Velocity Brochure 1989

Velocity Brochure 1989

DalaCad·Velocity-lbe[ITSI pholo


high resolution, 3D solids

rendering syslem for assigning reaJ IJ,IJr/d

surface attribules 10 all 3D wireframe

drawings crealed within DataCADs DC


Now all DataCAD users, whether lhey

are archilects, inlerior designm, spaa

planners or ronslruclion professionals,

can e>pIore /be reaJm ofhigMuJ S()/ii/s

rendering... within /be familiar DataCAD

metlU structur'f.



• It's photo realistic, offering a

paJetteof 16.7mil/ion surface

color choices in 24 bit resolution.

• Selects real world materials such

aspkls/ics, metals, alloys - all

with smooth shading, smooth

edges and surface highlights.

• Offers real world surface textures

such as wood, brick, marlJ/e, stone

and shingles for high impact


• Realistic glass - defines the

degree ofIrallS{Xl¥f!ncy to get

smoked, clear or linted glass.

• Multiple, user-defined lighting


• Allows direct output a/photorealistic

slides, transparendes,

and colorprints at 4,000 line


CR CADD, the leader in

architectural C4DD, providing:

• Value with productivesolutions;

• ServIce with comprehensive

training andfull hardware

alUi software support; and

• Quality by supplying the finest

tecb,z%gy muJ support available.

Call us today!


714/544-7223 800/62~959

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