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disrupted. The second time Steve told his story, which us refused admission!

was not in any way extraordinary, except for a whole Labour Committee security personnel were on hand to

series of pettifogging annoyances, I became convinced ensure that our arrival at our West Village destination

that my wife was a KGB agent, that she always had been. was expedited. The whole business was handled with

At that point people in New York were trying to contact such efficiency and thoroughness that the sense of

her by telephone, but I insisted that we not tell her until urgency I had experienced on the plane began to

we had decided what to do about the situation. The diminish. Yet after a somewhat lengthy discussion in-

"evening" ended early the next morning (29th) with me volving other people, I once more felt compelled to speak

telling two British members of the London local the story and launched into a lengthy treatment of the so-called

of Carol's agentry. They believed me, as had the others. "leadership problem," in the course of which I informed

It was at that point that the decision was taken to Marcus that he was about to be assassinated, either that

bring me to New York. Travel plans began to be made night or the next night 30th and 31st of December.

over thenext day while I talked to my wife Carol and to It was at that point that "deprogramming" proper

"Franz." During that afternoOn I met my first emotional began. "How did I know that?" I was asked. I must have

road to Damascus, deciding that it was impossible for some basis for such an assertion. Yet at that point I had

Carol to be an agent, and that therefore the agent of the no answer. I could not utter a word. The first session

group would have to be me. lasted approximately four hours. While it was in

These three days established in outline a pattern which progress it became clear that I had indeed been

was to be maintained over the next week. I was becoming brainwashed. It is not necessary to produce heaps of

more and more the victim of paranoid fantasies. More details, times and places to substantiate the assertion. As

and more my mental processes were becoming divorced the evening wore through it became clear that this was

from my bodily functions. I did not sleep, I barely ate, the only conceivable explanation for my almost psychotic

and that of course merely aggravated the problem as it behaviour of the previous days. For example, inaccentuated

the fluctuations in my mental states, terrogation had to be conducted in three languages,

English, German and Russian. Until that evening, even

PSYCHO-DRAMA though I was in regular contact with German-speaking

Yet before we got to New York, the Atlantic had still comrades, I was unable to speak their language. Yet that

to be crossed. I travelled in the company of Carol, Steve evening I blossomed into a fluent German-speaker, with

Pepper, Marcia Merry and Peter Mailand. Before the a pronounced Ukrainian accent. As for Russian, I had

flight I had stabilised somewhat at a level of functional never had anything to do with the language, yet during a

euphoria; that is to say, I was high, but not out of brief period of the evening I was able to speak it, though

control. The film show on the flight sent me out of I was only able to approximate a six-year-old's

control. It was a disgusting piece of French near- vocabulary.

pornography. A vicious murder story set in and near That evidence alone suggests that this Was more than

Paris, called the "Trinity." I became fixated on the film, psychosis. It was an induced psychosis, brainwashing. I

convinced that it was a script for what would happen to began to produce evidence that could be verified in the

us when we landed in New York. Particularly vivid were real world. The phrases that my interrogators used to

scenes in which the "hero's" girl friend, a woman at least trigger responses were KGB key and code style phrases.

ten years older than himself, was shot in her car, and This was information which I could not possibly have

scenes in which the "hero" arranged the execution of a had unless I had been in contact with either KGB

rather paternal figure and then committed suicide by personnel or agents who knew their procedures. Indeed,

taking poison. I was unaware that the Labour Committee security staff

I was convinced that the film was meant for me, and were using those procedures that evening. In conthat

I had to do something about it. So as we landed at sequence, I had to have been programmed before I

Kennedy I launched a tirade against the CIA, which I arrived.

claimed was planning to have my wife shot on the way Eventually conditions were created in which it was

into the city, and intended to dispose of L. Marcus later found that I could answer the question that had been

that evening. This outburst astonished many passengers posed at the beginning of the session. If I was questioned

and upset my wife and companions. Some people, in Russian, it was found that I would provide answers in

however, listened intently to the kook. I felt better af- my Ukrainian-accented German. I informed the

terwards and was almost able to relax a bit, and blithely gathering that Marcus would be assassinated by a sevenjoked

through immigration and customs. Everyone else, man Latin death squad. All I had to do was call the

particularly my wife, thought J was hell-bent on getting following telephone number on Perry Street, and the

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