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McGowan’s Musings:

This December Newsletter is remarkable

for two reasons, number one it’s the

120th, indicating that we’ve survived for

quite some time, and number two it’s

the last one of an economically fraught

year which many feared would be significant

for its business casualties, but in the

main, the industry has survived. Hoorah!

(Or whatever jubilant exclamation is the

equivalent in your neck of the woods), I

hear you all shout, but lets not get too relaxed,

2010 will not be a year for complacency,

although it may be that this year’s

chilly blasts of cold reality may have instigated

a necessary sense of caution to a

live industry which was coming close to

the type of complacency that aggravated

catastrophe for an unprepared recording


So, to paraphrase Mr Dickens, was 2009

the worst of times, or the best of times? It

certainly had its moments, although, after

a year of cutting the prices of their products

(particularly in the US), Michael Rapino

of Live Nation and Irving Azoff of Ticketmaster

will just have to try to relax over

the holiday as the powers that be delay a

final decision till, we presume early 2010,

regarding their plans to come together as

one gigantic live music entity. As for the

other majors, AEG managed to overcome

dreadful adversity, following the death

of Michael Jackson, covering their losses

and then some, from the lamented star’s

planned London O2 residency, by sharing

in the more than substantial returns from

Allan McGowan

the film made from the footage (good job

they decided to film them, eh?) of the rehearsals

– a little forward thinking goes a

long way! AEG also had some good news

from Germany, in Berlin, one year after

opening, the 17,000-capacity O2 World

revealed that it had welcomed 1.48million

people to 138 events.

The drastic change in the economics of

the music business were highlighted by

a Music Manager’s Forum survey which

revealed that 85% of managers are looking

to live concerts and merchandise

to sustain their artists and that 73% expected

recorded music to be less than

50% of their artists earnings in 2009. This

was borne out by U2’s mixed fortunes

(they’ve been making them for years

now), in February they released the perhaps

pessimistically titled album, No Line

on the Horizon, which sold fewer copies

than any of their releases for a decade.

But it seems that cash strapped fans were

just saving their pennies to come up with

the average $100 for a ticket to see the

band perform live on their custom built

claw shaped stage. Since June the band

played 44 concerts to 3.2m people, for a

gross of about $320m. If, as seems likely,

they do the same on the similar number

of dates next year, they could more than

double this, completely outgrossing the

2005/2006 Vertigo tour.

Conference and Showcase events had

mixed results in 2009; the first of the year

Noorderslag/Eurosonic sold out, attracting

2,600 people to Groningen in The

Netherlands. In Cannes in January Midem

faced up to a difficult time for the music

industry in general with a 12% drop in attendance,

and as we know Popkomm in

Berlin was cancelled, (but it’s back in 2010

– see story in this issue).

The ILMC could be said to be a barometer

of the live industry as it concentrates exclusively

on the sector, In March, seemingly

in defiance - or maybe because (?) -

of the recession, the number of delegates

attending ILMC 21 hit the 1,000 mark for

the first time. In a panel discussing The

Recession Neil Warnock of The Agency

Group, said, “Business in the major music

markets like the U.K., France and Germany

continues to thrive, but countries

like Russia, China and parts of south-east

Asia, are real recessive territories.”

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VIP- News - December 2009

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Peter Briggs

Writer and editorial:

Allan McGowan


Manfred Tari

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Peter Briggs

or +44 870 755 0092


Pekaye Graphics, Phuket – Thailand

Artist Power was a feature of the year,

with the formation of the Featured Artists

Coalition in the UK. At ILMC Brian

Message, of ATC Management, which

co-manages Radiohead, dance act

Faithless, and singer Kate Nash, said,

“We’re experiencing an artists’ revolution

around the world. Artists need to

make more decisions about what affects

them, including in what’s going

on in secondary ticketing and peer-topeer

file sharing. If someone is making

a profit [from their work], then we want

a share of that!”. It will be interesting to

see how the artists continue to mobilise

and how they apply their joint energies

in 2010.

There were casualties amongst the

Festivals, Hultsfred for instance went

bankrupt again, but will be back in

2010 (see story in this issue), particularly

new events suffered, others coped

by cutting ticket prices or introducing

staggered payment schemes, but the

big ones continued to sell out – with

Glastonbury having already sold out

for 2010 even before announcing U2

as headliner, and others following fast,

plus there are plans for new events.

More and more it seems that people

are treating their festival visits like holidays,

and are not prepared to sacrifice

them for budgetary reasons.

The worrying thing as we mentioned

in the last issue is the sustaining of the

small and mid sized venues, the stages

vital for the start-up and development

of the talent that will hopefully play

arenas and festivals in the future. The

article by Don Foster MP, and the story

about London’s Halfmoon pub venue

in this issue highlight these concerns.

However, a gig I went to in a pub in

Brixton, South London, last week has

left me feeling quite optimistic, four

new, and mostly very good, bands (one

American) played to a packed venue

and I was introduced to four young

promoters, all full of ideas and all prepared

to offer a raft of services to the

acts that they are working with in order

to be successful. None of them were

going on about the woes of a declining

business, they are all too busy dealing

with what is, not what was, and were so

positive that, if this, as I suspect, is happening

elsewhere, then I think we (or

they) are going to be fine!

So, with that positive and happy prospect

in mind – we’ll be back in January

after returning from Noorderslag/Eurosonic

in Groningen. In the meantime

have a great holiday, and a Happy New


Live Nation

Grows in France

Allan McGowan

Live Nation has significantly expanded

its promoter team in France, the World’s

6th largest music market.

Angelo Goppe, formerly with Nous Productions,

will join the Company as Senior

Vice President Promotions charged

with growing Live Nation’s volume of international

and local concerts in France.

