Presentation - City of Prince George

Presentation - City of Prince George

Budget Presentation

City of Prince George

February 23 rd , 2011

Industry Background

• Tourism is a $14 Billion annual industry in BC

• Industry is set up as a 3-Tier structure

• Ministry (Provincial), NBCTA (Regional), TPG (Local)

• Tourism is critical sector of growth and opportunity for

Prince George

• New level of National significance with 2015 Canada Winter Games

• Further Tourism development will assist in community

diversification, job creation, numerous other social and

economic benefits

Tourism Prince George Objectives

• Role of TPG is to act as the Destination Marketing

Organization for Prince George as well as provide Visitor

Services for community

• Evaluate, develop, implement marketing programs on

behalf of various stakeholders

• Leverage dollars through partnership opportunities

• Increase visitation numbers to Prince George

• Assist local community understand the significance and

benefits of Tourism Industry

Tourism Prince George Objectives

• Linkage and alignment with City Council Core Focus

Areas including:

• Creating a Better Downtown

• Strengthening and Diversifying our Economy

• Increasing Civic Pride

• Continuing Progressive and Responsible Fiscal


• Strengthening Intergovernmental Relations

Tourism Prince George Governance

• Young Nam (Chair)- Esther’s Inn

• Katherine Scouten (Vice Chair)- Initiatives Prince George

• Doug Andrews- Coast Inn of the North

• Elke Hierl-Steinbauer- Bon Voyage Motor Inn

• Dave Richinski- Sandman Hotel

• Rebecca Menge- Treasure Cove Hotel

• Chrystal Kruchkowsky- Carmel Motor Inn

• Colleen Van Mook- City of Prince George

• Tracy Calogheros- Exploration Place

• Bob Lalonde- Prince George Civic Centre

• John Gibson- Prince George Airport Authority

2010 Recap

• Official Society Status granted in January 2010

• Community Tourism Plan (March)

• Tourism Prince George Strategy (June)

• Hiring of new CEO (July)

• Announcement of 2015 Canada Winter Games (September)

City of Prince George Service Agreement (November)

• Development of organizational framework (All Year)

2011 Outlook

• Continued development of framework and key building


• Move forward with objectives outlined in previous

Community Tourism Plan and Tourism Prince George

Strategy documents

• Develop strategies to reach intended primary and

secondary markets

• Industry relations development

• Stakeholder development

• Partnership Program development

• Staff development

2011 Outlook cont.

• Key Primary Market Segments

• Residents of Northern BC

• Long Haul Visitors to Northern BC/Alaska

• Corporations/Associations with Northern BC presence

• Sporting Event Organizers

• Local Residents

2011 Outlook cont.

• Key Secondary Market Segments

• BC/Alberta Hunters

• BC/Alberta Anglers

• Tour Operators serving Germany/Switzerland

• Long Term Market Segments

• Tour Operators serving China/Korea

2011 Outlook cont.

• Development of overall marketing plan to create a

balanced and diverse portfolio including:

• Mobile Advertising

• Billboard Advertising

• E-Marketing and Online presence development

• Video Production and Photo Library development

• Social Media development and promotion

• Local and Regional community event attendance

• Consumer Trade Shows

• Industry Conferences

• Local, Regional, National media engagement

• Traditional Print Advertising

2011 Budget Overview

• Tourism Prince George budget has been divided into two

distinct streams/divisions to reflect our two different core

activities as an organization

• Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) activities

• Visitor Info Centre (VIC) activities

• Two divisions will allow for greater understanding of how

and where funds are being distributed on an annual basis

• Main funding sources include:

City of Prince George ($327,000-approx 30%)

• Additional Hotel Room Tax (approx 50%)

• Regional District of Fraser Fort George (approx 10%)

• Other (approx 10%)

2011 Budget Overview cont.

• Overall budget has increased by $75,000 from 2010 due to

AHRT projections and other revenue streams

• $1.035 million total budget for 2011

• Overall operational expenditures have decreased by

$34,500 from 2010 due to anticipated cost savings

• $208,500 total budget for 2011

• Overall marketing expenditures have increased by $99,000

from 2010 due to combination of increased revenue and

operational cost savings

• $449,000 total budget for 2011


• With recently increased and stable revenue streams for

TPG, the organization must move forward proactively with

marketing initiatives.

• By developing a diverse yet effective range of marketing

activities, TPG will position the community for further

success as the industry develops in our region.


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