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Fracturing Overview

Fracturing Overview

Outline • History of

Outline • History of Hydraulic Fracturing • Oilfield development process • Understanding Hydraulic Fracturing • How is hydraulic Fracturing done • Reservoir Understanding • Engineering behind Hydraulic Fracturing • Evolution of the Industry shifting to Unconventional Resources • Challenges and opportunities for future development • Completions and hydraulic fracturing examples • Most Recent Technology Schlumberger Private

History of Hydraulic Fracturing 1950 1947 First hydraulic fracturing job 1960 1970 1980 1990 1968 Borate crosslinked fluids 1977 High-strength ceramic proppants 1985 Introduction of POD blender 1988 Encapsulated breakers 1990 Fiber based flowback control Schlumberger Private 2000 2010 2001 Micro-seismic used to monitor frac jobs 2003 Horizontal well, multistage fractures 2005 Fiber based proppant transport 2010 HiWAY* Flow-Channel Fracturing

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