Spring 2010

The newsletter of The Villages, Inc.


ALL ALUMNI—youth, house parents, staff & board

members- are invited to return to The Villages for a

reunion on June 11th and 12th. On the 11th, youth,

previous house parents and staff will be hosted by the

current residents in each of the current homes for

dessert and tours from 7-9 pm. PLEASE RSVP for this

activity ( or 785-267-5900 ex 104)

On Saturday morning from 10 am to 1 pm, the W.

Clement Stone Nature Center will be hosting an open

house for alumni and their families and the climbing

wall and pamper pole on the ropes course will be

available. Saturday afternoon the main event will take

place on the Topeka hill from 1 to 4 pm. There will be

tours of the homes, food, games, hayrack rides on the

prairie, a photo booth and lots of conversation.

Please bring your spouse and children and let any

other alumni know about this event. For more info.

see The Villages web site ( or

The Villages facebook page (

TheVillagesKS) Bring old photos and your stories.

Preserving Nature - Dr. Karl’s Vision

“The whole world — not only a few frantic individuals

— seems bent on committing suicide. We have been

warned repeatedly of this. Yet we go right on living as

we always have. We deplore the bad news, the bad air,

the dirty water, the dying fish. We pick up a few beer

cans and sign some petitions for smoke abatement. But

in general, ruthless self-interest and greed relentlessly

pursue their goals with impunity. They have cut down

our forests, killed off our wildlife, polluted our lakes

and rivers, gouged ugly holes in beautiful hillsides,

wasted our precious fertile soil and poisoned the atmosphere

we all have to breathe. They murder our rivers

with needless dams, our lakes with filth and chemicals,

and befoul even the vast oceans.

We read about this great threat to our world in all the

magazines . . . if the doom of our race and our planet is

to be averted, all of us must join in the effort. The Villages

has a great opportunity. Our hope lies in the possible

involvement of the coming generation of youth.

They know something about this; they sense something

of great danger and they are responding.

The worst of all corruption and pollution and waste has

been that of our youth. In the conservation villages I

have been describing, the pervading spirit and atmosphere

will be toward the reversal of this world-wide

propensity for destruction. This is the central idea of

our project. It is as if we said to our boys: ‘You, you

who were exposed to such terrible surroundings can

understand what it means to improve the environment

in which one lives. You saw other boys crippled and

deformed and embittered by the surroundings in which

they lived and the ideas they there acquired. Now you

live in a home with people opposed to all that. They

love one another; they love you. One day you will go

forth from here on your own career. We believe you

will feel a special need to help not only other neglected

children, but our dirtied, damaged earth, our raped and

ravished planet. You will go out with our love and the

assurance of our help. You will go with a commitment

to help save the world.’”

(These words were written by Dr. Karl Menninger on

July 27, 1970 during the first year of The Villages.)

Still Going Green at The Villages:

The Villages has taken several steps over the past few

years to reduce the impact of the programs on the environment.

In 2003 one of the first priorities for the

‘Another 40 Years’ renovation project was the replacement

of inefficient heating and air conditioning systems.

Next came new energy efficient windows, insulated

siding and added attic insulation. These improvements

have yielded lower costs and a reduced ‘carbon


Youth and house parents have renewed a commitment

to recycling which has led to the reduction in landfill

dumpster loads from 3 per week to one per week. The

Villages / Stone Nature Center Green Team has man-

aged the recycling and also recently has begun a hazardous

waste recycling project for The Villages homes

and office. Green Team members have also built and

deployed monofilament fishing line recovery tubes at

popular fishing sites throughout the region. The goal is

to reduce the impact on wildlife of fishing line left in

the environment. The Green Team also participates in

exhibits in the community in support of protection of

wildlife and the environment. Stone Nature Center

staff are working on the monumental task of eliminating

invasive species, including lespedeza sericea and

musk thistle, from The Villages property. Finally a new

goal by the end of the year is to do all printing on

100% pcw (post consumer waste) recycled paper.