Armel Campagna and Damien Chombard-Boudet,

both formerly with Gerard

Drouot Productions, and Jonathan Miltat,

formerly with Deluxe Productions,

will join him.

Alan Ridgeway, Live Nation CEO of International

Music, commented, “It is a pleasure

to welcome this exciting young team of

promoters to Live Nation. Since we entered

France in 2007 through our partnership

with Jackie Lombard, we have seen a huge

opportunity to bring more international

and local concerts to music fans in Paris

and the rest of France. This great team of

promoters, under the leadership of Isabelle

Gamsohn, Managing Director for France,

ensures that we are now well positioned

to take full advantage of these opportunities.”

Angelo Goppe commented, “I am looking

forward to working alongside Isabelle

and the international and global touring

teams at Live Nation to become the leading

concert promoter in France.”

Live Nation’s other activities in France

currently include partnerships with

promoter Jackie Lombard, Main Square

Festival in Arras with France Leduc and

Belgium’s Herman Schueremans and

with Vega SA for the management of the

Nikaia arena in Nice.

Upcoming events promoted by Live Nation

France include Paul McCartney (10

December), Depeche Mode (17-20 January

2010) and Cirque du Soleil’s Saltimbanco

(21 January – 5 February 2010).

Full details can be found on:



VIP- News - December 2009

Music in the Air – Climate Summit and Popular Music

Manfred Tari

The current Climate Summit in Copenhagen

has received a lot of attention and this

not only due to the visit of Barack Obama.

The summit has also featured some issues

referring to the music industry. First of all

the there was the CO2PENHAGEN-festival

held in September, supposed to be the

very first CO2-neutral event ever produced

all the energy required to run the event locally.

Eighties Soft Metal Rockers, Europe,

played at the Parken Stadium on the opening

event “Dance 4 Climate Change” in

Copenhagen on December 7. Petri Lunden,

manager of the band and chairman

of the IMMF (International Music Managers

Forum) commented on the gig, saying:

“This is one of the most important events at

this time. For the climate it’s the final countdown

unless the politicians make a move.”

Well, as usual Lunden is absolutely right

and politicians may hopefully make moves,

but unfortunately there was no report on

music managers that prefer to fly business

class and what this also contributes to the

climate change...

On December 12 as part of the conference

agenda the panel “The role of the culture

industry in the fight against Climate

Change”, will elaborate on how the music

and entertainment industry can agree on

environmentally friendly issues. Panellists

are among other Catherine Bottrill of the

Oxford Environmental Change Institute

and ‘Julie’s Bicycle’ and Jacob Bilabel,

Founder of the Green Music Initiative.


On December 15 Roskilde Festival is delivering

a presentation at the City Hall

Square introducing its “Green Footsteps”

campaign The presentation is part of the

complementary event Hopenhagen, that

includes concerts, the screening of films

and among many other activities a test

ride of the electric Tesla Roadster car.

Festival Republic Host Crime Conference

Allan McGowan

Festival Republic have announced they will stage a conference to

look at combating crime at music festivals. It will be the second

Crime At Major UK Music Festivals Conference organised by the

Reading and Latitude promoters, the first one having taken place

back in May. Edition number two will take place in Reading on 25


off. This follow-up conference will be an opportunity for promoters,

security agencies and police forces to review our progress and take

the next steps to further develop our intelligence sharing systems so

we can make greater efforts in 2010 and beyond. Organised crime is a

real concern for the festival industry and it’s crucial that we keep the

momentum going on these initiatives”.

The aim of the conference is to coordinate security activity at all of

the festivals promoted and managed by Festival Republic - which

includes the Reading, Leeds, Glastonbury, Big Chill and Latitude

festivals - and beyond. The company says they have invited reps

and security heads from a number of other festivals, including

Bestival, Rock Ness, Isle Of Wight, Download, V, Glade, Secret Garden,

Electric Picnic and T In The Park. Reps from police forces in

areas where those events take place will also be invited.

All this networking is based on the theory that there are a number

of thieving gangs who operate at various festivals, and there is

a better chance of stopping them if festival promoters, security

firms and police forces all collaborate. It’s the same logic that led

to the Association Of Independent Festivals launching its previously

reported Security Task Force, which AIF say helped significantly

cut crime levels at participating festivals.

Talking about his crime conference, Festival Republic head Melvin

Benn is quoted by Music Week as follows: “The inaugural conference

in May was a real success and the joint approaches to sharing

intelligence throughout the 2009 festival season appear to have paid

Melvin Benn



VIP- News - December 2009

impact_210x297:Mise en page 1 29/07/09 14:26 Page 1

The sound of opportunities

Make connections • Source business • Find solutions • Gain knowledge

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MIDEM: 24 - 27 January 2010 | MidemNet: 23 - 27 January 2010

Cannes, France



VIP- News - December 2009

Interview: Rob Berends - Network Europe

Manfred Tari

Network Europe is the only international

association for agents, bookers, promoters

and talent buyers. VIP-News asked Network

Europe chairman Rob Berends about the

association’s new plans for 2010.

VIP-News: What is on the agenda for Network

Europe in 2010?

Rob Berends: We are meeting in Groningen

during EuroSonic/Noorderslag and

will have 5 different kinds of activities. On

the Thursday we have the Network Europe

Showcase Night @ EuroSonic. On the Friday

we have an official meeting, and we will

have a speed meeting for members only.

On Saturday we will have an open speed

meeting for members and non-members,

for people who are interested in meeting

Network Europe members as well as to

welcome people that are interesting for

Network Europe members to meet and

vice versa.

