January-February 2010 - Congregation Beth El

January-February 2010 - Congregation Beth El

January-February 2010 - Congregation Beth El


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The<br />

tevet-shevat 5770 / january -february <strong>2010</strong><br />

Builder<br />

c o n g r e g a t i o n b e t h e l<br />

from the rabbi<br />

extended community<br />

At <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong>, we strive to create and be a<br />

community for one another. Through our<br />

membership in the <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> congregational<br />

community, we also are connected to ever<br />

widening communities of shared interest<br />

and commitment, local, national and international. As a Reform<br />

Jewish synagogue in Berkeley, <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong>’s connection to and<br />

engagement in issues of national concern to us, as citizens and<br />

as a Jewish community, is through our membership in the Union<br />

for Reform Judaism, the North American association of Reform<br />

synagogues. The Union provides resources and consultation; is<br />

the patron of our seminary the Hebrew Union College-Jewish<br />

Institute of Religion; and is the sponsor of the Religious Action<br />

Center in Washington, DC, our national policy and advocacy<br />

office. In Berkeley, <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> is a member of an interfaith social<br />

justice and community organizing coalition, BOCA (Berkeley<br />

Organizing <strong>Congregation</strong>s for Action). BOCA is a network of<br />

eighteen congregations, representing some 10,000 families,<br />

working together for community needs. While many individuals<br />

have been involved with BOCA projects, I hope that, over time,<br />

we will become more involved as a congregation in BOCA’s work;<br />

if you would like to learn more, please contact Social Action chair<br />

Wilma Rader. Our congregational engagement in and contribution<br />

towards tikkun olam, the core Jewish task of working to “heal<br />

the world,” is largely realized in partnership with our extended<br />

community.<br />

The Jewish Community Federation of the East Bay is the central<br />

address for the organized Jewish community. The Federation<br />

is dedicated to building a vibrant and inclusive local Jewish<br />

community, and to enhancing the well being of Jews in the<br />

East Bay, Israel and throughout the world. Our Federation is<br />

both a philanthropy, raising and distributing funds on behalf<br />

of the needs of the community at home and abroad, and a<br />

sponsor of education and community programs through its<br />

Center for Jewish Life and Learning. <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> works closely with<br />

the Federation and its agencies whose staff includes <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong><br />

(continued on page 3)<br />

<strong>Congregation</strong>al Forums on Musical Leadership<br />

President Joanne Backman has appointed a Taskforce on Clergy and Musical Needs to<br />

make a recommendation to the Board about our clergy and musical leadership in the<br />

years ahead. We have been fortunate to have Reuben Zellman as our Rabbinic Intern<br />

this year and have been inspired and moved by his music and teaching; Reuben will be<br />

ordained as a Rabbi in May. We are now discussing what the <strong>Congregation</strong>’s needs are<br />

and how best to fill a permanent position. Under the leadership of Board Secretary Marv<br />

Pearlstein, the Taskforce invites all <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> members to offer their ideas, reflections and<br />

goals for musical leadership and rabbinical support at <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> at one of two upcoming<br />

Community Meetings. The goal of these gatherings is for the Taskforce members to listen<br />

and learn about the needs and wishes of our membership so that its recommendations<br />

to the Board represent as broad a consensus as possible. The Taskforce is charged with<br />

making a report to the Board at its <strong>February</strong> meeting. Please join us on one of two Sunday<br />

mornings, <strong>January</strong> 10 or <strong>January</strong> 24, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm or, if you would like to send the<br />

Taskforce an e-mail, contact the Taskforce at MusicTaskforce@bethelberkeley.org.<br />

Taskforce on Clergy and Musical Needs<br />

Marv Pearlstein, Chair<br />

Sara Sarasohn, Robinn Magid, Lisa Friedman, Paul Steckel, Martin Dodd, Rabbi Yoel Kahn

2<br />

from the president<br />

If you’ve spent some time hanging around<br />

<strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> lately, you have surely noticed a<br />

renewed creative spirit, and an energy that<br />

almost seems… I dare say… like Kee Tov<br />

energy! Can it be? Did we all just catch<br />

that ruach in the dead of winter?<br />

I felt that ruach at the December Board<br />

meeting when our Kee Tov Committee<br />

Chair Paula Price and Camp Director Zach<br />

Schnur came to speak about some amazing new initiatives and<br />

changes for the upcoming camp season. I tasted that ruach at<br />

the Chanukah Bazaar this year with my first bite of a delicious<br />

crispy latke with apple sauce and sour cream, made lovingly<br />

by dedicated volunteers. Latke ruach continued at the annual<br />

Latke Fest later in December, where the famous Men’s Club latke<br />

extravaganza enriched the Chanukah celebrations at Shabbat<br />

Unplugged. I saw that ruach on landscape clean-up day, as<br />

many energetic volunteers snipped, pruned, swept and planted<br />

so we can enjoy the beautiful grounds of our synagogue. I heard<br />

that ruach at the Multi-Faith Thanksgiving event, when people<br />

from across our East Bay community packed our sanctuary to the<br />

rafters, and our newly formed Adult Choir, directed by Reuben<br />

Zelman, belted out some pretty jazzy tunes to make us all proud.<br />

I got that ruach at Movie Night in December, when members of<br />

the group from the 2009 <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> Israel trip came together to<br />

watch two fabulous Israeli films, share pizza, re-unite with the<br />

group, and strengthen community.<br />

But the ruach comes from other changes too; they may not be<br />

obvious at first but you notice them eventually. For example, the<br />

acoustical tiles on the sanctuary ceiling are one of those “behind<br />

the scenes” changes. The sound quality improved dramatically<br />

once they were installed, and many people commented they could<br />

hear much more clearly. Other changes have been and continue<br />

to be made throughout all of our programs. New staff leadership<br />

has brought innovation and creative energy to our classrooms,<br />

to the b’nai mitzvah experience, to adult learning opportunities,<br />

to music programs, to camp and youth programming, and to the<br />

entire spiritual and community experience of <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong>.<br />

Oh, and our mortgage debt has been restructured. With this<br />

change, as long as we raise enough money each year from<br />

contributions*, the reduced monthly loan payments will allow<br />

us to run our full range of innovative services and programs<br />

and keep the synagogue in full operation. *(You still have<br />

the opportunity to contribute to the annual campaign, and all<br />

donations are gratefully accepted.)<br />

What have you noticed around the synagogue that reflects a<br />

renewed spirit or innovation? Have you noticed a ruach moment<br />

that I neglected to mention here? Do you have ideas for<br />

innovations we can implement at <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong>? I would be pleased to<br />

hear from you at president@bethelberkely.org. Thank you.<br />

Joanne Backman<br />

President<br />

<strong>Congregation</strong> <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong>, Reverend Dr. Marvis<br />

Peoples & Liberty Hill Baptist Church<br />

warmly invite you to attend a service<br />

celebrating the life and work of the<br />

Reverend Dr. Martin<br />

Luther King Jr.<br />

Sunday,<br />

<strong>January</strong> 17, <strong>2010</strong><br />

11:00 am<br />

Liberty Hill<br />

Baptist Church<br />

997 University<br />

Avenue • Berkeley<br />

Come enjoy a sermon by<br />

Rabbi Yoel Kahn.<br />

After the service, we will break<br />

bread together as we enjoy a<br />

potluck lunch.<br />

Please bring food to share along<br />

with a list of ingredients and card<br />

explaining what your dish is, where<br />

it is from and its cultural or historical<br />

significance. Everyone is invited.<br />

Bring your friends and family!<br />

For more information<br />

please contact:<br />


Our Thanks to<br />

Chuck Hansen and Tracy Green!<br />

As you know, we just concluded a twelve month negotiation to<br />

restructure our mortgage debt. The successful resolution of that<br />

negotiation gives the congregation much-needed breathing room and<br />

an opportunity to rebuild financial strength. We are tremendously<br />

grateful to our pro bono legal counsel, Chuck Hansen and Tracy Green of<br />

Wendel, Rosen, Black & Dean, for the guidance they gave us throughout<br />

the entire process. Chuck is a prominent real estate and lending litigator<br />

and he teaches at Boalt Hall. Tracy is well known for her expertise in reorganizations and workouts, and she is a long-time<br />

member of the congregation. Together they were truly a dynamic duo, providing strategic guidance and insight regularly<br />

over the past year. And they were generous beyond all measure...they gave us literally hundreds of hours of expert legal<br />

advice on an entirely pro bono basis. We cannot thank them enough!<br />

3<br />

CHAI lunch<br />

forums<br />

Second Thursday of each month<br />

• 12:00 to 1:30 pm •<br />

Check out our exciting spring line up:<br />

<strong>January</strong> 14: Capital Punishment,<br />

a discussion led by Stephen Shatz,<br />

Professor of Law, University of San Francisco<br />

<strong>February</strong> 11: Genealogy-An Introduction to tracing<br />

your family origins, led by Robinn Magid, Ritual<br />

Committee Chair, <strong>Congregation</strong> <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong><br />

March 11: The Rebirth of Judaism in Hungary-an<br />

Interim Report, a discussion led by Rabbi Ferenc Raj,<br />

Rabbi Emeritus, <strong>Congregation</strong> <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong><br />

April 8: The Earth and its Renewal, a discussion led<br />

by David Lewis, Executive Director of Save the Bay<br />

May 13: Emma Goldman Lives-Reflections on a Life<br />

of Social Justice, a discussion led by Candace Falk,<br />

Editor and Director of the Emma Goldman Papers<br />

These monthly forums are open to the entire<br />

congregation and community. We provide a<br />

light lunch for our Chai elders and snacks for<br />

everyone else. If you would like to sponsor a lunch<br />

or volunteer to help transport our elders, or pick up<br />

food, please email Jonathan Simon at<br />

jsimon@law.berkeley.edu.<br />

From the Rabbi (continuted from page 1)<br />

members Federation CEO Rabbi Jim Brandt, Center for Jewish<br />

Life and Learning Director Oren Massey (husband of our Director<br />

of Educatoin Debra Sagan Massey), while <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> member Adam<br />

