The Campaigner

The Campaigner


fear of solitude and responsibility, calling Gennari's change.., the party leadership may deem it useful

bluff.] You believe this is the moment for a revolu- to appeal to the pact between you and us ....

tionary act -- okay, then you assume the responsi- [hearty applause] ... I am sure that the hopes of our

bility. We, who do not feel up to assuming this enemies will be dashed, and that at every turn we

responsibility of casting the proletariat toward sui- will agree for the triumph of socialism [hearty

cide, we tell you that we will withdraw and will hand applause].

in our resignation [!]. We feel in this moment duty

calls Jbr the sacrifice of our persons; you take over D'Aragona [a new round of applause greets him as

and lead the movement .... There are certain soon as he reaches the table]: ... We were sure the

moments in which some people must dis- party leadership couldn't abandon our organization

appear.., in which some men may be in the way, in such a serious, difficult moment. We can assure

etc., etc .... the party leadership that when it deems it opportune

to assume complete responsibility for the leadership

[Having made the supreme sacrifice by quitting, the of the movement, we, just as today we offered all the

feeble D'Aragona steps aside. Two motions, one repre- confederation forces, will do it also on that day

senting the CGL line and the other representing the [applause].

party proposal, calling for the extension of the struggle

under party leadership, are read and put up to the vote Colombino: ...I take the liberty in the name of all

of the NC.] the workers in struggle to heartily thank the party

leadership and the confederation .for the magnifi,

Buozzi [still quaking]: I have a declaration to cent act of solidarity they have given our comrades

make.., so as not to influence the decisions you are in battle. I assure the party leadership that, if someabout

to make, the metalworkers' federation [the times we have been judged negatively, we will be

FIOM] abstains, able to show you that you are wrong, and we assure

you that we will find the opportune moment to

Results of the vote:

• demonstrate that each and every one of us has faith

in the triumph of socialism.

D'Aragona (union motion) votes 591,245

Bucco _br PSI to lead) 409,569 The Executive Council and the

Margin of majority 181,676 Party Leadership --

Abstentions 93,623 Meeting of Sept. 12, 1920

• [Technical matters of the sellout are discussed, especially

finances. Gennari says someone is willing to donate 50

[It is all over. No one has gotten hurt. Gennari's histri- million lire to create cooperatives. The union platform is

onics and D'Aragona's self-sacrifice have done the trick, discussed. They are asking for a five-lira daily raise;

All that remains is to consolidate the image.] D'Aragona would like to lower it to four. Buozzi agrees.

Then there is the problem of back pay during the

Gennari [delighted, wants to ensure himself full occupation.]

cazzista status]: ... The alliance pact [between PSI

and CGL] establishes that .]'or all questions of a Colombino: . . . The settlement could be reached by

political nature, an agreement must be sought paying workers on the basis of what they produced.

between the party leadership and the Confederation.

When that agreement is not reached, the party Buozzi: ... No. That's dangerous, because some

leadership has the right to assume the responsibility departments have worked, others haven't ....

directly by assigning itself leadership over the movement,

and the Confederation must commit itself not Buozzi [later]: Maybe we could even give up back

to prevent this. At the present moment, the party pay?

leadership does not intend to take advantage of this

clause .... It may be, in the future, if things • • •

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