The fifth activity is a press conference where

we will present news from Network Europe:

we are going to change our name, we have

news about our projects in 2010, and we

have news on the results of the survey that

we did on what Network Europe members

have achieved with acts that played EuroSonic

in 2008 and 2009. How many shows

did they get for EuroSonic-acts outside of

the acts’ own country in 2008 or 2009. The

2008 are figures that are not yet complete,

but we are quite far on in that analysis. The

results are quite spectacular, and underline

the importance of EuroSonic and the ETEP


VIP-News: How does business look for your

members at the moment?

Berends: That is a good question. I did not

specifically ask them. What I do hear from

some is that in the west-European countries,

most are not that affected by the crisis, and

those in the east-European countries are,

probably because the markets in eastern

Europe are still fresher and less established,

and also much more dependent on sponsorships.

But this is very preliminary information.

It is not solid information.

VIP-News: What kind of efforts will you undertake

to gain new or more members?

Berends: We want to change what we do.

Network Europe wants to offer the members

more content throughout the year

and not only during our meetings at business


We are introducing a free monthly newsletter

with news from our members about

their company and their bands, and of

course news from Network Europe itself.

Members can send their information to the

Network Europe office and it will be included

in a monthly newsletter that goes out to

as many live music business email addresses

as we can find (all potential members).

Rob Berends

A second thing that we are going to do is

to expand the number of Network Europe

Showcases at showcase events, business

events and business conferences. We had

Network Europe Showcase Nights at Canadian

Music Week and at Popkomm so far.

This January we have the first Network Europe

Showcase Night at EuroSonic. These

Network Europe Showcase Nights are a

second channel for our members, and for

the host-event it serves as a quality trademark,

as the booking team at Popkomm

has always said. Material that they receive

through Network Europe, they said, is on

average much better than the other submissions.

A third change is that, apart from two

regular Members Meetings a year (so far

usually during EuroSonic and Popkomm),

we are going to have a third Members

Meeting that will focus on another country

every year, with a strong cooperation

with a music business event in that country.















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VIP- News - December 2009

A fourth step is to introduce differentiated

membership fees. An individual annual

membership in 2010 could cost as little as

€80 (up to €320) excl. VAT, depending on

the GAE (Gross Annual Earnings) in the

country of the Network Europe member.

We have not raised the maximum fee, but

we have introduced three levels of lowered

membership fees. There are countries in

Europe where the country’s average income

is roughly 25% of that in countries

such as Great Britain, Germany or The

Netherlands. With the maximum fee, music

business people from countries with lower

GAE would maybe have to spend as much

as 10 percent of the average yearly income

in their country on a membership with Network

Europe. So starting in 2010 we will

have membership fees up to 75% below the

standard rate. This will get us more members

and make Network Europe even more

European than it already was. We cover the

whole of Europe better and we are more attractive

to those working in a country with

lower GAE who want to participate in our

network and want to take advantage of

what Network Europe has to offer.

VIP-News: Are showcases a worthwhile investment

to promote artists abroad?

Berends: I think they are, but it depends

very much on where your band plays of

course. You have to pick the right events.

I am now not speaking on behalf of the

board or the association, but I do think

many people share my view that there are

too many events and that it is very hard to

find the time to attend them all, even if you

only pick the really useful ones. It is also a

challenge to select the useful ones for exposure

of your company or for presenting

your bands. And of course it also depends

on what country you need to focus on with

your bands. Sometimes an event is only important

in its own country, another event is

important internationally, and some events

are unimportant at any level, although people

still go there.

VIP-News: Did you ever think about applying

for funds at the European Commission

or elsewhere to help finance Network Europe’s


Berends: Going back to our lowered membership

fees starting in 2010: this might be

an entrance to get European financial support

because of course a membership fee

at 25 percent of the normal membership

fee does not cover costs for Network Europe.

We should apply for funds for that

and for other reasons, and we are investigating

this. Our Treasurer has it on his task


VIP-News: Are you cooperating with other

organisations or associations?

Berends: We are one of the founders of

the European Live Music Forum ELMF and

thought that it was the best way to cooperate

with other associations like the managers

association, the various festivals associations,

the producers association etc.

Unfortunately in 2007 we recognised that

the ELMF was not performing in the way

it should, due to various circumstances.

In 2008, based on information that we received,

we concluded that the ELMF would

not get things moving again, and we

stepped out. So did some others. Throughout

2009 the ELMF has been talking about

putting itself into hibernation and it is very,

very sad that this happens. But unfortunately

it did. We are hoping for another

chance to maybe revitalise the ELMF or to

start something under another name but

basically with the same intention. And of

course it needs to be done in cooperation

with everybody else.

Having the right tools for the job is often the key to success. Through our ongoing communication with key Live

Entertainment Industry Professionals, we have developed a range of services to meet the demands of agents, promoters,

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provider for this thriving industry.







??????????????????? is now the most widely used online

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information streamlining the day-to-day operations of

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The VIP-Book

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providing basic contact information

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Written by our highly merited journalists, Allan

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years of experience between them in the Entertainment

Industry, VIP-News brings the latest

news and views directly to your computer

keeping you up to date at all times.




VIP- News - December 2009

High Unemployment Rates

Affect the Spanish Concert Market

Allan McGowan

While in most European countries the financial

crises had a rather modest impact on

the development of the live music industry,

it appears that Spain’s market for live entertainment

events took a more significant hit

than the other European core markets.

The Spanish economy had to face a record

high in its unemployment rates. According

to figures from the research company

Eurostat, based on data from 27 European

countries, Spain has the highest unemployment

rates in the so called Euro Area.

According to these statistics in August

2009 Spain had an unemployment rate of

18.9 percent and a youth unemployment

rate of 32 percent.

