Monroe County Sheriff's Office Annual Report - 2009

Monroe County Sheriff's Office Annual Report - 2009

Monroe County

Sheriff’s Office

Annual Report - 2009

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Table of Contents

Letter from the Sheriff ........................................................................Page 4

Sheriff’s Command Staff ....................................................................Page 6

Sheriff’s Office Values and Mission Statement ...............................Page 7

Jurisdictional Area and Sheriff’s Office Locations ..........................Page 7

General News and Events, 2009 ........................................................Page 9

Employee Awards ................................................................................Page 17

Sheriff’s Office helps kids learn & grow ............................................Page 20

Keeping you informed, asking what you think .................................Page 22

Organizational Charts .........................................................................Page 24

Office of the Sheriff ............................................................................Page 26

Bureau of Law Enforcement ..............................................................Page 27

Bureau of Administration ..................................................................Page 37

Bureau of Corrections .........................................................................Page 41

Important Numbers .............................................................................Page 43

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The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has been both State and Federally

Accredited since 1991.

Sheriff’s Philosophy: “Do the right thing, at the right time, for the right


Leadership Philosophy: “Our agency exists to provide service to our customers

- the citizens of our county. We must ensure they receive the quality of service

they deserve, and pay for.”

The past year was, of course, a very special one for me. It was my first year as Sheriff of Monroe

County. I took the helm of this agency in January and since then the time has flown by.

It has been a busy year and we’ve made a lot of progress. I had a set of goals in mind when I

became Sheriff and many of those goals are well on their way to being met.

First and foremost, I wanted our agency to have a Strategic Plan which would guide us as we

move forward. I wanted the goals to outline where we are going during my first four years in office,

how we will get there and how we will measure our progress as we strive to meet those goals.

Toward that end, staff held a series of meetings to formulate the plan and to begin putting it in

Sheriff Robert P. Peryam place. We identified a number of areas where we felt we needed to improve, including communicating

better both internally and externally. Career development for our employees was also identified

as a goal, along with doing a better job of training people to meet the needs of the community in the

digital age.

Because we are still experiencing tough economic times, and have faced yearly drastic budget cuts, having a plan in place is even more

crucial. Our budget is currently set at below 2006 levels, and we have cut 58.5 positions, including 28 law enforcement officers, 28.5 support

positions and two correction officers. Without proper planning, such drastic cuts could easily cripple our ability to do our job. Due to proper

planning, we have managed to keep our performance high by working smarter.

Making the Sheriff’s Office environmentally friendly was a goal of mine. We’ve come a long way with this goal and plan to go even further

still. We have purchased a number of “green” vehicles including four hybrid Ford Escapes, along with several electric scooters we are using

for airport patrol. We have made every effort to go paperless as well. Our offense and arrest reports are all digital; Jail records are now

scanned which makes them accessible to everyone who needs them. They no longer have to be physically transported from place to place

with the inmate they pertain to. Our old records are being scanned too, making them more easily accessible and using much less in the way

of storage space.

Our payroll is all digital and all employees participate in direct deposit making the whole pay process much easier and using much less

paper. Our job application process can now be completed on-line, and our budget documents, arrest information, warrants and inmate information

are all digitally available on our web site.

In April of 2009 we began a county-wide recycling effort. Between April and December, we recycled almost 20 tons of paper, cardboard,

plastic and aluminum. This saved the agency almost $4,000.00 in the cost of waste disposal.

In an effort to reduce our carbon emissions and save employee time, we have begun providing training on-line. Law Enforcement, Corrections

and Support personnel who used to drive to a training location and sit in a classroom for hours at a time can now access the training

on their computers. We also cut hundreds of hours of commuting time by installing video conferencing equipment in all of our substations,

enabling our personnel to meet remotely.

Taxpayers will take comfort that our agency has proven itself to be fiscally responsible as well. We have managed to continue doing the

job of law enforcement despite drastic budget cuts. At the same time, we have maintained our high standards, achieving our seventh perfect

audit of our financial responsibilities. We tightened our accountability, eliminating multiple gas cards used for employee travel. We found it

was less expensive to purchase gas from businesses in the community than it was from County supplies, so we issued “Wright Express” gas

cards to everyone with an issued vehicle. These cards are easy to closely monitor, and a detailed monthly report allows us to ensure there is

no misuse.

We look for creative ways to fund our initiatives as well, in an effort to save taxpayer dollars. We have applied for and received numerous

grants; funds seized from drug dealers and other criminals help as well: we’ve seized $38.9 million dollars in forfeiture funds the past 10

years. In 2009, we began selling advertising on our web site, generating funds that can be used to help keep it up and running. You’ll notice

we also sold ads in this report to help pay for it’s production.

We are reaching out to you, our customers. We have a survey on our web site which asks you what you think of our performance. I’m

happy to say that so far, the responses to this survey have been overwhelmingly positive. We have begun using social media like Facebook,

Twitter and our Blog to deliver information directly to you.

As I move into my second year in office, I look forward to continuing to strive for more and better service from the Monroe County

Sheriff’s Office. I believe we must constantly seek improvement and we should always challenge our assumptions and look for better, more

efficient and more effective ways of doing business.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009


Sheriff Robert P. Peryam takes office

On January 6, 2009, Robert P. Peryam was sworn in as Monroe County Sheriff by Judge Ruth Becker. Following that

ceremony, Sheriff Peryam traveled throughout the Keys swearing in the employees of the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff’s

Office employees serve at the will of the Sheriff by state law and their appointments are renewed every four years

following the Sheriff’s election.

Judge Ruth Becker swears in Sheriff Bob Peryam as

his family members stand by to support him.

Sheriff Peryam’s two daughters, Kelsey and

Allison, pin on his Sheriff’s stars.

Sheriff Peryam swore

in all of his new employees

at a series

of ceremonies held

throughout the Keys

following his formal

swearing in ceremony.

5 Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009

Sheriff’s Command Staff, 2009

The Undersheriff holds the rank of Colonel and is second in command of the Sheriff’s Office, reporting

directly to Sheriff Peryam. He is responsible for the day to day actions of Sheriff’s Office personnel and for the

enforcement of General Orders and Policy within the Sheriff’s Office. He also handles the disposition of disciplinary


Colonel Ramsay oversees all Sheriff’s Department Bureaus, including the Operations, Corrections and

Administrative Bureaus; the Sheriff’s Community Relations Division, the Communications Division, the Aviation

Division, the Internal Affairs Division and the Chief of the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area group in Miami

report directly to him.

Colonel Ramsay, raised in the Florida Keys, started with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office in 1987 as a

patrol deputy. He has worked in virtually every area of the Sheriff’s Office over the years, in Traffic Enforcement

as a deputy and then as Traffic Sergeant. He worked as a Patrol Sergeant, and Detective Sergeant of both the

Sheriff’s Monroe County HIDTA Group and as head of Special Operations and Narcotics. He was promoted

Colonel Richard Ramsay to Lieutenant in the year 2000, placed in charge of all investigative functions, including general crimes, crime

scene investigations and special teams.

He was promoted to Captain in 2001, serving as Commander of Operations at the Main Detention Facility

and then Captain of the Lower Keys District. He became Lieutenant Colonel in 2003, third in command of the entire office, and has served

as Colonel since 2004.

He has attended the prestigious Federal Bureau of Investigations National Academy and the Southern Police Institute’s Command Officers

Development Course. He serves on the board of United Way, the MARC House, the Guidance Care Center, the Florida Keys Children’s

Shelter and the Florida Keys Community College Training Advisory Committee.

Colonel Ramsay’s depth of experience in law enforcement, and in Monroe County law enforcement, makes him particularly effective at

directing all aspects of the office.

Left to right:

Chief Ken Dugger, Captain Joe Mendez, Captain Penny Phelps, Captain Don Hiller, Captain Tim Age, Captain

Lou Caputo, Captain Ted Migala, Chief Tommy Taylor, Colonel Rick Ramsay, Sheriff Bob Peryam, Chief

Joel Widell, Captain Chad Scibilia, Captain Don Fanelli, Chief Mike Rice, General Counsel Mark Willis, Director

Bill Martin, Lieutenant Colonel Tim Wagner.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009


Mission Statement

Partnering with our community to provide

exceptional service and safety in the

Florida Keys.


To meet the needs of the community as a recognized and

respected professional agency by doing the right things for the right

reasons at the right time......always.


• Loyalty

• Responsibility

• Respect

• Pride

• Professionalism

• Courage both physical and moral

• Fair and without prejudice

• Courtesy / Customer service

• Perseverance

We also find these things to be important

• Innovation

• Persistence

• Neatness/Appearance

• Compassion

• Achievement

• Discipline

Jurisdictional Area

The Florida Keys are a chain of islands extending south and

west from the southern tip of Florida. From the Monroe County line

at the 112 mile marker of Highway U.S. One (including State Road

905 and a portion of Card Sound Road) to the island of Key West

at the five mile marker of the same highway, the Monroe County

Sheriff’s Office is the primary law enforcement agency providing

service to the citizens of the County. The agency also is charged

with operating County detention facilities and serving civil papers in

the entire County.

The Sheriff’s Office has its main Headquarters building, and it’s

main Detention Center just outside of Key West on Stock Island. The

County is broken up into Districts, including the Lower Keys (District

One), the Middle Keys (Districts Four and Five), Islamorada (District

Six) and the Upper Keys (District Seven).

While the Sheriff’s Office is the primary law enforcement agency

for Monroe County, other local, state and federal agencies also

operate in the Florida Keys. The Florida Highway Patrol investigates

most accidents on Keys roadways. The Florida Fish and Wildlife

Commission takes care of most waterborne law enforcement

activities. The Naval Air Station, located in the Lower Keys, has its

own security force. The City of Key West has its own police force,

as does the City of Key Colony Beach. The Sheriff’s Office works

closely with all law enforcement agencies in the Keys, and enjoys a

good working relationship with all of them.

General Information

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has 569 employees, including

185 road patrol deputies, 142 corrections officers, 175 support

staff and 67 employees in our South Florida High Intensity Drug

Trafficking Area office.

Sheriff’s Office Locations

Headquarters: Located at 5525 College Road on Stock Island,

the Sheriff’s Headquarters building houses all the main Administrative

Offices responsible for day to day operations, including the

Finance Division, the Human Resources Division, Records and

Warrants Divisions, the Civil Division, Internal Affairs, Information

Systems, the Training Division, the Legal Division, the Community

Relations Division, Professional Standards and Planning and

Research. Detectives working Lower Keys cases also have an office

in the Headquarters building. Housed separately at the Courthouse

complex in Key West at 500 Whitehead Street, is the Sheriff’s Property


Headquarters Building, Stock Island

Department of Juvenile Justice :The DJJ building is located

adjoining the Sheriff’s Main Detention Facility at 5503 College Road,

Stock Island. The first floor is dedicated to a Juvenile Detention

facility run by the Department of Juvenile Justice. The second floor

houses the Sheriff’s main Supply Office, Juvenile Programs Office,

Victim’s Advocates and an office for Detectives with the Sheriff’s

Crimes Against Women and Children’s Unit, as well as a fully

equipped gymnasium used by Sheriff’s employees.

Freeman Substation - Cudjoe Key: The Freeman Substation,

at 20950 Overseas Highway, is at the 21 mile marker of Highway

U.S. One, on Cudjoe Key. It is home to Lower Keys Road Patrol and

two Detectives who work Lower Keys cases. District One runs from

the city limits of Key West at the 4 mile marker to the 40 mile marker

on the Seven Mile Bridge.

Freeman Substation, Cudjoe Key

Marathon Substation: The Marathon Substation, at 3103

Overseas Highway, mile marker 48.7 in the City of Marathon,

houses Middle Keys Road Patrol, and Detectives. There is a satellite

Records Office and Property Division, as well as a Civil Deputy assigned

to the substation. District Four includes the City of Marathon,

from the 40 mile marker, on the Seven Mile Bridge to Tom’s Harbor

Cut Bridge at the 60.5 mile marker of Highway U.S. One; and District

7 Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009

Five runs from Tom’s Harbor Cut Bridge to the Islamorada city limits,

at the 74 mile marker of Highway U.S. One. The Sheriff’s Communications

building is also in Marathon, housed separately, in the Florida

State building at 2796 Overseas Highway at the 47.5 mile marker.

The Roth Building - Plantation Key: The Roth Building, at 50

High Point Road in Tavernier services Sheriff’s Office District Seven,

which runs from the northernmost city limits of Islamorada at mile

marker 90.2 (Tavernier Creek Bridge), to the county line at the 112

mile marker of Highway U.S. One, and includes Ocean Reef and

parts of Card Sound Road and State Road 905.

