “The Spirit of

the Lord is Upon Me.” July 19 & 20 held at Magnificat High School- Rocky

River. Conference begins Friday at 7p.m. Contact Sue or Joe 440-774-1191

for advance registraon ($30.00 – at the door $35.00) www.crmweb.org.

Great opportunity for Worship & Praise, Reconciliaon and Mass.

M A!!

Moms do great things every day for

their children and family. With God’s

help, they help us grow in wisdom, age

and grace. The FEST, our 13 th annual

Catholic Family FESTival, wants to give

all moms a HUGE thank you on FEST

day. This year we are inving all women

to join us in the Marc’s Mom’s

Relaxaon Staon. Come and learn

some new ways to take care of yourself

(spiritually and personally), care for your

family, and efficiently care for your

home. There will be amazing

presentaons throughout FEST day

(Brooke Taylor, Smart Martha, the Gia

Russa chefs) along with 120,000+ give

away gis for you and your family. The

FEST is a FREE family day featuring

naonal arsts: Casng Crowns, For

King and Country, Jamie Grace, Ma

Maher and The 300’s, along with a huge

acvity area for children, junior high

students, and high school students. The

FEST concludes with a large outdoor

Mass and amazing fireworks display. It

all takes place on Sunday, August 4,

2013, from 12:00 noon unl Mass starts

at 8:00 pm at the Center for Pastoral

Leadership (28700 Euclid Avenue,

Wickliffe). Check out the website for

direcons and details: www.theFEST.us/


F C B….

Angelo Michael Olah

Troy Robert DiFranco

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A. - Apprisen helps with credit and debt

management, housing counseling and making decisions

regarding bankruptcy. Phone – (888) 355-2227



This past Sunday we served or delivered 212 meals to our

brothers and sisters. A warm thank you, to all who support the

community meal in so many ways, financial or the donaon of

goods and me. This Sunday we welcomed seven new people to

the Community Meal team. Thanks to all and God Bless!


T JULY 20-21 JULY 27-28

. These will

be given to an inner city parochial

school and to some local students

in need.

In early July, trees will be up in the

vesbules with tags nong the

following needed items:

• Crayons (24 pk)

• Erasers

• Filler Notebook Paper

• Pocket Folders

(Blue, Red, Green, Yellow)

• Glue Scks | Glue

• Highlighters

• Index Cards

• Markers (8-10 pack)

• Notebooks

(Blue, Red, Green, Yellow)

• Pencils | Colored Pencils

• Rulers

M C H |


J 3 | 6-9

For 21 years, Medina Creave Housing (MCH)

has been providing vital housing and services to

Medina County residents with disabilies.

Every year we walk together to show our

united effort to overcome obstacles that

individuals with disabilies face. Whether it is

accessible housing, recreaonal and social

interacon, life skills training, or gainful and

meaningful employment, we at Medina

Creave Housing strive to help those that we

serve to achieve their dreams of


We are seeking pledges to raise funds to support

our Resident Enrichment Program (REP). REP is

one of our many programs and it provides

educaonal, social and recreaonal opportunies

for those that we serve. Every week night, REP is

the social fabric of our MCH community!

We invite you to come walk with us, get your

exercise and raise money for a great cause!

Join us at 6pm for the walk, 7:30 for Food,

music, games bonfire and more!! Fireworks at

9pm. Register to parcipate at:

medinacreavehousing.com. For quesons,

e-mail: Megan@medinacreavehousing.com





Much of this produce will be grown in the St. Ambrose

community garden or donated by local farms. We also welcome

donaons from parishioners of surplus fresh fruits and vegetables

from your home garden. If you would like to donate fresh fruits or

vegetables, please contact CWM at 330-460-7303 to make drop-off


www.StAmbrose.us - PAGE 7


“ My sheep hear my voice, says the Lord;

I know them, and they follow me.

