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sociodrama, problemsolving, and other action, clearance, the OSS hurriedly ushered through his,

techniques would be emphasized. The point, of course, citizenship in 1940. His first overt assignment was to

was to train management to replicate the Harwood utilize "group decisionmaking" in changing food

success: to give them sophisticated "social psychiatric" preferences away from "meat" towards "whole-wheat

tools, as Rees would put it, to "win cooperation, build bread" or "turnips" as substitutes.

trust, improve morale," or, in other words, to bust Lewin was invited to spend the academic year 194_48

unions and crack the whip with a smile, at Tavistock. He never made it because of his deatti (n

Lewin's leadership training idea came to fruition in February 1947. But, as Marrow indicates, Lewin's ino

1947, shortly after his death, at the first session of the fluence on Tavistock has continued through the years.

National Training Laboratories in Bethel, Maine. Since His field theories were used to shape the research design

then his leadership training methods have become an of the "Glacier Project," a "pioneering study of group

integral part of capitalist policy in turning significant relations in the newly nationalized British coal ino

layers of the student, trade-union, prison and com- dustry."

munity-activist population into slavedriving kapos. The proteges of Rees and Lewin are the Nazi Doctors

Not only was Lewin one of the primary international of this the Second Great Depression. They are the vicious

pushers of the co-participation schemes we currently see individuals like Dr. Nathan Kline or Dr. Jose Delgado;

inflicted on workers in every union from the U.A.W. to they are the many "professionals" singled out in this

the U.F.T., he was the blueprinter of the Office of article and the many more that remain unmentioned.

Economic Opportunity's community action plan twenty Today they are the storm troopers of Rockefeller's

years prior to its implementation. Lewin's Commission fascism.

on Community Interrelations (CCI), under the auspices Make no mistake. We are not implying that every

of the American Jewish Congress, used the idea of psychologist, psychiatrist or related professional is a paid

"maximum feasible participation" to involve community or even unpaid agent of the CIA. What we find is a

activists in divide-and-conquer actions under the guise of concentric circles process. At the center, we find the

improving intergroup (primarily race) relations, conscious agents individuals like Kline or Eric Trist.

Projects included the modification of gang behavior Around them are their dupes who are voluntarily or

(channeling their energies into such constructive actions involuntarily in training for the inner-circle spot. Then

as "wanting to please adults");integrating sales per- there is a large circle of unconscious dupes, usually the

sonnel (a prototype of the Affirmative Action plan) and clinicians who naively but willingly implement the tasks

housing (without talking about expansion); "studying" dictated by the Rockefeller and other "funders" of their

group loyalty; and developing sensitivity training for work. Finally, there is the largest circle of individuals,

community activists around attitudinal change, students, clinicians et al., who get caught in

It is in the underlying philosophy of the CCI where "behaviorism" or "biological psychiatry" because there

psychologist Lewin shows his best poverty-pimp form: is nothing else being financially supported.

"To reverse self-segregation a minority should demand We insist, however, that any person committing,

substantial sacrifices from its members. Sacrifice gives collaborating or giving any justification whatsoever to

each member a greater stake in the group; he will not coercive pyschology is guilty of Crimes Against

falter in a cause which he has given so much of himself." Humanity as outlined in the Nuremburg Principles.

(emphasis added) There is no neutrality on this issue; neutrality is guilt

Who is this scum, Kurt Lewin? Lewin was no naive under the Nuremburg Principles.

academic; nor was he a dupe. Lewin spent the war years What we find in this process is bourgeois ideology at

travelling frequently from Iowa City to Washington to work. The molding of Rockefeller's psychiatric Gestapo

advise the O.S.S. on psychological warfare programs, is basically an ideological process beginning at birth and

According to Marrow, "some of the information con- culminating in professional training. All through life

cerning these activities is still classified." [66] Ronald people are told they are nothing more than a piece of

Lippit, another counterinsurgency student of Lewin, shit. It begins in early childhood when parents begin to

commenting on the secrecy of Lewin's work added: judge a child's "worth" by his or her ability to perform,

But it is known that he made very creative contributions to meet the parents' expectations and to placate the

to the working out of the proper relations between parents' neuroses. A few years later in primary school (or

psychological warfare, target-setting, field operations, maybe earlier in nursery school or day school) the child's

and evaluative reconnaissance• budding humanity is further degraded and suppressed

In order for Lewin to "legally" obtain top security by the conformist needs of the teacher and eventually the

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