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2011 Annual Report

2011 Report to the Community




A Letter from Omar Atassi, M.D.

It is my privilege to share the

Theda Clark Medical Center (TCMC)

Foundation 2011 Report to the

Community. The report is a great

way to look back and realize how

much we’ve accomplished over

the last year with the help of your


Whether we’re planting the seeds

for long-term success or providing

support for smaller individual

projects, everything we do plays a role

in the exceptional care at Theda Clark.

I also want to thank you for your generosity to the Hospital,

and the wonderful charitable spirit I have witnessed during

my tenure as President of the Theda Clark Medical Center

Foundation Board of Directors. Community support provides

the nourishment necessary for the Hospital to develop and

mature. We grow stronger together.

With warm personal regards,

Omar Atassi, M.D.

A Letter from Wyon Wiegratz

As I begin my term as president

of the Theda Clark Medical Center

(TCMC) Foundation Board of

Directors, I feel both proud of our

history and excited for our future.

With special thanks to Dr. Omar

Atassi and all those who have led

the Foundation before him, we are

a healthy and vibrant Hospital that

provides care on par with national

Wyon Wiegratz

programs. Yet, we do it with the

compassion and neighborly work ethic our region is known for.

Financial support from donors like you makes it possible for us

to deliver exceptional healthcare and extraordinary value each

step of the way.

Theda Clark Medical Center has such a long and proud history.

Our strong roots in the community seem to grow deeper and

reach farther with each passing year. I look forward to cultivating

a prosperous future together.


Omar Atassi, M.D.

Immediate Past President

Board of Directors

Theda Clark Medical Center Foundation

Wyon Wiegratz


Board of Directors

Theda Clark Medical Center Foundation

Table of Contents

3 Your Gift in Action ~ Role Models for Care

Theda Clark Medical Center Foundation

2011 Board of Directors and Staff

4 By the Numbers

5 Ways to Give

2011 Financial Overview

6 Foundation Grants

Your Gift in Action ~ Oh, Baby!

7 Special Events

8 In Appreciation of Our Donors

Scholarship Winners

2 Theda Clark Medical Center Foundation | 2011 Report to the Community

Your Gift in Action ~ Role Models for Care

ThedaCare has taken a national leadership role to develop a better way

to care for patients in the hospital setting. It’s called Collaborative Care.

In this model of care, the patient, his or her family, and the entire clinical

care team work together to create a treatment plan designed uniquely for

each patient. In fact, the physician, nurse, and pharmacist are all present

at the patient’s bedside in order for information to be given and received

in a group discussion, rather than a series of one-on-one conversations or

shared charting notes.

This model frequently puts the nurse in a lead role for communication

since nurses often have the most contact and, therefore, the strongest

relationship with each patient. Such an ambitious effort requires

preparation and training.

Beginning with the 2011 graduate nurses, ThedaCare’s Learning Center

for Collaborative Care will provide an evidence-based process for nursing

orientation. It’s an innovative model where new nurses and clinical staff

members receive focused training from clinical experts, guided by an

advanced practice Learning Chair.

Theda Clark Medical Center Foundation is proud to support the new

Collaborative Care Learning Center through a $238,000 grant paid out

over the next three years. In addition to funding the Learning Chair

position, the grant will help expand the unit and convert the facility

into a classroom environment with proper equipment and upgrades to

patient rooms, including live stream video where students can watch the

Collaborative Care model in action without intruding on patient space.

This professional development will strengthen the care delivered for every

patient we serve.

Theda Clark Medical Center Foundation

2011 Board of Directors and Staff



Omar Atassi, M.D.

Vice President

Joseph McGrane


Dan Began


Wyon Wiegratz

Board of Directors

Curtis Baltz, M.D.

Tim Bergstrom

Jeff Buchta

Kathryn Correia

Jim Cummings

Tim Flaherty, M.D.

Michael Frohna

Sharon Hulce

Doug Mielke, M.D.

Katrina Rosculet, M.D.

Tom Tolly, M.D.

Michael Waite

Foundation Staff

Sylvia Adessa, Project Assistant

Bill Busching, Database & Research Coordinator

Margie Ebben, Development Assistant

Michael Frohna, Executive Director, Philanthropy

Kara Muchow, Annual Giving & Communications Officer

Nikki Towne, Executive Secretary

Amanda Williams, Development Coordinator-Stewardship

& Special Events

“The wise man must

remember that while he

is a descendant of the past,

he is a parent of the future.”

