The Campaigner

The Campaigner

peer group. A child's creativity, i.e. humanity, begins to All the time they are told that if you don't succumb to

wither amidst the drudgery of such bourgeois in- this"medicalmodel" someone mightdiebecause of your

stitutions. If a child has miraculously escaped (or nearly negligence.

escaped), this process then the viciousness of adolescence At the Columbia University College of Physicians and

will intervene. No adolescent comes through this period Surgeons, for example, the students' curriculum is

without some deep-rooted battle scars, divided into two segments: the basic sciences and the

By the time a student approaches higher education, he clinical specialities. Basic sciences include anatomy,

or she is fully conditioned to accept even expect the biochemistry, genetics, medicine, pharmacology, etc.;

most bestialized and anti-human ideas. They reflect his clinical specialities include anesthesiology, dermatology,

or her reality under capitalism. An animal psychology medicine, neuroloby, pediatrics, psychiatry, surgery,

class is taken no questions asked; the mind is turned etc. There is little, if any, integration between the theory

into a computer -- no questions asked. This is the real and the practice. Third- and fourth-year students are

world to them and it is ugly but no uglier than the thrown into actual life-or-death clinical situations with

"human" beings who, in their estimation, destroyed only those atomized facts to back them up. This feeling

them. of helplessness, coupled with long and grueling hours,

Students drawn towards the "helping professions" -- intensifies at the intern stage. Like the horrific German

e.g. medicine, psychology, social work, education, etc. medical examination, the U.S. medical program begins

come with such an internalized ideology, although to eat away at the individual's humanity; by the time the

often more clouded. The point is, however, that even for M.D. degree is awarded, there is often little creative

those who sincerely want to find a human identity under potential left.

capitalist terms there is no alternative being funded. The aspiring psychiatrist stands at an even greater

For example, students who major in psychology at the disadvantage. Forced to go through four years of medical

State University of New York at Stony Brook must pay training where the concept of the human mind is almsot

the price of being brainwashed in order to get their completely negated, where studies of the central nervous

degree. Stony Brook is one of Rockefeller's primary system or the mapping of the brain's regions substitute

training grounds. Within its nine years of existence, it for human psychology, the student is nearly destroyed

has "transformed" itself into being one of the nation's before he or she even reaches the psychiatric residency

most prestigious rats' nests. Students "educated" there some five years after beginning medical studies. Furare

forced to take courses like "Laboratory in thermore, the psychiatric residency teaches the student a

Physiological Psychology," "Studies of Social Conflict," garbled mish-mash called "classical psychiatry."

"Animal Learning," "Organizational Psychology [work Somatic methods of treatment-- drugs, ECT, even

morale, motivation, etc.]," "Behavioral Tutoring," psychosurgery -- are the core of the treatment. A few

"Behavior Modification," "Electrical and Chemical manage to go slightly beyond this. A small number of

Brain Stimulation," etc. Students are also encouraged to psychiatrists have regained partial humanity through

take courses in "computer science."[68] intensive psychoanalysis- both therapy and foimal

Medical schools do an even more thorough job in study. Even here, however, most of Freudian psychology

transforming the already impotent students into further has been so distorted that its proponents must be

impotence. Sadistic experiments and operations, such as classified as anti-Freud.

the use of psychosurgery, E.C.T., and mind-blunting It is for the working class to build institutions that

drugs, actually become an outlet for the doctor's im- enhance man's humanity rather than to destroy it; but

potence, we must first destroy the old. It is exactly this des-

Take the average four-year medical school truction that strikes at the core of the Labor Comcurriculum.

Students are under the most grinding mittees' campaign, Operation Nuremburg. It is by

pressures during this period. Their basic task is to stamping out every dehumanizing theory and casting

memorize, so as to regurgitate, a large number of indictment upon every sadistic practicing or

anatomical and physiological "facts." Never are they collaborating professional that we will establish the pre-

• encouraged to think; never are they presented with an conditions for real socialist transformation. In this way

integrated understanding of the human body and its the workings:lass and as many professionals as we can

relationship to the human mind. They are forced to view bring along will go "beyond coercive psychology" and

• medicine in the most atomized and mechanistic manner, even "beyond psychoanalysis."


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