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$100,000 by the CIA's Law Enforcement Assistance cording to a prearranged schedule. In either case, a jolt

Administration (LEAA). of current to one electrode tip will turn a serene cat into

The effects? Norbert Wiener, mathematician and an enraged clawing beast; another jolt might cause the

founder of cybernetics, has summed it up quite well. "It cat to copulate until exhaustion.

[lobotomy] has recently been having a certain vogue, With humans, the procedure is the same, but the

probably not unconnected with the fact that it makes the terminal sockets are gathered into a small box located on

custodial care of many patients much easier. Let me the outside of the skull or completely hidden under the

remark in passing that killing them makes their skin. Says Delgado: "Some women have shown their

custodial care still easier."[6] feminine adaptability by wearing attractive hats or wigs

The psychosurgeons hypothesize that the brain is to conceal their electrical headgear..."[10]

divided into regions with each region having a specific ESB is premised upon Skinnerian notions of reward

function the thalmus controls emotions, the and punishment. "Systematic analysis of the distribution

hypothalmus controls sex drive, appetite, etc. Thus, it is of pleasurable areas in the rat shows that 60 per cent of

further reasoned, if you eliminate (surgically remove) or the brain is neutral, 35 per cent is rewarding and only 5

destroy any specific region, totally or partially, you then per cent may elicit punishing effects." [11] When applied

eliminate or reduce the specific response, to human subjects, this concept becomes an Orwellian

Rubbish1 Liken this to the physiology of the human nightmare:

body. Cut out or mutilate any specific organ, say the man suffering from nacrolepsiawas given a small

heart or the kidneys. What happens? The person dies. stimulator and a built-in counter that recorded 'the

The brain is part of, and a microcosm of, the integrated number of times he v_oluntarilystimulated 'each of

severalselected points in his brain. During a period of 17

functioning of the body as a whole, weeks the highest score was recorded from one point in

Mutilate one region or area of the brain and you have the septal region and the patient 'declaredthat pushing

destroyed the integrated functioning of the brain as a this particularbutton made him feel good, as if he were

building up to a sexual climax, although he was not able

whole.., you have obliterated the physiological ap- to reach the end:point, or orgasm, and often felt tmpropriateness

of the brain for human consciousness, patient and anxious .... (12)

Electrical Stimulation of the Brain: "Electrical And another:

stimulation of the brain can put human beings through

the paces from fear, anxiety, rage aggression, pain, ...One case was V.P., a 36-year-'oldwoman with a long

history of epileptic attacksthat couldnot be controlled by

alertness, volubility and euphoria to near-orgasm. ESB medication. ElectrOdes were implanted in her tight

prevails over free will. It is a foot in the door of an in- temporal lobe and upon stimulation.... the patient

finitely bigger world."[7]

reported a pleasant tingling sensation in the left side of

Electrical stimulation of the brain (ESB) was her body. She giggled 'and made funny commentS,

stating that she enjoyed the sensation very much

developed as a "more conservative treatment" than Repetition of these'stimulations made the patient'more

lobotomy. The lobotomy was under attack by many of communicative and flirtatious, and she ended by openly

the "experts" because "it often produced concomitant expressing her desire to marry the therapist.(13)

undesirable alterations of personality."[8] ESB is far

from being more conservative; it is simply more Generally, ESB researchers will claim that insophisticated,

tracranial stimulation is being conducted for "medical

This is how it works. Fine steel or platinum electrodes purposes" such as "gaining a better understanding of

are surgically implanted into the brain in selected sites, brain functions," or "alleviating severe behavioral

A single external socket can pass current to two dozen or impairments." Of course, well-placed kilovolts have

more electrode tips, eliciting, so claim its proponents, a nothing in common with curing such ailments as

reaction specific to the part of the brain stimulated, epilepsy, impotency, frigidity, hyperactivity, etc.* ESB's

According to its main advocate, Dr. Jose Delgado, "it only purpose is to produce robots that "can be induced

may delay a heartbeat, move a finger, bring a word to to flex a limb, to reject food, or to feel emotional ex.

memory, or set a determined behavioral tone."[9] citment."

In the case of the lower animals say a cat -- radio Fascist Delgado envisions a "psychocivilized society"

stimulators strapped to the back transmit current to the

electrodes implanted in the cat's brain. The current is • It is conceivable, although scientifically untested at present,

battery-activated yards away by radio. Another variety, that


ESB may have some useful

case of




the optic





the programmed stimulator, delivers stimulation ac- the brain.

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