2012 ANNUAL RepORT - The Alliance


2012 ANNUAL RepORT - The Alliance


2012 ANNUAL Report

Speaking Volumes

The Alliance’s market

research study (Project 360)

was completed in December

2011, four years following

our first census. Doing so

allowed us to see how survey

respondents’ attitudes and

thoughts have changed

over time. The survey was

completed by members,

other employers, agents,

consultants and third-party

administrators. Here are a few

of the headlines:

• For all groups, overall

satisfaction and loyalty has

improved from 2007 to 2011.

• 65 percent of members have

recommended The Alliance.

• 66 percent of agents and

consultants would definitely

recommend The Alliance.

• 89 percent of members

see us as trustworthy and

approachable and more than

“just a repricer”.

• More individuals said they

were ‘willing to recommend/

ever recommend The

Alliance’ and had ‘surety of

understanding the benefits of

The Alliance’.

A Letter from Our Board Chair

They say actions speak louder than words, meaning that what you do is more

important than what you say. During the past year, The Alliance ® turned that

phrase on its head, illuminating both words and action.

Throughout this report you’ll see action in the many accomplishments

highlighted. The words aren’t our own, but rather come straight from the mouths

of our members and business partners through the market research study we

conducted this year. All told, 250 members and business partners participated

in surveys and focus groups, proving they have a lot to say about The Alliance.

Results of the survey are detailed at left.

But 2012 was not a year to simply sit back in examination. The past year

has been a year of great activity. From unprecedented network growth and

expansion into eight counties in northern Illinois to continued work in health

policy, The Alliance is moving health care forward.

We thank everyone who participated in the study and all of our cooperative

members for the part they play in helping us achieve our mission of controlling

costs, improving quality, and engaging individuals in their health.


Ed Herrman

Alliance Board Chair

Director, Human Resources

Monroe Truck Equipment

Monroe, Wis.

But statistics were only part

of the survey. The responses

from members were

heartening and humbling.

We’ve featured them

throughout the report, and

used them as headlines to

introduce our content. As you

read them, we hope you’ll see

actions are really speaking at

The Alliance.

The opportunities to interact with other members.”

The Alliance Board of Directors leads the cooperative, actively, objectively and constructively working

together. The Alliance Board of Directors for 2012 included:

Mary Kay Brooks

General Manager,

Corporate Attorney

and an Owner of

Brooks Tractor, Inc.

Sun Prairie, Wis.

Vikki Brueggeman

Director of Human Resources

Zimbrick, Inc.

Madison, Wis.

Wendy Culver, SPHR

Human Resources Director

Mead & Hunt

Madison, Wis.

Ed Herrman

Director of Human Resources

Monroe Truck Equipment

Monroe, Wis.

William Jollie

Vice President of Health Care

Service and Value

WEA Trust

Madison, Wis.

Michael McDonald

V.P., Human Resources,

Safety and Communication

Foremost Farms USA

Baraboo, Wis.

Jennifer Pagels

Manager – Human Resources

Trek Bicycle Corporation

Waterloo, Wis.

Kyle Reading

Vice President of Finance

Spuncast, Inc.

Watertown, Wis.

Angel Tullar

Manager of Employee Relations

School District of Janesville

Janesville, Wis.

Pat Whitmore

Vice President of Human Resources


Janesville, Wis.

the-alliance.org ••• 3

Our New Cooperative Members

This past fiscal year 28 organizations, representing

more than 8,500 people, joined The Alliance cooperative.

ALL Erection & Crane Rental, Madison, Wis.

Applied Ecological Services, Inc., Brodhead, Wis.

Austin-Westran, LLC, Byron, Ill.

Ballweg Automotive Group, Middleton, Wis.

Berner Foods, Dakota, Ill.

Blackhawk Insurance Cooperative, South Beloit, Ill.

Cardiac Science Corporation, Deerfield, Wis.

City of Beloit, Beloit, Wis.

In their own words,

Project 360


How would you describe

The Alliance?

“[The Alliance] contracts on

behalf of its “owners” for

equitable pricing of health

care services.”

Ever Ready Pin & Manufacturing, Inc., Rockford, Ill.

Faith Technologies, Inc., Menasha, Wis.

Gleason Cutting Tools Corporation, Loves Park, Ill.

Hartung Brothers Incorporated, Madison, Wis.

Hodge Company, Inc., Dubuque, Iowa

HyPro Inc., Waterford, Wis.

Leer Incorporated, New Lisbon, Wis.

Milwaukee Drivers Health & Welfare Trust Fund, Milwaukee, Wis.

