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The Campaigner

application of the behaviour modification technology of Copthorne." By that time, however, we had found a

mentieide, book of matches in my coat pocket which gave the hotel's

Such a thesis will become horrifyingly clear as we telephone number. My wife called to ask if she could

proceed, speak to me arid was told that while I had registered, I

No one who examines the evidence presented here with had left. Mr. Walsh was still in his room.

an open mind will be able to doubt the proposition that I That left us wondering: the airline which I claimed

was brainwashed during the period of approximately had booked me into the hotel said that I was on my way

fifty-two days while I was supposedly working for the to New York with the rest of the thirty or so passengers

Inner London Education Authority at the Sir William from the nearly empty plane. The hotel claimed I had

Collins School in Charrington Street, London NWl. For been present. Later, by the end of the first week in

these purposes it will be sufficient to limit ourselves to an January, a further twist was given to this part of the

account of what happened to me during the period material by a British journalist. He had found the traces

December 27th, 1973 to January 7th, 1974. of Walsh and Schroeder really easy to uncover and t01d

us that they led straight back to MIS. This disturbed him

EVIDENCE OF CRIMINAL INTENT somewhat, so he suggestedthat we check once more with

the airline.

We begin our account on the day of my first attempt to This was done by my wife, who was told by the

fly to New York on December 27th, 1973. For in- reporter that the pilot of British Caledonian Flight 221

vestigatory purposes I will limit my account of this and had said that the engine had not burnt out. It was only a

the succeeding days to events which can be confirmed by minor breakdown, and a return to Gatwick would not

other people. The reason for this will soon become normally have been necessary. In New York the Viceobvious.

President of British Caledonian informed her that no one

I left home that morning and took the underground had travelled on to New York. The hundred or so

from the local station, Colindale, on the Edgeware passengers on the aircraft had all been accommodated

branch of the Northern line. At about 9:00 p.m. that overnight at the CopthorneHotel. This information, in

evening I burst into Conway Hall in London's Red Lion direct contradiction with the airline's earlier story, had

Square where the European Labour Committee was been obtained by telephone from Britain. Yet, according

holding its first year-end conference. In an evident state to the British reporter the Copthorne Hotel is not used by

of shock I told my wife that all the travel plans we had airlines at all. He intimated that it is a sort of luxury

made had been a set-up. The plane's engine had burnt retreat used by the British intelligence services.

out ten minutes out of the Scottish airport of Prestwick Despite our efforts to cross-check, it has been imand

we had returned to Gatwick. Once there, all the possible to establish a coherent picture of what happened

passengers bar three had been transferred by coach to that day. Perhaps some passenger from the flight who

Heathrow airport for BOAC's six o'clock flight. British reads this article could help us out. The airline is ob-

Caledonian, the airline involved, had booked the three viously no good and should be avoided.

of us myself, a Mr. Paul Walsh and a Mrs. On the28thDecemberaNewYorkrepresentativetold

Schroeder--into the Copthorne Hotel. There I had been Ed Spannaus, executive member of the NCLC, "This

drugged by Walsh, and had escaped back to London by sort of thing happens two or three times a week," when

taxi and train. The whole thing--travel schedule, engine asked about the alleged kidnapping. Obviously they

sabotage, etc.--had been arranged to achieve just what I would argue that it doesn't matter how you get there, as

told her. long as you arrive.

We returned home, and in the company of some Nonetheless, it is certain that during the course of that

Gei man comrades from the Executive Committee of the day I was given a massive dose of some drug or drugs.

European Labour Committee, I went over the story For it was from that evening that my mental state began

again. They decided to check. My wife telephoned to deteriorate rapidly.

British Caledonian at Gatwick and told them that she For example, during the course of the next day I

was worried about her husband and asked what had returned to my apartment from the conference at

happened to him. They assured her that all passengers Conway Hall in the company of Steve Pepper, Marcia

had travelled on to New York by BOAC after transfer to Merry and "Katya" and "Franz." We were to discuss

Heathrow. Steve's flight to New York, which like mine had been

Then a German comrade telephoned the airport and arranged by the International Travel Club an outfit

asked for a list of hotels in the vicinity. Of the twelve or recommended by one Don Filtzer, who, it transpires, is

so he was recommended not one was named "The probably a dupe of the CIA and had also been


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