At the forefront of the nuclear renaissance

Nuclear Generation

Atkins is the UK’s largest engineering and design

consultancy and the world’s 11th largest design

firm. We have the depth and breadth of expertise

to respond to the most technically challenging and

time critical infrastructure projects and the urgent

transition to a low carbon economy. Whether it’s

the concept for a new skyscraper, the upgrade of

a rail network, the modelling of a flood defence

system or the development of a nuclear power

station, we plan, design and enable solutions.

“Atkins’ role in returning these units safely to

power grows day on day and it gives me great

belief that we will succeed with the knowledge

of the calibre of personnel you have working

for you.”

Richard Bradfield

BCU Engineering lead - major modifications, British Energy

Nuclear Generation


Atkins is:

• Europe’s largest design and technical consultancy with 16,000 employees

worldwide and over 1,500 have worked on nuclear projects

• A FTSE 250 company

• One of the Sunday Times 20 Best Big Companies to Work for in 2005,

2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009

• One of the Times Top 50 Where Women Want to Work

• In the Times Top 100 Graduate Employers

• Number 1 in the NCE Files for the last 6 years

• Voted Best Environmental Consultancy for 2008 in the awards

by clients and consultants in the environment industry. This is the fourth

consecutive year Atkins has won the top prize

• Recognised by RoSPA for excellent Health and Safety performance with

the award of the RoSPA Gold standard in 2009


Nuclear Generation

Nuclear Generation

Nuclear Generation

Our Nuclear Business

Atkins is at the forefront of the nuclear renaissance, having provided business critical

engineering solutions to the nuclear sector for more than four decades. The Group

is very well positioned to add value to today’s challenges of delivering the next

generation of nuclear power plants and at the same time maintaining the existing

generating fleet and safely decommissioning the legacy facilities.

For the record...

• We undertook our first nuclear assignment on Berkeley Power Station in 1965

• We were the first consultancy to undertake a Probabilistic Safety Assessment on a UK reactor (Hunterston A)

• We were a founder in the reactor design consortium A 2 M in the 1970s

• We were awarded the first Managing Agent contract by UKAEA for the initial decommissioning of the

Windscale Piles in 1992

• We provided business critical engineering and safety services for the Superheater Header Restraints project at

Wylfa in 2001

Today, Atkins is a strategic partner to clients in all the sectors within the civil and defence nuclear industry,

illustrated by the following:

• Generation

Tier 1 Technical Support Alliance partner to British Energy

• Defence

Structural integrity and safety support to Rolls-Royce Naval Reactor Plant programme

• Clean Up

Part of ACKtiv JV, the delivery partner for Sellafield fuel storage pond clean up

• New Build

Architect Engineer for ITER

Nuclear Generation

Our Nuclear Business - Nuclear Generation

Nuclear Generation

Atkins is a tier 1 strategic partner to British

Energy for the supply of engineering, safety and

environmental services to maintain their existing

fleet of AGR’s and PWR.

Atkins is one of the four lead partners to British Energy on the

Technical Support Alliance. Under this vehicle, Atkins has provided

more than 350 man years of support to the nuclear fleet in the last

three years alone, with key contributions in the areas of:

• Graphite Core programme in support of life extension

• Fuel Route improvement programme

• Periodic Safety Review programme

• Key recovery projects such as the Boilers and Boiler Closure

Units (BCU)

Case Study

Boiler Closure Units

Inspections of the Boiler Closure Units (BCU) during a Hartlepool

outage identified a number of significant defects in the pre-stressing

wire winding system over several BCUs. These were considered to

significantly undermine the safety case for continued operation as a

result of which, Heysham 1 and Hartlepool were closed down and

British Energy mobilised a project team to engineer, procure and

install solutions to allow the stations to be repowered.

Atkins provided a team of up to 50 people to support this project

and provided the solution to return the reactors back to service by

designing a circumferential steel band to lock in the existing

pre-stress in the wire windings. Nine of these bands were fitted to

each BCU to provide frictional restraint of the wires underneath

effectively acting as an additional layer of passive wire winding.