With this in mind VIP-News spoke with

Alfonso Santiago, one of the three directors

of the Spanish concert company Last

Tours. The company promotes 6 festivals

including Bilbao BKK Live, the Azkena Rock

Festival, Kobetasonic and Sonisphere.

Current shows promoted by Last Tours

include Kiss, Dinosaur Jr and Fu Manchu.

The company furthermore runs a management

department for domestic artists

such as fito&fitipaldis, Extremoduro and

Quiqui Gonzales. Last Tours has adopted

the 360 degree business philosophy and

also runs a record label. But besides all this

we recommend taking a look at the web

site of this company, as it is an example

of how today’s well developed web sites

should look.

VIP-News: How is the concert industry in

Spain doing these days?

Alfonso Santiago: The Spanish live music

industry is noticing the effect of the crisis

in a more accentuated way than other industries.

In crisis times, hobbies and culture

lose relevance.

VIP-News: I have been told that many local

city council have downsized their budgets

for funding live events.

Santiago: Certainly, the councils have

drastically downsized their budgets and

this has meant that many companies in



VIP- News - December 2009

this industry are in a serious situation due

to the money they owe to the councils.

VIP-News: What does this mean for the

concert business?

Santiago: Ticketmaster and the banks’

sales systems are the leaders. We have

noticed a strong increase in Internet sales,

although concert visitors still prefer to go

to the box office.

Santiago: This, linked to the fact that in

2010 the budgets will be even lower, will

mean a big backward step in this industry

and the disappearance of lots of companies

which have developed their business

activities around the council budgets.

VIP-News: Which are the relevant ticket systems

in Spain and is Internet ticketing well

accepted by the Spanish concert visitors?

»We have noticed a strong

increase in Internet sales,

although concert visitors still

prefer to go to the box office«

- Alfonso Santiago

VIP-News: How was the festival season


Santiago: In Spain there have been less

festivals than in previous years. Some of

the festivals were not programmed this

year, and those were, like ours, have needed

harder work to go ahead with them,

and returned modest results. Now we are

working on 2010 festivals and are taking

into account the prices that the audiences

can afford to pay. It is not a good time for

the economy and we have to make it easy

for the people to continue having access

to live music.

VIP-News: How has the promotion for concerts

and events changed in recent years?

Last Tour, Dirctors

Santiago: The Internet has been a revolution.

We keep on working with all the

traditional tools like press ads, radio or TV,

posters in the main cities... but we are also

putting great effort into diffusion in the

virtual world, with good websites, publicity

in banners in websites, working on the

social nets...

For further information please check:

London’s Halfmoon Threatened with Closure

Allan McGowan

As stated in the ‘Musings’ at the beginning

of this issue of The News, the situation

for ‘grassroots’ venues everywhere is

causing concern. London has lost several

important of these in the last couple of

years, most recently The Astoria, and now

it looks as though one of the City’s last independent

live music venues could end

performances after nearly 50 years.

Having hosted bands including The Rolling

Stones, U2, The Who, Van Morrison,

Elvis Costello and Kasabian since 1963 The

Halfmoon in Putney has been badly affected

by the recession an increase in business

rates and a doubling of its tenants rent,

pushing them into debt.

Landlords, Young’s brewery, has told manager

James Harris that he must leave the

pub by 31 January. It is likely to be turned

into a ‘gastropub’ by another of Young’s

tenants. A spokesman for Young’s said it

had done all it could to continue to work

with Mr Harris and had spent £200,000 on


Mr Harris said: “We are at the grass roots of

live music and the Halfmoon is an engine

room for rising bands throughout the UK,

who are now running out of quality venues

to play.”

The Halfmoon’s situation also highlights

similar problems faced by many venues in

the UK (See also article by guest writer Don

Foster MP in this issue), as summed up by

the following update on its website:

There has been overwhelming support

from the public, the press, the music industry,

our local MP, Wandsworth Council,

The Musicians Union and even a few celebrities,

all shocked that a successful live music

venue with over 50 years of legendary

music heritage may be forced to close it’s

doors to make way for a gastro pub.

It is also important to reflect, that the troubles

the Halfmoon have faced financially

are not because of low turnout of gigs.

Ordinary pub custom is down but music

custom is down only very slightly. Rising

rents, alcohol duty, wholesale beer prices

and the recession are the reasons for the

Halfmoon dilemma, not a downturn in live

music. Since we announced the closure,

the venue has continued to thrive with a

number of sell-out nights and a forthcoming

programme of music right up to the

end of January, which is both diverse and

popular. The Halfmoon is not a failing music

venue, it is a success, and this popularity

and success would undoubtedly continue

if the building were to remain what it has

always been - a music pub.

Halfmoon Putney



VIP- News - December 2009



VIP- News - December 2009


Backs Local

Music Community

Manfred Tari


In October the senate introduced

its new support scheme for concert

clubs in Hamburg, through which

the city will cover the expenses for

concert royalties for smaller venues.

Backdated to 2008 and designed for

clubs with capacity less than 1000

visitors that present at least 24 concerts

per year, Hamburg will spend

about 150.000 Euro. The measure

is described as the Live Concert Account

and will replace the before existing

support program Clubbonus.

Second Sonic Visions Succeeds

Allan McGowan

VIP-News attended Sonic Vision in Luxembourg

This year’s second edition of Sonic Vi-

on the 27/28 November. The sions took “Where is my money?” as

event took place in the Rockhal, clearing

its main topic and featured 34 speak-

out on Sunday the 29th to let The ers and more than 100 participants

Prodigy get on with their show. The from all over Europe. Organiser Olivier

surrounding construction sites and the Toth said, “We designed the event to be

massive, rusting but weirdly impressive, a platform for artists to meet and learn

steel works lent a somewhat surreal air from music industry professionals and

to the proceedings!

we were very happy to receive positive

feedback from both.”