- Herbert Spencer

Pay it Forward.

Directors Emeritus

John Bergstrom

Mary Sensenbrenner

Dan Thearle, M.D.

2011 Report to the Community | Theda Clark Medical Center Foundation 3








Volunteerism is one

important way Theda Clark

Medical Center has become

so deeply rooted in the local

community. In 2011, we had

450 people volunteer their

time to help the Hospital

run smoothly and


574 Gifts

Last year, nearly 600 people

donated a total of $372,067

to support Theda Clark

Medical Center.

More than 100,000

people were admitted for

treatment at Theda Clark

Medical Center in 2011.

That is four times the

population of Neenah,

Wisconsin, the city

Theda Clark Medical

Center calls home.


The reasons people are

moved to contribute to

this cause are endless.

Theda Clark Medical

Center and those we serve

appreciate every act of

kindness – whether time

or money – that moves

our mission forward.

Our gratitude is

also endless.



Our 450 volunteers logged

an impressive 46,509 hours

in 2011, saving the Hospital

approximately $1 million*.

*Calculated using the 2011

estimated value of volunteer

time established by


The impact of your

generosity is beyond


“ During my stay at Theda Clark Medical

Center, I was treated by a wonderful staff of

nurses, doctors, and technicians. I cannot

adequately express how important it was

to my recovery.”

– Taken from a “thank you” card from

a patient at Theda Clark Medical Center

4 Theda Clark Medical Center Foundation | 2011 Report to the Community

“It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot

tougher to make a difference.”

Ways to Give

– Tom Brokaw

Every gift – big or small – makes an impact. While donors

generously contributed more than $350,000 to Theda Clark

Medical Center Foundation in 2011, individual gifts varied

greatly. There’s no right or wrong way to lend a hand. Taken

together, the funds gain power and the strength to make a


While it would be impractical to share every story of where

the money went in 2011, we hope you enjoy the real life

impact described in the “Your Gift in Action” stories sprinkled

throughout this report.

Make an immediate impact or provide long-term support

in a variety of ways:

Gifts of Cash. Cash gifts of any amount can be made in

memory or honor of a loved one, if desired. These funds often

make a difference immediately by supporting programs,

education, and research.

Gifts of Appreciated Assets. Non-cash assets, such as

common stock, may offer additional tax advantages and also

help avoid capital gains tax on the appreciated value.

Trusts & Annuities. Significant tax advantages make

charitable trusts and gift annuities an attractive option. With

a trust, the donor receives a financial return on the donation

throughout his/her lifetime.

Endowed Named Funds. Donors can establish an

endowment fund with $10,000 or more (payable over 3-5

years) to support a particular program or initiative. Only tapping

into the interest, the principal remains intact, ensuring that

important programs will be sustained into perpetuity.

Gifts by Will. Inserting the sentence “I bequeath $_____

or _____% of my estate to Theda Clark Medical Center

Foundation” may cost you nothing today, but will certainly help

serve our mission in the future. A willed gift can also help reduce

the donor’s estate taxes.

Other. The Foundation staff is happy to discuss any other gift

arrangements or naming opportunities, as well. Please contact

the Theda Clark Medical Center Foundation at (920) 720-7322

for more information.

2011 Financial Overview

Overall, 2011 was a solid year financially. Theda Clark

Medical Center Foundation met our fundraising goals

through successful events, sponsorship relationships,

and generous individual contributions. While the year

proved to be difficult for investments, we continue to

be positioned well for the start of an economic recovery.

In addition, responsible management of available funds

maintained net assets at a nearly identical level over the

last few years. Finally – and perhaps most importantly

– the Foundation provided grants and community

support to a variety of worthy causes, forwarding our

mission and planting the seeds for future growth

and prosperity. Please take the time to review the

information in this report regarding grants, scholarship

awards, and the real-life stories detailing the impact of

your contributions in the Your Gift in Action spotlight

articles. We grow stronger together.

Total Revenue = $372,067

This number represents the funds

raised by Theda Clark Medical Center

Foundation through new contributions.

This number does not reflect pledge

payments on a capital campaign.

Investment Gains / (Losses) = ($635,189)

Our professionally managed investment

portfolio reflects the condition of the

overall economy in 2011. Long-term,

we continue to average adequate gains.