Marathon Substation

Aviation Division Headquarters: The Aviation Hanger, home

to the Sheriff’s Aviation Division, is on the grounds of the Marathon

Airport at 10100 Overseas Highway at the 52 mile marker. In addition

to housing all Sheriff’s Office aircraft, it also provides a home to the

Sheriff’s Mobile Command Post and Firearm’s Trailer. The building

has a fully functional and equipped training classroom, and a gymnasium

used by Sheriff’s employees.

Roth Building, Plantation Key

Main Detention Center: The Main Detention Center, at 5501

College Road, holds up to 596 inmates and includes a professional

grade kitchen, Sick Bay and Medical Offices, as well a Video First

Appearance Room and an Officer’s Dining Room. Inmates from the

Lower Keys, as well as all inmates judged to be violent or high profile

are housed here. The Commander of the Detention Division has his

office in the facility and the day to day operations are overseen by

one Captain, the facility Commander.

Aviation Headquarters, Marathon

Special Operations Division and High Intensity Drug Trafficking

Area: This building, at the north end of Marathon, houses

detectives assigned to work specific types of crimes including narcotics,

homicides and Crimes Against Women and Children. Victim

Advocates are housed here, as is the Sheriff’s Intelligence Officer.

The Monroe High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area group (HIDTA) also

works out of this building, coordinating long term money laundering,

racketeering and other types of investigations involving the cooperative

involvement of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Islamorada Substation: Servicing the law enforcement needs

of the Village of Islamorada, the Islamorada substation is at 86800

Overseas Highway, mile marker 86. District Six Road Patrol is

housed here. District Six runs from the 73 mile marker, at the south

end of the Channel Two Bridge, to the 90.5 mile marker at the Tavernier

Creek Bridge.

Main Detention Center, Stock Island

Marathon Detention Center: The Marathon Detention Center

is a satellite facility that houses 52 inmates judged to be “low risk”.

Located at 3981 Overseas Highway at the 49 mile marker in Marathon,

the facility is run by a Lieutenant who reports to the Detention


Plantation Key Detention Center: The Upper Keys Detention

facility houses 47 inmates judged to be “low risk” and is located at 53

High Point Road at the 89 mile marker of Highway U.S. One in Tavernier.

The facility is run by a Lieutenant who reports to the Detention


Islamorada Substation

Plantation Key Detention Center

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009





Key Largo


Stock Island

Big Pine Key



Key Colony Beach




Key Largo storefront,

Murray Nelson Building

Roth Building, Plantation Key

Plantation Key Detention Center

Key West

Freeman Substation

Cudjoe Key

Headquarters and

Stock Island Detention Center

Department of Juvenile Justice

Marathon Substation

Marathon Detention Center

Aviation Division

Special Investigations/HIDTA


Hazardous Materials Training

Four members of the Sheriff’s Office Special Weapons and Tactics

team attended a training course called Hazardous Materials Incident

Response for Law Enforcement Tactical Officers, or HazSWAT.

General News and Events, 2009

Two members of the Sheriff’s SWAT team don hazardous materials

gear in preparation for their HazSWAT training.

Farewell to Sheriff Rick Roth

Employees and other community members said goodbye to

Sheriff Rick Roth at a party held at the Navy Trumbo Palms in January.

Sheriff Rick Roth dances with his granddaughter at a going away

party in his honor.


Murder on Stock Island

Detectives begin investigating the Stock Island murder of 57 year

old Richard Gardner, found dead on his boat at Kings Pointe Marina.

Two suspects were taken into custody in Salt Lake City, Utah after

several items belonging to Gardner were found in their motel room

Gardner’s car was recovered in Tennessee, where the two suspects

had been pulled over for a traffic violation.

Fire damages fish company

A fire which started on a fishing boat spread to offices and storage

areas at the Sea Lobster Fish Company on Stock Island. Deputies

evacuated people from surrounding areas.

9 Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009

Fire destroyed offices and storage areas at Sea Lobster, also

doing damage to nearby boats.

Highway Interdictions - Islamorada, Big Pine


A Highway Interdiction operation in Islamorada resulted in two

arrests for drugs. Over 10 ounces of marijuana were seized, along

with almost $6,000.00 in cash. Later in the month on Big Pine Key ,

officers arrested two and seized 22.5 grams of cocaine , a gun and

$1,800 in cash. These were the first in a series of such operations

throughout the year.

Kinkajou, written by a Fort Lauderdale man. He and his wife donated

the animals to the farm.

Underage drinking operation

Convenience stores, liquor stores and bars were checked to see

if an undercover operative could purchase alcohol. Six notices to

appear in court were issued after five store clerks and one bartender

sold alcohol to the operative. This was the first in a series of such

operations during the year.


Crane tips over in Marathon

A crane tipped over in Marathon as the operator was attempting

to lift a boat out of the water. No one was injured in the incident.

Crane tips over while attempting to lift a boat.

Drugs and money seized during a Highway Interdiction operation

in Islamorada.

Fugitive shot, apprehended in Marathon

A federal fugitive hiding out in Marathon was shot as officers

from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Sheriff’s Office

attempted to apprehend him. Fugitive Larkin Baggett of Utah pointed

a loaded assault rifle at the officers prior to being injured. He was

airlifted to a Miami hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Deputy Ken Fricke and his K-9 Tracer search a car during the Big

Pine Key operation.

Animal Farm receives new animals

The Sheriff’s Office Animal Farm welcomed two new animals to

it’s menagerie. Maggie the Sloth and Tucker the Kinkajou. The two

animals are the stars of a children’s book series featuring Peeper the

Trailer in Marathon where federal fugitive was shot.

Crime Watch Chairperson of the Year

Louie Collazo, Crime Watch chairperson for Meridian West

Maggie the Sloth joins the menagerie at the Sheriff’s Animal


Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009


Colonel Rick Ramsay and Chairperson Louie Collazo.

Apartments on Stock Island was chosen for Sheriff’s Office Crime

Watch Chairperson of the Year for 2009.

Chief inspects the main jail facility

Chief Tommy Taylor performed a detailed inspection of the Stock

Island detention center, crawling under sinks, using a mirror to inspect

the tops of storage boxes and a flashlight to inspect bathroom


members can now follow the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office on Twitter

at MCSOnews.

Plane makes emergency landing in Key West

A plane carrying seven people made an emergency landing at

the Key West Airport. There were no injuries. The runway was closed

for over an hour.

Plane makes emergency landing.

Chief Taylor inspects tiles for cleanliness using a flashlight.


Sheriff’s Office announces “Going Green”

The purchase of four hybrid vehicles and the implementation

of county-wide recycling for Sheriff’s Offices were just two of the

environmentally friendly efforts announced by the Sheriff’s Office.

The office is also going paperless with many of it’s records, is moving

toward on-line training for employees and is using video conferencing

for Sheriff’s staff and other meetings.

Deputies pull man from burning trailer

Deputies Chris Fraser and Rosa DiGiovanni pulled a handicapped

man from a burning trailer in Marathon.

Teen almost shot over gun-shaped belt buckle

A 17 year old on Stock Island was almost shot after a confrontation

with detectives and deputies. The boy was wearing a belt buckle

which was designed to look like a .25 caliber Berretta stuck into his


Belt buckle that looks like a gun causes tense stand-off.

Accident causes bridge closure

An accident involving three cars and a semi-tractor trailer truck

shut down the 7 Mile Bridge for several hours. Three were taken to

area hospitals.

Working with Waste Management, the Sheriff’s Office began

recycling efforts county-wide.

Accident on the 7 Mile Bridge causes closure, injuries.

Sheriff’s Office bought four hybrid vehicles in March, 2009.

Sheriff’s Office on Twitter

The Sheriff’s Office announced a new way to keep in touch with

the community. The Office of Community Relations began using the

social networking site “Twitter” to keep people up to date on crime

news, accidents and other events in the Sheriff’s Office. Community

Ten Upper Keys teens charged with child


Ten Upper Keys teens were arrested after they participated in

the filming of sexual acts involving an underage girl.

FWC Officer and Corrections Officer arrested for


An officer from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Com-

11 Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009

mission and a Corrections Officer were arrested by federal authorities

on drug charges.

Fire at Keys Boat Works in Marathon

A fire at Keys Boat Works in Marathon destroyed numerous

boats and spread to the marina itself, doing extensive damage.

Fire at Keys Boat Works in Marathon.

Crime Statistics show an increase

Major index crimes in Monroe County showed an increase of

4.9% for 2008. Statistics compiled by the Florida Department of Law

Enforcement were released to the public in April. Clearance rates

decreased during the same amount of time.

Torch Run in Key West

The Sheriff’s Office, along with other law enforcement offices in

the Lower Keys, participated in the Special Olympics Law Enforcement

Torch Run. The run traveled from the Sheriff’s headquarters

complex on Stock Island, through the streets of Key West, to Mallory


Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run.

Jonathan Crane promoted

Jonathan Crane was promoted and became the newest Detention

Center Lieutenant, stationed in Key West at the Main Detention



Strategic planning in action.

Press conference: ID of four Cuban migrants

Sheriff Peryam, along with the Medical Examiner and detectives

spoke at a press conference about how difficult it was to finally identify

the bodies of four men found floating off shore of the upper Keys

in August of 2008.

The Sheriff speaks to the press about dead Cuban migrants.

Diver for Aquarius dies

A diver who worked for the NOAA research program’s Aquarius

lab died while working on a project just outside the facility.

Deputies rescue man from fire

Deputies John McGee and Luis Blasco pulled a man from a

burning trailer on Stock Island, saving his life. Both deputies were

treated for smoke inhalation after the rescue.

Academy graduation

The law enforcement academy class from Florida Keys Community

College Institute of Criminal Justice graduated and shortly

thereafter, Sheriff Peryam swore in his new officers at the Headquarters

building on Stock Island.

Jonathan Crane receives his Lieutenant’s bars.

Sheriff’s Office administrators begin strategic


Sheriff’s Office administrators began meeting together in Marathon

to outline a strategic plan for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

The plan will outline a direction for the office, as well as assigning

goals and objectives for divisions and districts within the office.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009


Sheriff Peryam swears in new deputies.

Attempted murderer tried to escape

A man charged with attempted murder tried to escape from the

Stock Island Detention facility. He was caught when two alert Corrections

Officers spotted him in a visitation hallway.

Fire at trailer park

A fire at Coral Sands Trailer Park in Rock Harbor left a man


Police Memorial Day in Key West and


Police Memorial Day ceremonies were held in Key West at Bayview

Park and in Tallahassee to commemorate those officers killed in

the line of duty.

Signs remind drivers to lock up

Special signs were installed at Islamorada bridges reminding

people to lock their car doors. Deputies county-wide frequently

respond to car burglaries at bridge approaches.

New signs posted at bridges in Islamorada.

The Sheriff and Chief Donie Lee at Police Memorial Day in Key West.

Operation “Eagle Claw”

Special Investigations detectives took part in “Operation Eagle

Claw”, a state-wide Marijuana eradication operation. They discovered

three Marijuana cultivation operations in the Keys, arresting two men.

More than 12 pounds of the illegal substance were recovered.

MCSO Honor Guard at Police Memorial Day in Tallahassee.

Deputy Walter Kirchner dies

Many employees of the Sheriff’s Office attended a funeral for

Deputy Walter Kirchner who committed suicide in May.

Grow house busted during Operation Eagle Claw.

Laundry burns in Marathon

The Maytag Coin Laundry burned in the early morning hours.

Due to smoke billowing from the building, and fire hoses stretched

across the highway, traffic was stopped as the fire was extinguished.

A dog, kept in a kennel inside, was rescued and taken to a veterinary


Emergency responders saved a dog from the Laundry fire.

New Lieutenant

Anne Sweeney was promoted to the newest Lieutenant in the

Stock Island Jail facility.


Truck hits child in Marathon

A truck hit a child as he was crossing the road with family members

at the north end of the Seven Mile Bridge. The boy was airlifted

to Miami.

Shooting results in attempted murder charges

A Key Largo man was charged with three counts of attempted

murder after he shot a gun at his wife, her friend and their three year

old son. The friend was airlifted to Miami with a bullet wound in his


New Lieutenant Anne Sweeney.

13 Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009

Teen arrested for sex with underage girls

An 18 year old from Marathon was charged with 21 counts of

having sex with underage girls, promoting sexual performance by a

child and possession of child pornography.

Live Rock stolen

A million dollars worth - 300,000 pounds - of live rock was stolen

from an aqua farm offshore of Islamorada. The victim, who had a

permit for the operation, said he placed it there three years before;

when he returned, it had been removed.