~ John 10:27



Father Bob Stec, Pastor 330.460.7333

Father Dennis McNeil, Parochial Vicar 330.460.7311

Father Bob Wenz, Parochial Vicar 330.460.7312

Deacon Clem Belter | Deacon Gary Tomazic

Deacon Thomas Sheridan | Deacon Frank Weglicki

Rev. Gary Hoover, OSB, Weekend Assistant

Rose Anielski, PSR Coordinator 330.460.7321

Pae Batchman, Director of Religious Educaon 330.460.7323

Jake Bihari, Parish Events | Mission 330.460.7331

Tom Bonezzi, Music Ministry 330.460.7337

Heidi Zimmerman, Day School Principal 330.460.7350

Marion Drake, Ministry Coordinator 330.460.7315

Catherine Mitchell, Pre School Director 330.460.7361

Kathy Sarazin, Front Office Coordinator 330.460.7341

Jurell Sison , High School Youth Ministry 330.460.7338

Ann Marie Frattare, Junior High Youth Ministry 330.460.7325

Helen Sheridan, Family Life Ministry 330.460.7322

E-M S : F I L N SA.


Bob Downs, Parish Finance Council 330.273.3108

Bryce Rausch, Parish Finance Council 215.896.9248

Jim Lepi, Athlec Director 330.273.1801

Sheri Ricciardi and Kim Harrington, School Advisory Board


James Ergh, Building & Grounds Supervisor 330.460.7309

Ken Trepkowski, Parish Pastoral Council 330.220.6958

R W| www.usccb.org

Mon Is 49:1-6; Acts 13:22-26;

Lk 1:57-66,80

Tues Gn 13:2,5-18; Mt 7:6,12-14

Wed Gn 15:1-12,17-18; Mt 7:15-20

Thur Gn 16:1-12,15-16 or 16:6b-12,15-16;

Mt 7:21-29

Fri Gn 17:1,9-10,15-22; Mt 8:1-4

Sat Acts 12:1-11; 2 Tm 4:6-8,17-18; Mt 16:13-19



Jake Vincent Dempsey

Addison Claire Jeffi

Sophia Marie Jeffi

McKinley Shannon Murphy

Landon John Pohlchuk

Abrielle Mae Stevens

Leonardo Ignacy Twarowski




Nathan Levandusky and Samantha Thomas

Kevin Hansinger and Amanda Gartner

B: Sundays at 1:15 pm.

Parents need to aend a Pre-Bapsm Class for their first child.

Please call Helen Sheridan to register.

M: Congratulaons!

Please call a priest or deacon at the Parish Office at least six months

prior to proposed date to begin your wedding preparaons.

R C I A: Come and

learn more about the Catholic faith- call the Parish Office.

P M: New parishioners are invited to call

the Parish Office and make an appointment to register. Current

members are asked to nofy the Parish Office when they move.

S : Confessions are celebrated

Saturdays from 3:30 – 4 pm and by appointment as well.

E A: In the Church Chapel Mondays from

9:00am to 5:30pm. The Chapel is open daily from 7:30am-6:00pm.

L F J |

Sunday, 23 June 2013: Luke 9:18-


My soul is thirsng for you, O Lord

my God. (Psalm 63:2)

• “Who do you say that I am?”

Jesus asks the queson. Today,

what is your answer?

• How would you describe Jesus to someone else,

perhaps someone who has never known him?

www.StAmbrose.us - PAGE 8



Lilest Angels Preschool is looking for

dedicated, loving adults to work in our

preschool. We are looking for a teacher

and an aide to join us in our ministry to

love, educate and nurture our children.

Both posions are part-me. The teacher posion

requires a minimum of a two year associate degree in

Early Childhood Educaon. Individuals with experience in

a child care or preschool seng are encouraged to apply

for the aide posions.

Saint Ambrose School has a Kindergarten Educaonal

Assistant posion available for the 2013 – 2014 school

year. This posion is part-me employment. Interested

individuals must be loving, energec, self-starters who

enjoy working with children. Addional requirements

include: Must be 18 years or older, hold an associate

degree (or higher), be Virtus trained (or willing to aend

the class), and BCI/FBI background checked (upon

hiring). Experience working with children is preferred.

Please direct all inquiries and forward all resumes to Lynn

Rogers at LRogers@stambrose.us. In your cover leer,

indicate the posion in which you are applying. Resumes

will be accepted unl June 19, 2013.


Week of 6/24 – Tues, Wed & Thur: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Month of July – Office is closed | Will re-open on August 1

If you have quesons or concerns during the summer,

please email or call Mrs. Newrones at

mnewrones@saintambroseschool.us or 330.460.7353.

