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Lessons Learned Report on UNDP Assisted Projects - UNDP Nigeria

Lessons Learned Report on UNDP Assisted Projects - UNDP Nigeria

. To ensure that any

. To ensure that any lessons that could be useful are applied to other projects; c. To improve estimates of the effort and resource required to provide similar deliverables, including any necessary follow­up actions; d. To ensure that lessons are identified before valuable expertise and knowledge is lost from the project implementation team. e. To identify lessons that can be used to flag any unresolved issues that need action after the project has concluded. III. Current UNDP and UN Activities UNDP and UN activities on energy issues with regards to energy access have been on the following broad areas: · Strengthening National Policy Frameworks: UNDP has been increasingly involved in developing national energy plans (like the Renewable Energy Master Plan) and legislation for rural energy delivery. Such efforts include supporting the integration of energy considerations into national development tools such as Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers PRSPs), national MDG campaigns, and National Sustainable Development Strategies in order to link energy inputs to development outcomes in other sectors. · Promoting Rural Energy Services to Support Growth and Equity: UNDP’s activities to promote access to rural energy services through pilot projects focusing on meeting people’s cooking and heating needs and providing electricity and mechanical power for household and productive uses. · Promoting Clean Energy Technologies: UNDP supports the introduction and adaptation of low emission technologies to promote economic growth and social development while mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. This includes a range of energy efficiency measures, renewable energies, and clean fossil fuel technologies for sustainable development. · Increasing Access to Investment Financing for Sustainable Energy: UNDP focuses on enhancing the ability of developing countries to attract investment financing for sustainable energy options beyond traditional official development assistance. IV. Scope of Work

Assess successes, limitations and lessons on the following projects: · Production of Renewable Energy Master Plan · Solar Electrification of Gui Village, Off Airport Road, Abuja, FCT; · Solar Water Pumping at Malarin Gamma LGA, Jigawa State · Solar Office Electrification + Street Lighting, Odorikpe village, Ini LGA, Akwa Ibom State · Solar Electrification and Solar Refrigeration, Igbindo village, Ogun State V. Proposed Method of Work · Identification of the project sites · Sensitization and community awareness meetings; · A number of different consultation exercises; · Internal consultation meetings and brainstorming with executors of the projects; · External consultation meetings with selected persons or organizations; · Develop questionnaires · Data collection through surveys · Data collation, analysis and evaluation; · Drawing conclusions and making recommendations for future renewable energy projects that are likely to be carried out by the UNDP. VI. Deliverables • Draft report • Debriefing and validation discussions with UNDP • Comprehensive final report, inclusive of an executive summary and exclusive of annexes. VII. Timeframe • Three calendar months from the signing of contract. VI. Composition and Qualifications of the Mission · Highly qualified team with Masters Degree in relevant fields of study · Minimum of 10 years professional experience Method of Application Interested applicants are invited to send a cover letter illustrating their suitability for the above position against the listed qualifications/competencies/skills and detailed curriculum vitae and an updated United Nations Personal History Form (P.11), with names and

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