Teens charged with vehicle burglaries

Three teens from Naples were charged with burglarizing 20 - 25

vehicles while visiting the Keys on vacation.

SWAT trains in tactical shooting

Members of the Sheriff’s SWAT team attended a tactical shooting

course at the Florida National Guard’s Camp Blanding in Stark,


Sport Lobster season is busy

Deputies were kept busy responding to reports of fishing and

dive gear stolen from various homes and vehicles over the two day

sport lobster season. In addition, detectives investigated the death of

a Palm Beach County man who was diving and spear fishing when

he began to have trouble.

Drunk man in stolen car flees; hits restaurant

A drunk man driving a stolen car fled from deputies at high

speeds; he went off the highway at the Snake Creek bridge, running

into two boat trailers and into the Island Grill Restaurant. He was

unhurt and was arrested.


Three major accidents slow weekend traffic

Three major accidents the first weekend in August slowed traffic.

In one, a semi truck hit a pickup, killing three people and sending

one by helicopter to a mainland hospital. A second accident involved

a motorcyclist hitting a dump truck, killing the motorcycle driver. The

third accident on Big Coppitt Key severely injured a woman who was

airlifted to Miami.

Employee Meet and Greet held

Sheriff Bob Peryam held a “Meet and Greet” event for new

employees of the Sheriff’s Office. The event taught new employees

about the agency, and allowed them to meet others they would be

working with.

SWAT team members learn tactical shooting.

Search warrant turns up drugs

A Stock Island man was arrested after search warrant turned

up Marijuana plants growing in a closet and several vials of anabolic


Detectives investigate shooting

A man who shot and killed another man in Islamorada said he

fired his gun because he felt threatened by the victim, who had a history

of violence against a woman who was also on the scene.

Jail promotions

Mark Lindback and Linda Brooks were both promoted to Detention

Sergeant by Sheriff Bob Peryam.

Employee “Meet and Greet” held for new Sheriff’s Office members.

Lobster season has deadly opening

Four people died during the first few days of lobster season. One

man died in Indian Key Channel as he was diving on a hookah rig.

A second man died in a Summerland Key canal as he was diving for

Lobster. A woman went missing and was presumed dead after she

had trouble while diving on a hookah rig. A Missouri man died after

failing to surface from a dive offshore of Islamorada.

National Night Out

Sheriff’s Office employees participated in National Night Out

events in the Lower, Middle and Upper Keys in August. Citizens were

invited to attend, meet their local law enforcement officers and learn

about crime prevention.

Two promoted to sergeant at the Stock Island jail.

Detectives ask for help in boat motor thefts

A rash of boat motor and lower unit thefts since January prompted

detectives to reach out to the community for help. At least 53 were

reported stolen in the Lower Keys since January.

Loggerhead turtle found slaughtered

A Loggerhead Turtle was found slaughtered in a wooded area off

of Sombrero Beach Road in Marathon.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009


Citizens turned out county-wide to participate in National Night Out.

Cudjoe man flees after stealing boat motor

A Cudjoe Key man was spotted by alert neighbors stealing a

oat motor. He fled from deputies. The motor was recovered and

although the driver managed to elude pursuing deputies, he was

identified and later arrested for the crime.

Theft from Marathon High School

Detectives investigated the theft of thousands of dollars worth

of computer and video equipment from two classrooms at Marathon

High School.

Open House Party arrests

Eleven people were arrested at an open house party in Key

Largo. Partiers originally tried to hide when deputies arrived. All were

charged with resisting arrest. Five were under 21 and charged with

minor in possession of alcohol.

Prostitution, drug arrests

A joint operation between the Sheriff’s Office and Key West Police

netted three for outstanding drug warrants and three for prostitution.

Supervisor promoted

Tatyana Gordiyenko was promoted to Supervisor of the Warrants


Cleaning up College Road

Employees from MCSO District One in the Lower Keys led an

effort to clean up College Road, with assistance from Waste Management,

Key West Public Works and the Toppino Corporation.

Cleaning up College Road on Stock Island.

Sheriff’s Office at open house

Employees from MCSO District 7 in the Upper Keys manned a

booth at the Tavernier Fire Department Open House, meeting people

and talking about Crime Prevention.

Tatyana Gordiyenko promoted to Warrants Supervisor.


Remembering Deputy Nick Pham

Deputies and FHP Troopers gathered roadside at the 62 mile

marker of the highway, where a sign was erected memorializing the

death of Deputy Nick Pham. Deputy Pham died in a traffic accident

November 26th, 2008.

Remembering Deputy Nick Pham.

Search warrant on Ramrod Key

A search warrant served on a Ramrod Key home resulted in one

arrest and the seizure of 23 ounces of Marijuana, a handgun and

over $1,600.00 in cash.

Woman stabs a man in the neck

A Key West woman was arrested for stabbing a man in the neck

with a box cutter. They were arguing over another woman.

Man arrested for molesting girl

A Tavernier man was arrested in Lake Wales, Florida for molesting

a young girl in the Keys. He was charged with 11 counts of sexual

assault on the victim.

Businesses checked for alcohol sales

Twenty businesses from Key Largo to Islamorada were checked

for sale of alcohol to minors. Of those, three received notices to appear

in court and one was arrested for her second violation.

Highway Interdiction Operation

A Highway Interdiction Operation resulted in three drug arrests

and one deportation order. 37 vehicles were stopped from the 5 to

the 15 mile marker of the highway; 28 citations were written, along

with nine warnings.


Open house at Tavernier Fire Department.

Fire kills motorcyclist

A fire at a Marathon convenience store killed a motorcyclist. The

victim tipped over after slipping in a puddle of gasoline. The gasoline

ignited and he couldn’t escape from underneath the motorcycle.

SWAT Sniper training

Members of the Sheriff’s SWAT team attended Sniper Training

in Manatee County. At the conclusion, all snipers were able to hit a

target at ranges of up to 1,000 yards.

SWAT team members train as snipers.

Businesses check for underage alcohol sales

A check on 21 businesses that sell alcohol between Key Largo

and Islamorada resulted in six notices to appear in court and one


15 Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009

Key West man dies diving

A Key West man died while diving in Boca Chica Channel. He

became fatigued and slipped under the water after failing to drop his

weight belt.

Boy charged with needle attacks

An 11 year old Marathon boy was charged with stabbing two 9

year olds with a used hypodermic needle and threatening a third.

Trauma Star crew learns escape techniques

The crew of Monroe County’s Trauma Star learned how to

escape from their helicopter if it crashes into the water. The two day

intensive course included being strapped into a cage and dunked

upside down under water.

hitting a tree killed the driver on Cudjoe Key.

Three charged with burglaries in Marathon

Three suspects were caught as they committed multiple vehicle

burglaries and at least one home burglary in Marathon.

Dive related deaths

A Texas man died while diving in the vicinity of the Vandenburg

wreck, off shore of Key West. A North Carolina woman had trouble

diving offshore of the Upper Keys and died later at Mariner’s Hospital.

Murder-Suicide on Conch Key

A man shot his girlfriend in the head, then killed himself at their

home on Conch Key. The two owned an Islamorada sign business


Search warrant results in drug arrest

An Islamorada man was arrested on drug charges after a search

warrant at his apartment turned up Oxycontin, Morphine, Valium and

Xanax pills, along with almost $1,500.00 in cash.


MARC House volunteers

Employees volunteered at the MARC House selling Christmas

Trees over the holidays.

Trauma Star crew trains in water crash escape techniques.

Man dies diving off Key Largo

A St. Augustine man died while diving offshore of Key Largo. He

was pulled from the water after drifting away from the boat he was

diving from.

Woman found dead, wrapped in plastic

A woman was found dead, wrapped in plastic and caught in

some mangroves in Jewfish Creek by two fishermen. She was identified

by her fingerprints as a Palm Beach County woman.

Highway Interdiction in Upper Keys

A Highway Interdiction operation between the 93 mm and the

106 mm of U.S. One resulted in one drug arrest. A total of 59 vehicles

were stopped, 40 citations were issued and 10 K-9 searches performed.


Commercial vehicle enforcement

Deputies learned about Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement

from the Department of Transportation.

Employees volunteered at the MARC House in Key West.

Officer arrested

A Corrections Officer was arrested on two separate occasions on

domestic related charges.

Drug arrests on Summerland Key

Four people were arrested on drug charges on Summerland Key

after officers went to the home to serve an arrest warrant. A pistol, 25

grams of cocaine and 70 grams of Marijuana were seized.

Pedestrians hit, killed

Pedestrians on Cudjoe Key and in Key Largo were hit and killed

by cars.

State-wide drug operation

The Sheriff’s Office participated in “Operation Reindeer”, a South

Florida Marijuana cultivation operation. Two growing operations were

busted, and two other search warrants turned up significant amounts

of Marijuana.

Corrections Academy graduates

Sheriff Peryam congratulated new recruits at a graduation ceremony

held at Florida Keys Community College.

Commercial vehicle enforcement training.

Accidents on county roadway

November was an accident-prone month. Card Sound road was

closed for six hours after one person was killed and another airlifted

to Miami in a two car accident. The Rockland Key bridge was closed

to traffic for two hours with two going to area hospitals and one airlifted

to Miami. A pedestrian was hit and killed at the 104 mile marker

in Key Largo. A dump truck and a pickup collided at the 9 mile marker

with a fuel leak keeping the road closed for six hours. A single vehicle

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009


Corrections Academy graduates with Sheriff Peryam.

Employees of the Year - 2009

“The people chosen

to be Employees of the

Year are truly the best

of the best – they have

proven themselves to be

outstanding employees,

as well as outstanding

contributors to the community

they serve,” said

Sheriff Robert P. Peryam.

The Employees of the

Year are chosen from all

of those who received

one of the Sheriff’s Employee

of the Quarter

In the photo, left to right: Vicki Walker, TIB Bank Vice President / Corporate Secretary; Reserve of

awards throughout the past the Year Mary Jo Migala; Support Member of the Year Thomas O’Dea; Explorer of the Year Michael


Boyce; Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Terry Smith; Corrections Officer of the Year Michelle

Heavilin; Sheriff Robert P. Peryam; Mimi Young, TIB Bank Vice President and Islamorada Branch

The yearly award winners

received a special


plaque from the Sheriff in recognition of their exemplary work, and a badge to wear on their uniforms with

the designation “Officer (or Employee) of the

These awards are sponsored by:

Year”. In addition, they each receive a check for

$500.00 donated by TIB Bank, and $1,000.00

from the Sheriff’s Office. The Cadet of the Year

receives $100.00 from TIB Bank, with a matching

amount from the Sheriff’s Office.

The Cormier Memorial Award, given to the

Sheriff’s Office Sworn Law Enforcement Officer

of the Year, is named for Deputy David Cormier,

a Sheriff’s Reserve Officer killed in the line of

duty in a traffic accident in November of 1989.

Members of the Cormier family attend the ceremony

each year in memory of their loved one

who gave his life in service to the community.

17 Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009

Employees of the Quarter, 2009

First Quarter Awards

Left to right: Reserve Deputy Isaac Valdes, Deputy Deborah Ryan,

Colonel Rick Ramsay, Director of Aviation Maintenance Tom O’Dea

and Detention Deputy Alvarez Rice.

Second Quarter Awards

Left to right: Special Investigations Detective Terry Smith, Juvenile

Programs Supervisor Sherwood “Woody” Hanford, Reserve Deputy

William Davis and Detention Deputy Juan Morales with Sheriff’ Bob


Third Quarter Awards

Left to right: Det. Sgt. Al Ramirez (he requested we fuzz out his

face due to the nature of his work), Reserve Deputy Mary Jo

Migala, Support Employee Haydee Martinez, Detention Deputy

Michelle Heaviland and Sheriff Bob Peryam. Not pictured, Explorer

James Aurelio.

