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by Henrik E Poulsen - CPNC

by Henrik E Poulsen - CPNC

•Implications of

•Implications of oxidative stress 95% O 2 O .- 2 H 2 O 2 OH• H 2 O Enzymatic SOD Gpx Catalase Non-dietary anti-oxidants billirubin urate albumin oestrogen GSH - - Dietary anti-oxidants Vitamin C Vitamin E carotenoids flavonoids isothiocyanates - - The antioxidant network function Theory: Biological event / outcome DNA-oxidation Cancer Ageing CNS degeneration Lipid peroxidation Ageing Atherosclerosis CNS degeneration Protein Ageing Cataract

C T A A G C C G G A C C A G T T T G A T T C G G C C T G G T C A A A OH OH OH OH ? ? Cancer

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