MiTek Corporation, Winslow, Ill.

Nicholson Hardware, Rockford, Ill.

Painters Union Local #802 Health and Welfare Fund, Sun Prairie, Wis.

Piggly Wiggly Midwest, LLC, Sheboygan, Wis.

QCR Holdings, Inc., Moline, Ill.

Regal Beloit, Beloit, Wis.

Rockford Mass Transit District, Rockford, Ill.

Rogers Memorial Hospital, Oconomowoc, Wis.

An employer-owned,


cooperative, our more

than 180 members

provide coverage to

more than 80,000

individuals in Wisconsin,

Illinois and Iowa.

Sanimax USA, Inc., DeForest, Wis.

Spacesaver Corporation, Fort Atkinson, Wis.

The Helm Group, Freeport, Ill.

WilliamsMcCarthy LLP, Rockford, Ill.

4 ••• Items in quotes are responses from Project 360.

Alliance Members in Action

“ … collaboration to help employers

control health care costs.”

As part of a cooperative, Alliance members are no

strangers to working together with their cooperative peers.

Members come together on committees, and at other

small-group meetings, to tackle some of the newest issues

and ideas in health benefit design.

During the past fiscal year, one group of members had a

chance to look more closely at value-based benefit design

(VBBD) solutions through a pilot program. The Alliance

will use the information gathered through the value-based

benefit design pilot to understand members’ needs in

implementing these plans, which encourage individuals

to make better decisions about health care by designing

benefits that reward them for doing so.

The following Alliance members participated in the pilot

during the past fiscal year:

• Blackhawk Bank

• Bliss Communications

• Flambeau, Inc.

• HUFCOR, Inc.

• Trek Bicycle Corporation

• Webcrafters, Inc.

• Women’s International Pharmacy

The pilot was supported in part by Pfizer and Merck

that provided tools to identify and evaluate data. Pilot

members identified their goals and objectives as well as

interventions and implementation plans. Alliance staff is

working with pilot members to track best practices and


Members chose interventions and set goals based on the

integrated data analysis completed as part of the pilot.

Specific components, goals and ongoing metrics were

established for all participants. Here are a few examples of

these interventions:

• Increasing smoking cessation program attendance.

• Improving medication adherence for employees with high

blood sugar levels.

• Improving the health status of employees and

dependents at risk for being overweight/obese.

• Reducing stress among employees.

The Alliance also helped coordinate and participated

in a vendor summit for one pilot member to share the

company’s health goals for the upcoming year and to align

each vendor’s role and activities. The overall process and

lessons learned were shared with other pilot members so

they too could successfully complete this critical phase of

the VBBD process.

The pilot will continue through May 2013. To learn

more about the pilot and learn how The Alliance can

help you in developing value-based benefit design

strategies at your organization, contact Jesse Oberloh

at joberloh@the-alliance.org.

In their own words,

Project 360


What do you most like about The


The work [The Alliance does] with

businesses on health care cost


“Proactive thinking, working with

employers and employees.”

“How The Alliance always has

their thumbs on the most current

changes, updates, etc.”

the-alliance.org ••• 5

The fact that we, as employers in The Alliance, have a voice when it

comes to health care issues.”

The Alliance Health Policy Committee serves as a resource to public policymakers, provides direction

and takes action on issues that are likely to impact Alliance members that are consistent with our mission. The

following individuals served on our health policy committee last year:

Josh Bindl

Chief Operations Officer

Wisconsin Counties Association


Wendy Culver, SPHR

Human Resources Director

Mead & Hunt

Wendy Cuevas

Senior Vice President,


Blackhawk Community Credit Union

Mary Ann Reichling

Director, Benefits, Compensation &


Lands’ End

Curtis Larson

Vice President of Finance

Accelerated Genetics

Cheryl McIlquham

Product Development Director

WEA Trust

Jennifer Revels

Human Resources & Benefits


Bliss Communications Inc.

Jerry Ward

Vice President of Operations

Seats Incorporated

In their own words,

Project 360


What do you most like about

The Alliance?

“[The Alliance] educates the

employers regarding health care

reform and how the past few

years have changed the health

insurance industry, and how

we as an employer can make

changes and have options.”

This year, health policy committee and other members lent their voice to a number

of issues related to The Alliance’s health policy platform.

• At the federal level, members commented on a number of issues related to the Patient

Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) including the definition of essential health


• Worked with lawmakers on legislation that lowered Wisconsin’s adult dependent

coverage mandate from age 27 to age 26 to make it consistent with federal law.