Fourth Quarter Awards

Left to right: Kendra Albury, Explorer Michael Boyce, Detective

Jason Madnick, Sgt. Todd Silvers and Sheriff Bob Peryam. Not

pictured, Reserve Deputy Richard Stanger.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009


Sheriff’s Medal Awards

Deputy Kenneth Baker

Deputy Edwin Grove III

Det. Deputy Kenneth Taylor

Deputy John McGee

Deputy Luis Blasco

Finance Exec. Director Amy Heavilin

Deputy Ken Fricke

Deputy Chris Fraser

Deputy Rosa DiGiovanni

Deputy Thomas Hill

Det. Deputy Abraham Vallejo

Deputy Christopher Fraser

Distinguished Service Ribbon

Det. Deputy Kenson Baptiste

Det. Deputy Quincy Joseph

Det. Deputy Brittany Linares


Sheriff Richard Roth

School Crossing Guard Ruth Sawyer

Det. Deputy Jackie Smith

Det. Deputy Vashon Watson

Secretary Deborah Simpson

Det. Deputy Charmaine Pandol

School Crossing Guard Rene Stincer

Det. Sergeant Frank Mara

Det. Deputy Lucia Miles

Det. Deputy Paul Barefoot

Deputy Antonio Pabon

Investigative Asst. Joanne Marino

Training Officer David Johnson

Detective Ronald Sylvester

Parking Enforcement Specialist Louis Cruz

Deputy William Cain

Deputy Sean Heffron

School Crossing Guard Manuel Lozano

10 years

Deputy Sever Husad

Communications Asst. Karen King

Sr. Radio Systems Tech Roger Maynard

Property Asst. Stacey Medina

Programs Asst. Mark Bender

Deputy Peco Broussard

Sergeant Jennifer Torres

Sergeant Bradford Bandlow

Detective Patricia Garcia

Deputy Winfred Higgins

School Crossing Guard Jennie Parker

Sergeant Dennis Coleman

Det. Deputy Marco De La Rosa

Deputy Greg Korzen

15 years

Records Asst. Colleen Carter

Detective Ronald Sylvester

Programs Asst. Kendra Albury

Director Keena Allen

Accreditation Specialist Mary Cohen

Sergeant Gerald Fisher

Staff Accountant Eugenia Rivas

Sergeant Charlene Sprinkle-Huff

Sergeant Glenn Test

Sergeant Susan Greenwood

Chief Tommy Taylor

Det. Deputy Anthony Williams

Det. Deputy William Brown

IMS Hardware Tech. Edgar Lee Johnston

Sergeant Cornelies Jones

Deputy Michelle Lee

20 years

Det. Deputy Edna Woodberry

Det. Deputy Mark Belile

Sergeant Alberto Ramirez

Det. Deputy Kenneth Taylor

Deputy Christopher Wyatt

Deputy David Drennen

25 years

Lieutenant Mitch Horn

Captain Donald Hiller

30 years

Service Awards

Director Anne Leonard

MCSO helps kids

The Freeman Substation held an Open House for

kids and their families in March.

In October, the Sheriff’s Office

attended a Red Ribbon event at the

Big Pine Key Charter School talking

to kids about staying away from drugs

and alcohol.

School Resource Officers held a bicycle rodeo at Founders

Park in Islamorada in March.

Deputies in Marathon taught a group

of Cub Scouts about safety and

crime prevention during a March visit

to the Marathon substation.

Members of the Sheriff’s Office

SWAT team visited Poincianna

School in May

to talk with

kids about the

team, and to

show them

some of their

weapons and

uniform gear.

Sheriff’s Explorers and Cadets visited the Sheriff’s Office

Crime Lab in Key West in March. Detective John Underwood

showed them the equipment he uses to process

evidence and set

up a mock crime

scene for them,

showing them

how to “work” the


Sheriff’s Explorers participated in an Explorer

Round-up in March, competing with other counties

in officer recovery,

canoeing, bike racing,

paint ball and traffic

stops. Monroe County’s

team took home several

medals, including first

place in officer recovery

and in canoeing.

Cadets and Explorers learned defensive

tactics in one of their weekly training

sessions in May.

Trauma Star at school event

Monroe County’s Trauma Star helicopter

made an appearance in June at a Career

Day event at Sugarloaf School.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009


learn and grow

The annual Easter on the Animal Farm event in April

attracted hundreds of kids who had fun

hunting Easter eggs, visiting with the

Easter Bunny, getting faces painted,

coloring and, of course, visiting the

animals on the farm.

In October, the Sheriff’s Office participated

in a Kid’s Safety Expo at Home Depot in

Marathon. Special teams, the Command

Post and Reserves were there.

Sheriff’s Office Special Teams attended a Kid’s

event at Key West’s Bayview Park in October,

organized by the

Boys and Girls


A Golf Tournament was held in

November in Key West to raise

money for Toyz for Keyz Kidz. It

was organized by employees with

the Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office held a Kid’s Safety Day at Founders

Park in Islamorada in October. Over 200 kids learned

about all

aspects of


In June, several special teams made a

appearance at Outdoor Resorts

in Marathon at a Kid’s Day event.

Teams included SWAT, a K-9 team

and Traffic Enforcement.

The Sheriff’s Annual

Christmas at the Farm event

was a great success with

hundreds of kids visiting

with their families. In addition

to the animals, kids

visited with Santa and did

crafts and face painting.

As they do every year,

the Grinch (Captain

Lou Caputo) and Santa

(Sheriff Bob Peryam)

visited schools and day

cares throughout the

Keys talking with kids

about safety and asking

what they wanted for Christmas.

Employees of the Sheriff’s Office

raised thousands of dollars and

thousands of toys to distribute to

kids and their families countywide.

21 Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009

Asking for your input…

Keeping you informed,

Our on-line survey at asks detailed questions about how happy or unhappy citizens

are with our service.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009


asking what you think...

“My car was

broken into and

personal property

taken. The officer

was courteous,

professional and

made me feel like

it mattered.”

“I feel that our

Police here truly

care about those

they have sworn to


“I would just like

to say thank you to

all of the officers

out on patrol for

helping to keep this

a wonderful place to


Monroe County's

officers are the

best so far in the

country when

responding to a


“I think Monroe

County officers

are the best in the

country and the

dispatcher is very

friendly too.”

“I am very

satisfied with

the aboveand-beyond

conduct of our

law enforcement


We keep you informed in many different ways:

Our web site, is one of the most popular sites in the

Florida Keys with extensive amounts of information about our office,

and our operations. In 2009:

3.9 million visits to the site

7.2 million pageviews - Arrest/Mug shot pages

1.5 millions pageviews - Homepage

600,000 pageviews - Arrest / Search page

413,000 pageviews - WebCAD

188,000 pageviews – Current inmates

91,000 pageviews – Crime Reports

45,000 pageviews – Jobs / Employment page

Our blog, at is a great place to stay up to

date about crime, and Sheriff’s Office events.

Become a fan on Facebook – find us at “MCSO – Florida Keys”

Follow us on Twitter – “MCSONews”

23 Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009


Monroe County Sheriff’s Office

Organizational Chart


Sheriff's Aide

General Counsel


Civil Division

Director Community

Relations / PIO

Director Communications

Director Aviation

Inspector General /

Internal Affairs


HIDTA - Miami

Citizen’s Crime Watch



Airport Operations

School Resource


Flight crew

School Crossing Guards

Juvenile Diversion


Bureau of Administration


Bureau of Law Enforcement


Bureau of Corrections

Executive Director


Grants Administration

Director Property &


Executive Director

Human Resources


Information Management


Court Services

Director –


Services & Programs

District One


District Six


Special Teams

Dive / Bomb / SWAT

District Four/Five


Special Operations

Commander Training /

Professional Standards

District Seven / Ocean Reef


Key West Security

Site Commander

Plantation Key

Bureau of Law Enforcement



Site Commander

Key Vaca



Financial Assistant


Bureau of Law


Reserve Unit

Dive / Bomb /

SWAT Teams

Updated 04/7/2010


District One




District Four/Five

Special Operations


District Six



District Seven



Professional Standards










Crime Scene Unit



Crime Scene Unit

Vice, Drugs,

Organized Crime

Crimes Against


Ocean Reef



Traffic Enforcement

Crime Scene Unit

Homeland Security


Updated 09/04/2009

HIDTA - Marathon

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009



Bureau of Administration

Organizational Chart


Bureau of



Assistant /

Workers Comp

Executive Director

Finance &




Executive Director

Human Resources



Information Management

Computer Systems


Court Services


Grants Admin / Risk


Central Property and



Property & Evidence



Systems and Programs









Satellite Property and


Sheriff's Office


Court Security

Uniform Crime


Updated 08/19/2009

Bureau of Corrections

Organizational Chart


Bureau of Corrections

Executive Assistant


Diversion Project



Key West Security

Financial Assistant


Key Vaca


Plantation Key








Inmate Services


Medical Services

Food Services



Inmate Property

Work Release



Inmate Programs


Day Watch

Main Control

Inmate Visitation

Animal Farm /



Medical Officer


Night Watch

Updated 7/22/2009

25 Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009

Sheriff Robert P. Peryam


Sheriff Robert P. Peryam is ultimately

responsible for every division

and department in the Monroe County

Sheriff’s Office. He is in touch, day to

day, with the activities of the Sheriff’s

Office through his chain of command.

Most divisions and departments

report to him through his second in

command, Colonel Richard Ramsay.

His Aide, Val Marinello, and General

Counsel Mark L. Willis report directly to

the Sheriff.


The Undersheriff holds the rank of

Colonel and is second in command of

the Sheriff’s Office, reporting directly to

Sheriff Peryam. He is responsible for

the day to day actions of Sheriff’s Office

personnel and for the enforcement

of General Orders and Policy within

the Sheriff’s Office. He also handles

the disposition of disciplinary action.

Colonel Richard Ramsay Colonel Ramsay oversees all Sheriff’s

Department Bureaus, including the

Operations, Corrections and Administrative

Bureaus; the Sheriff’s Community

Relations Division, the Communications Division, the Aviation Division,

the Internal Affairs Division and the Chief of the High Intensity

Drug Trafficking Area group in Miami report directly to him.

Internal Affairs

The primary function of Internal Affairs

is to investigate complaints against Law Enforcement

and Corrections Officers. The unit

also investigates, resolves and coordinates

citizen complaints, and accepts and tracks

commendations from the public and from

supervisors citing employees for exemplary


IA reviews lawsuits naming Sheriff’s Office

employees, and employee and citizen

Captain Don Hiller

complaints that are a result of law enforcement

action including the use of force. Investigators also handle property

seizures, work environment offenses and union grievances.

Captain Don Hiller directs the Office of Internal Affairs, which is

staffed by two full time investigators and an Executive Assistant.

During 2009, the Office of Internal Affairs tracked 13 Internal

Affairs investigations arising from complaints against deputies or

Sheriff’s Office employees, five were investigative reviews of lawsuits

filed against the Office, and four were Administrative Inquiries.

There were 70 allegations of policy violation by supervisory personnel

in the MCSO.

Where to File a Complaint:

For a complaint involving a law enforcement officer:

• At the Plantation Key Sub-Station 305-853-3211

• At the Marathon Sub-Station 305-289-2430

• At the Cudjoe Sub-Station 305-745-3184

For complaints involving our Office of Special Investigations, including

detectives in the Drug Enforcement Unit, the Traffic Enforcement

Division, Crimes Against Persons Unit and other major crimes,

call 305-289-2410.

For a complaint involving a corrections officer:

• At the Plantation Key Detention Center 305-853-3266

• At the Marathon Detention Center 305-289-2420

• At the Key West Detention Center 305-292-7006

General Counsel

Mark L. Willis

Legal Division

The Legal Division provides counsel to

the Sheriff and the agency’s many divisions

as well as overseeing the Civil Division. The

Legal Division is staffed by Mark L. Willis,

General Counsel, and includes Jonathan G.

Ellsworth, Deputy General Counsel.

Civil Division

The Civil Division acts as the executive

arm of the court system. The Division receives,

processes, and executes legal process

including summonses, subpoenas, writs of executions, writs of

possession, writs of attachment, writs of bodily attachment, injunctions

and levys. The Division also handles the appointment of Private

Process Servers.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009


Bureau of Law Enforcement

Chief Ken Dugger

Road Patrol

The Sheriff’s Office is committed

to providing a safe environment for

the citizens of Monroe County. We are

also committed to community-oriented

policing and to ensuring the quality

of life and the livability factor are at

the highest levels possible. Through

community-oriented policing, we

actively promote community safety,

protect life and property, regulate safe

and efficient motor vehicle, bicycle and

pedestrian traffic and assist in environmental

and marine law enforcement.

The Sheriff’s philosophy is clear: to work with the community in

partnership to address public needs and address the important issues

of the citizens of Monroe County. Community Oriented Policing

(COP) is an organizational philosophy with a decentralized approach

aimed at reducing crime and improving the quality of life within a


Major Index Crimes

community. The entire community is responsible for public safety -

not just the law enforcement agencies. Community policing recognizes

a shared responsibility and connection between law enforcement

officers and the community.

Deputies act in close collaboration with groups representing the

needs of the residential and business communities in the County. We

actively participate in Neighborhood Crime Watch Programs to enlist
















422 406


0 3 4 2 15 8 13 18 32 18 15 11





Murder Forcible Rape Robbery Aggravated


122 123


Burglary Larceny Motor Vehicle




2006 2007 2008 2009

Law enforcement agencies statewide are required to report specific crime statistics to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement

(FDLE). That agency, in turn, issues yearly summaries and detailed reports on crime, with comparisons county by county, city by city

and statewide. Here is a three year comparison table of the Major Index Crimes for Monroe County (excluding the City of Key West), as

reported by FDLE and based on information provided by the Sheriff’s Office Crime Analysis Unit.

