NEF 2004 Annual Report - Near East Foundation

NEF 2004 Annual Report - Near East Foundation

In the NEF tradition of pioneering innovations in philanthropy, this year the foundation

embarked on a mission to engage the younger generation. In partnership with administration,

faculty, and students at Saunders Trades and Technical High School in nearby Yonkers, NY, we

are creating a model that aims to educate young people about private voluntary organizations

from the inside and involve them in an auxiliary organization as well as peer education and

peer fundraising.

Our Building the Next Generation of Philanthropists

project employs exciting internet/web-based

education and fundraising techniques, designed

and executed by the students to appeal to the

attractions of high-tech for this age group.

Saunders High School students are connecting to

peers thousands of miles away, developing

friendships, and improving lives.

An experienced college teacher and administrator,

NEF President Ryan LaHurd and NEF staff member

Andre Spicker, currently a graduate student in

international conflict resolution, are working with

the school’s teaching staff and students, including

information sharing about international

development issues and NEF’s youth-related projects in the Middle East and Africa in


Motivated by their new understanding, students hope to raise funds for their counterparts in

developing countries, while they simultaneously learn about the impact that help will have.

From their teachers, students are gaining insights into how to pass what they have grasped on

to their peers. The aim is to develop a model that can be replicated in high schools nationally,

sensitizing youth to the vital importance of international assistance to both their future and to

the world. Additionally, the program gives students the opportunity to put their academic

learning into practice.

The first public trades school established in New York State, Saunders was selected by NEF in

part because of its highly-recognized programs in graphic design and computer technology.

Considered particularly well-suited for the project, Saunders students are required to complete

college preparatory courses in addition to vocational training, unlike many vocational-technical

high schools in the United States.


© 2004 The Near East Foundation

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