Grants and Community Support = $115,683*

The Foundation’s Board of Directors

uses approximately five percent of

the total unrestricted assets to fund

initiatives outside of capital campaigns

each year.

* Reflects total amount paid in 2011.

Net Assets = $30,212,465

The Foundation’s net assets maintained

strength after the economic slowdown.

2011 Report to the Community | Theda Clark Medical Center Foundation 5




Foundation Grants

Thanks to the generosity of donors who support the Theda Clark

Medical Center Foundation, our Board of Directors is able to award

grants each year to the Hospital and local community organizations

for needed equipment and/or to establish new procedures. Grants

awarded in 2011 include:

ThedaCare’s Learning Center for Collaborative Care

The Collaborative Care Unit on the fifth floor serves as a centralized

location to train nurses and other clinical staff in the methodology and

practice of the Collaborative Care model. In fact, nurses spend their

orientation time at this Learning Center in intense preparation. (See

“Your Gift in Action” on page 3 for more information.)

Theda Clark Birth Center

Right in line with our theme of Growing Stronger Together, our littlest

patients need tending and nurturing for a strong foundation of health

down the road. Necessary equipment upgrades including a new

portable ultrasound unit and baby warmers with built-in scale and

oxygen monitor help the Theda Clark Birth Center provide care on

par with national programs. (See “Your Gift in Action” on this page for


Theda Clark Guest House

Annual support of the Theda Clark Guest House assists with purchasing

new bedding, laundry supplies, kitchen supplies, and more for the

home. Located next to Theda Clark Medical Center, the Guest House

provides temporary housing for families of patients in critical condition

in the ICU or babies in the Neonatal ICU. It’s kind of like our own Ronald

McDonald House®.

Tri-County Dental Program

The Tri-County Community Dental Clinic provides quality oral health

care to people in Calumet, Outagamie, and Winnebago counties

whose access to dental care is limited due to inadequate income or

reduced access to Medicaid care. After realizing chronic transportation

issues for patients, the Clinic created a mobile unit to help reach

children who qualify for the program right in their school setting, as

well as children and adults at targeted locations in the community,

such as Boys’ and Girls’ Club or the YMCA. The grant supports one

dental assistant position for the mobile clinic over a three-year period.

Neenah Police Department

Grant awarded to cover the remaining funds necessary to proceed

with the purchase and training of one K-9 dog for the Neenah Police


Trauma Center at Theda Clark in support of P.A.R.T.Y @ the P.A.C.

P.A.R.T.Y. stands for Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth.

Medical and law enforcement professionals in addition to young adults

who were injured themselves shed light on the danger of risk-taking

behaviors, their life-altering outcomes, and the importance of personal

responsibility through a reality-based educational program held at the

Fox Cities P.A.C. Dramatic simulations of real-life accident situations

help teens make safer, more informed choices.

Your Gift in Action

~ Oh Baby!

Having the necessary

equipment helps ensure that

our tiniest patients get off

to the best possible start in

life. This year, newborns in

the Theda Clark Birth Center

received their first warm hugs

through a $66,434 Foundation

grant for new infant warmers.

“The Panda Warmer makes

such a big difference in

the way we handle our

newborns,” explains Birth Center nurse Sara Bronson, RN. “Loss of

body temperature is an important factor for babies right after birth.

Features like a built-in scale and an oxygen saturation monitor allow

us to perform our initial evaluation and do our work efficiently without

worry about regulating the baby’s body temperature away from mom.

It also means we don’t have to leave the room to search for additional

equipment, if needed.”

The new baby warmers help the Theda Clark Birth Center meet the

high standard of delivery care for newborns outlined in the new

Neonatal Resuscitation Program guidelines, once again placing our

local Hospital on par with the best in the nation.

Scholarship Winners

Dianne Bergstrom, RN –

Nursing Scholarship

Established in 2010, this scholarship is

awarded to a student from the Fox Valley

or surrounding communities who is

pursuing a registered nursing degree.

Congratulations to Kelli Coons ($2,500).

Ruth Stowe Boehnlein Scholarships

The Ruth Stowe Boehnlein Scholarships are awarded to first-year

nursing students.

Congratulations to Dacia Hermes ($1,000) and Nina Schaeve ($1,000).