27 Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009

citizen cooperation in anti-crime efforts and increase police visibility.

Deputies regularly meet with each neighborhood group and partner

with local citizens for the enhancement of public safety and quality of

life issues.

Due in large part to this partnership between the Sheriff’s Office

and the community, our offense reports have decreased by 11% over

2006 levels. Since 1991, when the Sheriff’s Office began it’s dedication

to Community Oriented Policing, crime in our county has been

cut in half.

Some of our Community Oriented Policing efforts include Watch

Orders on residential and business property when owners are away,

or the premises are unoccupied; regular business checks with our

“Night Eyes” program; bicycle patrols, Citizens Crime Watch, Crime

Stoppers of the Florida Keys, water patrols utilizing boats and Wave

Runners and routine neighborhood patrols.

Chief Ken Dugger

District One - Lower Keys

District One patrols the area from the

Seven Mile Bridge south to and including the

City of Key West.

The District consists of a Commander,

Chief Ken Dugger, and a Station Commander,

Lieutenant Gene Thompson, who oversee

daily operations. There are four squads of

Deputies each supervised by a Sergeant.

District One Road Patrol and Detectives

Formal inspection, Lower Keys District One.

Additionally, Civil Deputies, a Community Policing Officer, and Marine

Deputies all report to a Sergeant. The Criminal Investigative Unit of

District One consists of five Detectives and one Crime Scene Detective

supervised by a Detective Sergeant.

The Freeman Substation is located on Cudjoe Key where you

will find two Administrative Assistants who are customer oriented and

handle the records management of the District.

The Patrol and Investigative Unit’s duties include traffic safety

and enforcement; responding to calls for service, making community

contacts, investigating misdemeanor and felony cases and educating

the public about the business of law enforcement. They are also

charged with developing a partnership with community members to

help reduce crime in our neighborhoods.

In 2009, members of District One attended dozens of community

events, crime watch meetings and fund raisers. Marine deputies

worked at the sinking of the Vandenburg.

A new extra-duty position at Higg’s Beach kept deputies busy as

well, and maintained order at the county-owned recreation area.

Officers participated in clean up projects on College Road and

Big Pine Key, assisted the Southernmost Homeless Assistance

League (SHAL) with it’s yearly homeless count, and contributed

many hours to Key West’s Fantasy Fest celebration.

District One worked a total of 2,922 cases in 2009, making 784



Major Index Crimes - Total Crimes







3,568 3,671 3,595


3,116 3,092


2,900 2,992 2,591




2,228 2,217








1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009


District Four and Five -

Middle Keys

Districts Four and Five are staffed with

a Commander, Captain Chad Scibilia and

a Station Commander, Lieutenant Bruce

Winegarden; they oversee 29 sworn deputies.

The District has responsibility for the

City of Marathon’s contract for law enforcement

services as well as County Regional

Captain Chad Scibilia Support Services from the southern limits of

the Village of Islamorada (mile marker 72) to

the Seven-Mile Bridge (mile marker 47). The

District also includes the City of Layton, Long Key State Park, Conch

Key, Duck Key, Pigeon Key and Boot Key Harbor. They further support

the City of Key Colony Beach Police Department with Regional

Support Services and emergency back-up law enforcement assistance.

Percentage Cleared





Major Index Crimes - Clearance Rate


*Monroe County



Miami-Dade County

State of Florida

District Four / Five formal inspection

In 2009, Marathon continued its active support of the Community

Traffic Safety Team sponsored by the Florida Department of


Numerous TRAP details (Targeted Rapid Action Program –

where overtime hours are authorized to be paid out of drug seizure

funds) were carried out throughout the year to address many different

aspect of community safety.

District Four and Five Criminal Investigation Unit is a diverse and

enthusiastic team of investigators that work extremely well together.

The unit is responsible for investigations and follow-up of a variety

of cases, such as robbery, burglary, grand theft, credit card fraud,

forgery, aggravated & felony battery, small crime scene processing

and documentation, as well as assisting other agencies as needed.

The unit is proud they have developed a close working relationship

with the District deputies, supervisors and District commanders.

Districts Four and Five continue to be committed to provide the

best law enforcement services possible to the citizens of the City of

Marathon and Monroe County.


2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

*Note: Numbers for Monroe County excluding Key West.

District Six - Islamorada

The Village of Islamorada (District Six)

contracts its law enforcement services from

Monroe County Sheriff Robert P. Peryam.

District Six is the second district south of

Miami-Dade County.

We are proud to announce we have

moved into a new building shared by The

Village of Islamorada’s Staff. The new Public

Safety and Administration Building is located

Captain Don Fanelli at mile marker eighty six (86800 Overseas

Highway) along the only highway in the Florida

Keys, U.S. One., at the south end of beautiful Founders Park.

In 2009 we welcomed Lt. Mitch Horn to the district as second

in command. Lt. Horn has had a long and rewarding career with the

Sheriff’s Office. Lt. Horn is committed to providing the highest levels

of safety to the community, overseeing operations, and supervising

District 4 / 5 Criminal Investigative Unit

Monroe County’s Trauma Star helicopter lands at Islamorada’s

Founder’s Park.

29 Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009

the four sergeants and fifteen deputies in the district. Chief of Police

and Commanding Officer, Captain Don Fanelli makes certain the

Village of Islamorada receives the tailored law enforcement service it


In 2009, Captain Don Fanelli, with the help of Hal Barrett

and Crime Stoppers, placed signs in area bridges warning

people to lock their car doors.

The Village consists of four main islands totaling sixteen miles in

length. It is up to patrol deputies to safeguard this forty four squares

mile municipality. Surrounded by water and numerous smaller, uninhabited

islands, Village deputies patrol the waters with three patrol

boats, one part-time and two full-time marine officers. With a permanent

resident population between seven and eight thousand, these

officers respond to emergencies and calls for service from the community,

as well as providing deterrence of criminal activity through

highly visible patrol and other proactive enforcement means.

District Six members are encouraged to participate in a variety

of Law Enforcement actions. Some of them include DUI Saturation

Patrol, Juvenile Alcohol Purchase Prevention, Teen Drinking & Gang

Participation and DUI Checkpoints.

The Village population easily doubles during peak tourist

season, holidays and many special events. The Village is known as

“The sports fishing capital of the world” having twelve hundred plus

registered businesses that play host to our visitors and residents

alike. While patrolling the streets and waters we are devoted to providing

the best professional service in order to make available a safe

environment for everyone residing in and traveling through Islamorada.

To accomplish this we attend and take active participation in

Village Town Hall Meetings, Village Council Meetings, Crime Watch

Meetings and Homeowner Association Meetings, to name a few.

District Six is committed to the principles of community-oriented

policing, building partnerships between the community and high

One of our biggest tributes to community policing is National

Night Out. This event brings law enforcement and community

together for an evening of food, fun and displays.

This year District Six participated in the 4th Annual Keys Cops

for Kids Bowl-a-thon and Toyz for Keyz Kids, collecting toys for

needy children for Christmas. Sheriff’s Safety Day at Montessori

School taught a variety of topics. Additionally, Sheriff’s Deputies

taught confidence building, teamwork, leadership skills and other law

enforcement related training to the Sheriff’s Office Explorers at the

Florida Explorer Training Camp.

Enforcement is an obvious part of law enforcement. During 2009

deputies in District Six handled 21,345 total calls for service, (reported

and self initiated). District deputies conducted several DUI check

points quite a few proactive traffic enforcement details including a

commercial vehicle enforcement effort targeting commercial vehicle

safety. This year the Village of Islamorada has received a grant which

supplies local law enforcement with a fully equipped DUI enforcement

trailer to assist us in keeping the highways and roadways of our

community safer.

Officers routinely and pro-actively identify and address areas of

concern and quality of life issues within the community before they

present a problem to the community. Consistently formulating new

plans to combat problems within the district, several directed patrols

were initiated this year as a result of our officers identifying potential

traffic safety problems. High visibility and traffic enforcement along

U.S. One is a priority in order for our highway to remain as safe as


The Sheriff’s Marine Units enforce marine violations with a philosophy

of compliance through education to the boating public. They

also work numerous events such as Memorial Day and Hospitality

Week, formally known as Bartenders Weekend, which draws thousands

of people and boats from across the state employed in liquor

establishments and associated occupations. It is Monroe County

Sheriff’s Office, Islamorada’s law enforcement, tasked both on land

and water, assuring the preservation of law order.

It is however, proactive and innovative breakthroughs of deputies

and supervisors keeping Islamorada one of the safest areas of the

Florida Keys.

Islamorada Marine deputies at a community event.

Sheriff’s Dive Team members talk to kid’s in Islamorada.

visibility law enforcement. Assuring a safe community and a high

quality of life for residents and visitors is our highest priority.

Events, exhibitions and participation in the community are

an essential part of successful community policing. The Islamorada

deputies participate in numerous events throughout the year including

events such as Blessing of the Fleet, Taste of Islamorada, Bay

Jam, Art Under Oaks, Village of Islamorada Holiday Fest, Village of

Islamorada Santa Ride and The Annual Nautical Flea Market.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009


Ensuring the sheriff’s philosophy and style of communitypolicing,

building partnerships, addressing quality of life issues and

involvement in the community is what makes all of Monroe County

a safe place to live and visit and the Sheriff’s Office a satisfying and

rewarding place to work.

Pursuing the best level of law enforcement we can and following

the motto of Sheriff Robert Peryam, “Do the right thing, for the right

reason, at the right time - always” provides the citizens of Monroe

County a rewarding place to live and the visitors a fun and satisfying


District Seven - Upper Keys

District Seven starts at the 112 mile

marker and ends at the Tavernier Creek

Bridge at mile marker 90.2. District Seven

also encompasses State Road 905, the

Ocean Reef Community, and parts of Card

Sound Road.

The District Seven Substation is located

in the Roth Building at the 88.7 mile marker

on High Point Road. The Roth building is

Capt. Lou Caputo a state of the art facility purchased through

federal forfeited drug proceeds. The building

was opened in 2005 and was named after now-retired Sheriff Richard

Roth, who was responsible for its purchase and renovation.

The District Seven Commander is Captain Lou Caputo and the

new Station Commander is Lieutenant Nancy Alvarez. Our Ocean

Reef Community is overseen by Lieutenant Corey Bryan who oversees

a group of patrol officers for the Ocean Reef Community, as

well as the north end of Card Sound Road.

District 7 participated in the Wounded Warrior project.

District Seven is comprised of 22 patrol deputies and 4 sergeants.

The District has a Records Unit which handles phone calls,

lobby issues and dissemination of reports. We have a Civil deputy

that is responsible for civil process. The Criminal Investigations

Unit working both District 6 and 7 is housed at the Roth Building. A

Detective Sergeant oversees 4 Detectives, a crime scene detective,

and an administrative assistant. This unit is primarily responsible for

following up and investigating felony crimes along with processing

crime scenes.

As we evaluate our Districts law enforcement as a whole, we

cannot help but notice and remember that our economy is in recession

and the threat against law enforcement is more evident than

ever nationwide, with law enforcement deaths by gunfire up 29% in


Deputies not only handle day to day calls, and work traffic concerns,

but are constantly looking for ways to deter crime and prevent

citizens from becoming victims. Command staff, deputies, and other

community partners meet with approximately 21 Citizen Crime Watch

groups regularly, where they discuss any criminal issues in these

areas and provide helpful tips on ways to deter crime.

The District utilizes a bicycle officer to help patrol and the District

also assists with organized community events such as the Wounded

Warrior Project, Annual Jewfish Creek Bridge Run, & The Key Largo

Fourth of July Parade, St. Patrick Day parade, National Night out and

any other event where our help is needed within our District.

Our Reserve Deputies are volunteers and are an integral part

of our District. Reserve Officers assist us in many different facets to

include; parking enforcement, Records assistance, and many other

aspects of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

Captain Chad Scibilia

Special Investigations


The Special Investigations Division is

made up of Detectives specializing in criminal

investigations requiring special skills and

training to perform. These detectives operate

county-wide and many of their investigations

are long-term and sensitive in nature. Captain

Chad Scibilia heads up the Division, and

Lieutenant Tom Brazil oversees the day to

day operations of the Division.

