The Campaigner

The Campaigner

a plot depends must be the assumption that Tavistock might imagine.

CIA technology in "social control" and "brainwashing" There are two general classes of intelligence. One of

permit the plotters to impose a 1984 version of fascism these classes is, relatively speaking, static: the collection

from above. Viewed in such terms, the conception of the of evidence left laying about to be picked up. The second

plot as we now know of it makes historical kense. As we class is the dynamic sort obtained by "tactical reconhave

previously indicated, the general conception of naissance."

"fascism from above" is an unscientific blunder, a By organizing masses of workers to stop the

potential super-"Bay of Pigs" blunder, on the condition Rockefeller energy and hoax-plots and planned chaos,

that there are effective forces in motion to exploit the by organizing to expose the CIA's Law Enforcement

fallacy of the plotters' conceptions. Whatever the flaws Assistance Administration plans to create ghetto riots

in the conception, it is a plot which would have sufficient early this year, by exposing the fraud of the "Pentagon

credibility to the desperate Rockefeller-faction circles for Papers" and the CIA's "Watergate" hoax, we shall force

them to commit themselves to its implementation, the enemy into the open and thus expose the vast network

of conspirators and their plots and sub-plots.

In all analyses of evidence, as in psychoanalysis, the Busting up the Rockefeller cartels, busting up the

final test of evidence and judgments is the "reality CIA, liquidating the LEAA operations, closing down the

principle": can such evidence, such judgments, corre- brainwash factories, and bringing the perpetrators to a

spond to the real world taken as a whole? Nuremburg trial, will produce all the evidence anyone

Admittedly, insofar as these matters are introduced would possibly require. The "evidence" concerning the

into court proceedings, or before Commissions of White-Engdahl cases points toward such efforts; but the

Inquiry, we are obliged to limit the statement of the case efforts should be made anyway. The Rockefellerto

a very narrow realm of evidence involving only the engineered energy hoax is sufficient evidence for such

facts of brainwashing and the assassination plot itself, actions.

This is an admissible and necessary concession to

prevailing "rules of evidence." However, although the

ordinary layman falsely imagines that such fragmentary 8. THE SOVIET KGB

approaches to hard evidence are preferable, he is

mistaken -- badly mistaken. Finally, we have to summarize the KGB angle in the

The ultimate disproof of all error and all hoaxes is George and White cases. The full story will not be known

located in the tests of coherence. Even the experienced until either the Soviets or members of Allied intelligence

tax auditor has some experience with this problem: it services make appropriate disclosures. At this time,

might seem that auditing a company's isolated accounts certain broad judgments can be firmly stated, judgments

is the proper test of their validity; actually, it is cross- which seem to cover the matter for all present practical

checks and reconstructions concerning all the purchases purposes.

and disbursements in the total environment of the in- In both instances, especially the two incidents taken

dividual firm which represents the only conclusive together, we have a picture of a very efficient and exdetermination

of the separation of reality from fiction, tensive CIA penetration of the Soviet KGB. Without

The fearful flight into incredulity on the part of reporters such penetration, the simulation of total KGB

and others with respect to the firmly-established hard- responsibility probably could not have been arranged. It

core facts in this case shows the same principle. They was necessary for the CIA, in the George case, that the

doubt the evidence not so much because they have any KGB be disposed to take advantage of the victim sent to

basis for reasonable doubts concerning the evidence them by the CIA. In the White case, it was necessary for

itself, but because the very existence of that evidence the CIA that certain parts of the Soviet apparatus emit

implies necessary judgments about their entire world rather lurid literary attacks and assume hooligan

which they are ill-prepared to face. Only when the full postures toward the Labor Committees at precisely the

implications of the matter, the Rockefeller-CIA plot time the assassination was planned to occur. It was

itself, are brought into view does there exist sufficient more urgent in both cases, that the CIA be certain that

proof for the plotters' actions in the brainwashing and the KGB would not detect the real nature of the

assassination plot. operation in time to exploit that knowledge.

The ultimate solution to the hysteria-motivated doubts There is another related matter which is somewhat

of some journalists and other people will be provided by speculative, although indications weigh heavily towards

a special kind of evidence, the strongest evidence one its validity.


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