Luxembourg is populated by less than

half a million people, and at present has The event also presented two nights

only some 50 bands, but this event, and of bands from Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg

the Rockhal activities indicate a determination

and neighbouring countries

to develop a music industry performed 22 showcase gigs. Headlining

in the country that is home to the headquarters

artists were The Asteroids Gal-

of RTL. This media group operates

axy Tour, Silversun Pickups, Beatrice

TV channels and radio stations in Antolini, I Got you on Tape and Flashy

Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands,


UK, Australia, Luxembourg, Spain,

Greece , Hungary, Croatia and production

Sonic Visions 2010 will take place on

companies in the United States. 26 and 27 November


In December the senate of Hamburg

announced that it would institute a

support program for independent

record labels. This program is also

worth about 150.000 Euro annually

and is supposed to last at least

3 years.

Sonic Visions

Olivier Toth



VIP- News - December 2009

2010 Conference Calendar Update

Allan McGowan

All those Music Industry people from all

sectors who have not yet done so, will

be finalising their registrations and travel

arrangements for the glut of Conference

and Showcase events which fill the early

part of the year. In the past MIDEM marked

the start of the year’s serious networking,

but Eurosonic/Noorderslag in the northern

Netherlands city of Groningen has

taken over and continues to confirm the

first slot in the calendar.


Taking place from 14th - 16th January

2010, Ticket sales for both EuroSonic, the

international live showcase event and

Noorderslag, which presents national

talent, have broken all records, going

on sale on November 28 and selling out

on exactly the same day. This year’s focus

country is Norway.

All bands performing get the chance to

play in front of all the biggest European

festival promoters and follow in the footsteps

of the acts like the White Lies who

were booked for 15 festival shows after

playing at this year’s event.

Building on the success of the UK Festival

Awards, Virtual Festivals Europe has

joined forces with European Festivals Association,

YOUROPE for the inaugural European

Festival Awards, which gives fans

the chance to vote for the best festivals,

artists and songs of 2009. The Awards will

be presented at a gala ceremony at The

Grand Theatre in Groningen On Wednesday

13th January. Vote now at:

On Thursday January 14th, for the second

year, Jools Holland will present the

European Border Breakers Awards – the

EBBA’s. The winners of the 2010 European

Border Breakers Awards are; Milow

(BE), Charlie Winston (GB), Peter Fox (DE),

Soap&Skin (AT), Kerli (EE), Jenny Wilson

(SE), Buraka Som Sistema (PT), Sliimy

(FR)), Esmée Denters (NL) and Giusy Ferreri


Online voting for the new Public Choice

EBBA has started on the EBBA website.

From the 10 winners, one will be chosen by

the European audience as the most popular

border-breaking act in Europe.. Voting




pOrSchE-ArENA: Up TO 7,500 SpEcTATOrS • 2010: ...WhITNEY hOUSTON, DEEp pUrpLE, rONAN kEATING, chrIS rEA...

Tel. +49 (0) 711/9554-40

Fax +49 (0) 711/9554-500


AZ_in_stutt_VIPbook_RZ.indd 1

23.11.2009 18:17:54 Uhr


VIP- News - December 2009

for the Public Choice Award takes place

online at

until the end of the year.

The Conference Agenda will address the

current state of affairs within the European

music industry. The conference

program is now complete with 250 international

speakers and over 100 panels,

presentations, discussions and award ceremonies.

Highlights in the international

conference program will be the key note

of Bob Lefsetz, the key note presentation

of Steve Knopper, The Festival Panel, The

Agent Panel, The Managers Panel, The

June, July and August Festival meetings,

Booking A Tour Live On Stage, Off The

Record With A Smile, The Digital panel

(with a.o. Niklas Ivarsson, Global Head of

Licensing, Spotify). The focus on Norway

includes Destination Norway, The truth

about Norwegian Black and Extreme

Metal and many more…

Full info on the website:

Over the past few years the Conference

Calendar has continued to fill up with new

events alongside the established gettogethers,

inevitably leading to clashes,

for instance ILMC and Canadian Music

Week now take place on the same weekend

after CMA shifting its dates to move

closer to SXSW to allow trans-Atlantic

travelers to combine their visits to both

North American conferences. This year

MIDEM and Noorderslag were scheduled

back to back, but in 2010 there is a week

in between.


Midemnet starts on January 23, and Midem

itself runs from the 24th to the 27th

of January, with one registration covering

both events for the first time. The focus

country will be South Africa. (See the VIP- mail out last week for up to

date details.)


The International Live Music Conference

– ILMC – continues its celebrated annual

‘theming’ in 2010 taking on a nautical aspect

as described in the following communication

from HMS ILMC…

Ladies and Gentleman, I name this


Viewed as one of life’s last great travel

experiences, there’s something undeniably

majestic about setting sail to explore

the globe. Whether it’s a journey

of discovery or a chance to experience

new and exciting things, it is the perfect

theme for ILMC 22 and its 80-hour

voyage around the live music industry


We set sail on 12 March 2010 on a cruise

liner carrying around 1,000 delegates

from over 55 countries, made up of the

leading figureheads and professionals

from the concert business worldwide.

It’s strictly an invite-only event, and in

addition to extensive networking opportunities,

the weekend world cruise also

promises many engaging and thoughtprovoking

conference panels.

While we announce the full conference

agenda in February, topics may well include

what responsibility and duty of care

the industry has towards its artists, particularly

as the pressures on live income

increases. Technology and the quickening

pace of change also raise many issues,

including the ongoing evolution of the

artist/fan relationship. And we’ll be asking

just how well the industry has weathered

the storm of recession.

