The Campaigner

The Campaigner


[Gennari goes on to report on the results of the PSI factories. How will we support the workers and

parliamentary group's meeting which decided "for the guarantee raw materials?.., remember what the

conquest of political power because the economic gains Turinese warned...we'll be crushed...

will follow." He emphasizes therefore the need to extend

the struggle.] Baldesi [following D'Aragona's cue]: ... the state

will certainly intervene ... if the party assumes

Gennari: . . . if we backed off now it would be a leadership of the movement, it will be the end of the

disaster; it would be the ruin of the Party. party. The government and the bourgeois& would

be in a state of alarm...

D'Aragona [panicked, he uses the Turin incident to

terrorize Gennari and, more important, the Gennari [smugly]: The Party leadership will go to

assembly]: ... armed action would lead us to meet. See if you can come to some agreement so as

slaughter. Remember that Turin is the best pre- to prevent the need for further meetings. [He

pared city; Milan is much less armed. Military sense withdraws.]

is inferior in Milan, very limited in the rest of the

country... 1 ask the Party leadership if it would be Zirardini [launching his cover line]: ... I was

willing to try a less active course of action than that hoping the movement were revolutionary, but that

proposed; if the Party were willing, then we could cold shower we got from Turin pushes me to accept

try channelling the action into gradual lines above this [the union] motion...

all to prevent the reaction.

Buozzi [hysterical]: ... Taking over the factories is

Gennari [knows he has D'Aragona up a tree and a revolutionary act which has as its objective some

decides to have a little fun]: I find it difficult to improvements. If the movement were to become

establish precisely what is to be done regarding what wholly communist, it would be broken. Either you

D'Aragona has just said. The more we advance, the have material strength, and we don't, while we have

more difficult the retreat will be. great spiritual preparation, but without material

strength you can't win .... the Party's proposal is

D'Aragona [frantic, tries to tone down the militant like someone who wants to start throwing punches

phrase "collective management" included in the while at the same time wanting to attract as many

PSI motion]: A similar declaration implies violent people as possible around him. In normal times

action. I would deem it useful to prospect a less vie- threats count; but in abnormal times like the prelent

declaration... [He now tries to kill the PSI sent, you have to say much less and above all

motion] I am therefore contrary to the idea of hand- promise only that little bit you're capable of

in?, over the leadership of the movement to the Party giving..:. What frightens me is afterwards, it's the

leaders, fear of the reaction. Each of us must sacrifice a bit

[Reina, also of the CGL, gives D'Aragona a hand by

of his own beliefs ....

recalling what happened in Hungary and recommending •


: National Council of the

Gennari [certain now that the PSI has come out on General Confederation of Labor

top]: Workers' control is certainly not enough. We Sept. 10, 1920

need something more.., we intend to make a

definitive move, not democratic, but which tends [The National Council of the CGL consists of members

towards socialization.., we have to think of control of local Central Labor Councils and represents the least

over [agricultural] land too.., authoritative of the organs thus involved, the CGL and

PSI. The idea now is to pass the buck to this federated

D'Aragona [sputtering out all possible pretexts group of union bureaucrats and have them make the

to _dissuade Gennari]: ... There's the pay historical decision; or, rather have them bear the blame

question... If the movement is extended still more, tbr not making it.]

there will be fewer workers able to help out those in

the plants... Maybe the bourgeoisie will leave the D'Aragona [recapitulates the history of the move-

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