The Units under their command are:

• Narcotics Unit

• Crimes Against Persons

• Homeland Security

• Crime Analysis

• Intelligence

• Traffic Enforcement

• Hostage Negotiators

Vice and Narcotics

The Vice/Narcotics Unit is a specialized investigative group

consisting of six Detectives and a Detective Sergeant. The Detectives

are paired up in the Lower, Middle and Upper Keys to provide

coverage throughout the Keys.

The types of crimes this Unit investigates are primarily drug

related. The Unit conducts other investigations into crimes such as,

but not limited to;

• Gun violations

• Prostitution

• Illegal gambling

• Firearms Violations

• Dignitary Protection

In 2009, the unit seized 674 grams of powdered Cocaine and

306 Crack Cocaine rocks, 20,580 grams of Marijuana and 103 live

Marijuana plants, four rifles, 11 handguns and $36,228 in cash.

The Vice and Narcotics unit investigates drug related crimes in

Monroe County.

Sheriff’s Office Reserves are so dedicated, they even

work when injured.

Crimes Against Persons

The Crimes Against Person’s Unit consists of three specialized

groups: Crimes Against Women and Children, Homicide, and Victim

31 Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009

Advocates. The Detectives assigned to CAWACU and Homicide are

cross trained.

Homicide is made up of two Detectives who handle all homicides,

missing adults, and suspicious death cases in the County.

They are also charged with reviewing and investigating all cold cases

involving a possible homicide.

Crimes Against Women and Children consists of three Detectives

that handle all child abuse, sex crimes, missing juvenile cases,

child pornography and child victims of prostitution. They also maintain

records on registered sex offenders in the County and conduct

quarterly address verifications on the offenders.

There are five Victim Advocates in Monroe County who work for

the Sheriff’s Office, one stationed at each Sheriff’s sub-station and

one assigned to the Key West Police Department. Victim Advocates

assist crime victims - particularly victims of violent crimes - and two

are on call in the County at all times. The Advocates are funded

by a grant from the Office of the Attorney General. In 2009, Victim

Advocates helped 1,275 crime victims, including 548 victims of domestic

violence, 254 victims of assault, 114 victims of child abuse, 98

survivors of homicide victims, 52 victims of adult sexual abuse and

15 victims of elder abuse.

Homeland Security, Crime Analysis, Intelligence

The Homeland Security Division coordinates with the Regional

Domestic Security Task Force and assists in the coordination of the

Regional Strategic Plan as outlined in the State of Florida Domestic

Task Force. This Unit is a liaison with various local, state and federal

agencies on areas of domestic security and natural disasters.

The Intelligence Unit is responsible for gathering, analyzing,

and disseminating information concerning known or suspected

criminal activity including Organized Crime, Gang Members, Terrorists,

Extremists, any Dignitary related activity, Immigrant Smuggling,

Homeland Security, Convicted Felons, Narcotic trends, Crime

Stoppers Tips, Intelligence information about narcotics and general


Traffic Enforcement Unit

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Enforcement Unit

enforces the traffic laws of the State of Florida and all Monroe County

ordinances pertaining to traffic enforcement. This ensures everyone

traveling on the roadways of Monroe County stay as safe and secure

as possible.

Highway U.S. One is the main highway in the County, which

makes these duties particularly crucial. Traffic accidents and other

traffic issues frequently interrupt the flow of traffic into and out of the

Florida Keys and it is the duty of the Traffic Enforcement Unit to see

such interruptions happen as infrequently as possible.

Hostage Negotiation Team

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Crisis Negotiation Team

is a unit of specially trained persons who are tasked to respond to

crisis incidents. These incidents include but are not limited to: suicide

attempts, hostage situations, sniper attacks and barricaded armed

subjects, with or without hostages or other victims.

A member of the Unit must receive special training in crisis intervention,

negotiation techniques, recognition of patterns and clusters

of behaviors and advanced active communication skills. These skills

are used with the goal of a safer more controlled resolution to a volatile

incident which poses high risk to the members of the Sheriff’s Office,

persons in crisis and general public at large. All members of the

team also hold other working positions in the Sheriff’s Office and do

not receive additional compensation for their presence on the team.

Special Teams

Dive Team

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office

Underwater Search and Recovery Team

responds to any water-related operation

and is trained to safely effect any type of

waterborne recovery or rescue operation.

The Dive Team’s primary responsibility

is underwater search and recovery of persons

and/or evidence. The Team consists

Chief Ken Dugger

of Deputy Sheriffs who are specially trained

and equipped to conduct such operations. All members of the team

also hold other working positions in the Sheriff’s Office and do not

receive additional compensation for their presence on the team.

In 2009, the team assisted Artificial Reefs of the Keys (ARC) with

the project to sink the Vandenburg. The team inspected the hull after

it was sunk, confirming that all cutting charges had detonated. They

also participated in a number of searches for missing divers during

the course of the year.

Above and below: Dive team members investigate criminal

incidents underwater, as well as assisting with other law

enforcement related underwater activities.

The Sheriff’s Traffic Enforcement Unit

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009


Bomb Squad

The Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad is the only fully equipped

explosive handling team in the Florida Keys. Bomb Squad members

respond to calls involving found explosives, bomb threats, or suspicious


The Squad is made up of two certified bomb technicians, Detective

Sergeant Bobby Randolph and Detective Jason Madnick, with

two deputies waiting for F.B.I. Bomb Technician Training. All members

of the Squad also hold other working positions in the Sheriff’s

Sheriff’s Bomb Squad with Explorers and the Bomb detection


Office and do not receive additional compensation for their presence

on the Squad.

The Bomb Squad also handles the destruction of explosive

devices; old outdated ammunition, flares, and other dangerous items,

such as Military Munitions and other found items that float into the

near shore waters of the Florida Keys.

Citizens who have hazardous items to dispose of should contact

Sgt. Bobby Randolph at 305-292-7060 to discuss safe handling and


The Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad has state of the art equipment

to handle dangerous situations and has, in the past, been called

upon to dismantle home made explosive devices, destroy old dynamite,

clear buildings of dangerous explosives, and search buildings,

boats, and other locations for possible explosives.

Special Weapons and Tactics

The Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team is primarily used

to serve high-risk search warrants where occupants are suspected of

being armed and/or dangerous. They also respond, when required,

to other situations such as barricaded subjects, wanted suspects who

might be armed and dangerous, and any other time they are needed.

The team is comprised of Deputy Sheriff’s and Detectives who

Above, the Sheriff’s Office Special Weapons and Tactics Team.

Below, snipers on the team at sniper training in 2009.

SWAT team members participate in HazSWAT training, where

they learn to deal with hazardous materials at incident scenes.

have agreed to serve the citizens of Monroe County in this high

risk, high liability position at no extra cost to taxpayers. They do not

receive any compensation over and above their normal salaries to

perform the duties of a SWAT team member.

SWAT team members have all completed at least one two week

SWAT course, and they train together on a regular basis to maintain

those skills and to ensure they can all work smoothly together. They

are periodically required to participate in a timed military obstacle

course to remain on the team, and must frequently qualify with a variety

of weapons. To date, no Sheriff’s Office SWAT team member has

been seriously injured or killed during the performance of their duties.

The Sheriff’s SWAT team is a county wide unit answering to

the Sheriff’s Special Operations Division. They frequently work with

many other agencies, local, state, and federal.

Reserve Unit

The mission of the Reserve program

is to support the operation of the Monroe

County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff provides

the opportunity for the Reserves to

be directly involved in the daily operation of

the Sheriff Office. The Sheriff provides the

R/Capt. and R/1st Lt. a position at all staff

meetings for direct coordination between

Res. Capt. Ted Migala

Reserve staff and the rest of the office.

Reserves contribute to the operation

of all Divisions within the Monroe County

Sheriff Office. Reserves are a functional part of: Honor Guard, Victim

Advocates, Court Security, Aviation, Records, Special Investigations,

HIDTA, Dive Team, Community Relations, Parking Enforcement and

sworn Reserve Deputies work road patrol both supplementing and

covering shortages.

Reserves support almost every special function that takes place

through out the year. They can be seen helping at: News Years Fireworks,

Pigeon Key Festival, 7 Mile Bridge Run, 4th of July Parades,

and Fantasy Fest to just name a few.

Director Becky Herrin

Community Relations


The goal of the Community Relations Division

is to promote a better working relationship

with the community, and to let the citizens of

Monroe County know what the Sheriff’s Office

is doing, and how the Sheriff’s Office serves

the public on a day to day basis.

The Community Relations Division is

comprised of:

• Public Information and Media Relations

• Web Site Management and Design

• School Resource Officers

• School Crossing Guards

• The Crime Watch Coordinator

• The Juvenile Programs Division

33 Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009

Public Information / Media Relations / Web Site

In addition to overseeing the Community Relations Division,

Director Becky Herrin is charged with performing the duties of Public

Information Officer for the Sheriff’s Office, speaking with the media

about news and events, producing internal and external newsletters

for the agency, including the quarterly Rap Sheet; the Weekly Rap Up

produced every Friday; and designing and maintaining the agency’s

web site.

School Resource Officers

The Sheriff’s Office has five School Resource Officers stationed

at Sugarloaf School, Marathon High School and Middle School, Plantation

Key School, Key Largo School and Coral Shores High School.

The SROs provide day to day security at each school. In 2009, they

responded to 1,280 calls for service county-wide. They are also

charged with maintaining positive relationships with the students,

teachers and administrators at each school.

In 2009, SROs taught Project ALERT to all 360 7th graders, with

a booster class in 8th grade. This program targets drug abuse, bullying,

and many other issues which affect today’s youth.

The SROs are also charged with overseeing the Sheriff’s Office

Explorer / Cadet Program.

and mental health counseling in it’s efforts to keep youth from committing

further offenses.

Teen Court helped 163 youthful offenders in 2009. The program’s

success rate for those youth completing the program was 88%. Over

the past three years 88% of those youth remained crime free. Teen

Court is financed through a fine attached to traffic citations.

In 2009, IDDS helped 49 youthful offenders with an average

success rate for the program of 75%. Over the last three years, 67%

of youth served by this program have remained crime free.

IDDS is financed through a contract with the Department of

Juvenile Justice that provides 38 slots for juvenile offenders overseen

by two highly trained case workers. It also receives money from a fee

attached to court cases.

For more information about any of these Juvenile Programs,

contact Juvenile Program Supervisor Sherwood Hanford via email at or by phone at 305-292-7129.

School Resource Officers work in area schools, and supervise /

mentor Monroe County Explorers and Cadets.

Citizen’s Crime Watch

Citizen’s Crime Watch is a nationally recognized crime prevention

program that brings neighbors and law enforcement together in

an effort to prevent crime. Neighborhood Crime Watch acts as the

volunteer “eyes and ears” of the Sheriff’s Office. The Crime Watch

Coordinator is charged with helping set up new crime watches, coordinating

meetings and communicating crime trends and other helpful

information to the existing crime watches, and with conducting free

home security surveys. The program has proven it’s worth over the

years here in Monroe County.

School Crossing Guards

In 2009, the Sheriff’s Office was responsible for all the School

Crossing Guards working at schools in Monroe County, including the

City of Key West. The Crossing Guards in the City were supervised

by Deputy Vincent Catala while the Crossing Guards in the unincorporated

areas are supervised by School Resource Sgt. Glenn Test.

At the end of 2009, the City of Key West opted to take back the

guards working in the city limits, leaving two remaining Crossing

Guards under the Sheriff’s Office in Key Largo and Marathon.

Juvenile Programs

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office juvenile intervention programs

help prevent youths from engaging in further delinquent behavior and

help prevent youthful offenders from becoming adult offenders.

Teen Court uses restitution, community service, curfew, letters

of apology and other methods to help re-direct youth in the program

back onto the right path.

The Intensive Delinquency Diversion Program (IDDS) is a longer

term program for more serious offenders. It targets education, job

placement, youth and family counseling along with substance abuse

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009


Director Anne Leonard









The Juvenile Programs Staff

Communications Division

The Communications Division is located

in the heart of the Florida Keys in Marathon.

All of the 911 calls for Monroe County are

answered in the center with the exception of

calls for the City of Key West.

The Communications Division dispatches

Sheriff’s Deputies, Emergency Medical Services

and Fire/Rescue personnel. In 2009,

Communications Officers answered 137,073

Calls for Service


123,527 123,586


2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

Calls for Service, for an average of 375 calls entered in the Computer

Aided Dispatch (CAD) system in a 24-hour period. The volume

of calls received have increased by 14% over 2006 levels. Most

calls for service entered in CAD represent a law enforcement officer,

emergency services person, or fire response unit sent to a location in

the County to answer a request for help from a citizen.