Gretchen Johnson Boehnlein Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded to students continuing their nursing

education or those seeking advanced degrees in nursing.

Congratulations to Katie Gonnering ($1,000) and Sarah Schuchhardt


6 Theda Clark Medical Center Foundation | 2011 Report to the Community

Special Events

High Flyin’



The 2011 High

Flyin’ Golf Outing

brought 163

golfers together on

July 18 for a fun day

of food, golf, and on-course events. Due to

an overwhelming response, the golf outing

was expanded this year to include an 18-hole

option at North Shore Golf Club in Menasha, as

TCMC Foundation Executive Director Michael Frohna

and ThedaCare President and CEO Dean Gruner got

into the swing of things.

well as a 9-hole option at Riverview Country

Club in Appleton. Those playing nine holes also

enjoyed a wine tasting presented by Certified

Wine Specialist Kate Merryfield from General

Beverage Sales Co. and cooking demonstration

by Chef Larry, owner of Big Tomatoes

Restaurant in Green Bay and Executive Chef for

the ThedaCare Hospital Division. Both groups

of golfers started the day with lunch and ended

with an hors d’oeuvre reception and auction.


@ the P.A.C.

P.A.R.T.Y. @ the P.A.C.

stands for Prevent

Alcohol and Risk-related

Trauma in Youth. Nearly

5,000 high school students from 38 area

schools attended the reality-based educational

program held at the Fox Cities Performing Arts

Center on March 1-2, 2011.

Introduced in 1998 by the Trauma Center

at Theda Clark Medical Center, the P.A.R.T.Y.

program was the first of its kind in the country.

Rather than spout statistics or warnings at

a demographic that still believes they are

invincible, P.A.R.T.Y. @ the P.A.C. uses skits, real

stories shared by actual patients, and a dramatic

accident simulation to help teens understand

the potential consequences of risk-taking

behaviors. “This powerful event encourages

high school students throughout the Fox Cities

to think ahead and make safer choices,” shares

Jinnifir Gauerke, Trauma Outreach Coordinator

for Theda Clark Medical Center.

An Evening

on the


On Christmas Eve

2010, a young man

was severely injured

in a high-speed snowmobile crash. Matthew

Paul required 82 units of blood and multiple

surgeries to survive, as well as an extended stay

in the Theda Clark Medical Center (TCMC) Frank

Wiesner Intensive Care Unit (ICU). During his

treatment and recovery, his family was able to

fly in from California and stay in TCMC’s Guest

House, just steps from the Hospital’s door.

Matthew Paul with three of the physicians who helped

save his life. From L to R: Dr. Karl Greene, Matthew Paul

(middle front), Dr. Omar Atassi, and Dr. Ray Georgen.

“Just the flight from California to Wisconsin, I

felt like I had so much weight on my shoulders,”

said Matthew’s mother May Paul. “It was quite

nice being able to get away from the hospital,

but yet I was close enough to my son if

something went wrong.”

The event raised $78,474 (net) to be equally

distributed between Theda Clark Medical

Center Foundation and Appleton Medical

Center Foundation programs and services.

Fred Ebbesen and Janis Ackerman had as much fun

selling raffle tickets on the course as golfers had

winning the prizes!

TCMC Foundation is proud to provide

grant money to support P.A.R.T.Y. @ the

P.A.C. Together with area fire fighters, law

enforcement officers, medical professionals

and survivors, we’re working to avoid needless

suffering and prevent as many hospital visits as

possible before they ever happen.

Matthew and his family shared their remarkable

story of recovery and gratitude at the 2011

An Evening on the Shore event held

September 23 at North Shore Golf Club in

Menasha. Nearly $30,000 in proceeds from the

event were used to fund improvements and

safety upgrades to the Guest House, which

is used as a temporary home by families of

patients in critical condition at Theda Clark

Medical Center’s ICU or neonatal ICU.

The Theda Clark Medical Center Foundation

Board of Directors and staff extend their

thanks to event sponsors and 85 attendees for

supporting this worthy cause.

2011 Report to the Community | Theda Clark Medical Center Foundation 7

2011Memorials and Honors

The success of Theda Clark Medical Center Foundation

is really a direct testament to your kindness, generosity

and support. Thank you.

Donor Circle Categories

To distinguish donors at the level for which their gifts were intended,

the following pages list all of the donors in “Giving Circles,” based on

cumulative gifts and pledges given to the Foundation in 2011.