ILMC looks forward to keeping the captains

of industry in the mode that they

accustomed to with our irreverent mix of

meetings, parties and dinners. Central

to this is the ILMC Gala Luau and Arthur

Awards on Saturday 13 March at the Jumeirah

Carlton Tower, London SW1, when

over 300 industry leaders gather to watch

the Arthurs – the closest to an Oscar many

will get – awarded to the great and the

good of the touring world.


South By Southwest kicks off their 2010

Music Conference in Austin Texas with

a keynote address from Smokey Robinson

at the Austin Convention Centre on

Thursday, March 18, 2010.

For more information on South By Southwest,


The Great Escape

The partner country for this annually expanding

international trade and showcase

event scheduled for May 13-15, 2010

has been confirmed as Australia.

A partnership with Sounds Australia will

see a number of Australia’s leading acts

making the journey to the UK’s south

coast to join up with over 350 bands performing

in over 30 venues spread across

Brighton over the course of three days.

For more info on The Great Escape go to



VIP- News - December 2009



downtown Groningen

the Netherlands




downtown Groningen

the Netherlands







De Oosterpoort







VIP- News - December 2009

2009 brought us a new record!

214 shows with 75 european artists from 18 countries performing at 54 etep festivals

in 20 countries; a grand total of 965 shows by 346 european artists since 2003....



downtown Groningen

the Netherlands




downtown Groningen

the Netherlands




De Oosterpoort









VIP- News - December 2009

The German Conventions

Manfred Tari


In the last issue VIP-News reported on the

discussions and outlook for the proposed

bundling of Popkomm, the Berlin Festival

and the All Together Now ( conference

under the umbrella of “Berlin Music


Arguments continued as Popkomm-

Founder Dieter Gorny and Olaf Kretschmar,

a project manager of Berlin Music

Commission issued open letters debating

the concept of the Berlin Music Week in

general and Popkomm in particular.

While this recent open conversion continued

with the outcome limited to the media,

Popkomm announced official dates

& rates and its new location. According

to this Popkomm will take place at the

former Berlin airport Tempelhof on September

8-10. On the same weekend also

the Berlin Festival will take place at the

same location.

In terms of space there won’t be any problems

at Tempelhof to accommodate both

events at the same time. The entire area

covers about 1.5 million square meters.

Popkomm will take place in the former

entrance hall and the departure gates in

the airport building, which is still considered

to be the third biggest building in

world. As the dates for the Berlin Festival

are September 10 to 11, Popkomm will

open up its doors on September 10 for

consumers and in return allow Popkomm

delegates to join the Berlin-Festival.

However Popkomm will retain the Kulturbrauerei

as its festival location, but no

announcements have yet been made as

to who will be the artistic director. Dates

set for the Kulturbrauerei are September

8 & 9. Furthermore Popkomm has so far

not revealed whether it will have a conference

program or if that part will be be

handled by

c/o pop

The Cologne has meanwhile reacted to

the latest developments and moved its

dates from August to June in 2010. c/o

pop also will also move to a new location,

the Rheinparkhallen in Cologne, a location

where Popkomm where Popkomm

was located in 2002. This building is a historical

location, build in 1924 and enables

c/o pop to compete with Popkomm directly

in terms of potential exhibitors. The

facility offers about 18.000 square meters

and is located close to the Rhine.


Held for the first time this year, this event

will continue as the convention part of

the Reeperbahn-Festival in Hamburg.

The senate of Hamburg is currently undertaking

serious efforts in backing popular

music activities. In an article in the

local newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt,

Alex Schulz, managing director of the

Reeperbahn-Campus commented on the

fact that the dates for Popkomm and the

Reeperbahn-Campus are very close, as

the dates for the Campus and the festival

are September 23 to 25. Schulz pointed

out that there will be no competition for

the festivals but it is likely that exhibitors

will choose only one convention.

Pop Up

Last but not least, is the Pop Up music

convention in Leipzig. The 8th edition of

the annually general assembly of the German

alternative music business is scheduled

for May 7 & 8 2010. But unlike the

Cologne situation, Pop Up will move back

into its old convention centre. This year

the music fair was held in the Volkspalast,

but the next edition will return to the

Werk II. This convention is by far the most

affordable convention for exhibitors as

stands cost only 90 Euro.

VIP-News will include further updates on

these and other notable Industry events

in upcoming issues in 2010.



VIP- News - December 2009

The Future of Live Music in the UK

– A Politician’s Point of View

Allan McGowan

On Thursday, October 22, I attended the

demonstration in London’s Parliament

Square referred to in the following article,

and met our guest writer Don Foster, Don

is a British Liberal Democrat Member of

Parliament, representing Bath in southwest


Live music is, and always should be, a vital

strand in British cultural DNA. However,

with the Licensing Act 2003 the current Labour

government has tied the industry up

in so much red tape it is being strangled.

Live music may continue to do well in large

venues, the value of the entire live music

sector rose by 13% in 2008, but as Chris

Carey of PRS for Music pointed out in an article

for IQ Magazine: “In live concerts it looks

like we have an 80/5 rule, where 80% of monies

are generated by the top 5% of artists.”

The Act is clearly having a harmful effect in

small venues, the kind where bands perfect

their craft. The Live Music Forum has found

that live music in smaller venues is decreasing,

a point supported by Parliament’s Culture,

Media and Sport Select Committee.

The same committee said in May 2009 that

live music provision in venues whose main

business is not live music has decreased by

5%. This is seriously threatening Britain’s

ability to develop young musical talent.