• Worked with legislators on Wisconsin Act 49 to address employers’ concerns

about having to withhold taxes for “imputed income” related to coverage for adult


• Opposed legislation that would have put statutory restrictions on employers’ ability

to negotiate with dentists for covered services and would have prohibited negotiated

rates from applying to non-covered services.

• Began to identify strategic partnerships to track and influence health policy issues

throughout The Alliance service area including Illinois and Iowa.

• Worked on an employer-friendly amendment to a bill that requires health plan

administrators to report data to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services so that

they may coordinate benefits between employer plans and Medicaid. The amendment

addressed concerns from Alliance members and was ultimately signed into law.

Members and TPAs also participated in a taskforce related to the implementation of

this Act ensuring that concerns and costs of implementation are addressed before

reporting is required. Participants included:

- Auxiant

- Cypress Benefit Administrators

- First Supply LLC

- Foremost Farms USA

- Gordon Flesch Company, Inc.

- Mead & Hunt

- Seats Incorporated

- Zimbrick, Inc.

6 ••• Items in quotes are responses from Project 360.

“Network that is all inclusive and obtains discounts

for reasonable pricing with all providers.”

As a cooperative, The Alliance grows and evolves according to member needs. Over the past year, our network

has developed geographically into northern Illinois to help our current members with employees living and working

in those areas.

Doing so also provides other self-funded employers in those areas with an opportunity to join The Alliance and

become part of a cooperative of employers moving health care forward by controlling costs, improving quality and

engaging individuals in their health.

In a short period of time, The Alliance was able to bring the hallmark of our network – significant access to

high-value providers – to eight counties in northern Illinois.

In fiscal year 2012, we added the following into our network.

In our total primary service area in Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa:

• 243 clinics with more than 1,450 providers and doctors

• 82 mental health clinics

• 40 chiropractic clinics

• 20 home health/DME providers

• 12 hospitals

• 12 skilled nursing facilities

• 3 ambulatory surgical centers

The Alliance added the following eight counties

to our service area:

• Boone

• Carroll

• Jo Daviess

• Lee

• Ogle

• Stephenson

• Whiteside

• Winnebago

In those eight northern Illinois counties we added:

• 190 clinics with more than 1,200 providers and doctors

• 55 mental health clinics

• 16 chiropractic clinics

• 11 hospitals

• 11 home health/DME providers

the-alliance.org ••• 7

“Dedicated to lowering the health care costs for its employer members.”

They help control cost.”

Collectively, Alliance members bought more than $474,233,300 in health care in

fiscal 2012. More than 93.3 percent of those charges were performed in-network

and generated more than $147,411,000 in savings for our members, employees

and their families.

“Focused on the customer’s needs.”

Many of the inquiries we receive are misdirected calls from providers who really

are looking for information that is housed at the TPA. For this reason, in the past

year we’ve enhanced our telephone system allowing providers to identify the

appropriate TPA customer service number to contact for these items based on

member information.

In their own words,

Project 360


What do you most like about

The Alliance?

“Very responsive

and helpful.”

“Efficiency, quick response


“Claims repricing works

smoothly and efficiently.”

The Alliance was able to hold the line last year, with no net increases to member

fees. Across the board, members saved an average of $34.01 for every $1 paid

to the cooperative. Total savings for all networks including medical and surgical,

chiropractic, and mental health, increased nearly 2 points over last year to 33.3


“Efficient and service oriented.”

After our members’ employees or dependents visit the doctor, Alliance claims

staff applies our discounted rate before passing the claim on for payment. This

year, more than 875,300 claims — nearly 3,300 per day — came to The Alliance.

Our promise to members is that these claims will be processed within 3 days, but

we far exceed this goal. Our average turnaround this fiscal year was 0.39 days,

with an accuracy rate of 99.6 percent.

We received 79.3 percent of claims electronically and sent 83.4 percent of claims

to third-party administrators (TPAs) this way.

We also introduced a new Alliance Claims Portal that gives participating providers

a quick, secure and easy way to look up repricing information. They now have

online access to search and review claims that we have received and repriced

under their tax ID number.

Collectively, Alliance

members bought more

than $474,200,000 in

health care in 2012.

In their own words,

Project 360


How would you describe

The Alliance?

“Ability to seamlessly

interface with claims


“Working with The Alliance

will assure that you are

getting the best pricing on

your claims.”

Cooperative Values in Action

“… looking to add value to health dollars spent.”

