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of"well-selected, well-trained psychiatrists, who are free thus generally false, premises about human behavior and

to move around and make contracts with the local development, they have at best only an accidental

situation in their particular area."[1] correspondence to any scientific notion of mental health.

Today these shock troops are deployed just about As we present the array of techniques used in mental

everywhere. They control entire prisons, hospitals, genocide, one basic point should be kept in mind:

schools, and factories; they permeate every ghetto, different techniques or combination of techniques have

Third-World and working-class community. Their aim is diverse utilities.

to destroy actual or potential creative minds, thus paving For example, you are not going to turn someone into a

the way for a society that makes Nazi Germany and 1984 political agent through the use of psychosurgery; but

look like pleasure resorts. The shock troops of Rees, his then again with the same method you might produce a

proteges, and their Rockefeller creators will not rest until very good labor-intensive slave. Also, some of these

the masses are turned into slaves, more mindless than techniques, such as group dynamics are not coercive in

any in history, and selected slaves are turned into their themselves. It's what one does with them. As Trotsky

proximate masters, aptly put it: "...scientific medicine equips one with the

The bankruptcy and degeneracy of the "mind possibility not only of curing the sick but of sending the

sciences" are no better vindicated than by the healthy to meet their forefathers by the shortest

CIA/KGB's aborted brainwashing attempts on Labor route."[2]

Committee members Konstantin George and The techniques used to induce a brainwashed or

Christopher White. There has never been, to our brainwashed-like state falls roughly into three methoknowledge,,

a more thorough attempt to pervert and dological categories: biological methods, conditioning

completely destroy a person's sense of self, a person's methods and anti-psychoanalytic introspective methods.

very humanity. Yet the brainwashing attempts on For purposes of exposition, we will present the various

George and White are only a more sophisticated and techniques from the standpoint of these "factional"

deliberate use of the same mind-blunting, mind- categories, indicating whenever possible, however, their

destroying techniques that have already in varying eclectic and overlapping application in practice.

degrees victimized hundreds of millions of the ghetto and

working people worldwide.

We shall survey these pre-brainwashing and con- 1. The Biological Approach

summate brainwashing programs, and in the process

expose the developers of brainwashing the quack A patient screams, "I'm dying."[3] The doctor orders

bourgeois psychologists and psychiatrists such as I.P the patient to sing "God Bless America," and then

Pavlov, Kurt Lewin, B.F. Skinner, Arthur Janow, the describes how the patient becomes more disoriented and

racist H.J. Eysenck et al. Later we will develop an passive with each "stab" into his brain.

overview of the process which transformed psychology This is psychosurgery. It is inflicted on approximately

and the related sciences into the major counterinsurgent one thousand victims per year in the U.S. But more than

monster science which it is today, that, it is the essence of all the biologically-oriented

techniques: the obliteration of human consciousness.

The primary techniques falling into this biological

I. THE TECHNIQUES AND THEIR APPLICATION category, besides psychosurgery, include: chemotherapy,

electro-convulsive therapy, and electrical stimulation of

The distinctions between classical psychiatry, the brain. They are all premised on the notion that the

behaviorism, biological psychiatry and the myriad of etiology of man's behavior is to be sought in his neuroanti-psychoanalytic

introspective approaches are physiological equipment, his genetic endowment or

practically nil. The intensity of debate among these and his body fluids and chemistry. "Mental illness" or

the various other schools, which began at the turn of the "deviant behavior" (aggressiveness, criminality, even

century and reached its peak in the 1920's, died with the political militancy), therefore, are somatic in nature and

depression. Drugs, conditioning, and introspective cause.

gimmickry are used pragmatically and eclectically, The conceit that man's psychological behavior is

singularly or in combination, by the vast majority of biologically de_ermined goes back to antiquity. In fact,

present-day clinicians. There are very few purists left. most of what we today call clinical therapy operates on a

These so-called factions all boil down to one thing: regressed notion of the fifth century B.C. writings o_

charlatanry. Because they are based upon alienated, Hippocrates and his later-day protege, Galen. In

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