Theda Clark Society - $250,000 and above

C.B. Clark Society - $100,000 to $249,999

President’s Circle - $50,000 to $99,999

Director’s Circle - $25,000 to $49,999

Cornerstone Members - $10,000 to $24,999

Sustaining Members - $5,000 to $9,999

Supporting Members - $1,000 to $4,999

Contributing Members - through $999

In Memory of Clyde Abba

Michael & Vicky Abba

In Honor of Bill & Donna Behnke

Mr. & Mrs. George H. Crowell

In Memory of Donald Buchta

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel S. Thearle

In Honor of Peter & Christina Chiu

Mr. & Mrs. George H. Crowell

In Memory of Alfred & Marilla Dieckhoff

Mary A. Ely

In Honor of Robert Douglas

Robert S. Garofalo, M.D.

In Honor of Tim Flaherty

Corbin & Lauri Asbury

Dr. & Mrs. Brian A. Cole

Dr. Fred E. Klein & Mrs. Michelle A. Jerome

Dr. & Mrs. Paul A. Larson

Rudy & Kimberly Lin

Drs. Thomas & Margo Murphy

Sandeep K. Rao, M.D.

Dr. & Mrs. Timothy H. Seline

Dr. & Mrs. James F. Smick

Tom & Sally Tolly

Dr. Hong Xie & Mr. Jimmy Lo

Drs. Jeffrey & Valerie Zapolsky

Dr. Andrew & Mrs. Katherine Ziegert

In Memory of Brandon Fochs

Joline Schug

In Honor of Raymond Georgen

Ms. Jill Case-Wirth

In Memory of Roy L. Gross

Mrs. Donita S. Gross

In Honor of Jim & Claire Hammer

Mr. & Mrs. George H. Crowell

In Memory of Gilbert Kalscheuer

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Galeazzi

In Memory of Sandra Pawlowski

Mr. James Pawlowski

In Memory of Jean Puddy

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Galeazzi

In Memory of Clarence & Ivah Rafoth

John & Julianne Giese

In Honor of Gene & Dawn Reece

Mr. & Mrs. George H. Crowell

In Honor of James & Eloise Robinson

Ms. Mary Carver

In Memory of Adam Schatz

Jennifer & Dean Fischer

In Memory of Adam Schatz (cont.)

River Valley Kart Club & Adam Schatz

Memorial Race Team

In Memory of Earl K. Schmidli

Nancy M. Schmidli

In Memory of Timothy Schmidli

Nancy M. Schmidli

In Honor of David Schultz

Ms. Jill Case-Wirth

In Memory of Donna M. Schultz

Ms. Mary Ellen Tanguay

In Honor of Barbara Schuppe

Pat & Red La Plante

In Honor of Brian Sears

Gabriele Alverson Trust

In Memory of Robert E. Sparks

Martha Sparks

In Honor of Daniel & Irene Thearle’s

50th Wedding Anniversary

Dr. & Mrs. Ray F. Georgen

In Memory of Baby Westerhouse

Angela & Steve Westerhouse

8 Theda Clark Medical Center Foundation | 2011 Report to the Community

If we have made an error in spelling, listing, or omitting your name, please accept our apology

and call the Foundation office at (920) 720-7322 so that our records can be corrected.

2011 Donors

Theda Clark Society - $250,000 +

Mrs. E. William Aylward, Sr.

Bergstrom Automotive

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Bergstrom

Ms. Ann S. Courtenay

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey H. Curler

Menasha Corp. Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Sensenbrenner, Jr.

Mr. Mowry Smith

ThedaCare, Inc.

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

C. B. Clark Society - $100,000 +

Dr. & Mrs. Leah Atassi

Dr. & Mrs. Safouh A. Atassi

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Brown

Jim & Gail Cummings

Tim & Joan Flaherty

Gillen Family Foundation

Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company

Dr. & Mrs. Rami Kaldas

J.J. Keller Foundation, Inc.

