The Campaigner

The Campaigner

illusions held by and imposed on portions of the masses, intelligence in psychological warfare. Why a Britisher?

While the cause and development of Nazi butchery Until World War I, Great Britain remained the top

stemmed wholly from the world economic collapse and imperialist force. Its intelligence network, dating back to

resulting despair (especially aggravated by the the 16th century, had developed into the world's best

degeneracy and impotence of the Communist Parties), secret service operation. The U.S.'s Office of Strategic

its specific form, eugenics, was devised by the Nazi's Services (OSS) was a kindergarten joke compared with

favorite theoreticians and technicians the Britain's MIS. Britain had the sophistication and expsychiatrists,

pertise, lingering from its "heyday," to develop the

Two individuals m particular stand out.

necessary type of intelligence system demanded by the

U.S., the leading political and economic power. For his

First Ernest Rudin, architect of the eugenics law, a eftbrts, Rees in 1946 received the U.S. Lasker Award

wartime director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute and a from General Omar Bradley.

psychiatrist, actively sponsored "biological psychiatry." Rees taught no black magic. He schooled the CIA's

Secondly, as early as 1920 an "outstanding" German precursors in "psychoanalytically oriented" brainpsychiatrist,

Alfred Hoche, co-authored a book called washing and counterinsurgency- i.e. the use of the'

The Destruction of Life Devoid of Value. Hoche firmly psychological profile. He presented models of slave-labor

outlined genetic theories of so-called mental illness, and programs based on his Nazi theories of the "conadvocated

"mercy killing" as a solution both to the stitutional inferiority of one-tenth of the community"

public health problem and the suffering of the in- (including "coloured men" and "those prone to condividual,

tacting venereal disease"). [58] He conveyed ways to

It was German psychiatrists, the original Nazi doctors, establish t¥ont organizations, such as his Rockefellerwho

designed the crematoria, funded Tavistock Institute and the World Federation for

The exploitation of the psychological sciences by the Mental Health, to provide a fleshy rump for major

Nazis merely adumbrated a far fiercer effort to abort the death-heads counterinsurgency operations.

present revolutionary potential of the working class Rees did to psychology and psychiatry in the 1940's

worldwide. The work that was begun by fascism in the exactly what the CIA is now doing to Brazil: cleaned and

1930's was adopted and advanced in previously un- polished it up for the real debacle- the looting of

foreseen ways, particularly by the bourgeoisie in England humanity smoothly to its death. It is this process that

and the U.S. The person who above all others "deserves" Rees references when he states that "the solution [to the

credit for the shaping of Rockefeller-1984 psychological subversive rebellion] is more likely to lie along the lines

warfare is a Britisher the above-mentioned Dr. John of social psychiatry than of official suppression."[59]

Rawlings Rees. The bulk of Rees's fascist plan is printed in his book,

Rees, through British Intelligence, had a primary duty particularly its last chapters, "The Shaping of Psychiatry

during World War II: to train U.S. military and civilian by War," which is a compilation of lectures presented to


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