Alcott, Louisa May - Newcastle City Council

Alcott, Louisa May - Newcastle City Council

Boyd, William


An espionage thriller, intertwines the stories of

Eva, a Russian émigré and erstwhile British spy,

and her daughter, Ruth, a single mother who

lives a more mundane life teaching English as a

foreign language in Oxford. Ruth tells her story

in the third person; Eva in the first, and the book

opens as Eva hands Ruth a memoir of her life as

a young woman in the Second World War.

Bradshaw, Rita

The Rainbow Years

Amy Shawe gets off to a bad start as her

unmarried mother dies in the 1919 flu epidemic

and Amy is only spared the workhouse because

her uncle grudgingly takes her in. Her cousin

torments her as she grows up and when she gets

the chance to marry a rather older loving man,

she seizes the chance to escape what is

becoming a dangerous situation.

Braine, John

Room at the Top

The ruthlessly ambitious Joe Lampton rises

swiftly from the petty bureaucracy of local

government into the unfamiliar world of inherited

wealth, fast cars and glamorous women. But the

price of success is high.

Brodrick, William

The Sixth Lamentation

The story is set in present day England.

However, the plot revolves around the events

that took place sixty years ago in Nazi occupied

Paris. In the present day, Agnes is an old dying

woman. She is finally ready to tell to her

granddaughter, Lucy, the tale of her survival

from the Holocaust ...



A Tale Etched in Blood and Hard Black Pencil

Put on your uniform and line up in an orderly

fashion for the funniest and most accurate trip

back to the classroom you are likely to read, as

well as a murder mystery like nothing that has

gone before it. Forget the forensics: only once

you've been through school with this painfully

believable cast of characters will you be

equipped to work out what really happened

decades later. Even then, you'll probably guess

wrong and be made to stand in the corner.

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