The benefits of cooperative membership are many. In January 2012,

the benefits added up to almost $500,000 returned to members and former

members of The Alliance.

to run the cooperative. This year the Board found we had more than enough

reserves on hand to run the cooperative for expected foreseeable needs.

Thus, in fiscal year 2012, the Board decided to make a payment of allocated

equity for the fiscal years of 2003 through 2006. These payments were made

to both current members who were with the cooperative at that time as well as

former members who also have a stake in past equity earmarked for them.

Due to our financial success over the past few years, our reserve levels had

exceeded our foreseeable capital needs. Unlike a for-profit company that may

pay shareholders the extra money, a cooperative like ours returns that money

to the members.

Allocated equity payments were made only to Alliance Standard Equity

members. It is just one benefit of this class of membership. For more

information, contact Jesse Oberloh at joberloh@the-alliance.org.

Allocated equity is the portion of the annual net profit that is credited to each

member’s account based on the member’s use of the co-op in a particular

year. Each year the Board of Directors looks at the amount of money on hand

8 ••• Items in quotes are responses from Project 360. the-alliance.org ••• 9

“[The Alliance] provides a lot of learning tools for employers/members.”

Alliance Learning Circles help organizations stay connected and informed about the most recent health care

trends and changes. Our events help members and our business partners network, share and learn best practices.

This year we hosted more than 600 members, business partners and guests at our Alliance Learning Circles and

other events.

June 2011

Wisconsin Health Leaders Forum: State Policy Perspectives Attendees heard from three

leaders shaping health care in the state.

August 2011

Covering the Bases of PPACA: Employee Benefits Compliance Update An update on the

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and an update on Wisconsin’s Insurance Exchange.

September 2011

Adding up the Costs of Diabetes The costs of diabetes are staggering to employers and

employees’ pocketbooks. This event helped employers learn ways to help employees live healthier

lives and improve the control they have over their disease.

October 2011

The Alliance Annual Meeting How American Health Care Killed My Father. At The Alliance

Meeting, members and other guests heard the story of how one man became engaged and aware

of the potential dangers of poor quality health care after his father was admitted to the hospital for

pneumonia and later died from an infection acquired during care.

January 2012

The Future is Now: The Next Generation of Worksite Wellness From social media to focusing

on the next generation of workers, guests learned the latest in wellness programming.

February 2012

Breakfast with Dr. Elliott Fisher A small group of members had a chance to sit down with Dr. Elliott

Fisher, one of the nation’s leading experts in the development, pilot testing and evaluation of new

models of health care delivery and payment.

March 2012

Taking the Wheel: Steering Employees to Higher Value Care This program featured a number

of innovators using steerage programs and incentives to help health care consumers make better

choices and choose higher value providers.

May 2012

The Alliance Annual Seminar Getting to E — the e-Patient of the Future Members, business

partners and providers heard the incredible story of e-Patient Dave and about the value of patients

becoming true partners with their physicians providing their care.

10 ••• Items in quotes are responses from Project 360.

Our Speakers

Here are the thought-provoking and knowledgeable speakers featured at our events this past year:

John L. Barlament


Quarles & Brady, LLP

Tim Bartholow, MD

Senior Vice President of Member

Services, Policy Planning and Physician

Professional Development

Wisconsin Medical Society

Jenny Bogard

Senior Manager for Healthcare

Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Steve Brenton


Wisconsin Hospital Association

Jenny Camponeschi


Diabetes Prevention and Control Program

Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Sharon Cornils

Personnel Director

Manitowoc County

Dave deBronkart

e-Patient Dave

Cancer patient and Blogger

Elliott S. Fisher

Professor of Medicine

and Community and Family Medicine,

Dartmouth Medical School

Director of the Institute for Evaluation of

Medical Practice in the Center for the

Evaluative Clinical Sciences (CECS)

David Goldhill

President and CEO

GSN (Game Show Network)

Tom Hopkins

Director of Compensation & Benefits

University of Maine System

Frank Johnson

Executive Director – Employee Health &


State of Maine

Jim McGowan

Midwest State Advocacy Director

American Diabetes Association

Sara Meaney

Partner, VP Social Media & PR

Hanson Dodge Creative

Melissa Meredith, M.D.

Associate Professor of Medicine

University of Wisconsin School of

Medicine and Public Health

Meredith Rosenthal

Associate Professor

Harvard School of Public Health

Margaret Sabin

President & CEO

Penrose-St Francis Health Services

Dan Schwartzer

Deputy Commissioner of Insurance

State of Wisconsin

Kendall Simmons

Former Pittsburgh Steelers Player

Dennis Smith


Department of Health Services

In their own words,

Project 360


What do you most like about

The Alliance?