Atkins also designed an environmental control system to protect the

wires and bands from corrosion, a modification to the existing BCU

cooling system, and the fitting of a thermal shield to replace the

original fillite insulation that was removed to install the bands.

Our Nuclear Business - Nuclear Generation

Nuclear Generation

Sizewell B

Atkins has been involved in Sizewell B from its construction

to the present day. During construction we provided

structural services to assess the temporary loading and

stress arrangements for the construction of the secondary

containment dome.

Currently we are assisting British Energy with the definition stages of the

development of a new Dry Fuel Store, including establishing a suitable export

route and investigating the capacity of the on-site flask handling system.


Nuclear Generation

Our Nuclear Business - Nuclear Defence

Nuclear Defence

Atkins supports the nuclear defence sector through

operations focussed on the nuclear propulsion

programme and the Atomic Weapons Establishment.

Case Study

Rolls-Royce Managed Services Contract

Atkins is a major partner to Rolls-Royce in the nuclear defence sector

through a Managed Services Contract. We have performed a variety

of services including:

• Impact assessment for Vanguard, Swiftsure and Trafalgar

Class submarines

• Safety case for the Astute class

• Technical authority role for small vessels and coolers

We are also supporting Rolls-Royce with their work on the next

generation of deterrent through the Flotilla Reactor Plant

Support Contract.

Our Nuclear Business - Nuclear Defence

Our Nuclear Business - Clean Up

Clean Up

Atkins has been involved in the nuclear clean up

since the late 1980s working with Sellafield Ltd

(formally BNFL), Magnox and UKAEA.

Atkins was quick to recognise that the engineering skills acquired

in the offshore sector were transferable to the nuclear clean up

market where there was a demand for remote operations. Early

projects included the Windscale Pile Chimneys project management

and engineering, Windscale Piles Managing Agent, Dounreay BFR

Decommissioning safety case and Berkeley Active Waste Vaults

Recovery engineering and safety case.

Case Study

Sellafield Legacy Pond

The clean up of the First Generation Magnox Storage Pond at

Sellafield is widely acknowledged as one of the most challenging

projects in the NDA estate. Atkins have been providing engineering

services to the project for over a decade.

The portfolio of projects includes:

• Ponds Alliance

• Export Re-equipping

• Pond Retrievals

• Sludge and Process Packaging Plant

Atkins is delivering the work through the ACKtiv Nuclear Joint

Venture, alongside Aker Solutions and Carillion. Atkins is providing

multidiscipline engineering services to the project, including civil,

structural, seismic and mechanical handling.

Our Nuclear Business - Clean Up

Image copyright of Magnox Electric Ltd

Our Nuclear Business - Nuclear New Build

Nuclear New Build

Atkins has a unique offering for new

build projects

• Extensive knowledge of the legislative and regulatory

framework in the UK

• An ability to mobilise large multi-discipline design teams

Nuclear specific skills in such things as fuel route

and waste management

• A leading position as a civil, structural and infrastructure

Design House

• Expertise in extreme loading and design for hazards

The combination of all these diverse skills allows Atkins to offer

solutions to a wide range of clients including utilities, reactor

vendors, regulatory bodies and contractors.

Case Study

EDF Energy - Support for the Nuclear Site Licence

Application for the Nuclear New Build Project

Atkins provides a range of nuclear sector safety, environmental and

engineering specialists to support EDF Energy in the preparation of

the applications for Nuclear Site Licences (NSL) and environmental

permits for the Hinkley C and Sizewell C new build projects. This

includes input to the management systems and arrangements

to support their claims in the management prospectus and

applications for licences and environmental permits and consents.

Our work includes:

• Specialist input to all aspects of a NSL application and, in

particular, the production of processes, procedures and

arrangements to support the requirements of the Conditions

of the Nuclear Site Licence and environmental permits

• Assistance for developing and implementing a programme

supporting the demonstration of a capable and intelligent

customer, operator and prospective nuclear licensee with

underpinning safety culture

• Providing overall project management support for delivery of

the NSL and environmental permit applications

• Assisting with the management of the planning application

Our Nuclear Business - Nuclear New Build

World Class Skills

World class skills

delivered through local offices

We build powerful and innovative project

teams by combining specialist skills in market

facing businesses with the unrivalled breadth

and depth of technical skills from around

the company. The leverage of these ‘crossindustry’

skills sets Atkins apart from many of

the traditional nuclear specialist providers.