Without doubt this situation could have

been avoided. Back in 2004, in one of their

many consultations on this issue, the Government

was warned by over 80% of venue

owners capable of hosting live music that

they would not continue to do so under the


My counterpart in the Lords, Lord (Tim)

Clement-Jones, regularly cites a legal case

from 1899 (Brearley v Morley). This established

that a pub landlord could let customers

use a piano on his premises without

an entertainment license. He then rightly

points out that today such a landlord could

face a £2000 fine. This demonstrates why

Lord Clement-Jones introduced a Live Music

Bill in the House of Lords. This Bill calls

for the return of the ‘2-in-a-bar’ rule, a total

licensing exemption for hospitals, schools

and colleges (in respect of live music), and

an exemption for venues with a capacity of

under 200 who already have a license to sell


Frustration at the situation was made

clearly and colourfully in a performers

protest organised by Equity and the Musicians

Union that I spoke at on 22nd October

in Parliament Square. There was some

wonderful (fully licensed) live music, dance

performances and even some clowns. The

Government had pre-empted this move by

announcing hours beforehand that venues

with a capacity of 100 might be made exempt

from having a license, but only after

another 12 weeks of consultation. After 6

years of legislation, eight consultations,

two government research projects, two

national review processes and a parliamentary

select committee report, I feel public

views on this issue have been made clear.

The Government must now put in place the

recommendations put forward both by the

Liberal Democrats and the Culture, Media

and Sport Select Committee; that is, an exemption

for venues with a capacity up to

200, not the 100 now to be considered.

Having a license doesn’t mean the end

of the problems for venues. In London,

the Metropolitan Police still continue to

use Form 696. Even with the most recent

changes to the form, 696 is without doubt

racist, targeting events mainly frequented

by members of ethnic minority communities.

In May, this form forced the closure of

Project Urban at the IndigO2. This event,

due to feature prominent artists such as

Tinchy Stryder and Wiley, was deemed

high risk, despite the organisers spending

£4,500 on airport style security. Project Urban

was not deemed ‘high risk’ because of

police information on gangs or troublemakers

attending. It became ‘high risk’ after an

administrative error meant the date of birth

or two artists due to perform were not submitted.

If venues such as the O2 are finding

it hard to navigate this administrative quagmire,

it is no wonder smaller venues are less

inclined to put on live music events. I repeat

here in print what I have said publicly; there

must be an end to the use of form 696.

The Met claim that Form 696 is a safety measure,

yet there is no evidence that live music

gigs are of greater concern with regard to

crime and disorder than any other form of

public gathering, such as a pub showing

football. The Culture, Media and Sport select

committee also made it clear that they

felt the Licensing Act should be reviewed

and reworded to “remove the over linkage

of live music with public disorder.” We

should be encouraging the development

of people’s creativity, not suppressing it

over false fears.

I have focussed predominantly on the effect

the legislation has had on musicians

and promoters on the ground. However, as

this magazine has previously highlighted,

the effects restricting live music market go

much deeper. For example, sponsorship of

live music events in 2008 was down 10% on

the previous year. Encouraging financial input

into the creative economy is vital in this

time of economic downturn.

I will continue to speak out in favour of

adjusting the rules around live music, and

I will continue to support performers as

they lobby Parliament on this issue. The

Licensing Act has been in force for 6 years

and has failed the people it was supposed

to support. It is high time Government cut

the red tape.

Don Foster



VIP- News - December 2009

Business News

Manfred Tari

DEAG Releases 9 Months Business Report

Deutsche Entertainment increased its key figures for revenue and earnings. The

turnover went up from 76.4 to 81.2 million Euros. The earnings before taxes (EBIT)

rose from minus 2.4 the year before to 2.3 million Euros as did the net income, which

moved up from minus 3.6 to 1.1 million Euros.

The company declared that it is confident in gaining for about 100 million Euro in

ongoing turnover as it expects a strong forth quarter. Nevertheless looking into

the figures for the third quarter, the two company segments Live-Touring and Entertainment-Service

reveal different development for the turnover and EBIT results.

The Live Touring-department gained a turnover of 3 million Euros in Q3-2008, in

Q3-2009 5.8 million Euros. The EBIT in this department decreased from minus 4.6

to minus 1.4 million Euros. For the Entertainment-Service department the turnover

shrunk from 23.7 to 19.2 million Euros, while the EBIT rose from minus 0.2 to 1.3

million Euros.

Within one year the DEAG share risen from 0.62 up to 2.15.

Public Organisations Unite Against the Live

Nation Ticketmaster Merger

It looks like a strong alliance against the long lasting considerations of the intended

merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster. In a joint statement representatives of: The

National Consumers League (NCL), the American Antitrust Institute, the Consumer

Federation of America, Consumer Action and Knowledge Ecology International

clearly stated that they have strong concerns about the fusion of these two companies.

»We all know the saying ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

That is exactly what Ticketmaster and Live Nation

are attempting to do«

- Sally Greenberg

The NCL Executive Director Sally Greenberg was quoted as saying, “This merger

would be a disaster for consumers. Nothing short of blocking this takeover of the ticket

market by two industry behemoths will be acceptable” and added “Spinning off a small

part of Ticketmaster is no answer.” She continued: “We all know the saying ‘if you can’t

beat ‘em, join ‘em. That is exactly what Ticketmaster and Live Nation are attempting to

do.” Addressing the Department of Justice (DOJ) where the merger is still pending

approval she said, “Were this merger to be allowed to proceed, it would kill even the

modicum of competition that currently exists between the two companies.”

For James Love, Director of Knowledge the deal is simply “An insult to both musicians

and consumers. It will lead to higher prices and less interesting music and art. The last

thing we need is fewer corporate entities controlling more of our culture.”