They are always seeking

ways to educate, expand the

network and membership,

promote quality, and assist

us in saving money.”

“That [The Alliance does]

more than just act as a

network, you provide a lot of

learning tools for employers/


Online: Visit the-alliance.org/events to download presentations, webinars and learn more about upcoming Alliance events.

the-alliance.org ••• 11

The Alliance Staff in Action

“Engaging with the customers and community and maintains a sense

of urgency to make a difference.”

Our Charitable Support

As a not-for-profit, The Alliance proudly supports a number of non-profit organizations with charitable donations

throughout the year. We also provide up to $250 for employees to support organizations doing work in the

community that is near and dear to their hearts.

This year we supported the following organizations:

• Northern Illinois Food Bank

• Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin

• Pancreatic Cancer Action Network ® • United Way of Dane County

Mental Health America of Wisconsin

Last year The Alliance continued serving on the

leadership team for a grant which was awarded to

Mental Health America of Wisconsin. Teri VanTassel,

vice president of marketing & member services,

serves on the advisory council and several members

participated in focus groups.

The grant was awarded by the Wisconsin Partnership

Program through the UW School of Medicine and Public

Health and is working to improve employer mental

health practices.

The focus of the grant has been on building a publicprivate

partnership and a strategic plan to promote

workplace mental health practices and explore barriers

and facilitators to implementation of evidence-based or

best practices in workplace mental health programs.

During the first few years, The Alliance’s has assisted

the workgroup in administering market research through

interviews, focus groups and surveys. Next phases

would involve implementation of manager/supervisor

trainings at employer sites.

Alliance staff is active at a local, state and national level moving

health care forward on behalf of our members.

Kelly Davit, southern region

manager, serves on the board of

directors for the Employee Benefit

Association of Northern Illinois.

Bobbi Jones, product management

specialist, serves on the Southwest/

South Central Wisconsin Health

Literacy Committee, a group of

individuals from health and literacyrelated

backgrounds committed

to raising awareness about health

literacy and improving health literacy


Amy Moyer, manager of value

measurement, serves on the National

Quality Forum’s MAP Patient Safety

& Care Coordination Task Force and

the Cardiovascular/Diabetes Task

Force groups, which are evaluating

measures of clinician performance for

these purposes.

She also leads the Wisconsin region

for The Leapfrog Group. Leapfrog

works to encourage transparency

of quality information and reward

hospitals that have a proven record of

high quality care.

Jesse Oberloh, member services

manager, serves on the TKR

Employer Engagement Task Force,

a component of the Partnership for

Healthcare Payment Reform.

Alan Williams, health information

officer, serves on the Perinatal Data

Committee. He also serves on the

HIPAA Collaborative of Wisconsin.

12 ••• Items in quotes are responses from Project 360.

“Great people — everyone works towards a common purpose.”

Cheryl DeMars, president

& CEO, serves on a number

of national committees

including serving as the

secretary/treasurer for the

National Business Coalition

on Health (NBCH) Board

of Governors. NBCH is a

national non-profit member

organization of purchaser-led coalitions who are applying

value-based purchasing principles to transform health

care in communities. She also serves on the National

Quality Forum’s Measures Application Partnership (MAP).

The MAP is charged with providing input to the U. S.

Department of Health and Human Services on measures

of health care performance to be used for payment reform

and public reporting. DeMars is part of the Clinician

Work Group that is evaluating measures of clinician

performance for these purposes.

In addition, DeMars serves on a number of state-based

organizations, including the Advisory Board of the

Wisconsin Population Health Institute, whose mission is

to become a primary resource for stimulating, creating,

and communicating useful public health and health policy

research and analysis.

She is also one of several Alliance staff and members who

are working on the Partnership for Healthcare Payment

Reform, a statewide, multi-stakeholder initiative to test

strategies that will transform health care reimbursement to

reward value. DeMars serves on the Steering Committee.

Teri Van Tassel, vice

president of marketing &

member services, serves

on the advisory council for

the Wisconsin Initiative to

Promote Healthy Lifestyles,

which is working to promote

the use of behavioral

screenings and interventions

in the primary care setting focused on alcohol, drugs

and tobacco primarily. She also serves on the product

development committee for NBCH, helping to position the

organization to better serve its coalition members and their

employers through tools and information.

Mark Xistris, vice president

of business development &

provider relations, serves on

the board of directors of the

Wisconsin Health Information

Organization (WHIO), which is

working to create a statewide

claims data repository to

provide information on

longitudinal episodes of care. He also chairs the WHIO

data mart policy committee.