Health and safety - We maintain a ‘safety first’ attitude

throughout all elements of our work.

Size - As the largest engineering consultancy in the UK we

can handle the most complex challenges.

Diversity - Atkins works across business sectors allowing

leverage of cross-industry expertise to apply best practice in

the nuclear sector.

Training - Atkins is committed to training its staff. In 2005,

we opened our own Atkins Training Academy (ATA) which has

trained more than 550 engineers in specialist skills over the

past 2 years.

Client focussed - We work closely with our clients,

understanding their needs and goals. We provide solutions

tailored to the client’s requirements - our clients’ needs drive

our business.

Flexible - Providing solutions to projects from small, to our

clients’ most eminent, multidimensional challenges.

Experienced - Having provided more than 40 years of

support to the nuclear industry, we have the experience to

support our clients’ needs in this ever changing sector and are

prepared for the embarkation into UK nuclear new build.

Balanced offering - Our integrated teams comprising

multidiscipline engineering, safety and environmental

professionals provide a one stop shop to meet the most

demanding challenges presented by our clients.

United Kingdom

Other Europe

Middle East

North America

Asia Pacific

Number of Employees


11,500 +


500 +

World Class Skills




Atkins Office


Nuclear Generation

Glasgow Office

• Established in late 1990s

Nuclear safety specialism

• Power plant life extension

• Civil & structural support to British

Energy specialist group at East Kilbride






Whitehaven Office

• Established in mid 1980s

to support Sellafield

• Traditional civil engineering

consultancy until establishment of

ACKtiv Joint Venture in 2002

• Now a multi-million pound/annum

clean up business

Warrington Office

• Established in 1990s

• Regulatory interface

and nuclear safety


• Advisors to site

licence companies

and regulators

including NII and EA

• Safety support to

major projects such as

Dounreay Fast Reactor


Calder Hall



Heysham 1 2












Rotherham Office

• Atkins acquired MG

Bennett & Associates

Ltd in 2008 to build

upon our existing,

extensive, mechanical

assessment capability

• Bennett Associates

has been involved in

the nuclear sector for

over 20 years

• Expertise in the

assessment of cranes,

lifting and mechanical



Hinkley Point





Bristol Office

• Established through extent of British Energy work in 1991

• Growth on ‘Long Term Safety Reviews’ during 1990s

• Built on a ‘smart‘ structural engineering capability, now has

a multidiscipline capability

Nuclear power station base operational

Epsom Office

• Dominated by our work in support of AWE

• Steady growth in workload up until 2001

• Huge growth from 2001 onwards on new facility design

• Currently £18 million / annum fees

Nuclear Generation • 280+ designers currently engaged

Atkins Training Academy

Atkins Training Academy

Recognising the significant demand for nuclear

qualified engineers and the predicted growth of

this over the next five to ten years, we opened

our own Atkins Training Academy (ATA) in 2005.

The Atkins nuclear training academy has trained

more than 550 engineers in specialist skills over

the past two years, taking both recent graduates

as well as experienced professionals from other

disciplines. As the next stage in the development

of our training offering, Atkins has teamed up

with the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)

to provide fully accredited university standard


By setting up this academy we have been able to extend our

recruitment reach, bring in new skills and increase the overall

talent pool by training engineers who have not worked in the

nuclear sector before. Nuclear engineers have to have particularly

high level expertise of the safety-critical environment they work

in and through a two year structured training course, Atkins

engineers gain a deeper understanding of the industry.

Atkins is keen to help bridge the nuclear skills gap by opening up

its own training academy to key partners in the nuclear industry.

The academy courses range from an introduction to the nuclear

industry right through to the design of fuel storage facilities.

Atkins is continually looking at new courses to ensure staff

receive the most appropriate and up-to-the-minute learning

paths for their field.