Two graduation dinners have been held since the last

newsletter in December. A mid-year celebration honored

five youth who graduated or completed their GED

during the fall semester and this spring, three graduates

were celebrated. With young people coming to The

Villages for shorter and shorter periods of time, completing

high school is both a big challenge and worthy

of a big celebration!

Asia graduated from Lawrence High School in May. She

will be attending Cloud Community College in Concordia

next Spring where she will study nursing.

Marissa passed her GED exam on 5/12/10. (the word came just 1

day too late for her to attend the regular ‘graduates dinner’ so a special dinner was

arranged.) She is continuing her studies by attending B

Street Cosmetology School.

Nathaniel graduated this May from WRHS and also completed

the first year of a two year program in Electrical

and Heating and Air Conditioning repair at Washburn

Tech. He would like to continue his studies in science at

Washburn University and eventually do something in

Technical Engineering.

Chris earned his GED in September ’09. Chris completed

The Villages program in February with plans to

attend Job Corps.

Heather graduated from WRHS in December. She is

currently enrolled in B Street Cosmetology school. She

plans to move to Manhattan after she graduates in


Jessica graduated from WRHS in December and is currently

at Bridges Independent Living program in


Ryan graduated from Lawrence High School in December

and started at Johnson County Community

College in January.

Edgar attended Freedom Choice credit recovery and

GED preparation program and earned his GED. He

moved home but came back with his parents to participate

in the Freedom Choice graduation ceremony.

Below left Nathaniel with house parents Jodi and Rob Bolivar; Center: Sylvia Crawford (executive director),

house mom Amy Houk, Asia, Social worker Sheila Tinsley; Right: December Graduates

Graduate Dinners



Contributors who give of their time and possessions fill

a vital need at The Villages. Volunteer groups this spring

have included Callahan Creek Advertising which painted

the Bartle Cottage exterior trim. National Service Corporation

regional conference volunteers helped at the

Nature Center sealing picnic tables and the front stairs

and creating new perches for the birds of prey. BNSF

employees trimmed trees away from the road in Topeka

and laid flooring in the garage at the Jones Cottage to

create a ‘pool room’. Groups from AVIVA have sanded

and applied polyurethane to bedroom furniture—

which truly needed it after 30 years of use by teenagers.

Also this spring two very significant in-kind donations

came from Zack Taylor, Inc. and Payless. Both are a

result of Zack’s retirement after “making payroll every

month for 41 years and 4 months”. His company was

the warehouse/supplier for materials for building and

remodeling Payless Shoe Source stores across the country.

With the closing of Zack’s warehouse, Payless/ collective

brands found thousands of square ft. of flooring,

etc. that was no longer needed. It has been donated to

many community organizations including The Villages.

In the center bottom picture above you can see BNSF

employees sitting on the floor they installed using

some of this donation. In the center above is Zack

flanked by his warehouse people, Steve Meggison and

Deloris Kennedy who not only helped load the payless

donations, but Zack subsequently also donated several

large rolls of carpet. The result will be new floors in garages,

the Nature Center and throughout the office.

Rosemary Menninger Recalls The Genesis

Dr, Karl and Jean Menninger’s daughter, Rosemary,

(who was a teenager at the time) recalls that long before

the first home was built, The Villages “. .was always

present in the house; there were lots of meetings.”

“Our family was involved in things in an almost natural,

unavoidable way. Our home was very much a staging

location for endeavors.” There were books being

written, speakers and visiting professors at the Menninger

Institute being entertained. Also local community

efforts and national efforts like the Chautauqua

and advocacy on behalf of Native American Tribes.

Rosemary recalls of her father that, “Once he had

turned his attention to something he was avidly reading

and talking with people about it. And he met and communicated

with lots of people.” Rosemary describes Dr.

Karl’s regular communication with dozens and dozens

of people, about ideas and common interests - not just

business - as at almost an ’internet’ level. “With an office

staff of 5 he used to bring home a big pile of drafts

Some of these contacts had personal experiences of foster

care and the concept of The Villages represented for

many their first opportunity to give back. Sometimes

these people were celebrities, or people with means or

power who became great friends of The Villages.