Mizock serves on the Federation board. (<strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> member Jennifer<br />

Gorovitz is the Acting CEO of the Jewish Community Federation<br />

of San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma and the Peninsula.)<br />

In response to our challenging economic climate, the Jewish<br />

Community Federation of the Greater East Bay and The Jewish<br />

Community Foundation have distributed $60,000 to East<br />

Bay congregational rabbis to provide economic assistance to<br />

individuals and families in need. This urgent funding initiative<br />

supports the Federation’s mission to help those in need locally<br />

and around the world. <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> has received a portion of this<br />

allocation. If you are in need of urgent financial assistance, small<br />

grants are now available. These confidential grants have already<br />

made a difference for members of our community and they are<br />

available to help those who are struggling in these difficult times.<br />

Please contact me directly if you could use assistance from this<br />

program; in accordance with the highest values of our tradition,<br />

both giver and receiver remain anonymous to each other.<br />

In the Talmud, we learn “Kol yisrael areuim zeh b’zeh—The entire<br />

community are responsible for one another.” Our synagogue and<br />

its programs are sustained through the generosity and support<br />

of many; our community is only possible with the gifts of your<br />

time, commitment and resources. We create our communal life<br />

at <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong>, each day and each week, when we come together<br />

and share our strengths and gifts; and our wider community, too,<br />

is sustained in the same fashion. May all of our communities of<br />

engagement and commitment continue to grow “from strength<br />

to strength.”<br />

Rabbi Yoel Kahn

4<br />

religious school<br />

Planting Roots<br />

at <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong><br />

Growing up locally, Tu B’shvat was all about<br />

planting a tree on the synagogue property. I<br />

can remember where the trees were planted,<br />

which grade I planted what tree, then<br />

twenty years later, I chose to get married<br />

near those trees. The planting of trees at<br />

the synagogue was literally a way for me to lay my roots down in<br />

my congregation. The tree metaphor is so rich in Judaism, that<br />

we even relate the Torah to a “tree of life”.<br />

Tu B’shvat is truly one of the best ‘hands-on’ holidays around<br />

We are supposed to get our hands dirty in the earth and eat<br />

delicious fruits and nuts. Its a shame that we don’t celebrate it<br />

as much as we could. When I lived in Ohio, it was pretty obvious<br />

that on a snowy winter morning we were not going to plant a<br />

tree in our yard; but here in Berkeley, we have no excuse. And<br />

so, as we prepare for Tu B’shvat (the New Year for the Trees”, I<br />

invite our <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> families to plant some seeds together so that<br />

we can nurture their growth throughout the years.<br />

On Saturday, <strong>January</strong> 30th, please come get your hands dirty at<br />

our multigenerational Tu B’shvat celebration! <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong>’s Shabbat<br />

Family School (Chug Mishpacha) is offering our Delet Petucha<br />

(open house) from 9:15 - 11:45 am. We will be offering a variety<br />

of ways for us to connect to the land, its fruit and to Israel. We<br />

will explore the importance of being ‘guardians of our earth’ and<br />

how we can take an active role in eco-Judaism.<br />

In addtion, we are planning our <strong>Congregation</strong> <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong><br />

Multigenerational Trip to Israel! This trip will be over the summer<br />

2011, for around two weeks. Our first Israel trip meeting will be<br />

on Tu B’shvat at noon. We will provide an Israeli lunch and begin<br />

talking about the different places we will see in Israel. Please<br />

RSVP and join us for the planning of this exciting trip!<br />

Looking forward to celebrating Tu B’shvat with you!<br />

Debra Sagan Massey<br />

Director of Education<br />

Rabbi’s College Visits<br />

Rabbi Yoel Kahn will be visiting and hosting<br />

dinners for students from <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> families at:<br />

UC Davis (<strong>January</strong> 27)<br />

UC Santa Cruz (<strong>February</strong> 18)<br />

UCLA/LA campuses (April 28)<br />

If you know someone who should be invited,<br />

please send contact information to<br />

Charlie Radin at: charlie@bethelberkeley.org.<br />

Religious School Calendar<br />

january <strong>2010</strong><br />

Saturday, <strong>January</strong> 2 - Thursday, <strong>January</strong> 7<br />


Friday, <strong>January</strong> 8<br />

Shabbat Unplugged Potluck - 6:00 pm<br />

Shabbat Unplugged Service - 6:45 pm<br />

Saturday, <strong>January</strong> 9<br />

Chug Mishpacha Resumes<br />

Tuesday, <strong>January</strong> 12<br />

Midweek Religious School Resumes<br />

Saturday, <strong>January</strong> 16<br />

MLK Weekend - No Chug Mishpacha<br />

Tuesday, <strong>January</strong> 19<br />

Religious School Committee Meeting - 7:30 pm<br />

Saturday,<strong>January</strong> 30<br />

Tu B’shevat Multigenerational Celebration<br />

Open to all. RSVP encouraged.<br />

february <strong>2010</strong><br />

Friday, <strong>February</strong> 12<br />

Shabbat Unplugged Potluck - 6:00 pm<br />

Shabbat Unplugged Service - 6:45 pm<br />

Tuesday, <strong>February</strong> 16 - Saturday, <strong>February</strong> 20<br />

President’s Week - RELIGIOUS SCHOOL CLOSED<br />

Saturday,<strong>February</strong> 27<br />

Delet P’tucha - Open House for our<br />

Shabbat Family School - 9:15 am<br />

Pre-registration Required<br />

Saturday, <strong>February</strong> 27<br />

Purim Celebration and Megillah Reading<br />

(see page 14 for more information)

camp kee tov 5<br />

that winter ruach!<br />

The good news: We are less than 200 days<br />

away from the first day of Camp Kee Tov <strong>2010</strong>!<br />

The not-so-good news: It’s not summer yet!<br />

While we’re still a few months away from<br />

another great Kee Tov summer, we’ve already<br />

been planning to make the <strong>2010</strong> summer one<br />

of the best ever!<br />

Enrollment has already begun, the staff is starting to take shape<br />

and we have an amazing new website: http://www.campkeetov.<br />

org/. Details on registration, employment opportunities and<br />

programming is available online now!<br />

Our marketing and outreach campaign kicked off last month<br />

with events at <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> and Netivot Shalom and will continue in<br />

the following months with presentations at schools and camp<br />

fairs, an increasing presence online and advertisements in local<br />

publications.<br />

We also had our Camper-Counselor Chanukah Reunion Shabbat<br />

Reunion in December, which was a great opportunity for<br />

campers and counselors to see each other and get excited for<br />

the summer!<br />

It may only be <strong>January</strong>, but it’s never too early to have that<br />

ruach!<br />

Zach Landres-Schnur<br />

Camp Kee Tov Director<br />



TODAY!<br />

SEE PAGE 19<br />

FOR MORE<br />

DETAILS!<br />

Tu B’shevat Celebration<br />

Friday, <strong>January</strong> 29<br />

Shabbat Services - 6:15 pm<br />

Tu B’shevat Seder & Dinner - 7:15 pm<br />

Saturday, <strong>January</strong> 30<br />

Come get your hands dirty at our multigenerational<br />

Tu B’shvat celebration from 9:15 - 11:45 am! We will<br />

be offering a variety of ways for us to connect to<br />

the land, its fruit and to Israel. We will explore the<br />

importance of being ‘guardians of our earth’ and<br />

how we can take an active role in eco-Judaism.<br />

Watch the e-update for how to register!

6<br />

member corner<br />

membership<br />

Lots of exciting things are happening at<br />

<strong>Congregation</strong> <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> to ensure that synagogue<br />

participation is accessible and fulfilling for<br />

current, new and prospective members.<br />

Please be assured that you do not have to be a Jewish scholar<br />

to be a mentor. As with the Ambassador program, you will be<br />

integrating people into your current activities. Please contact me<br />

(contact info below) for more information.<br />

Almost 50 members/families have completed the Chavurah<br />

Survey, from which six or seven new Chavurot (plural for<br />

Chavurah, or friendship circles) are being formed. Dawn Marlette,<br />

Chavurah Coordinator, has done a tremendous job of creating<br />

groups with similar interests and time availability. She and Alicia<br />

Klein will conduct a training event in early <strong>January</strong>, after which<br />

Chavurot will begin to meet. It’s not too late to join one. Pick<br />

up a survey at synagogue (near the office or on the Information<br />

table upstairs in the breezeway attached to a bright green<br />

flyer that says “Top 7 Reasons to Join a Chavurah!”) or visit<br />

www.bethelberkeley.org to take the survey online.<br />

The Membership Committee is looking at a<br />

multi-pronged recruitment campaign to increase<br />

membership. For example, we are exploring future<br />

work with East Bay outreach organizations that<br />

direct unaffiliated Jews and people looking to convert<br />

to Judaism to congregations like <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong>. One such<br />

organization is Jewish Gateways (“JGate”) created by<br />

Rabbi Bridget Wynne who also teaches in our Chug<br />

Mishpacha (Saturday Family Education Program).<br />

These groups work with a large number of people<br />

interested in exploring conversion, and we are starting<br />

a Conversion Mentoring Program so that we can<br />

welcome them as members. Mentors will supplement<br />

the Rabbi’s formal teaching by introducing people to<br />

Jewish rituals, culture, and practices (I’ll be teaching<br />

Jewish Guilt 101!) and answering questions they<br />

have. Rabbi Kahn started a mentoring program in San<br />

Francisco 20 years ago and it’s still going strong. Staff<br />

from URJ (the Union of Reform Judaism) will conduct<br />

a two-hour training on Sunday, <strong>February</strong> 7th, <strong>2010</strong> at<br />

<strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> (to be finished before the Super Bowl starts!).<br />

The Committee will also be reaching out to historically<br />

underrepresented groups - interfaith and interracial families,<br />

LGBTQ individuals/families, and others. <strong>Congregation</strong> <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong><br />

wholeheartedly welcomes its many members who fall into one<br />

or more of these groups – but feedback suggests that we need<br />

to address their specific needs and interests and communicate<br />

our welcome more directly. We’ll announce trainings and other<br />

efforts/programs in the E-update and/or future Builder issues. If<br />

you’re interested in a Chavurah geared toward members of one<br />

of these groups or have ideas for programming you might like<br />

to see, please e-mail me or call me or another member of the<br />

Membership Committee (see below).<br />

Our New Member Ambassador program is also up and running,<br />

thanks to the efforts of Lynne Fingerman and Barbara Segal.<br />

Ambassadors help new members become integrated into<br />

congregational life by sharing Shabbat dinners, introducing them<br />

to other members and/or attending activities at <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> together.<br />

Lynne is looking for volunteer Ambassadors of all kinds; families<br />

There’s never been a better time to recommend <strong>Congregation</strong><br />

<strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> to a friend who may be on the fence about joining a<br />

synagogue. We’ve got Ambassadors, mentors, a great clergy and<br />

staff, and a wonderful congregational family. No one is turned<br />

(continue on page 9)<br />

with young children or empty nesters who can<br />

introduce younger families to their local children and<br />

grandchildren are in particular demand. This is not<br />

an overly time-consuming job since would be inviting Membership Committee 5770<br />

your new member to join you in your current activities<br />

and practices either at home or at the synagogue.<br />

Sue Austin Returning Members,<br />

This kind of welcome goes a long way in helping our<br />

Empty Nesters<br />

persuememories@gmail.com<br />

new members off to a great start. Please e-mail Lynne Alison Bernstein LGBTQ alibernstein@gmail.com<br />

at lfingerman@comcast.net if you are interested in Marc Derewetzky Religious School,<br />

becoming an Ambassador.<br />

Interfaith<br />

MJD@mhdplaw.com<br />

Lynne Fingerman<br />

Molly Gales<br />

Josh Hesslein<br />

New Members,<br />

Adoptive Parents,<br />

Empty Nesters<br />

Shabbat celebrations,<br />

Religious School<br />

Interfaith,<br />

Marketing and<br />

Communications<br />

lfingerman@comcast.net<br />

mgales@mindspring.com<br />

jhesslein@gmail.com<br />

Alicia Klein Interfaith, Pre-School aliciafk@sbcglobal.net<br />

Dawn Marlette<br />

Jim Offel<br />

Barbara Segal<br />

<strong>El</strong>len Singer-Vine<br />

Chavurah,<br />

Jews-by-Choice<br />

Camp Kee Tov,<br />

Marketing and<br />

Communications<br />

New Members,<br />

Pre-School<br />

Program<br />

Implementation<br />

dawnmarlette@yahoo.com<br />

jim.offel@gmail.com<br />

2segals@comcast.net<br />

ellenlouisesinger@gmail.com<br />

Nancy Turak Young Adults nturak@comcast.net

member corner 7<br />


The congregation is cordially invited to<br />

attend as our son, Jeffrey Orenstein is<br />

called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on<br />

Saturday, <strong>January</strong> 2, <strong>2010</strong>, at 10:15am.<br />

Kiddush will follow.<br />

Joseph Orenstein & Ronnie Spitzer<br />

The congregation is cordially invited<br />

to attend as our son, Bowen Johnson<br />

is called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah<br />

on Saturday, <strong>February</strong> 13, <strong>2010</strong>, at<br />

10:15am. Kiddush will follow.<br />

Brian Johnson & Julie Gordon<br />

The congregation is cordially invited to<br />

attend as our daughter, Leah Madden is<br />

called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on<br />

Saturday, <strong>January</strong> 9, <strong>2010</strong>, at 10:15am.<br />

Kiddush will follow.<br />

John & Sheri Madden<br />

The congregation is cordially invited to<br />

attend as our son, Lucas Drummond<br />

is called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah<br />

on Saturday, <strong>February</strong> 20, <strong>2010</strong>, at<br />

10:15am. Kiddush will follow.<br />

Scott & Julie Drummond<br />

The congregation is cordially invited<br />

to attend as our daughter, Sofia Peltz<br />

is called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah<br />

on Saturday, <strong>January</strong> 23, <strong>2010</strong>, at<br />

10:15am. Kiddush will follow.<br />

Michael Peltz & Maggie Heredia-Peltz<br />

The congregation is cordially invited<br />

to attend as our son, Micah Flamm is<br />

called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah<br />

on Saturday, <strong>February</strong> 27, <strong>2010</strong>, at<br />

10:15am. Kiddush will follow.<br />

Richard & Linda Flamm<br />

The congregation is cordially invited<br />

to attend as our son, Skylar Powell is<br />

called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on<br />

Saturday, <strong>January</strong> 30, <strong>2010</strong>,<br />

at 10:15am. Kiddush will follow.<br />

Kevin Powell & Melanie Goldfeld<br />

The congregation is cordially invited<br />

to attend as our son, Sam Lombardi is<br />

called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on<br />

Saturday, <strong>February</strong> 6, <strong>2010</strong>, at 10:15am.<br />

Kiddush will follow.<br />

Dante & Jennifer Lombardi<br />



Aaron & Julia Frank<br />

Eran & Dana Schitzer<br />

Heidi & Andy Ross<br />

Assaf Zemach & Vicki Plaks

8<br />

ruach brigade<br />

Opportunities for<br />

Involvement<br />

Are you looking for ways to get involved at <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong>? There are<br />

so many ways to help the congregation and, at the same time,<br />

build your connection to our community. Here are just a few of<br />

our current needs:<br />

- Could you be a Welcome Ambassador to a new member family?<br />

The Membership Committee is seeking to pair new member<br />

families with a family who can help introduce them to <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong>.<br />

We particularly need families with kids in Religious School and<br />

Nursery School.<br />

- Do you have retail experience? Got time when you could be<br />

at <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong>? Odette and Robinn need occasional help in the Gift<br />

Shop.<br />

- Like to cook? Our Pantry Chug gets together to fill <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong>’s<br />

freezer with tasty treats for onegs and special events. Want to<br />

join us?<br />

- Get the word out! Do you have public relations or marketing<br />

experience? We need your help to promote programs and<br />

events.<br />

- Are you good with “house work” (e.g., electrical, carpentry,<br />

painting, sound)? Or a gardener? We’re looking for energetic<br />

folks to help keep up the house.<br />

- Mitzvah volunteer: Can you shop, deliver a meal, help with<br />

one-time errands etc for congregants who are ill or bereaved?<br />

These are some of the many ways that you can help <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong><br />

- and become more connected to the congregation. If you’d<br />

like more information about any of these opportunities, or are<br />

interested in something different, please contact Debbie Leon at<br />

ruach@bethelberkeley.org.<br />

L’hitraot!<br />

Debbie Leon<br />

Ruach Brigade Chair<br />

Mitzvah Committee<br />

Did you know that <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> has an<br />

active Mitzvah Committee?<br />

Our Mitzvah Committee currently<br />

prepares meals for people who are<br />

sick or bereaved. We send cards,<br />

make phone calls and reach out to<br />

the people in our community that<br />

can use some extra loving care.<br />

There is always room for more<br />

helpers to spread the Mitzvah, so<br />

please contact Lauren Ganes:<br />

lganes@pacbell.net / (510) 525-2244<br />

Phyllis Zisman,<br />

Laurie Juengert<br />

& Laura Rice-Hall<br />

Invite you to celebrate<br />

As they are called to the Torah as<br />

B’not Mitzvah<br />

Parshat Vayera<br />

<strong>January</strong> 16, <strong>2010</strong> - 1 Shevat 5770<br />

10:15 am<br />

The entire congregation is invited.

youth groups 9<br />

youth group news!<br />

Membership (continuted from page 6)<br />

way due to financial considerations. Please have anyone you<br />

think might be interested in talking about membership, taking a<br />

tour, or meeting the Rabbi or Religious/Nursery School Directors<br />

contact me. I promise they’ll receive a warm welcome and we’ll<br />

do our best to meet their needs.<br />

The Membership Committee is comprised of the people listed<br />

below. The areas in which they’re most involved are noted so<br />

that you can e-mail them with your ideas. If you’d like to join<br />

the Committee, let me know!<br />

L’shalom, and all the best for a healthy and happy <strong>2010</strong>!<br />

Nancy Turak<br />

Membership VP<br />

membership@bethelberkeley.org<br />

510-527-4733<br />

Transgender<br />

Inclusion and the<br />

Jewish Community<br />

Thursday <strong>January</strong> 21, 7:00 pm<br />

As part of our work to make our synagogue and<br />

community a welcoming and inclusive community for<br />

all, we are pleased to present an educational evening<br />

about transgender people and Judaism. “Transgender”<br />

or “trans” is a broad term that encompasses anyone who<br />

doesn’t identify with the gender that they were assigned<br />

at birth. Our program will include short presentations by<br />

a transgender woman and man, Jaimie Wolfe and<br />

Ali Cannon, and Susan Wehrle, mother of a transgender<br />

person. Rabbi Yoel Kahn will discuss Jewish sources and<br />

teachings; the evening will be facilitated by <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong><br />

member Judy Appel, Executive Director of Our<br />

Family Coalition.<br />

At <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong>, we strive to put into practice the Jewish<br />

teaching that each person is created and reflective of<br />

the image of God. Many of us have questions and/or<br />

make assumptions about transgender people or we may<br />

feel uncertain about how to treat a person if we are not<br />

sure about their gender. Join us for an open, respectful<br />

and informative evening.<br />

A light dinner will be available for $5.00 before the<br />

program. Please pre-order so that we can buy enough<br />

burritos by contacting Charlie Radin at 510-848-3988 x225<br />

or emailing charlie@bethelberkeley.org.<br />

The program is free and open to the community.<br />

<strong>Congregation</strong> <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong>’s youth groups are more exciting and active<br />

than ever! We’ve been to Camp Newman, had a fantastically<br />

successful tzedakah bake sale, celebrated Thanksgiving &<br />

Chanukah together, and even watched the Cal Bears beat the<br />

Iowa State Cyclones at Haas Pavillion!<br />

We are looking forward to an amazing <strong>2010</strong>. Ruach, our group<br />

for fourth and fifth graders, will start out the year with a Tu<br />

B’shvat Quest in <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong>’s neighborhood. We will be going to Live<br />

