The Campaigner

The Campaigner


subsequent contact with his controllers for further Finnegan (who "works for us")would quickly arrange

reinforcement of control. We are still uncertain of the killing or mind destruction of White should he fail to

several matters related to the long-term effects of initial comply with the assignment.

control and post-brainwashing contact with controllers. The bomb business was part of this same pattern. At

We are more certain of the effects of a "sleeping" "school" on the morning of Dec. 18th (White's last

programmed state on a person who otherwise seems regular day of programming), he was informed that his

generally normal. The CIA or Tavistock variety of tormentors had picked up a parcel which his mother had

brainwashing job leaves certain small traits evident in sent him (this was true), but they also showed him

the person even when not in programmed state. (For another parcel, which they reported to be a book bomb.

security reasons we are not revealing these flaws in the We had White draw a diagram of the book bomb in

CIA program at the immediate time.) In addition to New York, which conformed to such a device according

those discovered "litmus tests," the brainwashed in- to an expert trained in intelligence.

dividual suffers a progressive deterioration in mental White was challenged that same time with queries as

powers and an accelerating deterioration in emotional to what he had done on his way to school that morning.

responses. We are also certain that the "Harlow's Hewas shown a photograph of himself standing with two

monkeys" syndrome applies to human victims: under other persons outside a government office off Trafalgar

appropriate stimulus, the victim will turn on individuals Square, then a slide showing bomb havoc, and slides of

identified as CIA agents and kill them if possible. Inside police and other persons deployed around what appeared

the programmed person, the imprisoned Ego seethes, to be a bomb incident. White's Irish ancestry was

awaiting the opportunity to break out and kill the CIA generously alluded to, together with references to the

controller. This might otherwise be termed the "Billy IRA and the argument that all "you politicos" are


Budd" syndrome: the CIA brainwashing victim is ef- bombers, "aren't you..

fectively controlled in his or her verbal behavior, in The next morning, Dec. 19th, a bomb blast, injuring a

which dissociation is most effective. The mere need to reported fifty-four casualities, occurred in the location

use the body for walking, etc., introduces a tendency for shown to White the day before. Obviously, two objectives

remission from control in such "non-verbal" ("reality were reached by the CIA and MIS through that atrocity.

principle") behavior. The individual who sits In general, it served as part of the MIS's notorious wave

psychotically smiling while obeying the CIA control can, of "IRA" bomb scares, and also conveniently

at a certain point lash out and kill the same controller his sirengthened the terror which MIS and the CIA were

mouth must obey. tbcussing on White himself.

The nature of the actual processes of the human mind Bugging ("We will always know what you're doing")

is such that brainwashing could not be effectively ac- and omnipotence (CIA, police complicity), were abcomplished

by private individuals or small groups within solutely essential parts of the terror used to ensure

society. Only a government agency can effectively White's continued submission to the program. Indeed,

brainwash a victim. What induces the victim to submit the first day of school, when his interrogation began in

to brainwashing is his conviction that he is in the hands the school's medical suite, the discussion focussed on his

of an omnipresent, omiscient power which can effectively "life insurance policy."

and promptly take possession of him anywhere. Thus, It works two ways. Provided we break up the power of

the world is made into a controlled environment by the the Rockefellers, bring the CIA to trial, imprison the

victim's terror of the CIA. Nazi Doctors, and close down the brainwashing fac-

White's tormentors stressed this to the point that we tories, many of the victims of functional brainwashing

have the strongest circumstantial evidence that either and coercive conditioning will begin to break free and

British MI5 or the CIA set off a bomb blast, causing a can be completely cured with proper psychoanalytical

reported fifty-four casualties, essentially to intensify and related assistance.

White's terror to the effect that they "can get you


In general, especially on the concluding conditioning 4. HOW IT BEGAN

days of Dec. 17, and 18, White's programming team

warned him that he should not imagine he could escape Our knowledge of brainwashing as such began

from them. It was particularly stressed that a New York abruptly in a small town just outside Dusseldorf, West

cop named Finnegan would automatically appear in the Germany, last August 1.

case after White reached New York City, and that About noon that day, we received a telephone call

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