But it was not just about money. “A lot of people (my

parents) ‘gathered in’ were there to join the discussion

of ‘how are we going to do this.’” “My mother was a

part of this from the start and dad told me, ‘If anyone

ever asks you who was the leading force behind The Villages,

It was your mother.’”

“One of the enrichments to the idea of The Villages—

one of the symbiotic relationships—was with Native

American tribes.” Since her father was involved with

several tribes he could see a need for a Villages type

program to prevent the culture shock of being sent

away from home for the children who needed help.

First with the Navaho then the Hopi, Zuni and Apache,

Dr. Karl met and helped formulate Villages programs.

“We belong to The Villages”

Stories from 40 years of family style

group home care for children & youth:

Rosemary Menninger

of letters every night for my mother to proofread and

another pile to sign.”

“Dad was working on ‘The Crime of Punishment’ and so

he was involved with people in corrections.” And there

were people that they had met on vacations (often

taken at Native American reservations because of her

parents interest in Native American culture). There

were conversations with Judge Barbera. And with the

builder of their personal home, Joe Pashman, who

would discuss with her dad what a house might look

like, how much it might cost.

As soon as The Crime of Punishment came out Dr. Karl

was giving lots of lectures and he had begun coupling

his discussion of prison reform with this new concept of

‘prevention’ that was to become The Villages. People

would talk and correspond with him after these lectures.

Rosemary attended some of these meetings in Phoenix

since she was working for the Navaho tribe at the time.

Through his negotiating with the federal government

on behalf of the tribes for a Villages type program there

evolved a model of relationship between government

(not just the Bureau of Indian Affairs but several departments)

and the tribes around children's issues. This

ultimately led to authority returning to the tribes.

Rosemary recalls with pride her father’s decision to send

a family member to Jimmy Carter’s White House to

accept the Medal of Freedom on his behalf. Her father

had wrestled with the decision to attend a previously

arranged and very important meeting between government

officials and tribes of the Northwest or the White

House ceremony, finally deciding “You do not break

promises to the Native American People.”

Thanks to These Contributors!

Adoption Concerns Triangle

R.E. Atha, Jr.

