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Sennockian 2010 - 11 - Sevenoaks School

Sennockian 2010 - 11 - Sevenoaks School

Art: A year in review

Art: A year in review Left: La Scala by Gaia De Ponti. Above, clockwise from top left: City by Jessie Sullivan, Boat by Michael Forward, House by Olivia Paine, Triptych by Lara Izzard-Hobbs. In a sense, the gauntlet was thrown down with the completion of The Space. It was wonderful to see the simple and beautiful proportions grow week by week, as we wondered what our relationship with its functioning would be. However, with the formulation of an Arts Board, the opportunity of finding ways to work together came about, and our main contribution to that discussion was that purposeful creativity might come from collaboration between us. How true this turned out to be! We had already installed a Digital Imaging Studio and broadened the curriculum to include movie making and animation, and had experimented with visual displays in music concerts. We also experimented with musicians (violins) in a GCSE Art Private View in 2010. And we have launched a new Young Directors’ Club on Wednesdays for Years 7 to 9. The diversity and richness of the students’ visual art has been clear, with outstanding pieces like Michael Forward’s Boat and Tabitha Adams’ animation Dog. Sam Chenoweth motivated an army of art participants this year that collaborated to make an enormous wall piece, based upon Banksy’s street art. Gaia De Ponti talked her way into La Scala in Milan to take shots for her art. And this year’s artist leavers’ show contained art based on traditional skills like Olivia Paine’s and highly innovative work like Jessie Sullivan’s. This work can be seen on our website at: 62 ART REVIEW SEVENOAKS SCHOOL 2010-2011 63

Art: A year in review MUSIC REVIEW Our year ended with Oliver Beer’s residency (6-15 June) which was a major collaboration between art and music. Oliver left Sevenoaks School in 2004. His student work won him the Saatchi and Channel 4 sponsored New Sensations Graduate Prize in 2009, and an extract from one of his film works was featured on national television as a Three Minute Wonder. This featured a modest choir in a brightly lit sewer under Brighton. Oliver and students from all years rehearsed and recorded for two film pieces. One was with a 400-strong student and parent choir, in the Pamoja Hall, which sang selected words from our prospectus; and the other made with two trebles (Jonathan Reading and Matthew Riches), two pianos and an empty hall. It will be a little while before the editing is complete and the films are viewable, but we are hoping that they will be premiered in the room in which they were made during the next academic year. It was the most appropriate end to an intentionally collaborative year. Chris Thomas 64 ART REVIEW SEVENOAKS SCHOOL 2010-2011 65

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