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every week -- or every now and then. human identity. Their publications, all are on the public

Now Mother's magic chant doesn't work anymore, record, state quite categorically that they would like to,

Food is disappearing from the shop shelves. Homes are or intend to. Their basic approach is simple. They take

unobtainable, rents are rocketing. Money is difficult to an individual, isolate him, "desensitise" him by drugs or

come by. Jobs get harder and less easy to stay in. The electro-shock, and then, when the individual is thrown

magic doesn't work but it's all there is. The desperate back totally on the resources of the self, the helpless self,

persona no longer fits the social situation, no longer they destroy his identity, piece by piece. They use the

meets the expectation of mother and children. But still techniques of retrogressive psychoanalysis to destroy

the self can only watch helplessly, breaking out from everything the individual ever took for certain in his

time to time into fits of impotent rage, blaming wife, world.

kids, job, everyone but itself for its horrible plight. First the father is destroyed. For most people the

That in the broadest social terms, which everyone will father image is an image of potency. Father works on

recognize as truth, is the situation the brainwasher and in the world and changes it. He is a source of egocreates

for his victim. He concentrates the social process strength. So they destroy him. Then the mother: they

which is affecting everyone right now. He destroys the reinforce all her magical fears of the mysterious outside

persona by smashing all his object's illusions about world, force the object to propitiate those fears by

himself. Then he proceeds to build up, literally a new making him confess to the most degraded kinds of illidentity

based on his misconceptions about his own treatment of his mother. Then they destroy sexual

mind, and, therefore mind in general, identity. "The only women you ever had were ones who

For the brainwasher the self does not exist. Self- seduced you. It was always the same wasn't it." They

consciousness for him means nothing more than the take all the fears, all the guilt which the self thought it

embarrassment of the gawky adolescent. How could he was protecting, bring them out into the light, magnify

understand then the potential humanity represented by them and use them to destroy the identity.

that inner voice, which can, when cathexised with Then they begin to build. "You want an identity, we

emotion become the basis for a human identity? How can give you one. Eat shit." "You want to love, try this

can he understand that no matter how sophisticated his sheep." And so on, until they come to the specific tasks

programme, no matter how complicated his armory of they have in mind for you to do. Once they have

electrical gadgets, no matter how mind-blowing his programmed those in, you are free to go off and do what

druggery, he can do no more than lock up his victim's they want, until they decide they don't need you any

self-consciousness? He imprisons his victim within the more. You are trapped in a little box made out of your

confines of his own head. own fears, reinforced with an electric perimeter fence

For him the human mind is Constructed like this. First and camouflaged by drugs. But you are kept in that box,

there is the public front, then below that the emotions, not by their gadgets, but by your own fear of breaking

then below that physiological processes, neurological out of it, In consequence the way to beat the brainprocesses,

etc.; below that an "it," a kind of pulsating, washers is exactly the way to beat the hold of mother's

quaking mass -- the shaky ground of being, as it were. fears of real activity in the world. Fight against them.

He knows no social relationship, he knows only stimulus That's why every worker who reads our material on

and response. Every behaviorist writer in this field finds this affair knows the truth of what we say. He knows that

it impossible to distinguish man from animals like dogs daily the lid is being shut down on his little inner box.

and rats. Daily his room for maneuver is restricted as he is forced

For example. James V. McConnell of the Institute for

"Social" Research at the University of Michigan, Ann

Arbor, is called an expert on the family. He does his

to degrade himself in his own eyes just to stay alive. Yet

he knows that going stir-crazy is no answer. He also

knows that somewhere there has to be an alternative, a

solution to his problem. What he won't admit so readily

research on -- guess what? -- worms!! You might is that he is the solution to his problem. It is his ability

wonder what his mother was like. Most writers 'argue to overcome fear, to organize others around the inner

that there is a difference between men and animals, but

needs he has kept to himself for so long that will set him

they then go on to tell us that most experiments confree.

ducted on dogs can be replicated on human beings. So if

there is a difference -- well -- they can't quite say what it That is what the brainwashers will never understand,

is. as long as they remain brainwashers. To make the effort

They arrive at their "it" very easily. They can do it to to understand that would be to invite the admission that

anyone who isn't self-conscious of his or her actual they too, after all this time, are human beings. But


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