Curtis R Anderson

Aramark Employees

Robin Atwood

Bank of America

Jana Barry

Bartlett & West Employees

Paula Beal

Deana Beardmore

Rozana Beatty

Jenny Beavers

Karen Beckley

Matt Benaka

Regine Benalcazar-Schmid

David & Hope Bishop

Bishop Family

Black Student Union—Shawnee Heights HS

Blanche Bryden Foundation

BNSF Employees Matching

BNSF Railroad Employees

Board of Healing Arts

Brewster Service Fund

Patricia M Brooks

Carrie & Ryan Broxterman

Cindi Buck

Steve & Cathy Burnett

William & Mary Lou Burke

Joni Burkett

Steve & Cathy Burnett in memory of Lora


Shelly Callison

Maggie Carey

Dean & Sandra Carlson

John Carlson

Maggie Carey

Lisa Carney

Cerf-Dunbar Fund

Vernon Chamberlin

Kris Chanay

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Bible Class

Jackie Claassen

Cheri Clatterbuck

Kathe Clark

Concrete Supply of Topeka Inc

Jennifer Connell

Conrade Insurance

Kenneth & Margaret Conrow

Paula Craig

Dreher & Stacie Creech

Gary Crocker

Marshall and Sandra Crowther

Cub Scout Pack #52

Thomas Cunningham

M. Lowell & Dorothy Curry

William Dann

Greg J Davison

Debacker's Inc

Delta Upsilon Fraternity

Lucile Demonchaux

Robert Derstein

Martin & Sallie Dickinson

Brenda Dicus

Larry Dixon

Douglas County Community Foundation

Joanne Dow

J.W. Drury

Edward Dulworth

Ethel S Dyatt Trust

Educational Credit Union

Hilda Enoch

Jerry & Barbara Estes

Lori Ewards

Michele Falley


Lynelle Fieker

First Congregational Church

First Presbyterian Church

Susan Fitz

Mary Fletcher

Jennifer Flory

Marion Fowler

Katy Franklin

SuEllen Fried

Jamie Fritz

Louis Funk

Mona Gambone

Bill Gast

Sharon Geist

Karen Gideon

Mindy Gillgannon

Angie Gleason

Rachel Gossen

D’Ambra Gray

Thomas & Susan Gregory

Grissom Family Charitable Trust

Richard & Gitta Gronewaller

Guy & Ruby Casebourn Murphy Char, Tr.

John F Guyot

Marilyn Halsey

Lesley Hansen

Jordan Hatch

Harold Snyder

Joanne Harrison

Harold J Lehane Liv Trust

Linda & Richard Hayse

Perry Henault

BJ Hickert

Elizabeth Higgins

Renee Hinrichsen

Annette Hoch

Michael Hooper

Vickie Howard

Lori Hutchinson

Mary Hutchinson

Jane & Mickey Imber

Amy Ives

RD Johnson

Shawn Johnson

Diana Joliff

Rebecca Joyce

Ronald S Kahmeyer

Mary Ann Kelly

Katherine Kent

Linda Ketter

Lesley T Ketzel

Kiwanis Club of Topeka-SW

Sheryl Kingman

Brenda Kissam

Knollwood Walkers

Bruce Krueger

Leslie & Roberta Krull

Margaret LaRue

Laura Thurston Golden Sheath Council

Laureate Gamma Gamma

Karen Lemon

Ruth Lichtenstern

Carla Linquist

Cindy Linquist

Carolyn E Litwin

Daveen H Litwin

Margaret & David Livingood

Phelica Livingston

Each year The Villages relies on our supporters to provide for the

extras so necessary to the positive achievement of our youth. Those

listed below made donations during 2009:

Lila Lothson

Kris Lucas

William & Linda Lucero

John & Linda Lungstrum

Joanne B Lyon PHD

Ralph & Diana Malott

Charles & Betty Jo Marling

Marsh Family

Brenda Marshall

Kim Martin

Melissa Massey

Monique Mawhew

Maria McCann

Lila McClaflin

Sandra Craig McKenzie

Rosemary J Menninger

Mid-Land Management Employees

Mill Creek Holding LLC

Elaine Miller

Tammy Miller

Colleen Miser

Kim Mohan

Moms Club of Topeka

Andrea Mondoy in Memory-Lora Moison

Jeanne A Morris

Eva Mosiman

Suzanne Mumford

Michael & Dori Murphy

Drew & Ian Mutschelknaus

Darla Myers

Jo Ann Myers

Kathy Myers

Earl Nehring

Douglas & Cappi Nelson

Erika Newell

Gene Niehues

Austin & Marianna Nothern

Ondracek Family

David Ozaki

Kent & Marsha Palmberg

Payless ShoeSource Foundation

Bobby H Pechal Jr

Linda Polly

Amanda Poole

John & Marva Powell

Julie Powell

Mary Powell

Lawrene Rader

Ned A Rahlfs

Kathryn Rainbow-Earhart

Richard Raney

Cathy Reinhardt

Fran Reitz

Deborah Robbs

Karsyn Robertson

Royer Family

Diane Rubenthaler

Karen Russell

Hasna Salam

Georgia Sandlin

Janice Scales

Lora Schile

Marty & Teresa Schnacker

Ronald and Alison Schneider

Schnacker Construction

Tyler Schuckman

Eugene & Margaret Schwartz

Jim Schwartz

Mark Schwartz

Schwartz Family

James H Schwartzburg

Schwerdt Design Group

Dan Scrimsher & Family

Scrimsher & Family in memory of Lora


Se2 (service.end2end)

