The Campaigner

The Campaigner

eing in a woman in practice and seeks identity in the- Similarly, other expletives like Porca Madonna ("pig

masochistic affirmation of his solitude, which negates madonna") and Mamma Mia betray the entire

the possibility of a joyous affirmation--through the culture's preoccupation with mother-defined madonnaspecial

concrete universal of a heterosexual relation- whore patterns.,

ship--with humanityin general. The Revolutionary Cazzista

The cazzista expresses his homosexual impotence

indirectly, mediating the same conception of himself to Actual love does not exist in the Italian bedroom, nor

other men through the figure of the prostitute, and does it exist in Italian labor history. What replaces it is

through socializing his fantasy life to them. He too plays masochistic performing, impotent anarchosyndicalist

out his infantile love-hate for his mother, not by coyly group masturbation.

depriving her of sexual sadism or by assuming her role in It has been the historic tendency of the Italian labor

sexual relationships, but by practicing to be the star movement, made up initially of backward, magicperformer

of her sadistic ritual, dominated peasants, to fight both hegemonic bourgeois

The clearest social example of such indirect institutions and those institutions hegemonic on the left

homosexual relationship may be seen in the case of from the point of view of the cazzista, thus assuring its

Italian men in pairs of two going out whoring to share own pathetic defeat.

the same woman; still more revealing is the case of the The cazzista struggles masochistically to gain

pair who, after negotiating for the prostitute, discover credibility for his mask of virility (predicated on his

she is a transvestite. The predominance of phrases identity as a beast,) to prove, above all to his internalized

including cazzo and its derivatives in the everyday speech mother-image, that he is the physically palpable,

patterns of the cazzista itself attests to the overwhelming sexually potent animal-man that she has brought him up

readiness of the impotent male to identify with his penis to be.

in overt recognition of his bestial self-conception. Unable to approach her on precisely that plane, which

Nonsense or drivel is called cazzata; when a cazzista would immediately shatter the delicate equilibrium

gets angry he says he is incazzato and may belligerently between madonna and whore that she embodies in her

demand, Che cazzo vuoi? (What the hell do you want? continuing flesh-and-blood sanctity -- which would

or, literally, What penis do you want?) He celebrates his indeed, in case of incest, lead inevitably to official

bestiality in sexual matters by claiming he gode come recognition of the destruction of identity, that is, to

una bestia ["has an orgasm like a beast"] and uses the murder and suicide -- the cazzista projects his

adjective bestiale to express wonder, admiration, internalized mother-image onto "love" relations outside

bewilderment, the family sphere. His would-be liberation from the

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