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No More TwisT Liparus Thierry BaTaiLLe Frederic richard ... - WBI

No More Twist


Thierry Bataille

Frederic Richard


Maison & Objet

Now! Design à vivre


6 — 10 sept. 2013

Hall 8 / F85-G86

BELGIUM IS DESIGN | MAISON & OBJET PARIS – SEPT 2013 | press release | EN | 1

Thierry Bataille I I +32 (0) 65 35 40 72

Since graduating in interior architecture and design, Thierry Bataille has gone on

to create a wide range of spaces, furniture and object, which respect an ecological

process: “The environmental problems we face today force us to adopt a different

take on furniture.” That’s why he has been working for years on a concept to obtain

a maximum number of products from a single panel, thus minimising waste. Thierry

designs in line with the way the “CNC” machine cuts. All of his producer’s machines

run on electricity supplied by photovoltaic panels.

In his research, he pushes his concept even further, and assembling furniture becomes

a playful nesting game, as it is done without tools and with very few nuts and

bolts. Thierry Bataille also raises questions about the decorative quality of the object

and its place in our collective imagination, that is to say our cultural references.

Chopper light

This bedside lamp is inspired by the amazing and comfortable

attitude of a person sitting on his chopper.

36cm x 23cm x 17,5cm I MDF

Console « par ici »

The console Par ici is the result of a synthesis based

on eco-responsibility in both the material and the way

to produce.

107 x 39 x 18cm I MDF

Fontaine « Infinity »

The fountain Infinity is a modular stand for plants.

Ø 80 x 165cm – Adjustable I MDF

© Thierry Bataille

BELGIUM IS DESIGN | MAISON & OBJET PARIS – SEPT 2013 | press release | EN | 2

LINADURA i i +32 (0) 497 90 72 82

Linadura is a Belgian editor of contemporary design furniture and object. The name

derives from a contraction of the words “line” in English and “durable” (sustainable)

in French. This Métis nature of the logotype reflects the values of our activity: a

simple design, sustainable and functional which responds to aggregate demand. As

a home furnishing manufacturer, Linadura designs good and sustainable products

with perennial materials.

The objective of this young company is to select the best manufacturers, craftsmen

and talented designers to offer functional and innovative products for mid to high

range market to private customers and offices. Therefore, when developing its products,

Linadura commits its full responsibility in the search for durable solutions at

every step: design, use, transport and recycling.



The first collection of Linadura is based on the idea of

bending perforated metal sheet which allows shapes that

are not manageable in a traditional step-by-step bending

process. Emblematic piece of the brand, Recto Verso has

won several awards between which a Red Dot Design.

60 x 23 x 22 cm — Natural anodized aluminium — © Emmanuel Gardin



Face is a small mirror sculpture based on a origami


19 x 12 x 25 cm — Acier inoxydable poli — © Emmanuel Gardin



Kork is a small stackable storage container, there are

a range of 10 colors.

Ø 35.5 x 14 cm / Ø 35.5 x 28 cm — Powder coated aluminum + cork

pads — © Linadura

BELGIUM IS DESIGN | MAISON & OBJET PARIS – SEPT 2013 | press release | EN | 3

No More Twist i

Specialised in the art of weaving, the No More Twist textile design studio is the

brainchild of three designers who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels,

Marie Beguin, Anne de Prémare and Michèle Populer. They have already worked

with companies and designers, including the famous workshop of Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Anne de Prémare has also worked with Malhia Kent Paris on haute couture

weaving collections. Michèle Populer, also a historian, is developing a vegetable dye

technique and Marie Beguin, along with her work as assistant to the designer Cenk

Kivrikoglu, teaches weaving at the Academy of Arts in Maastricht.

The studio makes its own small series of objects. The production is done entirely in

Belgium. The creations of the brand are distinctive in that they work with woven fabric,

developed by the designers in their studio. Each fabric explores the possibilities

arising from a study of colours, materials, and crossing of threads.

The workshop also offers its expertise in the field of weaving to the world of fashion

or interior design within the framework of ad hoc collaborations

Collection east

Inspired by a trip to Japan, the underlying concept is

that of a two-sided fabric with two very different faces

and changing patterns over an area of 2m.

The blend of materials used is designed to procure a

warm, soft and supple result.

Cushions 47 x 47 cm and 47 x 70 cm — Throws 150 x 200 cm — Floor cushions

94 x 94 cm — Wool, mohair, silk and viscose — ©Elodie Timmermans

BELGIUM IS DESIGN | MAISON & OBJET PARIS – SEPT 2013 | press release | EN | 4

Liparus i i +32 (0) 497 16 46 17

Liparus is a Belgian design editing company. Its mission is to promote Belgian designers

worldwide by publicizing and selling their original, functional, ergonomic, aesthetic

and high quality pieces. The values that it upholds are authenticity, simplicity,

boldness, exclusivity and… Belgian design.



Wall decoration.

L 4200 mm / L 3000 mm / L 1200 mm — Résine PU — © Liparus



Lounge chair.

H 620 x L 700 x l 700 mm

Epoxy powder-coated metal frame, synthetic trim — © Liparus


DESIGN Mathias van de walle

Set of 3 low tables.

Ø 4500 x H 4000 mm - Casted resin and Oak legs.

© Liparus



Rocking chair.

H 900 x L 860 x l 700 mm — Epoxy resin — ©Liparus

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Frédéric Richard i i +32 (0) 494 81 16 21

A cabinetmaker by training, Frédéric Richard divides his time between a design studio

and a production workshop where he makes his own furniture and objects.

Very much at home in his workshop, in direct contact with the materials, he is constantly

pushing back the frontiers through his mastery of ancient techniques. Drawing

is an important step in his creative process. He uses a variety of techniques, tirelessly

trying out forms until he achieves the perfect balance. Far from being extravagant, his

projects aspire towards a deliberate simplicity, giving them a surprisingly poetic and

timeless character.


Pieces produced by the designer himself in collaboration

with local craftsmen.

Ø10 - 15 x 15 - 25 cm — Glass, wood, Ceramic — © Nathalie Noël


Rocking chair whose design is characterized by minimalistic

and graphic lines. Made in the designer’s


Variations: natural or black-stained oak - Finish: oil.

© Nathalie Noël

BELGIUM IS DESIGN | MAISON & OBJET PARIS – SEPT 2013 | press release | EN | 6


Created in 2006, Wallonie-Bruxelles Design/Mode (WBDM) is a governmental agency

for the promotion of design and fashion, which aims to increase the international

reputation of designers from Wallonia and Brussels. Through a constant participation

in major tradeshows, exhibitions and conferences, WBDM’s mission is to increase

networking and business opportunities for Belgian design and fashion talent in the

international market.

The agency concurrently emanates from Wallonia-Brussels International, the Wallonia

Foreign Trade and Investment Agency (AWEX) and the Ministry of the French-speaking

Community – Contemporary Arts Department.


“Belgium is Design” is a common label for the collective actions organized in Belgium

and abroad by some Belgian institutions.

BELGIUM IS DESIGN | MAISON & OBJET PARIS – SEPT 2013 | press release | EN | 7




To download information and HD pictures:



Elsa Sarfati

+33 6 10 84 27 48



Dominique Lefèbvre – Press agent

T +32 (0) 2 421 83 63

M +32 (0)477 40 05 37



Boulevard Baudouin, 12

B-1000 Bruxelles

Leslie Lombard - / +32 2 421 84 61

Giorgia Morero – / + 32 2 421 87 08


Salon Maison & Objet

Now! Design à vivre


6 - 10 sept. 2013

Belgium is Design

Hall 8 / Stand F85-G86

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