Clista Seals

James & Virginia Seaver

John W Seward Jr

Karen & Ronald Shanks

Shawnee Heights MS Red/Blue Teams

Shawnee Regional Prevention & Recovery


Linda Siebenthall

Fred & Lilian Six

James W Sloan

Nancy Smith

Olga Smith

Rene Smith

Ruth Smyth Estate

Harold Snyder

Southwest Optimist Club

Debbie Spees

Anne Stauffer


Connie Sterbenz

Barbara Stevens

St. Francis Pharmacy Employees

Vivian Strahm

Telisa Stringer

Ida Mae Sutton

Robert Taggart

Chaunzey E Tenbrink

Thomas S Thomas

J W Tiehen

Topeka Active 20/30 Grant Fund

Topeka Audubon Society

Wes & Connie Torres

Karen Trobough

Jeff & Mary Ungerer

USWA, Local 307

Stephanie Valley

Linda Vande Garde

Marcie Vander Hart

Kim Voslugh

Crystal Walker

Wanamaker Elementary School

Wanamaker Elementary Student Council

Washburn University Law Democrats

Waugh Family

Marilyn Waugh

Yu Welch

Westar Energy Customer

Veronica Wicksten

Monte, Kristen, Claire & Ella Widen

Donald & Janet Wilson

Kim Wilson

Max Wilson

Rosemary Williamson

Donna Whitman

Edward & Bridget Wood

Lee F. Young

Contribute to The Villages -

support the Lasting Legacy of

Dr. Karl Menninger

Send your contributions to:

The Villages; 2219 SW 29th; Topeka, KS 66611.

Visit The Villages website:

or facebook page:


Alumni—Previous Villages house parents, staff, board members

and youth - are invited to join the current house parents,

staff, board members, and youth of The Villages for a

reunion to culminate the year-long celebration of the 40th

anniversary of the opening of the first Villages home.

JUNE 11 & 12

Specific Activities:

Friday June 11th at 7 pm: Dessert and conversation at each of

the current homes in both Topeka and Lawrence for those

who lived or worked in that home. Please RSVP to

or 785-267-5900 ex 104.

Saturday Morning, June 12 from 10 am to 1 pm the Nature

Center will host an open house for alumni and their families.

The pamper pole and climbing wall will be open on the ropes

course and there will be hayrack rides on the prairie.

Saturday Afternoon, June 12 from 1 to 4 pm activities on the

Topeka Hill (food, games, photo-booth, tours of the homes,

hayrack rides & more Nature Center activities. Please let us

know you are coming (phone: 785-267-5900 ex 104 or


Parts of three previous logos used since 1970 are shown here above the current logo of The Villages.


The homes in Topeka are located at 10-50 Eagle Ridge Ln.

which intersects SW 10th Street 1.6 miles west of Wanamaker.

The two Lawrence homes are at 1149 E 1200 Rd - about 1/2

mile south of County Rd. 458. Go south out of Lawrence on

Iowa St (Highway 59 South) past the terminus of the South

Lawrence Traffic Way and over the Wakarusa River to the

first road to the right (County Rd. 458). Go about 1 mile

and turn left, south, on E 1200 rd. The Villages access road is

the 3rd drive south of County Rd. 458 on the right and it

goes at an angle up the hill. Call for directions.

Please note: The in-town “McPhail Cottage” in Lawrence is

no longer owned by The Villages.

The Villages, Inc

2219 SW 29th St.

Topeka, KS 66611

the voice—

newsletter of The Villages, Inc.

Spring 2010—Issue # 28


Dr. Karl Menninger

Executive Director:

Sylvia Crawford

Executive Committee:

Judge Terry Bullock

Mr. Robert Derstein—President

Ms. Brenda Guilfoyle

Mr. John Guyot –Chair

Mr. B.J. Hickert – Treasurer

Mr. Michael Hooper –Vice- President

Ms. Patricia Hyland

Mr. Gerald Letourneau

Ms. Diana Mayer – Secretary

Dr. Charles Millhuff

Dr. Michael Murphy

Mr. Irving Sheffel

Mr. Chris Wright






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