Gender Violence & Dislocation Symposium program-1 copy.pdf

Gender Violence & Dislocation Symposium program-1 copy.pdf

The Latin American

Studies Program,

South Asia Program,

and Mario Einaudi

Center for

International Studies

would like to Thank

You for Attending the

Gender Violence and



To learn more about

us and view upcoming

events visit us online!





Einaudi Center:

Symposium: Gender Violence & Dislocation Program

Mother's Tears - Day Seriani

Welcome to our Gender

Violence & Dislocation

Symposium. This event is

hosted and sponsored by

the Latin American

Studies Program, South

Asia Program, and the

Mario Einaudi Center for

International Studies.

Our Program is outlined

on the next Page. All

events will take place in

Uris G-08.

Cornell University

December 3,2010


8:30 am - Breakfast; Coffee & Tea available all day

9:00 am - Samantha Ordóñez Chair and Discussant

-Ying Cheng: Organic Archives & Cosmopolitan

History in the 'Song of the Exile”

-Gustavo Llarull: Resisting from within

Argentina’s “Dirty War”: Class, Politics, and

Gender in Maud Daverio de Cox

-Liliana Colanzi: Wound Culture: the Repetition of

Gender Violence in Roberto Bolaño’s 2666

11:00 am -Rafael Acosta Morales: Heretopia, A Borderful of Topos

11:15 am - Shelley Feldman Chair & Discussant

-Christina Davis: Dialogue & Narrative: Tools to

Facilitate Cross-Cultural Healing

-Damien Tissot: From Dislocated to Nomadic Subjects:

Towards Which Ethics?

-Adi Grabiner-Keinan: Be Alert, You are Being Watched! -

Women’s Resistance to the Israeli Occupation

1:15 pm -Yana van der Meulen Rodgers: Gender Conflict in Nepal

-Catered Lunch-

2:15 pm -Anindita Banerjee Chair & Discussant

-Natasha Bissonauth: Sunil Gupta- Photography &

Queer South Asian Activism

-Dafna Hornike: El Cuarto Mundo- Searching for

Boundaries, Can the Subject be Double?

4:00 pm -Sital Kalantry: A Comparative Study on Acid Violence &

Access to Justice in Bangladesh, India, and Cambodia

4:30 pm -Marcela González Rivas Chair & Discussant

-Lena Afridi: South Asia & the Foreclosure Crisis!

20th Century Racial Formation and Data Allocation

-Omar Figueredo: Dreaming the Border: Nostalgia &

the New Urban Frontier

6:00pm -Daniel Peña: How to Cross a Border

-Wine & Cheese Reception-

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