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Collaboration Brings Pediatric Hospitalists to ... - Magazooms

Collaboration Brings Pediatric Hospitalists to ... - Magazooms

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Focus on Pediatrics This magazine is published four times yearly by Children’s Hospital of Greenville Hospital System. Medical Editor William Schmidt, M.D., Ph.D. Managing Editor Lark Reynolds GHS Photographer Randy Hadaway Art Director GHS Creative Services Editorial Board Nichole Bryant, M.D. Sally Cade Karen Cantu Jeanine Halva-Neubauer Jennifer Hudson, M.D. Laura Meister, B.S.N., M.S.N., R.N. Eric Nash Terri Negron, M.N., R.N. Kay Roper Janine Sally If you would like your name added to or removed from our mailing list or have any comments, questions or suggestions, please send the appropriate information to: Marketing Services Greenville Hospital System 300 E. McBee Ave. Suite 200 Greenville, SC 29601 Table of Contents 02 Lead Story Pediatric Hospitalists Serve Anderson 07 What’s New? Bright Space ® in Bryan NICU, New Epilepsy Monitoring Unit 9 Medical Staff Spotlight Meet Our New Physicians 11 Academic News Thirteen Residents Graduate 13 Quality Counts QTIP Project Boosts Quality 14 Continuing Medical Education Outpatient Asthma Management 20 Clinical Research Update An Ongoing Clinical Trial and a Compassionate-use Extension 21 Celebrations Awards, Safe Kids ® Upstate Honors and Philanthropic News 26 Ask the Faculty Vitamin D Supplementation Next issue: Meet our new Pediatric and Medicine-Pediatric residents. (864) 797-7538 Fax (864) 797-7562 The information contained in the Focus is for educational purposes only – it should not take the place of medical advice or diagnoses made by healthcare professionals. On the cover: Carley Howard, M.D., heads a team of pediatric hospitalists from GHS Children’s Hospital who provide inpatient care at AnMed Health Women’s and Children’s Hospital. The team works in tandem with clinical staff at AnMed. All facilities and grounds of Greenville Hospital System are tobacco free. © 2012 Greenville Hospital System 120440

From the Medical Director William F. Schmidt III, M.D., Ph.D. We often see businesses – even in health care – seek to defeat, destroy or dominate the competition. But there’s another way: cooperate and collaborate. One party need not lose for the other to win. At Children’s Hospital of Greenville Hospital System, we look for ways to engage in partnerships that improve the health of those we serve. The cover story on pediatric hospitalists highlights an example with AnMed Health System that benefits both hospital systems and our patients. AnMed Health built a spectacular children’s facility to care for inpatients, yet its pediatric market share kept declining. Why? It seems that people were bypassing Anderson to admit patients to GHS Children’s Hospital, which they perceived as providing a different level of care. For AnMed Health to reverse this trend, it had to invest heavily in pediatric recruitment, services and infrastructure – or work with someone who could deliver all those in their facilities. Children’s Hospital already had invested heavily in pediatric specialty services and was a tertiary care center. The influx of general inpatient cases to Children’s Hospital from outside the immediate Win, Win, Win service area was overcrowding our beds, making it hard to accept patients needing specialty care. To correct this trend, we had to staff more beds or collaborate with someone who could care for these patients with us. The result was a partnership. Children’s Hospital recruited and employed pediatricians to serve as hospitalists and minor care physicians at AnMed Health. AnMed Health backs the cost of their salaries, and the physicians follow the same quality measures and protocols that we use at Children’s Hospital. Working together to achieve a goal, we can disperse scarce resources wisely and create systems Despite initial pushback in both communities, this arrangement has been good for AnMed Health, bringing added pediatric expertise and reversing its downward slide in market share. It also has been good for Children’s Hospital, freeing up beds needed for specialty care. Most important, it has been good for many families in Anderson County whose children can be cared for close to home when they require hospitalization. 1

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