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Technical Safety Engineering - Mustang Engineering Inc.


Environmental Data Management System Serving the Plant

with Real-Time Air Emissions Management

The Situation

Are you spending a great deal of time and effort just to meet

air emissions management and compliance requirements?

You are not alone. Like many companies operating complex

manufacturing facilities, your air emissions data come from

a multitude of sources and systems spread throughout

the facility. Incremental solutions to managing increasing

state and federal air regulations and internal reporting

requirements are proving costly, time-consuming, ineffective

and non-sustainable. A step change is needed.

The E!CEMS Solution – Enabling A

Step Change in Compliance Assurance

Monitoring short-term air compliance

continuously achieves long-term results.

E!CEMS helps your environmental and operational staff

efficiently manage complex air regulation calculation and

monitoring requirements, including analyzer QA/QC, in

real-time, 24 x 7. E!CEMS provides the automated, reliable

data assurance and calculations that your plant needs

to operate in compliance and more cost effectively. This

purpose-built, dedicated system allows you to focus on

higher-value activities while continuing to meet your

compliance requirements. From the control room to the

board room, E!CEMS serves the plant!

E!CEMS helps your staff implement and track environmental

work processes to meet your day-to-day, hour-to-hour

and minute-by-minute compliance requirements.

Automation of these work processes increases your

manpower efficiency and allows your people to focus

on more strategic tasks.

Environmental Agencies


Environmental Staff



Operations Staff

Analyzer Tech Staff

Data Sources

Lab Data

Plant Process Data

CEMS/Analyzer Data

E!CEMS streamlines environmental data management work processes.

E!CEMS can...

Assure Compliance & Data Integrity

Robust and high-performance system automatically

validates and corrects the data in real time based on

your business logic

Standardized calculations reduce manual errors,

create a single book of record, and ensure data integrityty

Automatic data recovery, substitution and audit

trails build trust with regulatory authorities that your

data is accurate and complete

Enhance Data Access Capabilities

Centralized system enables visibility by all stakeholdersers

in a timely manner via a configurable dashboard

Dynamic configuration documentation captures

knowledge and reduces training costs

Improve Operational Performance

Notifications and alerts for potential and actual

deviations from permit limits help avoid fines, help

operations optimize to permit limits and streamline the

environmental work process

Real-time calculations help determine when deviations

actually occur and reduce over-reporting

Improve Reporting Capabilities

Automatic generation of reports for daily use –

performance reports, daily reports, exceedance

reports, event reports and others greatly increase

compliance and efficiency

Easy, web-enabled access to reports enhances

communication between the environmental group,

operations and management

Support for required regulatory reports provides the

correct rolled-up numbers automatically in an easy

to use format

Plan for the Future

Historized data can be used in calculations to forecast

the impact of new environmental regulations

Accurate, real-time data provides timely information

for use in the emissions trading markets

Key Features

24x7 Automated Real-Time Environmental

Data Management

Data Acquisition with Integrated Data Recovery

Data Validation and Automatic Substitution

User Data Substitution and Calculation Replay


Centralized Book of Record

Complete Role-based Security, Change Tracking,

and Audit Trail

Advanced Features

Highly-configurable Calculations and Aggregates

Automated Events, Tasks and Notifications

CEMS Data Validation and Management

KPI Management

Customizable Reports

High-Value Applications

Accurate and Timely Management of Reportable

Quantities (RQs)

Consent Decrees, GHG, MACT, Title V, NSPS Part J

Cap and Trade Programs

NOx, SOx, VOC, HRVOC, CO, PM, and other


About Wood Group Mustang

Wood Group Mustang has a worldwide reputation for quality

engineering design, procurement, project management,

construction management, and inspection services. Our

professionals are fully backed by a hands-on management

team, solid support staff, and leading-edge systems. All are

dedicated to completing projects on time, within budget, and

with no surprises.

Wood Group Mustang

Automation and Control Adds Value

In addition to E!CEMS implementations, we can also provide

a workflow study service which involves interacting with all

key environmental stakeholders at the plant to identify and

document current work practices around the monitoring and

reporting of essential data. Concurrently, modifications to

the existing work process are explored in addition to new

approaches. This evolves into a new work process vision,

where value-capture opportunities are identified. Lastly, a

solution definition and software requirements list are generated.

The results of the study are used to determine a path forward,

including resource requirements, software selection, and timing.

We are an independent service provider with a team of

experts providing consulting and full project implementation

services. Our team has experience in refining, petrochemicals,

polymers, upstream oil and gas and many other process


Contact us today to find out how E!CEMS can serve your plant!

People Oriented...Project Driven ®


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