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Quality Framework Responsible Care - BioMed Central

Quality Framework Responsible Care - BioMed Central

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Page 40 Continued. Explanation • This indicator is measured by inquiring with the client • Together the questions form the SNAQ (Short Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire). • References: see indicator 4.2a Remarks considering the enumerator: the number of clients with a score of 2 or more on the chosen nutritional situation scale; the number of clients measured on the day/in the week of measuring 40

4.3 Fall incidents Indicator The percentage of clients that has been involved in a fall incident over the last 30 days V&V / ZT Nursing care & Care Institution Care and Home Care Enumerator The number of clients involved in falling incidents over the past 30 days Denominator The number of clients with whom measurements were carried out in the week/ on the day of measuring Not to be measured with not applicable Example of Registration Questions Has the client been involved in a fall incident over the past 30 days? Yes, s/he has. No, s/he has not. Unknown Explanation • In answering this question preferably various sources are used simultaneously: the client’s dossier, the caregiver’s and the client’s memory and the MIC registration • With the term ‘fall’ we mean: suddenly and unintentionally hitting the ground from a vertical or horizontal position. Whether an incident is a fall or not is therefore not based on the fact that the patient got hurt. • Background information: see 41 Quality Framework Responsible Care - Nursing, Care and Home Care Bijlage II

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