Bounce Back - Pacific Asia Travel Association Thailand Chapter

Bounce Back - Pacific Asia Travel Association Thailand Chapter


The concept of reduction can be defined in two ways:

1. The identification of a potential crisis and seeking ways and means to

reduce its impact, this is closely aligned to risk management. Management need to

perform a SWOT analysis on their business or destination which assess strengths,

weaknesses, opportunities and threats, Based on this they can evaluate the

potential impact of a particular type of crisi and devise appropriate contingency

and continuity plans which can reduce the possibility and impact of a crisis.

2. The concept of reduction can also be defined as the beginning of the

process in which the enterprise and destination begins functioning after a crisis

has occurred. Services may be limited, access may be restricted but it is the

beginning of the transition from crisis to recovery.

1. Reduction

1.1.1 Indentify risk & hazards

1.1 Crisis Awareness 1.1.2 Identify possible impacts

1.1.3 Intelligence collection

1.2.1 Secure political cooperation

1.2 Crisis Awareness 1.2.2 Increase political involvement

1.2.3 Link Tourism and Peace

1.3.1 Anticipate problems

1.3 Crisis Awareness 1.3.2 Revise procedures

1.3.3 Enhance staff awareness

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