Xistris serves as the committee chair for the Wisconsin

Collaborative for Healthcare Quality (WCHQ) audit

committee which oversees the audit function and

establishes policies and procedures ensuring the accuracy

of the data posted on the WCHQ website.

Nationally, he serves on the National Quality Forum’s MAP

Safety Workgroup, which is focused on readmissions and

Hospital Acquired Conditions (HACs). He also serves on

the Acute Care Payment Reform Committee, a component

of the Partnership for Healthcare Payment Reform.

Paul Meyer, chief operating

officer, serves as board chair

for WisconsinRx/National

CooperativeRx, providing

direction for this not-for-profit

prescription drug purchasing

cooperative. Meyer also

served in an advisory role to

the board of the Common

Ground Health Plan, a group in the Milwaukee-area

working to bring affordable health insurance to individuals

and small employers.

He is also a founding member of the HIPAA Collaborative

of Wisconsin, a joint effort of a number of Wisconsin health

care organizations working to facilitate collaboration about


the-alliance.org ••• 13

Our Cooperative Members

They are a non-profit cooperative of employers …”

A.L.M. Holding Company, Onalaska, Wis.

ABS Global, Inc., De Forest, Wis.

Accelerated Genetics, Baraboo, Wis.

Advance Concrete Form, Inc., Madison, Wis.

Alkar-Rapid Pak, Inc., Lodi, Wis.

ALL Erection & Crane Rental, Madison, Wis.

American Aluminum Extrusion Company, LLC, Beloit, Wis.

Applied Ecological Services, Inc., Brodhead, Wis.

Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc., Loves Park, Ill.

ATC Management Inc., Waukesha, Wis.

Austin-Westran, LLC, Byron, Ill.

Axium Foods, South Beloit, Ill.

Ballweg Automotive Group, Middleton, Wis.

Beloit Box Board Company, Inc., Beloit, Wis.

Berner Foods, Dakota, Ill.

Blackhawk Bank, Beloit, Wis.

Blackhawk Community Credit Union, Janesville, Wis.

Blackhawk Insurance Cooperative, South Beloit, Ill.

Blain Supply, Inc., Janesville, Wis.

Bliss Communications, Inc., Janesville, Wis.

Body Shop Supply Co, Inc., Madison, Wis.

Brooks Tractor, Inc., Sun Prairie, Wis.

C L Swanson Corporation, Madison, Wis.

Cardiac Science Corporation, Deerfield, Wis.

Certco, Inc., Madison, Wis.

Chambers & Owen, Inc., Janesville, Wis.

Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wis.

City of Beloit, Beloit, Wis.

City of Janesville, Janesville, Wis.

City of Monroe, Monroe, Wis.

City of Reedsburg, Reedsburg, Wis.

City of Stoughton, Stoughton, Wis.

Clack Corporation, Windsor, Wis.

Cleary Building Corporation, Verona, Wis.

CliftonLarsonAllen LLP, Middleton, Wis.

Colony Brands, Inc., Monroe, Wis.

Cottingham & Butler, Dubuque, Iowa

Croell Redi Mix, New Hampton, Iowa

CSM Companies, Inc., Madison, Wis.

Culver Franchising System, Inc., Prairie du Sac, Wis.

CUNA Mutual Insurance Group, Madison, Wis.

Data Dimensions, Janesville, Wis.

Dexter Apache Holdings, Inc., Fairfield, Iowa

Dubuque Stamping & Manufacturing, Inc., Dubuque, Iowa

Dumore Corporation , Mauston, Wis.

Edward Kraemer & Sons, Inc., Plain, Wis.

Electric Coalition of Wisconsin, Oakdale, Wis.

Electronic Theatre Controls, Middleton, Wis.

Empire Level Manufacturing, Mukwonago, Wis.

Ever Ready Pin & Manufacturing, Inc., Rockford, Ill.

FABCO Equipment Inc., Madison, Wis.

Faith Technologies, Inc., Menasha, Wis.

First Supply LLC, Madison, Wis.

Fisher-Barton, Inc., Watertown, Wis.

Fiskars Brands, Inc., Madison, Wis.

Flambeau, Inc., Baraboo, Wis.

Foley & Lardner LLP, Milwaukee, Wis.

Foremost Farms USA, Baraboo, Wis.

GE Healthcare, Madison, Wis.

Geiger Automotive Group, Belvidere, Ill.

General Beverage Sales Company, Madison, Wis.