T 2013/2014

Please note that full tuion payments are due in the

school office by June 30, 2013. Statements were sent out

in the mail on June 13, 2013. If you have quesons

regarding your tuion balance aer July 1, please contact

Lynn Rogers in the business office at 330.460.7335.


Please check the school website under the Campus Life

link at www.SaintAmbroseSchool.us for the following


School Supply List | Summer Reading List

Summer Pracce Grade Level Packets

Schoolbelle’s Uniform Informaon


Visit www.SaintAmbroseSchool for more informaon.

Schedule a personal tour: 330.460.7318 or



PSR G 1-6


V B S, J 15-19



Want to help your child learn how to “stand strong” in

the face of the challenges in our world today? Enroll your

child in “Kingdom Rock VBS” today!! The theme this year

focuses on staying strong with the help of:

God’s love

Family and friends


Trusng in God

Learning Bible stories

Each VBS session includes Bible adventures (bringing

Scripture to life in an age appropriate way for children),

video segment featuring Chadder’s missions and

adventures, fun games that get everyone moving,

yummy snacks that reinforce the daily theme and

imaginave cras for all ages.

Children age 4 (by September 30, 2013) through grade 5

(last school year) are invited to parcipate. Youth, grade

6 (last school year) and older are needed to serve as

guides and to help organize and lead the various

acvies. Adults of all ages are invited to come share the

excitement of growing closer to God and others by

sharing in the experience of VBS. There truly is

something for everyone to help out with!!

Registraon forms are on line at www.StAmbrose.us , or

can be picked up at the Rectory or in Church. Quesons?

Please call the PSR Office at 330-460-7302.

Come enjoy a week of faith-filled fun and acvies at

VBS July 15-19!!

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Having completed a

master’s degree in

Catholic theology, it’s a

blessing to be at such a

vibrant parish.

My hope for these

“bullen blurbs” is to

provide you, the parents,

with praccal

informaon, ps and

reflecons that will

enrich the lives of your

families. Our first series

will be on the Millennial


So, who are the

Millennials? They are the

largest generaon in U.S.

history, with over 80

million strong, eclipsing

the Baby Boomers. They

were born as early as

1980 and as late as 2003

(ish). They are also

described as the “Next

Great Generaon” and

for good reason as they

are the most educated

with violent crimes,

suicides, and aborons

all in a steady decline.

With all the evil and

corrupon we


encounter, it may be a

surprise to find out that

that this group is headed

in a very posive


In these next five

weeks I will spell out five

key characteriscs of the

Millennials and we will

see that our role as

ministers and parents is

crucial. Whether we like

it or not, they look up to

us. We set the example

for our teens.

This week, we pray

that we might reflect the

God’s love in our family



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J’ P F

Q :

“Let us say ‘YES’ to the God who is love,

life, and freedom…”

F J...

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The Jr. High teens are having so much fun serving others! Join us this

Wednesday, June 26th, for our next Community Service oung! We

will meet at 12:30pm in the Rectory Office.

Camp Samaritan is quickly approaching! Join us July 23-24 for an

overnight service retreat you will never forget! We will spend me at

area community organizaons and stay overnight here at St.

Ambrose. Parents, we need your help with meals and carpooling to

service sites! If you can help in any way, please contact me.

Permission forms are available in the back of church and the Rectory


Our first Jr. High PSR Catechist/Table Leader meeng is Tuesday, July

9th, at 6:15pm in Hilkert Hall 4! Please join us as we recap summer

acvies and look ahead to the upcoming school year.

Save the date… we are going to the Lake County

Captains game on July 21! Tickets are $7 and Mass

will be celebrated prior to the game. More details to

follow next week!

Please contact me at 330-460-7325 or afraare@stambrose.us for more

informaon on any of these events!


I !

If you are geng hp://bustedhalo.com/


sure to sign up for an entrance interview.

If you sll need to sign up - see the

instrucons on your Registraon form. If

you have not registered for Confirmaon,

please contact the Youth Ministry office.


• Service Wednesdays— Help out this

summer—every other Wednesday

from 1-5pm. Our next date is June 26.

We go to different service sites, and

help out our community. Forms at

the rectory and FIAT offices

• The FEST - August 4th—Save the date

and be ready for a great day! Buses

leave from St. Ambrose at 12pm and

3pm that day.

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