Kimberly Clark Corporation

Plexus Corp. Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Thomas J. Prosser

Mrs. Jane S. Shepard

Theda Clark Medical Center Auxiliary

Mike & Julie Waite

Mrs. Marilyn F. Wiesner

President’s Circle - $50,000 +

The Boldt Company

Dunsirn Partners, LLC

Brian & Paula Sears

Director’s Circle - $25,000 +

Dan & Sue Began

Jud & Mary Beth Fowler

Great Northern Corporation

Dean & Pamela Gruner

Doug & Erin Mielke

Radiology Associates of the Fox Valley

Michael & Erica San Dretto

Tom & Kay Scheetz

Cornerstone Members - $10,000 +

Alta Resources

Appleton Group Wealth

Management, LLC

John & Nancy AufderHeide

Dr. & Mrs. Brian A. Cole

Commercial Horizons, Inc.

Stephen & Kathryn Correia

John & Katherine Davis

Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Dedmon

Faith Technologies, Inc.

Mr. Ted Galloway

Dr. & Mrs. Ray F. Georgen

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Gillen

Godfrey & Kahn, S.C.

Gary & Judy Gunderson

Cullen & Sally Henshaw

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Keating, Jr.

Dr. Fred E. Klein &

Mrs. Michelle A. Jerome

Mr. Donald S. Koskinen

Legacy Private Trust Company

McMahon Associates, Inc.

Todd & Leela Peebles

Surgical Associates of Neenah, S.C.

ThedaCare Hospitals’ Medical Staff

Tom & Sally Tolly

Tweet / Garot Mechanical, Inc.

Wal-Mart SuperCenter #2958

Webex, Inc.

Wisconsin Institute of Urology, S.C.

Women’s Care of Wisconsin, SC

Sustaining Members - $5,000 +

Association of Hospital Anesthesiologists

Curt & Kathy Baltz

Kim Barnas


Robert S. Garofalo, M.D.

John & Julianne Giese

Gold Cross Ambulance Service

Greg & MaryKay Hayward

David & Jeannie Horak

The Hunter Family

Ginger & Jeffrey Jones

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Keller

Dr. & Mrs. Paul A. Larson

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Livingston

Dr. Ramegowda V. Madhusudhan

Terrence & Susan Murray

Nestle USA

Tim, Jenni, Abby & Zach Olson

Michael & Susan Pierson

Mowry Smith Charitable Fund*

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel S. Thearle

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Thompson

Supporting Members - $1,000 +


Corbin & Lauri Asbury

Bassett Mechanical

Scott Behrens, M.D. & Esther Palomino

Dr. & Mrs. Jerome E. Bormes

James J. Calmes & Sons, Inc.

Ms. Jill Case-Wirth

Corcoran Glass & Paint, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. George H. Crowell

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Dickens

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Douglas


Margaret Friedland

Pat & Amy Galloway

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Germonprez

Joseph & Katie Golichnik

Henry L. & Shirley A. Griesbach

Mrs. Donita S. Gross

Mr. & Mrs. Alan W. Hanks

Veronica Hearty

Mark & Jane Hermans

Ms. Mary C. Howden

David & Ellen Kneip

Clarence & Joyce Kunde

Ms. Ellen J. LaMarche

J.P. & Eileen Latreille

Rudy & Kimberly Lin

Dr. & Mrs. Gregory L. Long

Charles E. Maney

Paul & Maureen McAvoy

Joe & Jackie McGrane

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Melchert

Bob & Judy Mickelson

Jim & Mary Milslagle

Tim & Ann Moe

Drs. Thomas & Margo Murphy

Neenah/Menasha Firefighters

Benevolent Fund Inc.

Matthew Paul Foundation

Terry & Kim Pinch

Quantum Health, Inc. -

Coordinated Health/Care

* A fund within the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region.

2011 Report to the Community | Theda Clark Medical Center Foundation 9

2011 Donors

Supporting Members - $1,000 + (cont.)

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Radtke

Sandeep K. Rao, M.D.

River Valley Kart Club & Adam Schatz

Memorial Team Race

James & Eloise Robinson

Mr. Mark R. Rohrer

Katrina & John Rosculet

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Ross

Mr. Kevin Sagers & Dr. Kim Riess-Sagers

Dr. & Mrs. Timothy H. Seline

Denny & Ronnie Simon

Rosemary Simonis

Tom Singer & Marie Fiscella

Dr. & Mrs. James F. Smick

Martha Sparks

Dr. & Mrs. James Syverud

Ms. Mary Ellen Tanguay

Stephen & Joan Terrien

David & Karen Thomsen

Mary Jane Waite


Wascher Family Foundation

Robert & Kathryn Wedge

Westgor Funeral Homes, Inc.