Oak Park, and planting at <strong>Congregation</strong> <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong>. We are looking<br />

for parent volunteers to help with this event <strong>January</strong> 30, from<br />

11:00 am to 1:00 pm!<br />

Sababa, our sixth to eighth grade youth group is going on a ski/<br />

snowboard/sno-tube trip to Boreal Mountain Resort in Truckee,<br />

CA on <strong>February</strong> 7th! We will leave <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> at 7:00 am and return<br />

at approximately 8:00 pm. RSVP to rebecca@bethelberkeley.<br />

org to come on this exciting trip. Costs vary depending on age,<br />

equipment and lesson needs. We need parent volunteers to drive<br />

and/or help supervise this event. If you are able to help, please<br />

contact Rebecca.<br />

BEY – <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> Youth –our ninth to twelfth grade youth group has<br />

West Coast Party up at Camp Newman <strong>January</strong> 15th-18th. This<br />

event brings together Jewish teens from all over the west coast<br />

for a peer-led weekend of fun, friendships and learning. Visit:<br />

http://newman.urjcamps.org/yearround/retreats/west_coast_<br />

party/ to sign up. Scholarships are available for this event! Please<br />

contact Rebecca for more information. BEY’s leadership team<br />

continues to grow. We want to welcome our new Membership<br />

Vice-President Lauren Hoffman. Together Milo, Noah & Lauren<br />

are planning lots of fun activities for the upcoming year. Contact<br />

them with ideas, and be ready to receive your invitations on<br />

Facebook & in your inbox!<br />

As always to get involved with the youth groups or to receive<br />

our e-newsletters, please contact our advisor, Rebecca DePalma<br />

at <strong>Congregation</strong> <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong>. Join your youth group by visiting<br />

http://www.bethelberkeley.org/youthgroups, and filling out and<br />

returning this form to the youth group office. We look forward to<br />

seeing you at one of our future events!<br />

Rebecca DePalma<br />

Youth Group Advisor<br />

Youth Group Calendar<br />

<strong>January</strong> 15-18<br />

BEY - West Coast Party @ Camp Newman<br />

<strong>January</strong> 30<br />

Ruach Tu B’shvat Quest, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm<br />

<strong>February</strong> 7<br />

Sababa Ski Trip, 7:00 am - 8:00 pm<br />

<strong>February</strong> 27<br />

Sababa Purim Costume Ball Tzedakah Dance-a-thon

10<br />

library<br />

New Books in the Library<br />

Donations to the Aaron Plishner and Rabbi Vida Funds make it<br />

possible to get books for the children’s and adult libraries. Here<br />

are some new books:<br />

Rashi, by <strong>El</strong>ie Wiesel, a descendant of Rashi, is a short book telling<br />

of the life and circumstances of one of our greatest scholars, and<br />

of his magnificent commentaries on Bible and Talmud. Written<br />

by one of our own great contemporaries, it is a splendid little<br />

book.<br />

The Controversy of Zion, by Geoffrey Wheatcroft, sub-titled<br />

“Jewish Nationalism, the Jewish State, and the Unresolved<br />

Jewish Dilemma,” won the National Jewish Book Award. This<br />

book tells the history of Zionism from 1840 to 1995, of how a<br />

proposed answer has raised many questions.<br />

From the Lower East Side to Hollywood: Jews in American<br />

Popular Culture, by Paul Buhle, investigates the extraordinary<br />

influence of Jews upon the culture of this country, concentrating<br />

upon the people, from Sholem Aleichem to Woody Allen, in all<br />

areas of popular arts.<br />

Stardust Lost: The Triumph, Tragedy, and Mishugas of the<br />

Yiddish Theater in America, by Stefan Kanfer, richly chronicles<br />

the meteoric rise and precipitous fall of Yiddish theater, and its<br />

lasting mark upon American stage, film, and culture in general.<br />

In The Jewish Body, noted anthropologist (and author of<br />

Unsettled: An Anthropology of the Jews) Melvin Konner examines<br />

our views of our bodies, and other’s views, over our history,<br />

considering, inter alia, circumcision, nose jobs, menstruation and<br />

Jewish genes. Many common Yiddish words are about bodies.<br />

“Shiksa,” for example.<br />

The Modern Men’s Torah Commentary, edited by Rabbi Jeffrey<br />

Salkin, presents reflections on 54 Torah portions, by that<br />

number of men, including Rabbis Norman Cohen, <strong>El</strong>liot Dorff,<br />

Arthur Green and Harold Kushner. The book is praised by David<br />

Hartman, David <strong>El</strong>lenson, Harold Schulweis, and Daniel Boyarin.<br />

The book is in the Torah Study section.<br />

Also in the Torah Study section is The Pentateuch, by Joseph<br />

Blenkinsopp. This is the best historical-critical introduction to<br />

the five books of Torah currently available, part of the Anchor<br />

Bible Reference Library.<br />

Subversive Sequels in the Bible: How Biblical Stories Mine and<br />

Undermine Each Other is by Judy Klitsher, a disciple of the great<br />

Nehama Leibowitz, and a close colleague of Aviva Zornberg.<br />

Here she pairs biblical stories to reveal previously unexcavated<br />

layers of meaning. Examples: Eve and Sarah; Noah and Jonah;<br />

the Tower of Babel and the midwives of Israel.<br />

Also in the Torah Study section is Torah Queeries, ed. by Drinkwater,<br />

Lesser and Schneer, a collection of weekly commentaries on the<br />

Bible, bringing together all gender identities in one book. The<br />

star contributors include <strong>El</strong>liot Dorff, Judith Plaskow, Yoel Kahn,<br />

David <strong>El</strong>lenson, Jane Litman, Charlotte Fonrobert, and over 50<br />

others.<br />

Scott Spear<br />

Library Chair<br />

<strong>Congregation</strong> <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong><br />

Shabbat Retreat<br />

May 21 - 23, <strong>2010</strong> at Walker Creek Ranch in Petaluma<br />

The Weekend Package is All Inclusive:<br />

- 2 Nights Lodging - 6 Healthy Kosher-Style Vegetarian Meals -<br />

- Innovative Outdoor Services - Singing with Eric Schoen-<br />

- Art-Nature Programs - Kids & Teens Program -<br />

- Special farm animal and garden visit for younger kids -<br />

- Ropes Course for pre-teens/tweens - Workshops -<br />

- Hiking - Campfires with S’mores - Adult team trivia contest -<br />

- Study Opportunities with Rabbi Kahn - Bicycles encouraged -<br />

Watch for further details in the e-update shortly!<br />

Sign up soon at www.bethelberkeley.org.

gift shop 11<br />

From the Gift Shop<br />


We wrapped up another successful Chanukah Bazaar thanks to the numerous volunteers who gave their time<br />

generously. Thanks to all the folks who answered a cheerful “Yes” when Odette called to twist your arm. (And<br />

thanks to Odette for leading the arm-twisting and orchestration of this event!) We’d like to thank everyone starting<br />

with our latke mavens who were led by chief-maven Marc Davis: Joel Blumenfeld, Arthur Swisloski, Paul Antonides,<br />

Laurie Juengert, Merle Fajans, Ron Blachman, Alex Bergtraun with sons Asher and Ruben and friend Adam. Nancy<br />

Turak completed the crew running errands and working on the menu. Thanks also to Lisa Cain for her now-famous<br />

delectable fritatta, enjoyed by all.<br />

Thank you to the indefatigable shleppers who trudged up and down from the shop to the social hall where another<br />

group was setting up: Susan Carter, Paul Sugarman, Wendy and Coleman Lukas, Barbara Segal, Marilyn Schneck,<br />

and Ron Blachman. Our social hall looked spectacular thanks to the creative displays led by Robinn aided by Judy<br />

(Reimann) Vered, Emily Marthinsen, Gabbie Blachman, Cara Schiff and Shelley Halperin.<br />

Several nimble-fingered cashiers took turns on Sunday: Bob Goldstein, Anna Mantel, Barbara Blachman, Betty Seaton,<br />

and Stan Schiffman. Keeping track of finances were Andy and Adam Ganes. Additional volunteers helping customers<br />

during the sale were Susan Seeley, Lisa Johnson, Sara Kupor, Shelley Halperin and Barbara Segal. Scott Spear did a<br />

smashing business selling surplus library books.<br />

Our latke cafe was ably managed by Ruth Spear with the assistance of Miriam Schiffman, Sue Austin, Laurie Juengert,<br />

Robin Wenrick and Adele Amodeo. Completing the crew, Jerry Weintraub was the cafe’s cashier during the entire<br />

bazaar. The latkes were so delicious that we ran out at the end, our apologies! More next year.<br />

