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to CIBA. Another drug recently being pushed is the old excrement.

favorite, lithium. No matter which drug is used, the Behaviorism, in slightly varying forms, has sprung

effect is the same: mind destruction. The following case from the Soviet Union, the U.S., England, and South

studies exemplify this: Africa. In the U.S., behaviorism was officially launched

In Garden City, Michigan, a teacher persuaded a father as a faction in 1913 when John Watson began his

to get a physician to prescribe Ritalin to calm his restless vigorous campaign against "introspectionism"

six-year-old daughter Joanie. The drug made her so • •

withdrawn that she would sometimes sit for hours doing (Freudianism) on behalf of what he called an "objective

nothing. "One day I got panicky," her father said. "I psychology." By the 1940's Watson's mindless obhad

just said her name softly, and she started sobbing jectivism had taken over American psychology.

uncontrollably." A battery of tests disclosed Hat Joanie Its near-complete hegemony is especially apparent

was perfectly healthy. What she needed was drill in basic

within academic institutions. University psychology

reading, not drugs.(31) departments have for years turned out students schooled

In Palo Alto, California, nine-year-old Kent's teacher almost exclusively in behaviorist traditions. Psychiatric

and the school psychologist talked his parents into ad- departments within medical colleges have nervously tried

ministering drugs to control the boy's mischievous and

belligerent behavior. The amphetamines, however, only to deny its existence; most, to date, have never officially

made Kent depressed. Frequently he complained of endorsed its theory or practice. But classical psychiatry,

feellng persecuted by other children, and cried himself to the syllabus medical schools continue to teach, is nothing

sleep. His parents took him to a psychiatrist, who more than a haphazard blend of mainly biological

concluded that all the boy needed was more activity to

use up his frenetic energy.(32) psychiatry and behaviorism, with a little misunderstood

Doping up children-numbing their nervous and en- Freudian psychology thrown in as a cover. How does

docrine system, even killing them altogether is of little psychiatry endorse in practice that which it purportedly

concern to capitalists in this era of deschooling. For like denies in theory? The more honest psychiatrist would

the peasant or worker in Haiti or Indonesia, a child with answer: "Why, it works."

a creative mind is now seen as an albatross. And to a certain extent it does work in the traditions

of any coercive psychological approach. At minimum it

2. Conditioning Methods: Behavior Therapy brings about certain "behavioral" or "attitudinal"

changes, more often than not inducing psychosis.

Behaviorism as a clinical approach traces its roots Pavlovian psychology in particular, if used deliberately

back to the second and third decades of this century, and consciously, as in cases of prisoners of war brainwhen

interest was aroused in the application of the washed by the Chinese Communists in North Korea, and

principles of conditioning to the treatment of behavior more recently the CIA/KGB's brainwashing of White

disorders. Behavior therapy as it is currently practiced is and George, becomes an extremely potent weapon.

simply the homogenization of Watson's S-R's and The approaches based upon conditioning are many in

Pavlov's drooling dogs Skinnerism is its oozing name: "systematic desensitization," "implosive


Children trained to

drool on Imamu

Baraka's command.

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