The programme includes:


• Introduction to the Nuclear Industry

• Online Skillport Radiological Protection Pathway 1-3

• Surrey University Nuclear Conversion Course

Nuclear Safety Case

• Engineering Substantiation

• Introduction to Nuclear Physics

Nuclear Safety Culture


• AGR Familiarisation (E-learning)

• New Generation Reactor Technology

• Radioactive Materials Handling, Storage and Transport

• Fissile Material Lifecycle

• Control and Protection in the Nuclear Industry

• Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste Management


• Reactor Materials and Lifetime Behaviours

(NTEC - Manchester University)

• Decommissioning, Technology and Robotics

(NTEC - Lancaster University)

• Management of the Decommissioning Process

(NTEC - Birmingham University)

• Particle and Colloid Engineering in the Nuclear Industry

(NTEC - Leeds University)

• Criticality Safety Management (Sultan)

• Fracture Mechanics (Fracture Training Association)

• Structural Integrity (Imperial College)

• High Temperature Component Life Assessment

(Imperial College)

• RS Introductory Course

• Processing Storage and Disposal of Nuclear Wastes

(Sheffield University)

• Environmental Impact Assessment (Liverpool University)

• Earthquake Engineering (Professional Solutions)

• PWR/Reactor Thermal Hydraulics Course (Sultan)

Nuclear Fuel Cycle Course (Sultan)

• Reactor Physics (Birmingham University)

• Safety Course (Loughborough University)

Atkins Training Academy

Nuclear Generation

Nuclear Generation

Nuclear Generation

Nuclear Generation

World Class Skills

Our Skills

Atkins multidiscipline skills have been applied to all aspects

of the nuclear sector.

From advanced structural analysis of reactor components to heritage specialists

assisting in the potential preservation of early nuclear facilities, Atkins is able to

provide skills across a vast range of topics.

Nuclear Capability

The core nuclear skills are illustrated below. In addition to these nuclear specific

skills, Atkins is able to mobilise the capabilities of the wider group both in the UK

and overseas. For example, we have developed a significant presence in Bangalore

which has helped us to tackle the skills stretch that we have in the UK. Offshoring

work to Bangalore also brings direct financial benefits to our clients.

Mechanical Design







Nuclear Cranes


Building Design

Building Design

Remote Mechanical


Other Mechanical


Containment &

Blast Structures

Containment &

Blast Structures



Civil Structures

Civil Structural

Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels





Building Surveying

Building Surveying

Heavy Mechanical




Impact Analysis

SIL Assessment

(Mach Dir)

Explosive Response

Mechanical Seismic

& FE




E. C&I


E. C&I




Process Design

Safety Assessment


Safety Assessors



Reliability (ARM)

Human Factors

Fire Safety


Emergency Planning

& Response


Impact Assessment

Off-site modelling -

Radiological Impact


modelling - Non

Radiological Impact


Contaminated Land


Power Systems

Design - High


Power Systems

Design - Low


Analogue C&I

Digital C&I

PLC Programming

SIL Assessment &


C&I Validation and





Material Chemistry

& Decontamination

Nuclear Process


Nuclear Process

Equipment Design

HVAC Design



Nuclear Safety


Health Physics/

Radiation Protection


World Class Skills

Service Offering - Regulatory Support

Nuclear Generation

Service Offering

Our clients include Government, regulators, owner

operators, tier 1 M&O contractors and tier 2

implementation contractors. The multidisciplinary

nature of Atkins allows us to tailor our service

offering to meet the high demands and

expectations of all of these diverse client groups.

This is illustrated in the following graphic

Plan...... Design...... Enable









Regulatory Support - Safety

Atkins has extensive experience in the production of

modern safety cases and associated reliability studies.

We provide services in support of safety case production and

management including HAZOP, HAZAN, frequency and consequence

assessment and demonstration of ALARP. We also have a full ILS/

ARM/RCM capability. We have experience in implementing Safety

Management systems.

Atkins is involved in the generic safety assessments for the prelicensing

of the Generation III+ reactor island designs.