Our clean-up crew was lightning fast and thorough. It included Angela Botelho, Shelley Zell, Leyna Bernstein, Lori<br />

Perlstadt, Caroline and Hannah Lehman, Shelley Halperin and Barbara Segal. A special word about Barbara Segal<br />

who has faithfully tended the shop all year, her loyalty and cheerfulness are much appreciated. Other volunteers who<br />

we could not have done without include Merle Fajans, Lisa Johnson and Barbara Blachman. Wendy Lukas has taken<br />

charge of paying our invoices and making our deposits for the last few years and can always be counted on. Denise<br />

Lapidus helped with publicity. Thank you so much everyone!<br />

The <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> staff was supportive as ever, including the office staff and the hard-working custodians. Finally, I<br />

want to thank our customers, members and friends, who support us during the year. Since all profits revert to<br />

the congregation, we appreciate your help in this effort. We count on you to keep the Gift Shop the worthwhile<br />

fundraiser that it now is! Thanks for thinking of us first!<br />

Odette Blachman and Robinn Magid<br />

oblachman@sbcglobal.net<br />

Conversational Yiddish<br />

Wednesdays, <strong>January</strong> 13 and 27 at 7:00 pm<br />

Easy conversation and topical themes, Yiddish music and<br />

culture - as decided by the participants. No knowledge of<br />

Yiddish is required. Newcomers welcome.<br />

If you are interested in attending, please email Evie Groch<br />

at egroch@comcast.net or call 510-235-9771.

12<br />

tzedakah<br />

Tzedakah<br />


Nancy & Peter Bickel in loving memory of Madeleine Korb<br />


Towfig Arjmand in honor of the birth of Gemma Pakzad,<br />

grandchild of Fara & Jaleh Pakzad<br />


Alan Schnur & Julie Landres in honor of their son, Zach<br />

Landres-Schnur being named Director of Camp Kee Tov<br />


John Hartog & Maggie Hand<br />

Barbara Gordon and Peter Kane in memory of<br />

Sam V. Gordon<br />

<strong>El</strong>izabeth Fishel & Bob Houghteling in memory of<br />

Edith Rubin Fishel<br />

Steven & Shelley Simrin in memory of Barry Shapiro<br />


Revan & <strong>El</strong>sa Tranter in memory of his mother<br />

Esther Tranter<br />

Revan & <strong>El</strong>sa Tranter in memory of his father<br />

Gerald Tranter<br />


Anneliese Armstrong<br />

Jahangir & Vadjiheh Yadegar<br />

Monty Garretson<br />

David Zeff in memory of Chester M. Zeff<br />

Helga Tannenbaum in memory of Margo Maier<br />

Helga Tannenbaum in memory of Irving Berger<br />

Jacob Pearlstein in memory of Jacques Suhami<br />

Jahandar & Nilou Yadegar in honor of Rachel Pirnazar<br />

James & Marcia Emery in memory of Naomi Rose<br />

and Wendell Emery<br />

Marion Trentman-Morelli in memory of Melva Klayman<br />

Marv Pearlstein in memory of Jacques Suhami<br />

Odette Blachman in memory of Geoffrey Golner<br />

Odette Blachman in memory of Sami Hassid<br />

Peter & Shohreh Terman in memory of Rachel Pirnazar<br />

Stanley Slaven in memory of Rachel Pirnazar<br />

In memoriam:<br />

We announce with sadness the death of<br />

Sami Hassid z”l, <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> member and former<br />

President of the Board of Directors on December 17.<br />

We extend our condolences to the family.<br />

May his memory be for blessing.<br />


Thom & Betty Seaton<br />

Barbara Fierer & Bob Brandfon in memory of Osna Fierer<br />

Clif Erickson & <strong>El</strong>lie Goldstein-Erickson in honor of<br />

Joe Zicherman & Ginny Roemer<br />

George Lavender & Claire Ungar in honor of<br />

Ruth Spear & Adele Amodeo<br />

Steve & Caroline Lehman in honor of their daughter<br />

Hannah being called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah<br />

Steve & Caroline Lehman in appreciation of<br />

Rabbi Yoel Kahn, Reuben Zellman and Bon Singer<br />


Bruce & Susan Carter in appreciation of Reuben Zellman<br />


Karen & Joel Zeldin<br />

Steven Joseph & Corey Hansen-Joseph in memory of<br />

Sol Joseph<br />


Fred Rosenbaum<br />

John Hartog & Maggie Hand<br />

Natalie Baird<br />

The Pirnazar Daughters -- Jaleh, Nasrine, Nilou & Noushin<br />

The Backman-Pollack Family in memory of Barry Shapiro<br />

The Backman-Pollack Family in memory of<br />

Edward Backman<br />

Batya Kalis in memory of Melva Byer Klayman<br />

Harold Lindenthal in memory of Seymour Fromer<br />

Marcel & Margrit Schurman in memory of Mina Turkavka<br />

Mark Aaronson & Margorie Gelb in appreciation of<br />

Rabbi Kahn<br />

Michael & Claudia Berger in memory of Irving Berger<br />

Nancy & Peter Bickel in loving memory of Madeleine Korb<br />

Revan & <strong>El</strong>sa Tranter in honor of Jane & Neil Levy’s<br />

40th wedding anniversary<br />

Steve & Caroline Lehman in honor of their daughter<br />

Hannah being called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah<br />

Thom & Betty Seaton in memory of Irving Berger<br />


Clif Erickson & <strong>El</strong>lie Goldstein-Erickson in honor of<br />

Rabbi Ferenc Raj<br />


Nancy & Peter Bickel in loving memory of Madeleine Korb

annual campaign 13<br />

<strong>Congregation</strong> <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> Annual Campaign 5770<br />

“Strengthen Our Community”<br />

We want to gratefully acknowledge our members who have generously contributed to our annual appeal. So far, we have received<br />

$190,000 in donations. On behalf of our congregational leadership, we want to thank each of you for your participation in and<br />

support for <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> - for your involvement, for your ideas and energy, and for your commitment to the future of our synagogue.<br />

Our entire community appreciates your ongoing generosity.<br />

Our goal for the current fiscal year is $300,000. This year’s campaign had three goals.<br />

1. To enable us to fully fund all of our programs.<br />

2. To ensure that members in financial need can continue to be part of our community.<br />

3. To complete Phase II of our “Finish the Sanctuary” goals, including the purchase of new chairs for the<br />

sanctuary and other important improvements.<br />

We have completed the 3rd goal and will this spring be able to purchase new chairs for our sanctuary. The fiscal year runs<br />

through June 30, <strong>2010</strong> so there is still plenty of time for you to add your contribution to the many donations we have received so<br />

far. Join us in the mitzvah of tzedakah through your financial contribution and enable us to meet our goals.<br />

Adele Amodeo<br />

Alan & Heidi Shonkoff<br />

Alexander & Izabella Zheleznyak<br />

Alfred & Anita Cotton<br />

Amy Katzen & Melody Chan<br />

Ariella Jessel & Emily Geagan<br />

Ayelet Waldman & Michael Chabon<br />

Barbara & Steven Segal<br />

Barry & Erica Goode<br />

Betty Kalis<br />

Beverly & Richard Eigner<br />

Brian Parker & Leyna Bernstein<br />

Bruce & Susan Carter<br />

Bruce Linton<br />

Clarke & Maria Daniels<br />

Dan & Robinn Magid<br />

David & Gail Offen-Brown<br />

David Lewis & Julia Levin<br />

Debbie & Jeff Leon<br />

Debbie Weil Taylor & David Taylor<br />

Debra & Oren Massey<br />

Edward Vine & <strong>El</strong>len Singer-Vine<br />

<strong>El</strong>izabeth Liner<br />

Ethel Ratner<br />

Harry & Marilyn Margulius<br />

Isaiah Roter & Trina Ostrander<br />

Jahangir & Vadjiheh Yadegar<br />

James & Marcia Emery<br />

Jeff & Renee Cohen<br />

Jerry Weintraub<br />

Joan Sarnat & David Hoffman<br />

Joel & Karen Zeldin<br />

Joel & Rochelle Blumenfeld<br />

Joelle Steefel<br />

John Hartog & Margaret Hand<br />

Judith Bank<br />

Julia McNeal<br />

Katherine Haynes Sanstad & Alan<br />

Sanstad<br />

Katherine Weinstein<br />

Kathryn Frank & James Blume<br />

Leslie Reckler<br />

Lisa & Matthew Friedman<br />

Lloyd Morgan<br />

Mark & Tinsley Cohen<br />

Marsha Rivkind Raleigh<br />

Martin & Jill Dodd<br />

Matthew & Sharon Sloan<br />

Mayer & Linda Riff<br />

Merle & Michael Fajans<br />

Michael & Barbara Liepman<br />

Michael & Pamela Crane<br />

Michael & Ruth Botchan<br />

Mick Austin<br />

Mike Harrar & Noushin Pirnazar<br />

Nancy Gordon & Ken Kirsch<br />

Nancy Lewin-Offel & Jim Offel<br />

Nancy Turak & Marc Davis<br />

Natalie Baird<br />

Neil & Jane Levy<br />

Neil Gozan & Gale Antokal<br />

Nila & Gregory Rosen<br />

Norm Schneider & Cecile Isaacs<br />

Patricia Kates & Henry Brady<br />

Patrick Kennedy & Julie Matlof-Kennedy<br />

Paul Steckel & Mo Morris<br />

Phyllis Zisman<br />

Polina Eidelman<br />

Rebecca & Andy Dale<br />

Redge & Carole Martin<br />

Rhonda Sarnoff & Clifford Ball<br />

Richard & Christine Aptaker<br />

Richard & Liz Bordow<br />

Robert & <strong>El</strong>izabeth Sharf<br />

Robert & Marion Trentman-Morelli<br />

Robert Epstein & Amy Roth<br />

Robert Lieber & Cheryl Taubenfeld<br />

Ruth & Scott Spear<br />

Ruth Schoenbach & Lynn Eden<br />

Sharon Caplow Todd<br />

Stanley & Miriam Schiffman<br />

Stanley Klein<br />

Steven Joseph & Corey Hansen-Joseph<br />

Susan Amdur<br />

Tamara Lerner & Richard Topel<br />

William Falik & Diana Cohen

14<br />

join us for our celebration!<br />

Purim Family Celebration: 4:30 pm<br />

(for ages 2 - 6)<br />

Dinner: 5:30 pm<br />

Purim<br />


Havdalah: 6:15 pm<br />

Megillah Reading: 6:30 pm<br />

Hamantaschen Intermission: 7:15 pm<br />

Purim Shpiel: 7:30 - 8:30 pm<br />

(see below for more information)<br />

Save the Date<br />

A Western Purim<br />

Yee hah! This year we’re havin’ a rootin’ tootin’ Wild West Purim Shpiel.<br />

There will be tough hombres, dancin’ girls, toe tappin’ music, cheap whiskey<br />

