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WASTE WATCHERS Waste Watchers - Halve Waste

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Waste Watchers

Help Us Celebrate Keep Australia

Beautiful NSW 35 th Anniversary!

2010 was a very exciting year for Keep Australia Beautiful

NSW as we celebrated 35 years of supporting successful

community- based environmental initiatives. With a long

presence in the state, Keep Australia Beautiful NSW

is dedicated to enhancing and conserving our unique

environments; from country to city to coast.

Through our Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities, Sustainable

Cities, Clean Beaches, Graffiti Action Day and Waste Watchers

programs, Keep Australia Beautiful NSW promotes grassroots

participation across all spectrums of the community to protect

the areas in which we all live, work and play. As one of the

state’s most respected not-for-profit organisations, Keep

Australia Beautiful NSW remains committed to inspiring,

facilitating and celebrating practical efforts working towards a

sustainable environment for many generations to come.

Our achievements have been recognised by Not for Profit

Network Australia; in 2008 and 2009 Keep Australia Beautiful

NSW was awarded Organisation of the Year Finalist.

Waste Watchers offers five

informative modules!

Sustainability Sleuths

Discovering that there are limited resources available on

Earth, students investigate ways to conserve and protect

these resources. Renewable and non-renewable resources are

explored before students consider the impact of their actions

on the environment. A fun ‘footprint’ game and role plays

allow students to identify simple changes they can make at

home and school to reduce consumption and become more


Wide World of Waste

Students analyse potential waste items and consider how to

avoid creating waste in the first place. Landfill capacity and

pollution issues are investigated. Reduce, reuse and recycle

strategies are emphasised and students often leave the

workshop commenting on the positive changes they plan to

implement at home. This module is a real sustainability winner!

Mechanics of


Mulching, composting

and worm farming

are easy ways to

take carbon out of

the air, and reduce

our greenhouse gas

emissions. The module

covers environmental

problems that occur if

these organic waste recycling techniques are not practised and

the valuable resources that are produced if they are. Viewing a

working worm farm is often enough to convince students that

organic recycling is the way of the future.


What is Waste Watchers?

Waste Watchers is NSW’s leading mobile Primary School

environmental education program. It is offered as a service

to assist Councils educate their local children on a wide

range of waste, water and sustainability issues. Interactive

workshops teach students vital, simple and effective measures

that they can take to protect and conserve our natural and

built environments for the future. In 2009 we were engaged

by 46 different councils, visited 419 schools and spread

environmental messages to 46,526 students across the State.

Catchment Chronicles

‘Reviving the rivers’ is everyone’s wish, and in this workshop

students are challenged to do just that! They role-play

everyday activities which are seemingly insignificant, but are

ones that can have a major negative impact on water quality

and biodiversity. Observing this cumulative impact, students

get a real eye-opener to the problem and develop strategies

to protect our fragile rivers and waterways. Students also

discover the difference between sewage and stormwater.

Water Welfare

Have you ever wondered how much of the Earth’s water is

available for people to use? This workshop gives students the

opportunity to explore this issue and recognise how limited

our water supply really is. They investigate the water cycle and

changes they can make in their own behaviour that will save

water. Students also determine how to share water fairly so

that personal and environmental needs are met.

Participating in Waste Watchers brings many benefits

Benefits to Councils:

• A comprehensive primary school environmental

education service

• Provision of all promotion, correspondence, school

liaison, teaching and reporting

• Tailored workshops to address local issues and focus

points that Council request

• Promotion of Council’s services

• Provision of valuable and constructive feedback

• Liaison with Government Departments and

sustainability networks, to ensure that content is

always current and relevant

Council testimonials:

“The program continues to evolve with the change in focus

and relevance to waste and sustainability. It is an excellent

program with good results and the Education Officers

presented the modules in a professional and effective

manner to suit the different age groups. Many thanks for your

work.” (Henrietta Alexander, Sustainability Officer, Mosman

Council, 2009)

“We had a great response from our schools to the program.

Although we offer recycling sessions to schools, the

resources KAB Waste Watchers have for displays and

handouts are very appealing for schools.” (Tracey Albon,

Waste Education Officer, Randwick City Council, 2009)

Benefits to Primary Schools:

• Promotion, consolidation and extension of positive

environmental practices

• Syllabus linked outcomes

• Experienced and qualified teachers deliver up to

4 x 1-hour workshops each day

• One class per workshop ensures achievement of

educational outcomes

• Activities are age-appropriate, interactive, stimulating

and fun

• Provision of resource material including CDs, worksheets,

brochures, posters, certificates, newsletters.

on activities. Involved all students. A hard act to follow.

Outstanding and very age appropriate. Thank you!” (Year 4

teacher, Bateau Bay PS, Wyong Shire Council, 2009)

Benefits to the Community:

• Increased awareness of waste and sustainability issues

• Enhanced understanding of the need for appropriate

resource use and reduced consumption

• Clarification of local waste services

• Local issues and focus points highlighted

• Influence extended to the broader community, as

participants are encouraged to teach others the new

information they have learned.

Student testimonials:

“Actually teaching us how to save water and think about

how we use water” (Year 6 student, St Jerome’s Primary,

Punchbowl, City of Canterbury Council, 2009)

“It is a hard job to explain all that and Natalie did a good job.”

(Year 2 student, St Laurence’s Primary School, Dubbo, Dubbo

City Council, 2009)

“The program was worthwhile and our school should keep

doing it. The program was great because we didn’t only learn

about waste we also learnt how important recycling is. It is

important because it shows people what happens when we

litter instead of using the bins. The instructor had a bit of fun

with us and made it interesting so it was easier to learn.”

(Year 5 student, Cherrybrook PS, Hornsby Shire Council, 2009)

Waste Watchers

Teacher testimonials:

“Very informative, found it really good the way it was.

Presenter - energetic and engaging. Constantly reinforced -

very good! Thank you - I learnt a lot too!” (Years 5/6 teacher,

Cundletown PS, Greater Taree City Council, 2009)

“Workshop was excellent - good interaction with multiple age

levels - kept all students involved. All students were actively

involved and keen to participate and answer questions

- always a good sign!” (Year K-6 teacher, Gladstone PS,

Kempsey Shire Council, 2009)

“Fantastic program - very educational for them, I was amazed

at how little the students knew. Fun for students - hands


Waste Watchers

How can I participate in

Waste Watchers?

Three easy steps:

For Councils/Host organisations:

1. Complete the Booking Form http://www.kabnsw.org.au/


pdf and return to Keep Australia Beautiful NSW

2. Our educator will conduct workshops in your Primary

schools, Keep Australia Beautiful NSW will handle all

correspondence and school liaison

3. You will receive a report which provides valuable and

constructive feedback about the booking, and benefits to

your community

Thank you to our Waste Watchers partners. Please

visit their websites for information and resources.


For Schools:

1. Complete the Registration Form and return to Keep

Australia Beautiful NSW

2. Our educator will conduct free workshops in your school

3. You will receive complimentary resource material

Fee structure:

Refer to our Booking Form http://www.kabnsw.org.au/content/

documents/BOOKING%20FORM%202009%20fee.pdf for

current daily rates. Keep Australia Beautiful NSW members

receive a discount.





Phone: 02 9771 4711



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