Gleason Cutting Tools Corporation, Loves Park, Ill.

Godfrey & Kahn, S.C., Madison, Wis.

Goellner-Hennig/AM&E, Machesney Park, Ill.

Gordon Flesch Company, Inc., Madison, Wis.

GRAEF, Milwaukee, Wis.

Gypsum Supply Company, Madison, Wis.

H.G. Meigs, LLC/Meigs Trucking, Portage, Wis.

Hallman Lindsay Quality Paints, Inc., Sun Prairie, Wis.

Hartung Brothers Incorporated, Madison, Wis.

Heartland Automotive Services, Inc., Omaha, Neb.

Herzing, Inc., Milwaukee, Wis.

Ho-Chunk Nation, Black River Falls, Wis.

Hodge Company, Inc., Dubuque, Iowa

HOPPE North America, Inc., Fort Atkinson, Wis.

HUFCOR, Inc., Janesville, Wis.

HyPro Inc., Waterford, Wis.

Innovative Ag Services, Monticello, Iowa

iPacesetters, Madison, Wis.

John Deere & Company Inc., Moline, Ill.

Johnson Financial Group, Inc., Racine, Wis.

JX Peterbilt, Pewaukee, Wis.

Kelley Williamson Company , Rockford, Ill.

Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company , Dubuque, Iowa

KleenMark, Madison, Wis.

Klein-Dickert Co., Inc., Madison, Wis.

Kwik Trip, Inc., La Crosse, Wis.

Lakeside Foods, Manitowoc, Wis.

Lakeside International, LLC, Milwaukee, Wis.

Landmark Services Cooperative, Cottage Grove, Wis.

Lands’ End, Dodgeville, Wis.

Leer Incorporated, New Lisbon, Wis.

LeMans Corporation, Janesville, Wis.

Lexington Logistics,LLC, Portage, Wis.

Lime Rock Springs Co., Dubuque, Iowa

MajescoMastek, Edison, NJ

Mallery & Zimmerman, S.C., Wausau, Wis.

Mansur Trucking, Inc., Janesville, Wis.

MasterGraphics, Madison, Wis.

MasterMold, LLC, Johnson Creek, Wis.

Mead & Hunt, Madison, Wis.

MetaStar, Madison, Wis.

Milwaukee Drivers Health & Welfare Trust Fund, Milwaukee, Wis.

Minhas Craft Brewery, Monroe, Wis.

Miniature Precision Components, Walworth, Wis.

MiTek Corporation, Winslow, Ill.

Monroe Truck Equipment, Monroe, Wis.

MSA Professional Services, Baraboo, Wis.

National Mutual Benefit, Madison, Wis.

Nicholson Hardware, Rockford, Ill.

NORD Gear Corporation, Waunakee, Wis.

Olin Corporation, Moundsville, W. Va.

In their own words, Project 360 responses:

What do you most like about The Alliance?

The fact that we are employer owned and operated with the best interest of our member

companies. You can always trust the information that comes from The Alliance.”

14 ••• Items in quotes are responses from Project 360.

ORC Industries, La Crosse, Wis.

Ott Schweitzer Distributing, Inc., Milton, Wis.

Painters Union Local #802 Health and Welfare Fund, Sun Prairie, Wis.

Paragon Development Systems, Inc., Oconomowoc, Wis.

Park Bank, Madison, Wis.

PDQ Food Stores, Inc., Middleton, Wis.

Piggly Wiggly Midwest, LLC, Sheboygan, Wis.

Plastic Ingenuity, Inc., Cross Plains, Wis.

Progressive Processing, Dubuque, Iowa

QBE the Americas, Sun Prairie, Wis.

QCR Holdings, Inc., Moline, Ill.

Quality Liquid Feeds Inc., Dodgeville, Wis.

Raven Software, Middleton, Wis.

Raymond Management Company, Middleton, Wis.

Reedsburg Area Medical Center, Reedsburg, Wis.

Regal Beloit, Beloit, Wis.

Renaissance Learning, Inc., Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.

Rhodes International, Inc., Columbus, Wis.

Rice Management, Inc., Appleton, Wis.

River Ridge School District, Patch Grove, Wis.

Robinson Brothers Environmental, Inc., Waunakee, Wis.

Rock County, Janesville, Wis.

Rockford Mass Transit District, Rockford, Ill.

Rogers Memorial Hospital, Oconomowoc, Wis.

Roundy’s Supermarkets, Inc., Milwaukee, Wis.

Rundle-Spence Manufacturing Co., New Berlin, Wis.