and a town at the mercy of owlhoots, varmints, and all around nogoodnicks.<br />

Who will save the day?<br />

Join us at Western Persia’s famous saloon, the Shushan Star, to hear the real story.<br />

Auditions for actors and call for volunteers in <strong>January</strong>.<br />

No one will be turned away (but you all can’t be Esther).<br />

Watch for more details in the e-update.

15<br />

Join in a “Regifting”<br />

Experiment with the<br />

Ritual Committee<br />

<strong>January</strong> seems the perfect time to contemplate closets and<br />

winter supplies, and so I thought I’d write a quick article that’s<br />

actually about recycling although “regifting” seems a better term<br />

for items used for ritual purposes!<br />

For several years now, <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> has upgraded the community<br />

kippot (a “yarmulke” by any other name) by accepting donations<br />

of kippot left over from simchas (like bnei mitzvahs) and from<br />

congregants who have accumulated too many for their drawers<br />

to close. When I discover these donations in the kippah box, I<br />

sort out the white ones to save them for the High Holy Days,<br />

the black ones for shiva minyons, and the colorful ones for<br />

other times, saving the boldest and the brightest for Shabbat<br />

Unplugged. It’s amazing how fast even the purple and pink<br />

ones disappear, so if you have too many kippot in your house, no<br />

matter what the color, please consider dropping them off in the<br />

kippot box that is built into the tallit rack in the gallery at <strong>Beth</strong><br />

<strong>El</strong>. Picking a pretty colored kippah really seems to make a little<br />

girl or boy happy.<br />

Recently, I discovered a modest supply of tin Purim greggors<br />

in my own house which leads me to wonder if the rest of the<br />

congregation is housing these much loved greggors too. I am<br />

putting a “Greggor Return Box” on the brochure table in the<br />

gallery and will be interested in learning how many greggors<br />

might be “regifted” back to us between now and Purim if I<br />

mention it here and there in our community. Think of it as a<br />

little experiment and bring one or two back with you the next<br />

time you come to <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong>!<br />

If you have an idea of other small things like this that the<br />

Ritual Committee might be able to assemble by asking the<br />

congregation to “donate back” these things, please write me at:<br />

RobinnM@aol.com. And if you are about to order kippot for your<br />

next simcha, please think of making a donation of maybe 10 or<br />

20 of them to us. It’s so much fun to read the inscriptions and<br />

remember the happy times in our community! And it saves us<br />

from having to buy those old cheap ones!<br />

Robinn Magid<br />

Ritual Committee Chair<br />

Thank You!<br />

Thank you to the Men’s Club members<br />

who joined us Friday, December 11 at the<br />

Shabbat Unplugged & Latke Extravaganza<br />

and for making this event so successful.<br />

Not only were they able to serve<br />

latkes to over two hundred people<br />

(a much larger turnout than expected),<br />

but they stayed to attend the dinner and<br />

then restored the kitchen to its pristine state.<br />

It was a wonderful reminder of how skilled<br />

and dedicated our members are.<br />

Thanks to:<br />

Joe Schlessinger<br />

Stu Berman<br />

Bob Brandfon<br />

Bruce Carter<br />

Arthur Goldman<br />

Bob Goldstein<br />

Neil Gozan<br />

Jacob Harari<br />

Lloyd Morgan<br />

Stan Schiffman<br />

Steve Segal<br />

Bob Walker<br />

For expert services performed with grace.

16<br />

social action<br />

One Degree of Separation–<br />

a <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> Story of Social Action<br />

A few years ago, I was able through <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> to learn of a terrific<br />

organization in our community, YEAH! YEAH! stands for Youth<br />

Engagement Advocacy and Housing! and is a shelter serving<br />

homeless youth aged 18-25 that is located on University Avenue<br />

near MLK Way here in Berkeley. Founded on a shoestring in<br />

2002, YEAH! has over time grown into a vibrant organization<br />

that serves a significant proportion of the homeless youth in<br />

Berkeley.<br />

<strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> has been involved with supporting YEAH! for years and<br />

has helped make it the institution it is in a whole host of ways.<br />

The Social Action Committee led previously by Maxim Schrogin<br />

and now by Wilma Rader work with YEAH! Two years ago, the<br />

Social Action Committee undertook a ‘Sukkot in April’ at YEAH!<br />

by remodeling YEAH!s kitchen. Harry Margulius and Maxim<br />

Schrogin are both on the YEAH! Board. And, Barbara Fierer<br />

and Bob Brandfon, amongst other congregants, are long-time<br />

volunteers at the shelter – they work to help serve dinner to the<br />

up to 30 youth as they gather for the evening during the winter<br />

and spring months, and truly become part of the community at<br />

YEAH! This deep <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> connection to YEAH! has taken time to<br />

build and I really admire it.<br />

Ever hear about one degree of separation? I saw how my friends<br />

at <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> who up until then I had mostly (and quite happily)<br />

studied Torah with were involved in such a good organization.<br />

Over time I too became personally involved in supporting YEAH!,<br />

and this year I also took the step to create another connection<br />

in the community between YEAH! and my firm, North Berkeley<br />

Investment Partners. This year, YEAH! and my firm decided<br />

to become community partners much in the way YEAH! and<br />

<strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> have already partnered. My firm was able to introduce<br />

YEAH!s Executive Director, Sharon Hawkins Leyden, to many of<br />

our clients at an annual client dinner, where she shared YEAH!s<br />

mission, vision, goals, and accomplishments. We also organized,<br />

similar to <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong>’s spring day, two afternoons of workgroups in<br />

the fall which were led by North Berkeley staff and clients to help<br />

get the shelter ready for the youth when it opened in November.<br />

We found useful items to donate to the shelter. We have been<br />

able to offer some measure of financial support to YEAH! as well,<br />

and are glad we have had the opportunity to not only support<br />

YEAH! but to broaden YEAH!’s visibility and connections in the<br />

community.<br />

For those of you who own local businesses, it’s a great way to<br />

go. I encourage everyone to consider building yet more links<br />

between our synagogue, the local businesses we are involved<br />

with, and those most in need in our community. We are all, in<br />

some very fundamental ways, only one degree separated from<br />

each other.<br />

Sue Reinhold<br />

Social Action Member<br />

Sue Reinhold, Ph.D. is a <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> congregant and a founder and Principal of<br />

North Berkeley Investment Partners. YEAH! is at 1744 University Avenue.<br />

For more information on YEAH! please visit: http://yeah-berkeley.org/<br />

MEN’S CLUB<br />

Dinner and Discussion<br />

with Noah Alper<br />

Monday, <strong>January</strong> 11, <strong>2010</strong> • 7:15 pm<br />

Noah Alper, Berkeley businessman and founder<br />

of Noah’s Bagels, will talk to the Men’s Club on<br />

Monday, <strong>January</strong> 11 about his new book:<br />

Business Mensch: Timeless Wisdom for<br />

Today’s Entrepreneur<br />

Noah, an orthodox Jew and serial entrepreneur,<br />

has founded two successful food enterprises<br />

and worked extensively on the restoration of<br />

<strong>Congregation</strong> <strong>Beth</strong> Israel in Berkeley. Everyone is<br />

invited. The event includes dinner and a talk.<br />

$15 for dinner. To RSVP, please contact<br />

Joe Schlessinger at 510-524-7253<br />

Want to change the world?<br />

The OpEd Project invites you to participate in an<br />

innovative program to expand public debate in our<br />

nation’s key print and online forums.<br />

Sunday, <strong>January</strong> 31, <strong>2010</strong> • 10:00 am to 5:00 pm<br />

Downtown San Francisco<br />

Hosted by the ACLU (39 Drumm Street)<br />

The OpEd Project is an initiative to expand public<br />

debate, with an immediate emphasis on enlarging<br />

the pool of women experts who are accessing (and<br />

accessible to) our nation’s key print and online forums.<br />

Since women currently do not submit op-eds with<br />

anywhere near the frequency that men do, we target<br />

and train women experts in all fields to write for the<br />

op-ed pages of major print and online forums of<br />

public discourse. Our mission is to bring about a sea<br />

change in our national conversation, which is currently<br />

overwhelmingly dominated (85%) by men.<br />

Seminar cost: $300.00 early registration (10 days prior to<br />

seminar) and $395.00 regular registration.<br />

For more information, please contact <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> Member<br />

