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Chris Harris was born in Coonamble, at a

very early age, in 1948, the year in

which Don Bradman played his last Test

for Australia. Indeed, Chzis has on several

occasions been compared favourably

with the incomparable "Don", although

never by anyone outside his immediate


Chris demonstrated his cricketing prowess

at an early age,representing Northern

New South Wales when he a spindly 10

year old. At High school he had the rare

distinction of being School Captain

TWICE; he enjoyed his final year so much

he decided to repeat it. He obviously

enjoyed his first year at College just

as much, as he also repeated it.Nowadays

he still enjoys repeating things, especially


After teaching P.E. in Guyre for a few years Chris went overseas for a year

as a sort of Australian Cultural Attache", after which he decided to try his

luck in the fabled National Capital. In 1974 he met Don Brooker at a bar

and together they set about establishing the Weston Creek Cricket Club -the

story that Chris was not good enough to get a game with any of the existing

clubs is nearly completely untrue. He is now the Senior .P.E: teacher at

Kaleen High School where he is noted for his curriculum innovation. His

Unco-ordinated Activities Course for the Academic Under-achiever has made

him famous in advanced educational circles.

During his long career with the Creek, Chris has established an enviable

reputation in all four cricketing skills - batting, bowling, fielding and

lying. He has all but perfected the controlled inside edge, known as the

French Cut in pre-Al Grassby days. His ability to leave catches for his

slips colleagues is legendary and his tricky and wholly unorthodox bowling

has mesmerised many an incompetent batsperson.

Undoubtedly his annual performance with the microphone at Presentation Night

is a highlight of the season. It is this ability that has led to Chris

being ranked alongside that other mega-microphone personality and fellow

Coonamble boy, Tony Campbell.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Generous Club supporter and founder member Keith Simmons was so moved by

the sight of the Championship banner fluttering in ths spring breeze, he

offered to meet all costs in buying the banner and erecting the new flag

pole.- Thank you, Keith.

Weekly practice sessions for the Club have been arranged as follows:.

Tuesday and Thursday.. 1st to 4th grades.


.. CCSCA teams


.. 1st grade

Any member of the CCSCA teams unable to attend on Wednesdays are invited

to attend on Thursdaty.

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