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The Campaigner


from Konstantin George, telephoning from his regular cigarettes and no beer to its victims.) We stopped the

place of employment, the Benedict School in Cologne. cigarettes and beer, and George managed to get out

We had reason to be concerned. During the period of enough of the truth between cover-stories layers of film-

"Mop-Up" in the U.S.A., George had made repeated strip memories, so that we had the essential features of

trips to East Berlin on many of the weekends from then the problem identified.

until the end of May. Ostensibly, he was visiting an East Most significant was the date, by which he was to

Gei ii_an psychiatrist, Barbara Peper, resident at the accomplish something and report to East Berlin. That

Charite Hospital in that city. Then, at the end of June, date had no significance but being the time I would be in

he had returned to East Berlin with a month's visa. Milan, Italy, prior to my arrival at the "Rosa Luxem-

The writer instructed two members of the European burg" conference in Reggio Emilia. (Later, we

Labour Committees to pick George up and invite him discovered that Sept. 14-16 was the time of my scheduled

back where we could discuss matters with him at leisure assassination, and that George was to mark me "from

and in reasonable security from any possible KGB in- the inside" for the hit team.) We hustled George back to

terference. New York, encouraged by detection of a known DKP

George arrived in an obviously dissociated state, agent poking about the premises, and then issued a press

Ordinarily, we would have immediately assumed he was release throughout Europe and parts of North America,

victim of an extreme anxiety neurosis or actual announcing the blowing of the brainwashing job.

psychosis. The fact that this writer knew George quite We immediately set several projects into motion. We

well and that this change had been effected in connection initiated the formation of a counterintelligence group

with the visits to East Berlin was the only initial evidence and operation, for the principal immediate purpose of

we had to suspect that it just might possibly be backtracking thebrainwashingofGeorge. We organized

something other than a functional disorder, a research into "brainwashing" techniques in both

After about two hours of listening to George's inital Western circles and Eastern Europe, for the principal

rehearsed cover story, and some supportive cross- purpose of developing information which might be of

questioning as to details, it became obvious that he had therapeutic significance in the further treatment of

been brainwashed. George by specialists. This work prepared us for the next

How? How could this writer, with no prior empirical encounter we would have with brainwashing, on the

or formal knowledge of brainwashing (except of the sort evening of Dec. 30.

general knowledge of the subject would supply), Counterintelligence work not only confirmed that

positively determine so directly that George had been George had been in East Berlin, but that he had, as he_

brainwashed? had reported, enjoyed a privileged seating position in the

By listening and making a few carefully-posed stands for the East Berlin World Youth Festival, where

questions: George's cover-story was a series of film- he was visibly in a dissociated state and accompanied by

strip-frame-like memories, each recollection connected two guards (flanking him) one an official of the East

by a contentless "and, then." He neither had any German Ministry of State Security, the other a plainmemory

to fill in any of the "in-betweens," nor could he clothes officer of the SSD.

reverse his account. It was not a memorized speech, Equally important, investigations began to peel away

either. The words changed, but the picture being the connections of the dramatis personae of the circles

described remained the same. that had set George up. Spotting Elizabeth Arlt, a West

By proving to George that he had been brainwashed, German national and close (lesbian) friend of Barbara

showing this in terms of his story, and by attempting to Peper, who led tour groups to Bulgaria, we also unenlist

him as my collaborator in "What I am going to do covered links to British International Socialists and its

to the bastards who did this to you," referring to our past tiny SAG (Socialist Workers Group). Cross-checking the

collaborations, I enabled him to break through links we had begun to expose, we uncovered a large-scale

momentarily, network which had been built up as an ostensible KGB

Then, reinforced by cigarettes and beer, he drifted operation in the GI and deserter movements developed

into his second cover-story. Then, similarly, a third, in Europe during the middle-to-late 1960s. Robert "Bo"

By this time, we were alert to the significance of the Burlingham (former Weatherman leader and until

cigarettes and the beer. These were obviously "reward recently editor of Ramparts) was the ostensible top

objects" whose use returned him to the control of his operative. Either Burlingham had been implicated by

programmers. (The skinflint CIA, unlike the more the KGB and "turned" by the FBI-CIA (certainly preenlightened

Staatssicherheitsdienst, offers only cheap sently a CIA-controlled person), or he had been a KGB

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