Alcott, Louisa May - Newcastle City Council

Alcott, Louisa May - Newcastle City Council

Benn, Tony

Dare to be a Daniel : Then and Now

Tony Benn was born in a house on the

Embankment which, ironically, later became the

site of the Millbank Tower, centre of Labour spin.

Next door lived Sidney and Beatrice Webb, and

politics were Tony's life-blood from the very

beginning. This warm, affectionate, brilliantly

funny account reveals how he developed his

ideas and ideals from the extraordinary late

Victorian/Edwardian world of his parents, and

how his conviction that the world should be

changed has its origins in early experiences.

Bennett, Alan

The Complete Talking Heads

Alan Bennett's award-winning series of six

television monologues, Talking Heads, may have

been first aired in 1988, but over a decade later it

is still impossible to read these deeply moving

and affectionate scripts without hearing the

voices of the actors who played them. Maggie

Smith as the alcoholic vicar's wife finding a

semblance of happiness in an affair with an

Indian shop owner, Patricia Routledge as the

poisonous neighbour, Julie Walters as the overthe-hill

dolly bird auditioning for a porn film and

of course Thora Hird as Doris, the old lady alone

in her home having fallen and broken her hip.

Bennett, Ronan


On a blustery April day, a respected St.

Petersburg newspaper editor is murdered in front

of a shocked crowd. Dr.Otto Spethmann, the

celebrated psychoanalyst, receives a visit from

the police. There has been another murder in the

city and somehow he is implicated. Meanwhile,

he finds himself preoccupied by two new

patients: Anna Petrovna, a society beauty with

whom he is falling in love, and the troubled

genius Rozental, a brilliant chess master on the

verge of a complete breakdown. As Dr.

Spethmann is drawn deeper into the murderous

intrigue, he finds that he, his patients, and his

daughter may all be pawns in a game larger in

scope than anything he could have imagined.

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