Alison Brantley at alison@theopedproject.org<br />

or visit www.theopedproject.org

itual committee 17<br />


The first semester at Midrasha really flew by,<br />

especially because so many of the holidays<br />

were on Sundays, and now it’s time to start<br />

fresh with a new semester. The highlights of<br />

the fall were: our annual student/parent study<br />

brunch and silent auction, a special 8th grade<br />

program on disabilities awareness, a special<br />

9th grade family program presented by Shalom Bayit on healthy<br />

relationships. There were three separate retreats for students<br />

in different grades, plus one day trip. There was a program<br />

for 11th and 12th graders and their parents on putting their<br />

Jewish values into the college process and information sessions<br />

on two different Israel trips (Lets Go Israel in the summer for<br />

10th graders and Shalhevet, for 11th and 12th graders in spring,<br />

which includes a large pre-trip educational component and a<br />

week in Poland as well as one in Israel.) Oh yes, and besides all<br />

that we had GREAT weekly classes.<br />

So, what’s new on the horizon for second semester? First thing<br />

to know is that a lot of students enter Midrasha in the second<br />

semester so just because you or your teen or your friend’s teen<br />

wasn’t here in the fall, it’s never too late to enroll now. Phone<br />

the Midrasha office 843-4667 or e-mail diane@midrasha.org with<br />

your questions.<br />

All grades have two (or for 8th graders – one) retreats yet to<br />

come. Eighth grade families can look forward to the <strong>January</strong><br />

31 workshop in parent – teen communication put on by Jewish<br />

Family Service. The entire community (YOU INCLUDED) will be<br />

in for a treat on March 7th when Beit T’Shuvah from Los Angeles<br />

brings their production of “Freedom Song,” an original musical<br />

which juxtaposes personal stories of internal conflict with the<br />

story of Passover. The performance will be at 10:30 I’ll send<br />

you more details in next month’s column but if you would like to<br />

learn more about the program, go to http://www.beittshuvahla.<br />

org/programs-freedom.php<br />

The new classes for the semester sound fabulous: “Bio-<br />

Medical Ethics,” “Diary of Anne Frank” (with newly found film<br />

footage of Anne), “Meditation with Clay,” “Not Just Bagel<br />

Eaters: Jews Around the World,” “Lenses into the Holocaust.”<br />

“Talmud,” “Israeli Dance,” “Jews and Muslims,” “Jews in the<br />

News,” “Food and Justice for All,” “Animating Jewish Folk Tales,”<br />

“Confirmation,” “Power, Prejudice and Privilege,” And “Jews and<br />

the Civil Rights Movement, Then and Now” are just some of the<br />

classes being offered. Every time I type a list like this, I wish I<br />

were 16 again.<br />


Meets Shabbat Morning (Saturday)<br />

in the Beit Midrash at 9:15am<br />

<strong>January</strong> 2, <strong>2010</strong><br />

Parashat Vayechi - Genesis 47:28 - 50:26<br />

Led by Alan Statman<br />

<strong>January</strong> 9, <strong>2010</strong><br />

Parashat Shemot - Exodus 1:1 - 6:1<br />

Led by Rabbi Yoel Kahn<br />

<strong>January</strong> 16, <strong>2010</strong><br />

Parashat Vaera - Exodus 6:2 - 9:35<br />

Led by Dan Magid<br />

<strong>January</strong> 23, <strong>2010</strong><br />

Parashat Bo - Exodus 10:1 - 13:16<br />

Led by Sue Reinhold<br />

<strong>January</strong> 30, <strong>2010</strong><br />

Parashat Beshalach - Exodus 13:17 - 17:16<br />

Led by Stu Berman<br />

<strong>February</strong> 6, <strong>2010</strong><br />

Parashat Yitro - Exodus 18:1 - 20:23<br />

Led by Stu Berman<br />

<strong>February</strong> 13, <strong>2010</strong><br />

Parashat Mishpatim - Exodus 21:1 - 24:18<br />

Led by Norm Frankel<br />

<strong>February</strong> 20, <strong>2010</strong><br />

Parashat Terumah - Exodus 25:1 - 27:19<br />

Led by Barry Levine<br />

<strong>February</strong> 27, <strong>2010</strong><br />

Parashat Tetzaveh - Exodus 27:20 - 30:10<br />

Led by Rabbi James Brandt<br />

Diane Bernbaum<br />


18<br />

A School. A Home. A Promise.<br />

At Oakland Hebrew<br />

Day School our focus<br />

is on the needs of the<br />

whole child, fostering a<br />

love of learning and a<br />

strong sense of Jewish<br />

identity.<br />

5500 Redwood Road, Oakland CA<br />

(510) 531-8600 • www.ohds.org<br />

Preschool Family<br />

Sukkah Celebration<br />

Wednesday, October 7th<br />

Kindergarten<br />

4:30 - 6:00 p.m.<br />

Kindergarten<br />

Information Night<br />

Tuesday, December 8th<br />

Thursday, 7:00 - 9:00 <strong>January</strong> p.m. 7th<br />

7:00 Kindergarten - 9:00 p.m.<br />

Information Night<br />

Thursday, <strong>January</strong> 7th<br />

7:00 - 9:00 p.m.<br />



<br />

FOR4%<br />




Call Today!<br />

Broker Hal Feiger<br />

“To Many a Cemetery is a Business. . .<br />

To Us, It’s a Mitzvah”<br />

Tel Shalom Burial Association, Inc.<br />

Honoring and Respecting the Deceased<br />

Since 1967<br />

“Kevod Ha-Meit” - Honoring the Deceased<br />

Sharon Mittleman • 510-245-7401<br />

Richard Aptaker • 510-236-4857<br />

Fran Welstand • 510-758-2873<br />

Serving Berkeley, Albany, Oakland & All of the East Bay Since 1986<br />

realtyadvocates.com • 510 428-0757

19<br />






Camp Kee Tov continues its tradition of over 40 years of excellence<br />

in day-camping with a special ruach (Kee Tov spirit) all its own.<br />

Our programming and traditions have inspired thousands of campers<br />

from a diverse cross-section of our community, welcoming a wide<br />

variety of cultural backgrounds, families and faiths. We look forward<br />

to seeing you at one (or both!) of the following <strong>2010</strong> sessions:<br />

Summer <strong>2010</strong> dates:<br />

Session 1: June 28 – July 23<br />

Session 2: August 2 – August 27<br />

Food, Conservation<br />

and Ecology<br />

Exploration Camp:<br />

Camp I: August 2 – August 13<br />

Camp II: August 16 – August 27<br />

Have you got that ruach?<br />

You bet!

20<br />

CONGREGATION BETH EL Fund Contributions<br />

This contribution of $_________ is □ in Memory of* □ in Honor of*<br />

*<br />

It is a Jewish tradition to give Tzedakah to commemorate life cycle events and other occasions. Are you celebrating<br />

a birthday, engagement, anniversary, baby naming, Bat/Bar Mitzvah or a recovery from illness? These are just a<br />

few ideas of appropriate times to commemorate with a donation to <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong>. These tax-deductible donations are<br />

greatly appreciated and are a vital financial supplement to support the wonderful variety of programs and activities<br />

that we offer at <strong>Congregation</strong> <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong>. Thank you for your support.<br />

Please credit the fund checked below:<br />

Contribution<br />

From:<br />

Address<br />

□<br />

□<br />

General Fund - Use Where Most Needed<br />

Aaron Plishner Children Library<br />

□ Adult Education Fund<br />

□<br />

□<br />

□<br />

□<br />

□<br />

□<br />

□<br />

□<br />

□<br />

□<br />

□<br />

□<br />

□<br />

Arjmand Memorial Fund<br />

Blachman Emergency Fund<br />

Building Fund<br />

Camp Kee Tov Scholarships<br />

Chevra Kadisha<br />

David Cotton Memorial Swig Fund<br />

<strong>El</strong>len Meyer Childcare Fund<br />

Endowment Fund<br />

Freed Flower Fund<br />

Homeless Meal Program<br />

Humanitarian Aid Fund<br />

Israel Scholarship Fund<br />

Landscape Fund<br />

Acknowledge<br />

To:<br />

Address<br />

□ Marian Magid Memorial Fund<br />

□ Men’s Club<br />

□ Mitzvah Committee<br />

□ Music Fund<br />

□ Nursery School Fund<br />

□ Oneg/Kiddush Fund<br />

□ Outreach Fund<br />

□ Prayerbook Fund<br />

□ Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund<br />

□ Rabbi Emeritus’ Discretionary Fund<br />

□ Rabbi Vida Library Fund<br />

□ Religious School Fund<br />

□ Ruth Fischer Trustees Discretionary Fund<br />

□ Social Action Fund<br />

□ YOZMA Fund – Israel Sister <strong>Congregation</strong><br />

□ _________________________________________<br />

Thank you for your generosity. Please make checks payable to <strong>Congregation</strong> <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong><br />

and mail to 1301 Oxford Street, Berkeley, CA 94709<br />

The Builder is now electronic!<br />

Members will be able to view and download their Builder from the<br />

e-update and website. Print copies will be available for pick up at<br />

<strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> or upon request. To request your copy of the Builder<br />

be mailed to you, please complete the form below and mail to:<br />

<strong>Congregation</strong> <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> - Builder Mail Request<br />

1301 Oxford Street - Berkeley, CA 94709<br />

Name:<br />

Address:<br />

YES! I/We would like to continue to receive the<br />

Builder in the mail.<br />

_________________________________________________________<br />

_______________________________________________________<br />

You may also respond by emailing builder@bethelberkeley.org<br />

with “Please send my Builder by mail” in the Subject line or<br />

calling the <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> main office at 510.848.3988.<br />