Ryan Incorporated Central, Janesville, Wis.

Sanimax USA, Inc., De Forest, Wis.

Sannes Skogdalen, Soldiers Grove, Wis.

School District of Janesville, Janesville, Wis.

Scott Construction, Inc., Lake Delton, Wis.

Seats Incorporated, Reedsburg, Wis.

SECURA Insurance Companies, Appleton, Wis.

Shared Medical Services, Cottage Grove, Wis.

Skipper Marine Holdings, Inc., Winthrop Harbor, Ill.

Skogens Foodliner, Inc., Onalaska, Wis.

Sonic Foundry, Inc. , Madison, Wis.

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College, Fennimore, Wis.

Spacesaver Corporation, Fort Atkinson, Wis.

Spahn & Rose Lumber Co., Dubuque, Iowa

Spectrum Brands, Inc, Madison, Wis.

Springs Window Fashions Division, LLC., Middleton, Wis.

Spuncast, Inc., Watertown, Wis.

Steinhafels Inc., Waukesha, Wis.

Stoughton Trailers, LLC, Stoughton, Wis.

SVA, Madison, Wis.

Swiss Valley Farms, Davenport, Iowa

The Baraboo Bancorporation, Inc., Baraboo, Wis.

The DeLong Co., Inc., Clinton, Wis.

The Fall River Group, Inc., Fall River, Wis.

The Fiore Companies, Inc., Madison, Wis.

The Helm Group, Freeport, Ill.

The Insurance Center, Madison, Wis.

The QTI Group , Madison, Wis.

Trachte Building Systems, Inc., Sun Prairie, Wis.

Trek Bicycle Corporation, Waterloo, Wis.

Tri-North Builders, Madison, Wis.

TrueNorth Companies, LLC, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

United Cooperative, Beaver Dam, Wis.

United Industries, Inc., Beloit, Wis.

VerHalen, Inc., Green Bay, Wis.

Walker Group Holdings LLC, New Lisbon, Wis.

Waukesha County Technical College, Pewaukee, Wis.

WCA Group Health Trust, Madison, Wis.

WEA Trust, Madison, Wis.

Webcrafters, Inc., Madison, Wis.

West Bend Mutual Insurance Co., West Bend, Wis.

WilliamsMcCarthy LLP, Rockford, Ill.

Wingra Stone Company, Madison, Wis.

Wipfli, LLP, Wausau, Wis.

Wisconsin Bankers Association Trust, Madison, Wis.

Wisconsin Mutual Insurance Company, Madison, Wis.

Wis-Pak, Inc., Watertown, Wis.

Women’s International Pharmacy, Madison, Wis.

Woodman’s Food Market, Inc., Janesville, Wis.

Woodward Communications, Inc., Dubuque, Iowa

WP Beverages, LLC, Windsor, Wis.

WPPI Benefit Plan Trust, Sun Prairie, Wis.

Zimbrick, Inc., Madison, Wis.

Zinga Industries, Inc., Reedsburg, Wis.

Membership by Industry




Leisure and

Natural Resources,


and Mining 1%

4% Information

Other Services

4% Government

4% Construction


Education and

Health Services


Professional and

Business Services


Financial Activities


Trade, Transportation,

and Utilities



In their own words, Project 360 responses:

How would you describe The Alliance?

“A great cooperative model working with the employer rather than against them. In the

battle for economic leverage, The Alliance is on the employer side.”

the-alliance.org ••• 15

“Forward-thinking cooperative.”

Our direction for 2013 and beyond

The Alliance’s strategic priorities help us focus our efforts to meet our mission of moving health care forward by

controlling costs, improving quality and engaging individuals in their health. They include:

• Offering a superior network.

• Identifying and implementing optimal health care strategies to control cost trend.

• Implementing payment models and other market strategies that reward high-value providers.

• Providing resources and tools that help our members help their employees manage their health and make informed

decisions about their health care.

• Monitoring legislative activities and advocating for effective health policy.

Throughout this report, you’ve seen these priorities in action. As we move into fiscal year 2013 and beyond, they will

continue to guide our daily work.

The quotes inside are just a few of the things members say about

The Alliance. To see our member video testimonial and hear

from our members in their own words visit the-alliance.org/testimonials.

The Alliance Mission

The Alliance moves health care forward by controlling costs, improving quality,

and engaging individuals in their health.

We use our purchasing power to negotiate with and provide access to an extensive network of doctors

and hospitals that are paid to improve quality by performing better not doing more.

PO Box 44365

Madison, WI 53744-4365


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