Wyon & Mary Jo Wiegratz

Dr. Hong Xie & Mr. Jimmy Lo

Drs. Jeffrey & Valerie Zapolsky

Tom & Nancy Zeuthen

Dr. Andrew & Mrs. Katherine Ziegert

Contributing Members - Up to $999

Michael & Vicky Abba

Albany International Corp.

Gabriele Alverson Trust

Mr. Gay R Anderson


Mr. & Mrs. William R. Arndt

Ellen L. Barnes

Harland J. & Marcelyn P. Barth

Carolyn & Ted Bauer

Mr. & Mrs. Carl A. Berg

Dr. & Mrs. Chris Bergstrom

William & Mary Bergstrom

Mr. & Mrs. Bryan J. Blankfield

Mr. & Mrs. Darwin Bork

Mr. Ronald E. Braasch

Tom & Nancy Breaker

Mrs. Marsha Brightman

Mr. & Mrs. Neil A. Bruch

Dr. John M. Burke & Mrs. Lee Boeke Burke

Charles Captain

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Carlson

Ms. Mary Carver

Mrs. Betty Casperson

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey J. Chew

James & Koula Christofil

Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Cianciola

James & Brunhilde Courtney

Robert Cowling

Tim & Lauren Cross

Ruth E. Darr

Neal & Carol Darrow

Robert & Marina de Wet

Ms. Rachel Decoster

Ms. Gerry F. Delengowski

Ms. Ramona Delfosse

Mr. Rick Dittman

Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Ebben

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel T. Ellickson

Mary A. Ely

Mr. Leon Eppinger

Sharon A. Evensen

Jack & Mary Fairchild

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Feldner

John & Waida Felker

Jennifer & Dean Fischer

Dr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Fitzsimmons

Prof. Douglas & Carlene Flaherty

Edward W. Flenz

Eileen E. Flenz

Mr. & Mrs. Karl E. Forsgren

Ms. Gloria F. Fox

Fraternal Order of Eagles Neenah Eagles

Auxiliary # 1099

Jeane Frederick

Mrs. Audrey M. Fuchs

Dr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Fuller

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Furlan

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Galeazzi

Mr. & Mrs. Alvin L. Gast

Jerry & Connie Gietman

Ms. Arline M. Goerlitz

Mr. & Mrs. Martin Goffard

David & Amy Goltz

Dr. & Mrs. Karl A. Greene

“Don’t judge each day by the

harvest you reap but by the

seeds that you plant.”

Mr. & Mrs. David C. Grinsel

Richard Groth

Vic & Elaine Guenther

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. Haese

Terry & Darlene Hamann

Ruth Ann Hamilton

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Helf

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Hoffman

Ms. Pat Irwin

Mr. Robert W. Jacobson

Dr. Michael L. Jakubowski

Mr. & Mrs. George J. Jirasek

Robert & Mary Lou Jones

Ed & Shirley Jourdain

John & Jean Juds

Mr. & Mrs. Steven R. Kalmanson

Mr. Steven G. Kent

Robert & Virginia Klapper

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth D. Kleist


Dr. Lisa M. Kokontis &

Mr. Christopher Westra

Jim & Carol Konkol

Ms. Margaret M. Krieger

Ms. Myrtle Krueger

Pat & Red La Plante

Mark & Susie Lange

Mr. Yogi Latorre

Robert & Ruth Law

Dr. & Mrs. Eric Lawatsch

Robert & Evaline LeBouton

Richard & Laurie Leonard

Jeffery M. & Mary C. Lietz

Thomas & Pat Lison

Earl & Evelyn Luebke

Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Lynch

Corey & Nancy Marcell

Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Marshall

Ms. Rose Mattio

— Robert Louis Stevenson

10 Theda Clark Medical Center Foundation | 2011 Report to the Community

If we have made an error in spelling, listing, or omitting your name, please accept our apology

and call the Foundation office at (920) 720-7322 so that our records can be corrected.

