Alcott, Louisa May - Newcastle City Council

Alcott, Louisa May - Newcastle City Council

Atkinson, Kate

Case Histories

The scene is set in Cambridge, with three case

histories from the past: A young child who

mysteriously disappeared from a tent in her back

garden; An unidentified man in a yellow jumper

who marched into an office and slashed a young

girl through the throat; and a young woman

found by the police sitting in her kitchen next to

the body of her husband. Jackson Brodie, a

private investigator and former police detective,

is flung into the midst of these resurrected old

crimes. In digging into the past Jackson seems

to have unwittingly threatened his own future.

Atkinson, Kate

One Good Turn

It is summer, it is the Edinburgh Festival. People

queuing for a lunchtime show witness a roadrage

incident - an incident which changes the

lives of everyone involved.

In "One Good Turn", Kate takes her masterful

plotting one step further. Like a set of Russian

dolls, each thread of the narrative reveals itself to

be related to the last. This is a sharply intelligent

read that is also percipient, funny, and totally


Atwood, Margaret

Oryx and Crake

Pigs might not fly but they are strangely altered.

So, for that matter, are wolves and racoons. A

man, once named Jimmy, now calls himself

snowman and lives in a tree, wrapped in old bed

sheets. The voice of Oryx, the woman he loved,

teasingly haunts him. And the green- eyed

children of Crake are, for some reason, his


Barnes, Julian

Arthur & George

Arthur and George grow up worlds and miles

apart in late 19th-century Britain. But as the new

century begins, they are brought together by a

sequence of events, which made sensational

headlines at the time of The Great Wyrley

Outrages. This is a novel in which the events of a

hundred years ago constantly set off

contemporary echoes, a novel about low crime

and high spirituality, guilt and innocence,

identity, nationality and race; about what we

think, what we believe, and what we know.

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