the program - Fear, Anxiety, Anxiety Disorders

the program - Fear, Anxiety, Anxiety Disorders

It is our great pleasure to invite you to

participate in the International

symposium to be held in Münster,

December 10-12 2009, organized by the

Transregio/SFB 58 „Fear, Anxiety and

Anxiety Disorders“.

No Meeting Fee.

(Dinner will be charged 30€)

Registration required for participation.

Registration deadline:

October 31, 2009.


Childcare will be provided: please

contact the organizer (A. Borgmann;

Tel.: 0251/83-55530;

as needed.

Support and sponsors:

- Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

- Westfälische Wilhelms-University

- Institute for Physiology I

- AppliChem GmbH (Darmstadt, Germany)

- BIOZOL GmbH (Eching, Germany)

- Charles River (Sulzfeld, Germany)

- Data Sciences GmbH (Homburg, Germany)

- Metris B.V. (Hoofddorp, The Netherlands)

- Plexon (Texas, USA)

- TSE (Bad Homburg, Germany)

- WPI (Berlin, Germany)

Meeting venue:

Schloss Münster, Schlossplatz 2

D-48149 Münster



Dr. T. Seidenbecher

Institut für Physiologie I

Robert-Koch-Str. 27a, D-48149 Münster


Prof. Dr. C. Büchel

Institut für syst. Neurowissenschaften

Univers.-klinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf

Martinistr. 52, D-20246 Hamburg


Prof. Dr. A. Engel

Institut für Neurophysiologie und


Univers.-klinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf

Martinistr. 52, D-20246 Haburg

Email: akengel@uke.uni-hamburgde

Office SFB/TR 58

A. Borgmann


H.-C. Pape (SFB-Sprecher)

International Symposium


Münster, Germany



Anxiety Disorders

Sonderforschungsbereich/Transregio 58


Julius Maximilians Universität


Thursday, 10 th Dec. Friday, 11 th Dec. (morning) Friday, 11 th Dec. (afternoon)

Session I: Experimental animal studies Session II: Human preclinical studies Session III: Clinical transition and intervention

Chair: B. Lutz (Mainz)

Chair: J. Deckert (Würzburg)

for improved anxiety control

Chair: P. Pauli (Würzburg)

14:00 Opening remarks

14:15 Opening lecture

R. Dolan (London)

"Value encoding in the human brain"

15:15 N. Sachser (Münster)

"Social environment, genotype, and the

modulation of anxiety-like behaviour"

15:45 C. Herry (Bordeaux)

„Removal of perineuronal nets in the amygdala

enables selective erasure of fear memory“

Coffee break and Poster session

16:45 H.-C. Pape, T. Seidenbecher (Münster)

„Patterns of activity in amygdaloid circuits and

beyond related to fear memory and extinction"

17:15 D. Paré (New York)

„Synaptic basis of safety learning in the


17:45 B. Gerber (Würzburg)

„Pain-relief learning in fruit flies “

18.15 N. Singewald (Innsbruck)

"Reversal of impaired fear extinction: neural


19.00 Welcome reception / Get together

20.30 Social event (optional):

“Night sight-seeing Münster”

9:00 B. Vervliet (Amsterdam)

"Generalization of Fear Learning in Humans:

Effects of Stimulus Preexposures and Verbal


9:30 P. Pauli, A. Mühlberger (Würzburg)

„Contextual fear conditioning in virtual reality“

10:00 T. Furmark (Uppsala)

„Gene-brain-behavior relationship in social anxiety

and its treatment“

Coffee break

11:00 C. Büchel, R. Kalisch (Hamburg)

„The neurophysiology of classical conditioning

in humans“

11:30 D. Schiller (New York)

"Flexibility of emotional memories"

12:00 A. Engel (Hamburg)

"Neural coherence as a mechanism for response

selection: modulation by attentional and

emotional factors"

12:30 Lunch break

and poster session

14:30 K. Domschke (Münster)

„Neurobiology of anxiety - a provocative


15:00 A. Gloster (Dresden)

„Cognitive behavioral therapy for panic disorder

with agoraphobia: preliminary results from a

multi-center randomized clinical trial“

15:30 A. Fallgatter, A. Ehlis (Würzburg)

„Prefrontal control of panic attacks - evidence

from neuroimaging“

Coffee break and Poster session

16:30 F. McMahon (Bethesda)

"A genome-wide association study of panic

disorder in the PAN-I-C sample"

17:00 A. Reif (Würzburg)

„Genetic risk factors for panic disorder: initial

findings from the Panic-Net and the TRR-SFB“

17:30 P. Salkovskis (London)

„Treatment of anxiety; tales of the unexpected“

18:00 Concluding remarks

19:00 Dinner (30€ fee)

Saturday, 12 th Dec.


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