2011 Donors

Contributing Members - Up to $999


Carolyn Matz Gutt

James & Elaine Mc Aloon

Menasha Police Benevolent Association

Mrs. Kathy Mengel-Flesch

Ms. Constance N. Metko

Ms. Virginia Meyer

Mr. Kenneth Monger

Morton Pharmacy

Nancy Mueller

Nathan Munson

Gerald & Caroline Murphy

Ron & Ruthellyn Musil

Robert & Louise Natrop

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Newby

Mr. & Mrs. William C. O’Connor

Dr. & Mrs. James V. O’Leary

Bev Olson

John Y. Olson

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Oppelt

Mr. Larry R. Pagel

Ms. Elaine R. Parker

Mr. & Mrs. James Parsons

Mrs. Mae Paul

Harry & Virginia Paveletzke

Mr. James Pawlowski

Joan Pekel

Ms. Ruthie Peterson

Mr. & Mrs. Thom Pharmakis

Maureen & Jeff Pistone

Mr. & Mrs. Lionel Potratz

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Ransom, Jr.

Michael & Sarah Ray

Caren L. Reich - State Farm Insurance

Michael & Virginia Reitzner

Carol & Dick Rine

Dr. Edward J. Rink & Dr. Sharon Rink

Mr. Fred Rivers

Pearl Rock

Mr. Robert L. Rost

Roundy’s Supermarkets, Inc.

Ms. Betty Saegert

Michael & Ginger Schaden

Ms. Sandra A. Schipferling

Nancy M. Schmidli

Fred & Margaret Schmidt

Marsha Schmidt

Dr. Donald J. Schneekloth &

Mrs. Amy Schneekloth

Mr. & Mrs. Leland Schneidewend

Don & Alice Schommer

Joline Schug

Lt. Col. Herman C. Schultz, Ret.

Lawrence & Kim Sebo

Elizabeth M. Singler

Anastassios Skourtis

Garland & Edna Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Smith

Smoken Pig Express

Mrs. Margaret R. Spaulding

Mr. & Mrs. John Speakes

Mike Sperger

Paul Splittgerber

Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Stadtmueller

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Stellmacher

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Stilp

Bill & Carrie Stuck

Robert & Gladys Suess

Jim & Beverly Sund

Mary Lou Turner

Sue Van Deurzen

Bill & Sue Wallingford

Wal-Mart Supercenter

Mr. Ronald L. Waseka

Angela & Steve Westerhouse

Mr. & Mrs. Tom W. Widener


Wisconsin Energy Corporation


Ms. Denise M. Witt

Russ & Rose Wockenfus

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Woelfel

Yellow Rose Memories

Ms. Connie Yonker

Ms. Monica J. Young

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Zale

Zaug’s Inc.

Mrs. Patsy Zolkoske

Joan & Bob Zolkowski

Heritage Society

Diane & Michael Abraham

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald R. Aldridge

Dr. Omar Atassi, Jr.

Dr. Safouh A. Atassi, Sr.

Ms. Kim M. Barnas

Mr. Harvey Boehnlein

Mrs. Katie Ciske

J. James & Althea Davis

Mr. & Mrs. Walter H. Drew

Mr. Alfred H. Evans, Jr.

Margaret S. Gilbert Estate

Louis H. & Beula P. Haase Estate

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Harder

Dr. H. Cullen Henshaw

Albina Ilseng Estate

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Mahlik

Mr. & Mrs. Mike McClone

J. Leslie Sensenbrenner Estate

Ruth Shattuck Estate

Helen Tellock Estate

Theda Clark Endowment

Associated Bank

Mrs. E. William Aylward, Sr.

Mr. Charles Babcock

Ms. Helen Babcock

Mr. D.W. Bergstrom

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Bergstrom

Mr. Harvey Boehnlein

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brown

J. Catlin & E. Bergstrom

Ms. Jessie Clark

First Presbyterian Church

Ms. Jean Frasier

Mr. George M. Gilbert

Margaret S. Gilbert Estate

Louis H. & Beula P. Haase Estate

Albina Ilseng Estate

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Keating, Jr.

Doris Kerwin Trust

Ms. Mary Bergstrom MacQuarrie

Mr. George Madson

Mr. Ernst Mahler

Ms. Mary Maxwell

Helen Clark Pitzer

Ms. Sarah I. Schneider

J. Leslie Sensenbrenner Estate

Ruth Shattuck Estate

S. Frank Shattuck Trust

Helen Tellock Estate

Ms. Margaret Ward

Ms. Mary Whiting

2011 Report to the Community | Theda Clark Medical Center Foundation 11

“ A man doesn’t plant a tree for himself.

He plants it for posterity.”

- Alexander Smith




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