Also Susan Grant, Director of Consumer Protection at Consumer Federation of

America argues heavily against the elephant marriage while saying: “Consumers

deserve a fair deal in the entertainment marketplace, not the fewer choices and higher

prices that would result from this merger”.



VIP- News - December 2009

In a direct approach to the DOJ Linda Sherry, the Director, National Priorities for

Consumer Action comments “These companies are not popular with consumers.

Allowing this merger to proceed would make a bad market for consumers much,

much worse. We strongly urge DOJ to block the merger without conditions.”

At the beginning of next year at the latest it will become clear if and how Live

Nation and Ticketmaster might be able to unite. Looking at the share price

development for the last 52 weeks, both have gained. Live Nation went up

$3.83 to $7.93 and therewith doubled it’s value as did the share price of Ticketmaster,

which went up from $5.59 to $11.60.

CTS Eventim as the only corporate company and business partner of Live Nation

that doubtless have the biggest concerns against the merger also saw its

share price rise significantly within one year: From 24 to 32.69 Euros.

Bidding for MAMA Group

For quite a long time share news of the Mama Group has only produced a flow

of relaxed activity. No spectacular mega deals and no attempts for rolling out

world domination plans. The Mama Group just concentrated on developed its

company portfolio in assembling concert venues in London.

But now hectic events have taken over from this previously uneventful situation.

Out of the blue an attempt at a hostile take over has surprisingly changed

everything. The investment company SMS Finance made an offer of round

about £30 million to acquire the majority of the outstanding share capital of

the Mama Group. SMS Finance already holds 30 percent of the Mama issued

shares. SMS Finance controls Pacific Capital, which belongs to Silvio Scaglia who

founded the company in 2007. Scaglia made a fortune as a shareholder of the

Italian telecom company Fastweb S.p.A. He holds 18.75 percent in the company

and sold his stake to Swisscom. According to a Forbes ranking Scaglia is worth

about $1.2 billion and therewith the 799th richest man in the world.

However, the Mama Group arranged a £2.5 million bond with Pacific Capital

and is supposed to repay the loan at the end of the year. On December 7 SMS

Finance offered 3.7 Pence per share and two days increased the offer to 4.75

Pence after the initial refusal by the Mama Group board.

In the 58 page offer catalogue it is documented that Pacific Capital provided

two more non-convertible loans, one of £1.5 million and another of about £1

million. On September 15 Pacific Capital transferred its 26.3 percent stake in

Mama to SMS Finance.

Meanwhile HMV raised its investment and acquired 66.5 million shares or 8.2

percent of the Mama share capital for 5.25 Pence per share. According to a report

in the Guardian HMV already holds a 50 percent stake in the Mama venture

Meanfiddler, which owns 11. HMV have therefore paid £18.25 million. Amongst

others the Hammersmith Apollo has already been renamed the HMV Apollo.

An HMV statement in the Guardian says: “HMV notes the recent announcement by

SMS Finance SA of its offer for MAMA, HMV’s joint venture partner in Mean Fiddler

Group. HMV confirms that it is considering its position with respect to MAMA.”

One year ago the MAMA share was worth 4.5 and just recently rose to 5.5

Pence. The current market capitalisation of Mama stands at £44.43 million.

artist avails ››


Territory: Europe

Period: 01/07/2010 - 31/12/2010

Agency: Artist Agency

Agent: Bart Quintens

Phone: +32 1677 7670



Cyndi Lauper

Territory: Europe

Period: June 2010

Agency: William Morris Endeavor


Agent: Sheraz Qureshi

Phone: +44 20 7534 6800




Territory: Europe

Period: October 2010

Agency: We Rock U

Agent: Menno Zweers

Phone: +31 6 1480 3918




Territory: Worldwide

Period: Generally available

Agency: Maffucci Music

Agent: Canio Rosario Maffucci

Phone: +39 339 485 8107



The Neon Judgement

Territory: Europe

Period: Generally Available

Agency: Artist Agency

Agent: Bart Quintens

Phone: +32 1677 7670



Massive Attack

Territory: Europe

Period: 2010

Agency: William Morris Endeavor


Agent: David Levy

Phone: +44 20 7534 6800



More Artist avails on:

Post your Artist avails on:



VIP- News - August - December 2005 2009

notice board ››

Another new service in the improved and redesigned VIP-News is the Notice-board, which is available for all readers.

Reader’s messages will be posted on the Notice-board as a free service, passing on announcements, job postings, buying

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VIP- News - December 2009

Member presentation ››

In this section we offer members of some space to present their company to VIP-News readers.

If you would also like to present your company please contact Peter Briggs at


- SMG Entertainment Deutschland GmbH

The König-Pilsener-ARENA is a multi-functional venue, offering a

superb setting for a variety of sports events, theatrical presentations,

ice-skating and concerts. Flexible configurations provide

room for audiences ranging from 800 to 13,000 who enjoy family

shows such as Disney on Ice, sports including handball matches,

musicals like Grease, and concerts from rock and pop icons and

orchestras alike.

drive-time. The arena offers great accessibility with 12 motorway

junctions, more than 10,000 free parking spaces, bus and tram terminals

immediately outside the venues.

Since its opening in 1996, the Kõnig-Pilsener-ARENA has earned a

reputation as one of the most sophisticated venues in Europe, offering

excellent operational facilities and an unforgettable experience

for all its visitors. The König-Pilsener-ARENA meets the latest

standards in engineering, architecture and security.

Its central location, at the heart of one of Europe’s largest conurbations,

the Ruhr area, means the Arena is easily accessible by

road, rail and air for the 15 million people living within an hour’s


About Our Company

VIP-Booking’s core product is the Internet’s oldest and largest database

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developed as a tool for industry professionals. Since it’s

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Today VIP-Booking offers a range of tools for the industry – including

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