The division has a total of 22 staff members, which includes a

Director, four Shift Supervisors and 17 Communications Officers.

There is a Supervisor on duty 24 hours per day.

Communications Officers are also tasked with providing life saving

pre-arrival instructions to the caller to assist in medical and fire


Communications Officers go through approximately 5 months

of training with a training officer prior to being released on to a shift.

Training officers work tirelessly to make certain that the communications

officers are provided with the most up to date training possible

so the public can receive the most efficient customer service possible.

A 911 call should only be made in an emergency. Otherwise

callers should use the other five non-emergency phone numbers

available 24 hours a day.

• (305) 296-2424 Headquarters

• (305) 745-3184 Lower Keys

• (305) 289-2430 Middle Keys

• (305) 853-7021 Islamorada

• (305) 853-3211 Upper Keys

Director Brooks


Sheriff’s dispatch center

Aviation Unit

The Aviation Division consists of seven

pilots and three mechanics. The aircraft they

operate currently include a Sikorsky S-76

medical transport helicopter and a King Air

B200 airplane. The hanger where the Division

is located is on the northern end of the

airport in Marathon.

The King Air provides transport of

county employees traveling for business.

The medical transport helicopter - called

Trauma Star - provides trauma flights from

the scenes of accidents and incidents in Monroe County; it takes

severely injured victims to major trauma centers in Miami because

there is no such facility within Monroe County; it is also available for

inter-facility transports between hospitals, as needed.

The program involves a cooperative agreement between the

Sheriff’s Office, Monroe County Fire/Rescue, County Commissioners,

County Administrator, and our three local hospitals.

Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Division is

comprised of both the Office of Accreditation

and the Training Unit of the Monroe County

Sheriff’s Office.


The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office holds

professional Accreditation from state and national

accrediting bodies for Law Enforcement

and Corrections. The Division of Professional

Captain Penny Phelps

Standards manages the accreditation process,

including making sure agency policies and

procedures are in compliance with accreditation standards and the

agency is following established policy.

Sheriff Peryam and his Professional Standards team receiving

re-accreditation from the Commission for Florida Law

Enforcement Accreditation. MCSO was also re-accredited in

Corrections in 2009.


The Sheriff’s Office Training Unit works closely with Florida Keys

Community College to provide instructors for ongoing law enforcement

related academies.

Instructors from the Sheriff’s Office also work with the College to

teach advanced courses such as Line Supervision, Field Training Officer,

Intoxilyzer Operator, Radar Operator, Middle Management, and

Instructor Techniques workshops.

The Sheriff’s Aviation Hanger, in Marathon, houses Trauma

Star and a King Air plane, acquired surplus from the military.

It also serves as storage for the Sheriff’s Mobile Command

Post and other equipment.

The Training Division holds Annual Retraining Modules

(ARM) to keep officers up to date in their in-service training


35 Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009

In-service courses are presented to personnel in order to maintain

officer’s certification requirements. Many of these requirements

are set by the State of Florida and other regulatory bodies. These

courses include instruction in Firearms Training, Blood Borne Pathogens,

Hazardous Materials, Defensive Tactics, Chemical Weapons,

Use of Force, Legal Updates, Impact Weapons, Emergency Vehicle

Operation, Verbal Judo (Tactical Communications), First Responder

to Medical Emergencies, Domestic Violence, Juvenile and Sex

Crimes, Suicide Prevention, and Drug and Alcohol Recognition.

Support courses provided to all personnel in the Sheriff’s Office

include Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Personal Safety /

Self Awareness, and Computer Courses.

The Training Division is a Community Training Center for the

American Heart Association and frequently provides training in CPR

to community service groups.

The records portion of the Division maintains all employee

training records as well as salary incentive and tuition information to

provide required documentation for the Florida Department of Law

Enforcement for their annual audits.

Airport Security Division

The Airport Security Division assigned to

the Key West International Airport is responsible

for patrolling the property on and around

the airport 24 hours a day.

Duties and responsibilities of the Division

consist of maintaining security posts in

and around the airport, checking vehicles

and personnel in security areas, maintaining

smooth and consistent pedestrian and

Captain Don Hiller vehicular traffic, and processing new employees

for both commercial carriers and airport

businesses through fingerprinting and background checks.

Sheriff’s Office employees at the airport handle a variety of

incidents, from people who try to take knives and other objects

through security, to planes that have trouble upon landing or

taking off.

The Division assists the Transportation Safety Administration

(TSA) with investigating weapons offenses or any crime occurring

on the airport property. The members are proactive in their efforts to

identify and address any security issue they come across.

In 2009, the Key West International Airport opened a brand new

terminal building, and completed renovations of old facilities as well.

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, employees are now

using three electric scooters to traverse the airport property.

Director Bill Martin,

National HIDTA

Assistance Center

Lt. Colonel

Tim Wagner

Captain Joe Mendez

Chief Joel Widell

South Florida High

Intensity Drug Trafficking


The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office

(MCSO) is a major participant in the South

Florida High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

Program (SFLHIDTA), which comprises operations

and intelligence efforts in Monroe,

Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach


HIDTA disrupts the market for illegal drugs

in the United States by assisting federal,

state, and local law enforcement entities in their efforts to investigate

drug trafficking organizations, with particular emphasis on drug trafficking

regions that have harmful effects on other parts of the United


MCSO received one of the first HIDTA grants in 1991 and used

those funds to create the Monroe Task Force, which investigates

narcotics related money laundering organizations on an international

scale. That unit is still in existence, having seized over $65 million

dollars in illicit narcotics-derived financial proceeds. That unit brought

in over $25 million in asset sharing to the MCSO in just one case and

has since brought in millions more to benefit the citizens of Monroe


In 1994, the MCSO elected to further assist in the HIDTA effort

by serving as a fiscal agent (fiduciary) in the South Florida HIDTA

and the Puerto Rico-Virgin Islands HIDTA. The MCSO handles over

$20 million in grant funds for those two projects, and for the National

HIDTA Assistance Center, also located in Miami.

Over the last three years, the SFLHIDTA has seized an average

of $713 million worth of illicit drugs per year from regional and

international drug trafficking organizations. Drugs seized include

cocaine, heroin, marijuana, Ecstasy, methamphetamine and all types

of diverted pharmaceutical medications.

Officers patrol the airport terminal buildings, the

runway area as well as terminal drop off and baggage

claim areas of the airport.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009


Bureau Chief Mike Rice

The Sheriff’s Office Bureau of

Administration Division is responsible for

all support services within the Sheriff’s


The Bureau includes the Finance

Division, Judicial Services / Central

Records / Warrants, The Information

Systems Division, the Property and Evidence

Division, the Human Resources

Division, the Emergency Communications

Division, Risk Management, and

Grants Administration.


The function of the Finance Department

is to account for and manage the fiscal

resources of the agency. The staff reconciles

and balances all accounts, prepares

a complete set of financial statements for

all funds, prepares the annual budget and

insures the money received from grants and

federal agencies are spent in accordance

Executive Director with their specific requirements. The Division

is responsible for maintaining records

Amy Heavilin, CPA

for one General Operating Fund and 18

Special Revenue Funds.

Other functions include calculating and disbursing checks to

employees for payroll, as well as disbursing checks to vendors for

supplies and services. All expenditures are reviewed monthly for

compliance with the appropriate budget.

Finance is proud to report that for the seventh consecutive year

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office received a perfect audit for Fiscal

Year End 09. Given the agency had to account for approximately

Monroe County Sheriff's Office Five Year Budget Comparison











Law Enforcement Corrections Court Security TOTALS

9/30/2005 22,603,869 15,477,658 1,153,159 39,234,686

9/30/2006 24,417,750 16,524,411 1,248,916 42,191,077

9/30/2007 26,508,871 16,579,799 1,281,898 44,370,568

9/30/2008 23,118,288 16,579,798 1,384,901 41,082,987

9/30/2009 22,815,439 16,796,013 1,262,799 40,874,251

37 Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009










Monroe County Sheriff's Office Forfeiture Receipts












9/30/2005 9/30/2006 9/30/2007 9/30/2008 9/30/2009

Information Systems

Information Systems is charged

with taking care of the computer and

information technology needs of

the Sheriff’s Office, including office

computers, in car computers, system

printers and all system related software.

The staff in Information Systems

consists of Computer Systems

Director Jim Painter

Specialist Drew Moyer who operates

in the middle and upper Keys,

Hardware Technicians Lee Johnston and Joey Finch in the

Lower Keys, Senior Network Administrator Michael Grattan,

Senior Technical Administrator Sandra Bartlett and Programmer/Analyst

Ralph “Steve” Heitman and Director Jim

Painter. All maintain offices in the Key West Headquarters


In 2009, the Division was extremely busy. When other

divisions take on projects - particularly when it involves going

paperless, which is an agency-wide goal - the IS group

plays a crucial part in the process.

Additionally, members of IS installed video conferencing

in five facilities, including in HIDTA in Miami. Meeting

software was also installed so multiple groups in multiple

locations could meet together via video.

New biometric fingerprint scanners were installed at the

main jail, headquarters and at the fitness centers in Marathon

and Key West.

The agency switched cell phone companies county-wide with

major assistance from IS; they also installed wireless systems in

most facilities, new lap tops in vehicles along with software for their


New servers and SQL servers were installed. IS hosted several

other agencies for two to three days at a time demonstrating the use

of SmartCop software. New cameras were installed at jail buildings.

A new Blackberry Enterprise server was installed to accommodate

Blackberry users. The unit continues to work on rewiring a number

of Sheriff’s Office buildings and, to top it all off, the unit provides

ongoing support 24 hours a day, seven days a week for anyone in

the agency, responding between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. daily,

and at any hour for an emergency.


The Sheriff’s Office Finance Division

$70 million of budgeted expenses, this is quite an accomplishment.

Activity for the year included completing a final resolution with

FEMA regarding the replacement costs of vehicles lost during Hurricane

Wilma (2005) and obtaining grant revenues (excluding HIDTA

activity) of more than $1.38 million for the year. The agency also

invoiced over $1.6 million on behalf of the County to house federal


Eliminating 4 different fuel credit card companies and streamlining

to one account allowed the agency to realize a significant savings.

Statistics for checks written include more than 11,000 accounts

payable checks and more than 15,500 payroll transactions. This

equates to approximately 510 items per week.

The division scanned several years worth of audit books, general

monthly transactions and the majority of old time sheets reducing

storage needs as well as contributing to the agency’s “going-green”


Sheriff’s Office Information Systems

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009



Sharon Harrold

Judicial Services / Central

Records / Warrants

This Division provides information to the

public through it’s Central Records Unit; the

Warrants Division makes sure warrants are

properly entered into law enforcement databases

and are updated as law enforcement

or court action is taken.

The Court Services Unit provides security

for judges in all areas of the Keys, including

Court Houses located in Plantation Key,

Marathon and in Key West. They work closely

with court staff and with the Corrections Division to ensure safety for

everyone participating in the Criminal Justice System.

In 2009, Central Records scanned in over 1,000 records per

week in its effort to convert paper to digital records. This effort is

ongoing, and is already saving the agency space in records storage,

and is saving everyone time as well. In many cases, employees can

now easily pull old files digitally and no longer have to travel to a records

storage facility and spend time finding the required paper copy.

Jail Records is now scanning all inmate records and files at the

time they are created. This makes them more widely available, and

also keeps the agency from having to physically move records up

and down the Keys due to inmate transfers and court appearances.

Court Security spent the year revamping its Standard Operating

Procedures, to update them and to tailor them for the new Key West

Courthouse facility.

Property and Evidence

The Property and Evidence Division is

where all the property and evidence collected

in Monroe County is processed and stored

until the final case disposition is received

from the judicial system.

The Division receives property and evidence

from different agencies throughout the

Keys including the Florida Highway Patrol,

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission,

State Attorney’s Office, and Florida

Director Diana O’Dell

Dept. of Law Enforcement.

The Property and Evidence Division has been extremely busy

this year. When a new Sheriff comes into office, all property must

be inventoried and transferred from the old Sheriff to the new one;

at the same time, the Division implemented a new bar-code system

so that, in the future, inventories would no longer have to be done

by hand. Now, all pieces of property and evidence in the custody of

the Sheriff’s Office has a bar code label which can be easily scanned

and tracked by computer.

Now, as officers check in property and evidence, they print a bar

code label on prior to submitting it to the division.

In 2009, 13,455 pieces of property and evidence were checked

in; 5,421 pieces were checked out. The unit disposed of 10,039

pieces of property / evidence. In all, the office took care of 48,619

property transactions during the year.

Executive Director

Donna Allen-Moore

Human Resources

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is an

equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

The goal of the Human Resources

Division is to attract the most qualified applicants

without regard to race, color, sex, age,

religion, disability, or ethnic origin.

