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Medium resolution

Medium resolution


INTRODUCTION PLUP IN A SINGLE WEEK ....... A LEARNING PROCESS The project began as an action research de- The table on the right shows how two teams, topographic map and printed on a piece of A0 sign exercise on land use planning, involving each of 2 or 3 people, share their time be- plastic paper to be used as the blueprint for researchers from NAFRI and international tween the successive activities of the PLUP building the three-dimensional (3D) model. A research agencies in a diagnostic study on process. Full details of this are given in this recent ALOS satellite image is also prepared both the previous LUP/LA and the new PLUP document and in the toolbox. in digital format to generate the current land implementation following the procedures use map projected once on the 3D model. described in the PLUP Manual (MAF-NLMA, Before PLUP can be implemented in a vil- 2009). Initially, many implementers were lage, some preparatory work is necessary. Village authorities are informed about PLUP needed to conduct the lengthy PLUP process The equipment and the budget needed are implementation well in advance to ensure at the kumban level. This was then gradually described in PLUP Toolbox 1. The village area that the introductory village meeting is well rationalized so that the whole process could should be estimated from a rapid village attended. On Day 1, the target villagers in- be implemented within a single week by a survey, or from existing maps showing the vite representatives of the neighbouring vil- district team of just five DAFO and DLMA village points or the estimated village poly- lages to participate in the delineation of the staff members. gons. The contour lines corresponding to the target village boundaries that takes place on Participatory Land Use Planning HANDBOOK village area are then extracted from a digital Day 4. 2

MORNING Team Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 MORE INFO PLUP Toolbox 1: Equipment and budget for PLUP implementation in Viengkham. 1 2 Afternoon Whole village meeting Introduction to PLUP Building the 3D Model Socioeconomic data collection Village boundary delineation PLUP fiction GPS points Zoning on 3D model Zoning on 3D model VLM agreement Painting the 3D model Map painting on wooden board Layout monograph Team Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 1 2 Village history Population growth Problem census Building 3D Model Socioeconomic data collection and analysis GPS points PLUP fiction Current land use map on 3D model Drafting village agreement: VLM rules and plot description Village action plan Document preparation: monograph and village agreement Map painting on wooden board Training the VLMC how to report to villagers Installing the wooden board Final village meeting Participatory Land Use Planning (PLUP) HANDBOOK 3

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The full book as published - MEDIUM resolution suitable for printing.
Medium resolution version of X-Ray Magazine (96 dpi)
Medium resolution version of X-Ray Magazine (96 dpi)
Medium resolution version of X-Ray Magazine (96 dpi)
Medium resolution version of X-Ray Magazine (96 dpi)
Medium resolution version of X-Ray Magazine (96 dpi)
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