Case Study

Hunterston A Wet ILW Retrievals Safety Case

The project involves the retrieval and encapsulation of wet

Intermediate Level Waste that has accumulated during operation and

initial decommissioning of the power station. Atkins is providing safety

case and shielding support to Hunterston A for this project, via Aker

Solutions who are the tier 2 contractor for the project.

Atkins services include:

• HAZOP 1 & 2

• Forward Action Plan

• Fault Schedules

• Safety Functional Requirements (SFR) Levels 1, 2 & 3

• Preliminary Safety Report (PSR)


• Engineering Schedule

• Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA)

• Pre-Construction Safety Report (PCSR)

• Radiological Classification of Areas

• Shielding Basis of Design

• Bulk Shielding Assessment Nuclear Generation

• Dose Assessment

• ALARP Assessment

Service Offering - Regulatory Support

Image copyright of Magnox Electric Ltd

Nuclear Generation

Nuclear Generation

Nuclear Generation

Nuclear Generation

Service Offering - Regulatory Support


Support - Environment

Atkins is one of largest and most successful

environmental consultancies in the UK.

We have experience in:

• Delicensing

• Contaminated land

• Environmental assessments

• Discharge and dispersion modelling

• Environmental policy and strategy

• Environmental management systems

Case Study

Dounreay Environmental Support Files (ESF)

Atkins supported Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd (DSRL) in the

assessment of compliance with the conditions of the Radioactive

Substances Act 1993 Site Authorisation. The project involved

individuals from various technical disciplines in Atkins, including

nuclear specialists, engineers and experts from the Water and

Environment group.

In support of the ESF project, Atkins was also responsible for

providing embedded environmental support to the Prototype Fast

Reactor (PFR) to allow DSRL staff to concentrate on the ESF project.

Tasks at PFR included carrying out detailed Best Practicable Means

(BPM) assessments, advising projects on their environmental

considerations and providing general environmental assurance to all

stakeholders, including Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

(SEPA), for decommissioning activities.

Service Offering - Regulatory Support

Service Offering - Technical Consultancy

Technical Consultancy

Atkins’ flexible approach to building teams is fully

scalable from the provision of a single specialist

working in a client team to a full stand alone

technical team delivering a defined scope of work.

Common to all the Technical Consultancy work is a set of values that

ensures Atkins repeatedly delivers excellence by:

• Providing high calibre staff who are technically of the highest class

• Taking time to understand our clients’ requirements

• Being prepared to challenge the norm and think outside

of the box

• Offering a continuous drive and push to get the job done.

Case Study

ILW Vault Retrieval and Processing

Magnox - Bradwell

The Magnox fuel element debris (FED) at Bradwell will be recovered

and processed in a dissolution facility on site. This will involve the

retrieval of waste from its existing storage location and segregation/

sorting of the waste forms whilst providing adequate shielding to

minimise public and personnel radiological dose uptake.

Atkins were approached by Magnox to develop the concept including

the selection of dissolution technology together with producing

the engineering design through to scheme design including design

proposal drawings, general arrangements, specifications and HAZOP

1 & 2 deliverables.

Atkins has been assisting Bradwell by providing the following support

for the concept design of the dissolution facility:

• Chemistry

• Process engineering

• Mechanical handling

• Ventilation

• Shielding

• Safety case

• Waste management & environment

We delivered a solution to Magnox that not only significantly

accelerates the programme but reduces secondary waste volumes from

their previous dissolution process by a factor of almost 200.

Service Offering - Technical Consultancy

Image copyright of Magnox Electric Ltd

Nuclear Generation

Nuclear Generation

Service Offering - Technical Consultancy

“Atkins is as close as a

supplier can be to being part

of our business. Our goals are

their goals also.”

Dave Kendall

Head of Fleet Programmes, British Energy

Nuclear Generation

Case Study

Seismic Modelling of an AGR Nuclear Reactor

Core - British Energy

The core of an AGR consists of stacks of graphite bricks providing

vertical channels for fuel assemblies, control rods and coolant

flow. These bricks are stacked and interconnected by a system

of keys and keyways allowing the core to expand and contract

thermally whilst retaining its cylindrical shape. As the reactor

ages the graphite core can become cracked. Atkins is currently

investigating the seismic implications of graphite cracking via

FE analysis.