City, State, Zip: __________________________________________________

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2010</strong>/ Tevet - Shevat 5770<br />

calendar 21<br />

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday<br />

1<br />


2<br />

8:30a Early Minyan<br />

NS -<br />

Nursery School<br />

RS -<br />

Religious School<br />

Offices & Schools<br />

Closed<br />

8:00p Shabbat<br />

Evening Service<br />

9:15a Torah Study<br />

10:15a Shabbat<br />

Morning Service<br />

Bar Mitzvah -<br />

Jeffrey Orenstein<br />

3<br />

4<br />

9:30a Baby<br />

Playgroup<br />

5<br />


3:00p RS Camp<br />

7:00p Board Meeting<br />

6<br />


7<br />


3:00p RS Camp<br />

8<br />

6:00p Shabbat<br />

Unplugged Dinner<br />

6:15p Shabbat<br />

Evening Service<br />

6:45p Shabbat<br />

Unplugged Service<br />

9<br />

8:30a Early Minyan<br />

9:15a Torah Study<br />

10:15a Shabbat<br />

Morning Service<br />

Bat Mitzvah -<br />

Leah Madden<br />

10<br />

11<br />

9:30a Baby<br />

Playgroup<br />

12<br />

7:00p Nursery<br />

School Committee<br />

7:00p Lehrhaus/Beg.<br />

Modern Hebrew<br />

7:30p Ritual<br />

Committee<br />

8:25p Lehrhaus/Int.<br />

Modern Hebrew<br />

13<br />

5:00p RS Parent/<br />

Child Hebrew<br />

7:30p Nursery<br />

School Information<br />

Night<br />

14<br />

12:00p Chai Group<br />

Luncheon<br />

15<br />

6:15p Shabbat<br />

Evening Service<br />

16<br />


8:30a Early Minyan<br />

9:15a Torah Study<br />

10:15a Shabbat<br />

Morning Service -<br />

Adult B’not Mitzvah<br />

6:00p GALA<br />

17<br />

5:00p Homeless<br />

Meal<br />

18<br />


KING JR. DAY<br />

Offices & Schools<br />

Closed<br />

19<br />

6:30p Program<br />

Council Meeting<br />

7:00p Lehrhaus/Beg.<br />

Modern Hebrew<br />

8:00p Religious<br />

School Committee<br />

8:25p Lehrhaus/Int.<br />

Modern Hebrew<br />

20<br />

5:00p RS Parent/<br />

Child Hebrew<br />

21<br />

6:00p Transgender<br />

Panel Dinner<br />

7:00p Transgender<br />

Panel<br />

22<br />

6:15p Shabbat<br />

Evening Service<br />

23<br />

8:30a Early Minyan<br />

9:15a Torah Study<br />

10:15a Shabbat<br />

Morning Service<br />

Bat Mitzvah -<br />

Sofia Peltz<br />

24<br />

31<br />

25<br />

9:30a Baby<br />

Playgroup<br />

26<br />

7:00p Lehrhaus/Beg.<br />

Modern Hebrew<br />

8:25p Lehrhaus/Int.<br />

Modern Hebrew<br />

27<br />

5:00p RS Parent/<br />

Child Hebrew<br />

7:00p Chorus<br />

Potluck & Meeting<br />

28<br />

29<br />


6:15p Shabbat<br />

Evening Service<br />

30<br />

8:30a Early Minyan<br />

9:15a Torah Study<br />

9:15a Tu B’shevat<br />

Celebration<br />

(see page 5)<br />

10:15a Shabbat<br />

Morning Service<br />

Bar Mitzvah -<br />

Skylar Powell

22<br />

directory<br />

<strong>Congregation</strong> <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong><br />

1301 Oxford St • Berkeley, CA 94709-1424<br />

Main Phone Number (510) 848-3988 *** Fax (510) 848-2707<br />

Religious School Office Direct Line (510) 848-2122<br />

Nursery School Office Direct Line (510) 848-9428<br />

Camp Kee Tov Office Direct Line (510) 848-2372<br />

Midrasha Direct Line (510) 843-4667<br />

Clergy & Staff Ext. Direct Line Email Address<br />

Rabbi Yoel H. Kahn 215 rabbikahn@bethelberkeley.org<br />

Norm Frankel, Executive Director 212 norm@bethelberkeley.org<br />

Debra Sagan Massey, Director of Education 213 848-2122 debra@bethelberkeley.org<br />

Barbara Kanter, Nursery School Director 219 848-9428 barbara@bethelberkeley.org<br />

Zach Landres-Schnur, Camp Kee Tov Director 217 848-2372 zach@bethelberkeley.org<br />

Suzanne Alexander, Accounting 210 suzanne@bethelberkeley.org<br />

Diane Bernbaum, Midrasha Director 843-4667 diane@midrasha.org<br />

Odette Blachman, Gift Shop 240 oblachman@sbcglobal.net<br />

Rebecca DePalma, RS Admin. Coordinator 214 848-2122 rebecca@bethelberkeley.org<br />

Lenora O’Keith, Main Office 211 lenora@bethelberkeley.org<br />

Charlie Radin, Admin. Coordinator 225 charlie@bethelberkeley.org<br />

Rabbi Ferenc Raj, Rabbi Emeritus<br />

ferenc@bethelberkeley.org<br />

Bon Singer, Cantorial Soloist 216 bon@bethelberkeley.org<br />

Reuben Zellman, Rabbinic Intern 228 reuben@bethelberkeley.org<br />

Advertise in the Builder!<br />

Email builder@bethelberkeley.org<br />

for more infomation.<br />

The Builder<br />

Issue No. 119<br />

<strong>Congregation</strong> <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> is a member of<br />

The Union for Reform Judaism<br />

1301 Oxford Street, Berkeley CA 94709-1424<br />

510-848-3988<br />


calendar 23<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2010</strong>/ Shevat - Adar 5770<br />

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday<br />

NS -<br />

Nursery School<br />

RS -<br />

Religious School<br />

1<br />

9:30a Baby<br />

Playgroup<br />

2<br />

7:00p Board Meeting<br />

7:00p Lehrhaus/Beg.<br />

Modern Hebrew<br />

8:25p Lehrhaus/Int.<br />

Modern Hebrew<br />

3<br />

7:00p Chorus<br />

Rehearsal<br />

7:00p NS Parent<br />

Workshop<br />

4<br />

5<br />

5:30p NS Potluck<br />

Dinner<br />

6:15p NS Shabbat<br />

8:00p Shabbat<br />

Evening Service<br />

6<br />

8:30a Early Minyan<br />

9:15a Torah Study<br />

10:15a Shabbat<br />

Morning Service<br />

Bar Mitzvah -<br />

Sam Lombardi<br />

7<br />

9:00a Conversion<br />

Traning<br />

8<br />

9:30a Baby<br />

Playgroup<br />

9<br />

7:00p Nursery<br />

School Committee<br />

7:30p Ritual<br />

Committee<br />

10<br />


7:00p Chorus<br />

Rehearsal<br />

11<br />

12:00p Chai Group<br />

Luncheon<br />

12<br />

6:00p Shabbat<br />

Unplugged Dinner<br />

6:15p Shabbat<br />

Evening Service<br />

6:45p Shabbat<br />

Unplugged Service<br />

13<br />

8:30a Early Minyan<br />

9:15a Torah Study<br />

10:15a Shabbat<br />

Morning Service<br />

Bar Mitzvah -<br />

Bowen Johnson<br />

14<br />

15<br />


Offices & Schools<br />

Closed<br />

16<br />


6:30p Program<br />

Council<br />

7:00p Lehrhaus/Beg.<br />

Modern Hebrew<br />

8:00p Religious<br />

School Committee<br />

8:25p Lehrhaus/Int.<br />

Modern Hebrew<br />

17<br />


7:00p Chorus<br />

Rehearsal<br />

18<br />


19<br />

6:15p Shabbat<br />

Evening Service<br />

20<br />


8:30a Early Minyan<br />

9:15a Torah Study<br />

10:15a Shabbat<br />

Morning Service<br />

Bar Mitzvah -<br />

Lucas Drumond<br />

21<br />

5:00p Homeless<br />

Meal<br />

22<br />

9:30a Baby<br />

Playgroup<br />

23<br />

7:00p Lehrhaus/Beg.<br />

Modern Hebrew<br />

8:25p Lehrhaus/Int.<br />

Modern Hebrew<br />

24<br />

7:00p Chorus<br />

Rehearsal<br />

25<br />

26<br />

6:15p Shabbat<br />

Evening Service<br />

27<br />

8:30a Early Minyan<br />

9:15a Torah Study<br />

10:15a Shabbat<br />

Morning Service<br />

Bar Mitzvah -<br />

Micah Flamm<br />


(see page 14)<br />

28<br />


congregation beth el<br />

1301 Oxford Street<br />

Berkeley, CA 94709-1424<br />

A N OT-TO - B E - M I SS E D DAZ Z LI N G N I G H T ! • R S V P TO DAY !<br />

Y<br />

BETH EL<br />

O U T H P R O G RA M B E N E F I<br />


T<br />

some<br />

encHAnted<br />

evening<br />

B E T H E L G AL A 2 0 10<br />

A B E N E F I T F O R T H E B E T H E L Y O U T H P R O G R A M S<br />

W I T H S O U N D S F R O M T H E I S L A N D S<br />

6th Annual <strong>Beth</strong> <strong>El</strong> Gala<br />



6:30-10 PM<br />

BISTRO DINING & cocktAils<br />



Friends and family welcome • Adults only event<br />

— F EST I V E AT T I R E —<br />

Please purchase your tickets before Wednesday, <strong>January</strong> 6.<br />


Tropical, $60 • Sea Breeze, $125<br />

Paradise, $ 500 • Enchanted, $1000<br />

Teacher Sponsor, additional $60<br />



No one will be turned away for lack of funds.<br />

v o l u n te er f o r t h e g a l a • w w w. b et h e l g a l a . com

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