Bounce Back - Pacific Asia Travel Association Thailand Chapter

Bounce Back - Pacific Asia Travel Association Thailand Chapter

• Flexibility is required, especially for TV crews who may have

issues about light or climate.

• Farewell event which may involve all journalists/ TV Crew hosted

by tourism ministry from the country/region.

• During the hosting give journalists a reasonable amount

free time as they need to be able to develop individual stories.

• Conduct a debriefing before departure.

Step 4 : Post Hosting

• Follow up with journalists post hosting to ensure the hosting

was satisfactory.

• Debrief among the hosting providers and stakeholders.

• Maintain periodic contact with guests.

• Ensure host have copy of the final output of the journalist/ film crew.

• Assess the output from the hosting and provide feedback

to journalists or TV crew.

• Accentuate the positives, and if and when criticism is warranted criticise

the content, not the journalist.

• If the output is considered positive ask permission for it to

be used in the host country.

• If the output is perceived as positive journalists should be invited

to speak at functions organised by the NTO or company in

source markets.

Bounce Back


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