An FE model of each graphite brick has been created in

LS-DYNA. The model simulates the graphite core under seismic

loads and outputs loads and displacement of the graphite bricks

under seismic conditions so that the control rod insertion path

alignment can be assessed.

Nuclear Generation

Service Offering - Technical Consultancy

Nuclear Generation

Nuclear Generation

Image courtesy of Ashley Middleton

Nuclear Generation

Nuclear Generation

Service Offering - Design House

Design House

The Design House role is ideally suited to Atkins’

core multidiscipline design skills. We can rapidly

deploy large multidiscipline design teams either

within our offices or at client sites. At AWE for

example we had over 200 full time employees

working on the Design House commission

at peak.

Typical services would include :

• Optioneering

• Concept design

• Scheme design

• Detailed design

• Technical specifications

• Construction drawings

Atkins has a full suite of design tools including structural analysis

packages such as ANSYS and STADPro together with engineering

and design tools such as AutoCAD, CATIA and Solid Works.

Service Offering - Design House

Service Offering - Architect Engineer

Architect Engineer

The Architect Engineer role allows us to combine

our engineering and design skills with the

commercial skills of F+G, our cost management

and QS business.

Typical services would include :

• Multidiscipline design and engineering

• Procurement and construction strategy planning

• Preparation of tender packages for implementation contracts

• Pre and post contract QS services

• Project planning

• Budget control

• Project reporting

• Cost management

• Site supervision and inspection

• Contract administration

Case Study

AWE Orion

The Orion project at AWE is a new laser facility for research into high

energy plasma physics with a petawatt laser array.

Services provided

Atkins undertook the conceptual design of the facility including:

• Architectural design

• Civil & structural engineering

• Building services design

In addition, Atkins assisted in:

• Obtaining planning permission

• Producing the safety case for the new facility

• Development of detailed performance specifications

Continuing support

Atkins continued to support AWE in the:

• Administration of the build contract

• Assessment of detailed designs

• Overseeing construction and commissioning activities

Service Offering - Architect Engineer

Nuclear Generation

Nuclear Generation

Service Offering - Architect Engineer

Case Study


Working in a pan European Joint Venture with

Assystem, Iosis (both French) and Empresarios

Agrupados (Spanish), Atkins was retained by

Fusion for Energy to provide the critical role of

Architect Engineer on the ITER project in

southern France.

ITER, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, is a

large-scale scientific experiment to demonstrate the commercial

feasibility of fusion power. It is one of the most challenging and

innovative scientific projects in the world today, involving parties

representing over half of the world’s population.

The Architect Engineer role is being delivered to an eight year

programme by a 200 strong intergrated team at the ITER site in

Cadarache. When completed, the site will comprise over forty

buildings including the 50m x 200m Tokamak complex, designed to

modern nuclear standards.

The role involves:

• Design of all the buildings

• Pre and post contract services to select, appoint and manage

construction contracts

• Site supervision

• Master planning and detailed programme management

• Budget and financial management

• Site management

Service Offering - Architect Engineer

Image copyright of Sellafield Ltd

© Atkins Ltd except where stated otherwise.

Nuclear Generation

The Atkins logo, ‘Carbon Critical Design’ and the strapline

‘Plan Design Enable’ are trademarks of Atkins Ltd.

Lifting the Gantry Replacement System (GRS) onto the

first Generation Magnox Storage Pond at Sellafield.

This major lift was the culmination of two years’ design, manufacture and

safety case development undertaken by ACKtiv Nuclear, a joint venture

between Atkins, Aker Solutions and Carillion. The GRS is part of the

equipment being designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned

under the Pond Retrievals Project which ACKtiv are undertaking for

Sellafield Ltd to remove the sludge from the pond.

Nuclear Generation

Chris Ball

Director of Nuclear

The Hub

500 Park Avenue

Aztec West


Bristol BS32 4RZ

Tel: +44 (0) 1454 662689


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