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The Campaigner

The photograph, taken at last summer's East Berlin World Youth Festival, shows Labor Committee member

Konstantin George seated next to a professed official of the German Democratic Republic's Ministry of State

Security, Berger. The location of George's seat is notable: in front of the Cuban delegation (shown), adjoining

the main reviewing section (see microphone in foreground).

Although this photograph is only one of numerous pieces of tangible evidence proving that most of

George's "brainwashing" (programmed behavioral modification) was performed in East Berlin at a location

that credibly passes for a "safe house" there, a growing accumulation of evidence almost conclusively

indicates that the entire "brainwashing" job -- in Cologne, Duesseldorf, and probably four NATO bases, as

well as East Berlin -- was conducted exclusively by a CIA-NATO team under CIA direction using British

programming techniques. At the same time, there is no doubt that Berger, together with psychiatrist Barbara

Peper, was a leading member of the resident East Berlin brainwashing team...which raises interesting

speculations concerning Berger's present state of health.

The first half of this special double issue presents a clear picture of brainwashing from THIS

three points of view. First, in the editorial ROCKEFELLER'S 1984 PLOT by L. Marcus, the

topic methods. of brainwashing The thorough isunderstanding presented; theof cases, the Christopher and the analysis White brainwashing of the motives led toanda IISSUEI

decisive tactical understanding of Rockefeller's game plan. The second point of view is that

of a victim, Christopher White. Mr. White, in ON THE TRACK OF MY ASSASSINS,

presents a description of his brainwashing and torture, and its implications. Mr. White, in

coming to grips with his brainwashing, motivates Operation Nuremburg, the indictment of

today's Nuremburg criminals. The third point of view, COERCIVE PSYCHOLOGY:

CAPITALISM'S MONSTER SCIENCE, by Carol Menzel, is a comprehensive report on brainwashing,

behavior modification, psychosurgery, and other torturous methods of mind

control, and details the leading perpetrators of these atrocities upon which Rockefeller and

his cohorts depend to install a world fascist order. ONE HUNDRED YEARS TOWARD

INCEST by Vivian Freyre is the translation of an article first published in the Boletin

Internacional (published by the Latin American Labor Committee). This article analyzes

Gabriel Garcia Marquez's book, One Hundred Years of Solitude as both highly insightful

into the problems of Latin Ideology, and at the same time a case in point of those


GRAMSCl by Anna Varga, a history and analysis of anarcho-syndicalism in Italy, and its

roots in the Italian National Ideology; an ideology based on bestial and degrading



COMI Coming devoted to issues the historical of The Campaigner evolution and willapplication feature: THE of Reesian TAVISTOCK psychological GRIN, an warfare, entire brain- issue

ES washing techniques and related "low intensity operations" in the areas of labor relations,

lSSU counterinsurgency theory and practice, and the military. This is the first definitive

presentation of the background to the current Rockefeller-directed Anglo-American fascist

strategy. LATIN AMERICA, an issue featuring an analysis and recommendations on the

prospects for socialist organizing under the shadow of the Brazilian "miracle", presents a

program around which to realize such prospects.

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