The Division is responsible for ensuring

that the MCSO is in compliance with all

Federal and State laws: Equal Employment

Opportunity, American with Disability Act of

1990, Family Medical Leave Act of 1993,

Human Resources Division

Equal Pay Act of 1963, Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978, Health

Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and many other

applicable laws.

The MCSO employs a total of 569 employees which include:

• Deputy Sheriff – 185

• Detention Deputy – 142

• Support Staff – 175

• High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) – 67

The Division is responsible for coordinating the agency’s promotional

process, managing the agency’s random drug testing, annual

physicals, Florida Department Law Enforcement (FDLE) registrations

and resignations, personnel and payroll changes, and administering

optional/supplemental benefits programs to all members, including:

• Sick Leave Pool

• Weight Loss Program

• Compensatory time off bank

• Retirement, resignations and leave of absences

• Supplemental insurances (life, disability and cancer)

• Anti-smoking incentive program

• Deferred Compensation programs












2009 Budgeted Position Allocation By Class




Deputies Corrections Support


39 Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009



• Financial Hardship program

• Hurricane Exemption program

• Domestic Partner Resolution

The Division also:

• Helps communicate Human Resources policies to all


• Provides employees with a formal process for grievance


• Promotes and supports recruiting strategies and collaborates

with Commanders, Directors and Supervisors to create a

high performing diverse workforce.

• Develops staff excellence through fostering good, open

communication and an overall positive work environment for all










2009 - Years of Service



0-5 Years 6-10 Years 11-15









26+ Years

• Participates in various community programs that enhance

children’s educational and occupational awareness, including the

School to Work Program, Take Stock In Children and the Mentoring


In 2009, the Human Resources Division completed and began

using an electronic Employment Application form. Prior to this year,

an electronic Preliminary application was available, but the complete

application had to be filled out on paper. The division also updated

their standard operating procedure manual for background investigators

and consolidated job descriptions for jobs with the same

essential functions.



Emergency Communications is centrally

located in Marathon at the Monroe County

Public Works yard. The department provides

professional and high quality communications

via the MCSO 800 MHz Smartzone radio system

to approximately 32 agencies and 1600

users, this allows for interagency cooperation

Director Laura White and communications on the system throughout

the county. UHF paging services for Fire/

Rescue is provided and maintained, as well

as digital paging and cellular services for county staff. Traffic radar

for most county and state law enforcement agencies in Monroe and

South Dade are calibrated and certified through the department on a

bi-annual basis.

The 911 answering equipment is also purchased and maintained

through the Emergency Communications department. The 911 address

database is kept up to date, and caller information verified with

MCSO and KWPD Communications and vendors for accuracy.

In 2009, the division installed and made operational a countywide

Next Generation E911 call answering system with mapping. A

state-funded grant, not ad valorem funds, paid for the system.

Many more detailed duties are carried out by our highly skilled

staff while responding to everyday and emergency situations. Focusing

on your safety, we strive for excellence.





Employee Turnover Rates













Emergency Communications, replacing a tower at the Key West

Courthouse. On the top, they hang high in the sky working on the

tower; lower right, a closer view of the work being done.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009


The Bureau of Corrections has

three Jail Facilities: The Key West

Detention Center housing up to 597

inmates; the Marathon Detention

Center housing up to 52 inmates, and

the Plantation Key Detention Center

housing up to 47 inmates. The total

daily average inmate population in

2009 was 515 inmates.

The overall mission of Corrections

Services is to provide for custody,

Chief Tommy Taylor

control, care, and treatment of incarcerated

inmates. The facility also

offers a variety of programs to inmates

who wish to make a positive change in their

lives, including educational, work related and

rehabilitative programs aimed at changing

behaviors so when an inmate is released, he

or she has a chance at becoming a productive,

contributing member of society.

The Corrections Bureau provides processing

and detention services for all law

enforcement agencies in Monroe County. In

2009, 6,118 arrestees were booked through

Captain Tim Age the three jail facilities. Processing an inmate

involves intake, medical screening, fingerprinting,

photographing and classification of the individual. Technology

plays a key role, particularly through video-imaging and electronic or

inkless fingerprinting.

The automated fingerprint identification system, called “Live

Scan”, offers real time positive identification on all arrestees. It is not

a free ride, however; all arrestees are assessed an initial processing

fee of $20. Arrestees who can’t pay the $20 fee at the time of arrest

carry an outstanding debt until paid. In 2009, the facility collected

$48,559.44 in processing fees.

Monroe County Detention facilities utilize the Direct Supervision

model. This style of management uses corrections deputies who

work directly within the inmates living areas. These units and dorms

house from 54 to 95 inmates each. The absence of barriers such as

bars, steel doors and cat walks typically found in an “old style” jail allows

our deputies to control all the areas in the jail including passageways

and secure rooms. In this way, inmates activities and behavior

are in direct control of our corrections deputies.

Contract Beds: In a continued effort to save the taxpayers money,

the Sheriff’s Office leases unused beds to Federal Agencies such

as the Immigration and Naturalization Service, U.S. Marshals Service

and U.S. Border Patrol at a cost of $82.00 per day per inmate. The

money received from these contracted beds goes into the Monroe





Income from Contract Inmates










Detention Center Bookings









2004/2005 2005/2006 2006/2007 2007/2008 2008/2009






2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

County General Fund to offset operating the three Detention Facilities.

$1,639,262 was collected from contract beds during the 2008 /

2009 fiscal year.

Incarceration should never be a “free ride” and the Sheriff’s

Office is always looking for ways to offset the cost to taxpayers of

operating the detention facilities. Total jail related fees collected from

inmates for 2009 were $204,879.00. Fees charged in our facilities


• $20 Booking fees generated $48,559 in 2009

• Inmate Commissary, which sells “extra” day to day

necessities to inmates, generated $92,054 in 2009.

• Inmate subsistence fees: $1 per day per inmate brought in

$28,247 in 2009.

• Prepaid phone cards generated sales of $13,680 in 2009.

41 Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009

• Other “extras” charged for in the jails include indigent paks,

mattress rentals, large white towels, check writing fees,

reading glasses, legal services and medical services.

• Inmates also provide free labor to the County and other public

service agencies. In 2009, inmate labor contributed $724,074

in services (trusty hours figured at minimum wage).

The Corrections Bureau is also charged with transporting

inmates into and out of the county, to and from court and for other

required activities. The Jail Transportation Unit transported thousands

of inmates to Court and to and from the Marathon and Plantation Key


In 2009, the Corrections Bureau began partnering with U.S.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement to begin identifying criminal

aliens during the booking process using the LiveScan fingerprinting


Memos of Understanding (MOUs) were also implemented with

the State Department of Corrections to house inmates if an executive

order is given which would require evacuation of inmates and for

the Monroe County Detention facility to house up to 3,000 people if

a mass migration event should take place.

Director Keena Allen

Inmates Programs Division

The inmates Programs and Services

Division handles the daily needs of inmates

including mail, laundry, accounting, commissary,

religious and educational issues. Multiple

volunteer programs have donated over 3,085

hours in 2009 to assist in this division.

Jail Drug Intervention Program

In 2009, this program enrolled 105 male

inmates. Of those, only 20 (or about 20%)

were rearrested within one year of completing

the program. Twenty two female inmates were

enrolled. Five (or 22%) were rearrested within a year of completing

the program.

Inmate Work Release Program

The Work Release Program allows selected, low risk offenders

to work, while completing the terms of their sentence. The program

gives the offender a marketable trade or skill, which reduces recidivism

and the offender has the opportunity to pay restitution for their

crimes, support their families while incarcerated and provides a positive

transition back to the community.

Trusty Work Program

The Trusty Work Program saves taxpayers significant money

by assigning inmates to work details with County Public Works and

other public service agencies in Monroe County. The Trusty Work

Program saved taxpayers an estimated $724,000.00 in labor costs.

Trusties clean Sheriff’s Office buildings; they work in the main Detention

Center kitchen preparing inmate meals; they maintain all Sheriff’s

Office landscaping; and they perform many similar duties for Monroe

County Government buildings, public parks and roadways.

The Classification Unit

This unit determines the custody and housing assignment for all

inmates. It also processes court information and release documentation.

Inmate workers inside and outside the facility are screened

closely for suitability and their particular talents are taken under

consideration for particular work assignments.

Special attention is required for high-profile inmates in need of

special housing and other special treatment. The computerized Smart

Cop Jail Management System helps with this function. This system

helps identify violent felons, escape risks, sexual predators and inmates

who are required, for various reasons, to submit DNA samples

to the State of Florida.

Prison Health Services

This contract provider handles Inmate Medical Care under the

direction of a medical health administrator. Services include medical,

dental, and psychiatric services. Inmates are charged a fee for services

but no inmate can be denied medical care due to the inability to

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009



Jail Food Services

This contract provider, Trinity Food Services Group, provides

three meals a day to inmates for over 700,000 meals served in 2009.

The Sheriff’s Office Animal Farm

The Farm and it’s operations are overseen by a paid employee

- currently Jeanne Selander - who manages the Animal Farm, and

oversees the maintenance of the Detention Center and Sheriff’s Office

Headquarters grounds.

The animals at

the Farm are cared for

primarily by Detention

Center inmates who

receive formal training

in some aspects of

animal husbandry which

they may be able to use

once they are released

from the facility. At the

very least, they learn to

work closely with many

creatures in need of the

compassion and caring

of a human being - an experience which cannot help but be a positive

factor in their lives.

Veterinarian services are primarily contributed by Dr. Doug

Mader, of the Marathon Veterinary Hospital. He regularly checks

on the animals, administering medical care, vaccinations and other

necessary services.

The Farm, located underneath

the Stock Island

Detention facility, is free of

charge to all and is open

to the public on the second

and fourth Sundays of each

month. Group visits can

also be scheduled. This

special place continues

to be a big hit with families

and frequently sees

visitors from local schools,

nursing homes, and other

programs such as the Boys

and Girls Club, the YMCA

and local church groups.

The farm began as a

haven for homeless animals

and to date, most of the animals on the farm come from the SPCA,

or from owners who can no longer care for their animals. The Farm

features all sorts of animals - both the traditional farm animals and

exotic animals from many different countries.

The Farm offers one of the only opportunities for Keys children

to interact with animals they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity

to experience. The farm has special events throughout the year. The

facility is supported largely by donations from visitors.

In 2009, almost

6,000 people visited

the farm, contributing

$7,500 in

donations which

are used for special

projects and for day

to day maintenance

and upkeep of the

animals and their


Important Numbers:

In an Emergency, Dial 911

To report a non-emergency incident call Sheriff’s Office Communications:

(305)296-2424 (305)745-3184 (305)289-2430 (305)664-6480 (305)853-3211

To Contact the Sheriff’s Office:

Sheriff’s Administrative Headquarters ............................................................................................(305) 296-2424

Central Records Division ................................................................................................................(305) 292-7050

Community Relations Division . ......................................................................................................(305) 292-7116

Human Resources Division..............................................................................................................(305) 292-7044

Crime Stoppers of the Florida Keys. ..............................................................................................1-800-346-TIPS

Patrol Divisions:

Freeman Substation, Cudjoe Key ...................................................................................................(305) 745-3184

Marathon Substation .......................................................................................................................(305) 289-2430

Islamorada Substation......................................................................................................................(305) 664-6480

The Roth Building, Plantation Key .................................................................................................(305) 853-3211

Special Operations............................................................................................................................(305) 289-2410

Detention Centers

Main Detention Facility, Stock Island ..............................................................................................(305) 293-7300

Marathon Detention Center ..............................................................................................................(305) 289-2420

Plantation Key Detention Center .....................................................................................................(305) 853-3266

Affordable Dependent

Health Care coverage

is available through

Blue Cross Blue Shield

of Florida!!

Kimm Johnson and Mark Whitton are also affiliated

with BCBS of Florida and we would like the opportunity to

provide you with excellent service.

If you are interested in a quote for your dependents at

no obligation to you, please contact us at:


You can also call us at: 585-322-4755 (Verizon)

We also have a representative available and he can

be reached as well:

Harvey Timmer, Hctimmer@bellsouth.Net, 305-951-


For those of you who remember Kimm Johnson when

she worked in payroll she continues to help provide excellent

service for your needs.

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Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009




































































45 Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009

47 Monroe County Sheriff’s Office - Annual Report 2009


Crime Stoppers of the Florida Keys

offers a Cash Reward for information

leading to a felony arrest.

If you see a crime happen, or have information

about criminal activity, do the right thing.

Call Crime Stoppers to report it. You will be

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