The Campaigner

The Campaigner


usually operate in "hit" teams of seven persons, torneys that no brainwashing had occurred. The

We did not know until more than a week later that arrogance of this claim was an obvious attempt to

the individuals identified had transferred to a CIA- influence the judge in a way calculated to suppress

controlled "Furia" group, although the first Police evidence.

Intelligence Division officer we consulted had (d) The New York Police Department, previously

suggested "Furia" as the hit team. During the informed of brainwash victims in an assassination

period we also picked up military-type signals in plot, acted to place valuable evidence against the

Spanish being broadcast (as determined by crude CIA in the control of the CIA (the actions of

triangulation) within a half-mile of the premises. Detective-Sergeant Finnegan in the Weitzman.

(b) White reported that he had the option of case).

exchanging recognition-triggers, "Charles" and (e) Reports have been compiled of concerted

"Boston," with Alice Weitzman, who he knew as a action by the CIA to induce the press to suppress

contact for "alternate resources" for assassination, coverage of the brainwashing and assassination

Weitzman, who later reported her suspicion that plot, as well as intensive campaigning by CIA agents

she had been "programmed," had been stalking the and stringers to maliciously discredit the victims,

halls outside the premises White was scheduled to even to the extent that the New York Times and

visit, and generally acting in a bizarre fashion Village Voice, among other press agencies, engaged

immediately prior to and during the period of in naked criminal libel against the victims. Nat

White's arrival. Later peculiarities of the Weitzman Hentoff, identifying himself in alliance with CIA

case, including the police department's bringing in agents Burlingham and Kopkind, conducted a

Robert Dillon, who had no close connection to campaign in an effort to dissuade members of a

Weitzman, to identify Labor Committee members Commission of Inquiry from serving.

for arrest significantly confirms the circumstantial 0O Descriptive identification of the Labor Cornevidence

of Weitzman's state as a brainwashed mittees was included in a "CIA disclosure" of a

victim. Other evidence to the same effect was Heathrow Airport bombing plot.

discovered later on. 4. The coincidence in timing of the psychotic-type

(c) White identified a telephone number which later manifestations by Christopher White, William Engdahl,

ceased operation as his contact to activate the Dec. and Alice Weitzman. The evidence is that Engdahl's

31 "hit" by the Latin squad, condition was not only the result of the same general type

(d) White had another telephone number he could of brainwashing imposed on White, but that Engdahl's

not have known in advance to activate the killing of program was designed to mesh with White's to the effect

Marcus if Marcus should succeed in deprogram- of impelling White to kill his own wife.

ruing him. White believed that this number would 5. The most decisive feature of White's evidence was his

set officer Finnegan into motion to arrange the writing out, while in "programmed state B," a set of

killing; the number proved to be that for the New specifications for a program of behavioral modification

York Police Department, and Finnegan is the of the type he manifested. Not only did he thus show

suggested CIA-linked member of a special team in knowledge beyond his capability, but he produced this in

the Police Department. a format idiosyncratic to "programmed learning" of

3. After first identifying the assassins and the brain- such material. This "print-out" by White acting as a

washers as KGB, White later developed the evidence "programmed biocomputer" coincided with information

that the plot was CIA/MIS, information substantially he later gave concerning the only day he recalls being

confirmed independently, tortured for information.

(a)_ British Caledonian Airlines officials issued a

succession of contradictory stories and engaged in a On or about November 25 (his tormentors imposed

number of peculiar actions which indicate "dirty false dates contrary to "real time" on him for each day's

tricks" by some agency of the British government. "programming experience"), White's day was spent

(b) The FBI and the New York Police Depart- being subjected to torture concerning Marcus's dement

refused to investigate strong evidence of one of programming of Konstantin George. The burden of the

the most notorious cases of subversion special tormentor's inquiry was "That bastard Marcus is no

operations in the recent decade, although they were superman; how did he get the key and code to break that

repeatedly offered full cooperation. East German job?"

(c) The CIA alleged in open court through its at- This concern of the CIA coincides with the conceits of

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