Alcott, Louisa May - Newcastle City Council

Alcott, Louisa May - Newcastle City Council

Torday, Paul

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

This is the story of Dr Alfred Jones, a fisheries

scientist for whom diary notable events include

the acquisition of a new electric toothbrush and

getting his article on caddis fly larvae published

in 'Trout and Salmon', who finds himself

reluctantly involved in a project to bring salmon

fishing to the Highlands of the Yemen. A project

that will change his life, and the course of British

political history forever.



Tuck, Lily

How to Talk to a Widower

When Doug Parker married Hailey, beautiful,

smart and ten years older he left his carefree

Manhattan life behind to live with her and her

teenaged son, Russ, in a quiet Westchester

community. Three years later, Hailey has been

dead for a year, and Doug, a widower at 29, just

wants to drown himself in self-pity and Jack

Daniels. But his family has other ideas. It isn't

long before his new life is spinning hopelessly

out of control. Funny, sad, sexy, and smart, a

novel about finding your way, even when you

have no idea where it is you want to go.

The News From Paraguay

In Paris, Francisco Solano - the future dictator of

Paraguay - picks up a blue feather fallen from the

hat of a beautiful woman. With this small gesture

begins his pursuit of the remarkable Irish

courtesan Eliza Lynch. She follows him to

Paraguay where she reigns as his mistress. She

embraces her lover's ill-fated imperial dream, one

fuelled by a heedless arrogance that will

devastate all of Paraguay, and throw this

European woman into a world of unprecedented

privilege, ruthless exploitation and even


Tyler, Anne

The Amateur Marriage

Michael and Pauline seemed like the perfect

couple. The moment she walked into his

mother's grocery store in Baltimore, he was

smitten, and in the heat of World War II fervour,

they marry in haste. From the sound of the cash

register in the old grocery to the counterculture

jargon of the sixties, from the miniskirts to the

multi layers of later years, Anne Tyler captures

the nuances of everyday life with telling

precision and sly humour.

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