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Greetings from the School

It is with great pleasure that I look back over the last two terms here at Stanwell.

As the latest edition of our newsletter demonstrates, the school has been a hive

of activity. Our pupils are taking up the opportunities offered and are developing

their skills in a wide range of fields. From music and drama to sporting and outdoor

activities, Stanwell pupils are showing the commitment and drive that play

such an important part in growing up to be well-rounded members of the wider


This newsletter is a celebration of the achievements of our pupils. On behalf of

the staff, may I take this opportunity to wish all examination students well and

everyone a relaxing and refreshing summer holiday.

Derek Jones


Rydw i’n edrych nôl dros y ddau dymor diwetha â phleser. Fel mae’r llyfryn

newyddion ddiweddara yn dangos, mae’r ysgol wedi bod yn brysur iawn. Mae’r

disgyblion yn cymryd cyfleon a gynigwyd iddynt ac yn datblygu eu sgiliau mewn

nifer o wahanol feysydd. O gerddoriaeth i ddrama i chwaraeon a gweithgareddau

tu allan, mae disgyblion Stanwell yn dangos ymrwymiad a brwdfrydedd sy’n

chwarae rhan bwysig yn eu datblygiad i dyfu i fod yn aelodau cyfirifol yn y gymuned.

Mae’r llyfryn newyddion yn ddathliad o lwyddiannau disgyblion Stanwell. Ar ran y

staff, ga i gymryd y cyfle yma i ddymuno’n dda i’n holl fyfyrywr sy’n gwneud arholiadau

a hefyd dymuno i’n holl ddisgyblion wyliau haf ymlaciol ac adfywiol.

Derek Jones


Latest News

Charity Appeals

The school year 2010-11 has been one of our busiest ever in terms of charity fund-raising. In

total almost £6,500 has been raised for a variety of worthy causes. Two non-uniform days

were held to raise money for Children in Need and Marie Curie Cancer Care, raising over

£3,500. In addition to these, Sixth-Formers have been very pro-active in organising events

such as the Red Nose Day cake sale, Easter chick sale for Velindre hospital and Rock Your

Shades for the Teenage Cancer Trust. After school events were also arranged by members of

the Sixth Form including a charity fashion show which took place in May to raise funds and

awareness for the Penarth and District Lesotho Trust, supporting the excellent work carried out

by this local organisation. An event was also held to raise money for the Japanese Earthquake

appeal in the school’s auditorium. It was a lively and memorable occasion, with pupils and staff

performing in a ‘Stars in their Eyes’ concert.

Young Enterprise

We are pleased to inform you that Stanwell has been awarded the Careers Wales Quality

Mark. This achievement highlights the continuous development in the delivery of enterprise and

career-focused provision throughout the school.

Stanwell Reunion

Mr Len Parfitt organised a weekend of reunion events for the Penarth Grammar School year

group of 1954-1961 to commemorate the 50 th anniversary of the year they left school. 45 expupils

and staff attended and were treated to tours of the school from Mr Alan Carter (former

teacher at Stanwell and current Governor) . Two ex-pupils came from as far afield as Australia;

one is now a Professor at the University of Melbourne and the other is a Professor at the University

of Perth.

Hannah’s Party in the Park

Friends of Hannah French, a Stanwell pupil who died last February, have organised an event

called ‘Hannah’s Party in the Park’ to honour her memory. This event will take place on Saturday

13 th August; please see the attached flyer for full details. We sincerely hope that as many

pupils as possible will be able to attend.

Award Ceremony

Pupils, parents, staff and governors gathered

together at the end of June to celebrate the remarkable

achievements of our 2011 award winners.

Welsh BAFTA award winning actress Mali

Harris was the evening’s guest speaker, giving

an inspiring address to the assembled members

of the school community. Year group

prizes for endeavour, academic achievement

and service to the school were awarded in addition

to prizes for outstanding achievement

across the curriculum.


2011 – 2012

Term Begin Half Term End

Begin End




5 September



24 October



28 October



16 December





3 January



13 February



17 February



5 April





23 April



4 June



8 June



24 July


* INSET days - Monday 5th September 2011

(first day of term for pupils Tuesday 6th September 2011)

Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24 th July 2012

(last day of the academic year for pupils Friday 20 th July 2012 – to be confirmed)

2012 – 2013

Term Begin Half Term End

Begin End




3 September



29 October



2 November



21 December





7 January



11 February



15 February



22 March





8 April



27 May



31 May



22 July


*INSET days - Monday 3rd September 2012

(first day of term for pupils Tuesday 4th September 2012)

Monday 19th July 2013

(Last day of the academic year for pupils Friday 19 th July 2013 – to be confirmed)

The above dates are in line with other Vale of Glamorgan schools.

We do not expect the dates to change but reserve the right to do so.


Stars of the School

Will Creaven and Matthew Whitfield of

Year 9 are British International sailors.

English A level students interviewed

them and had lots of questions to ask

about their amazing sporting careers to


Will, tell us about the sailing competitions

that you’re involved in at the


I have been selected for the GB Sailing

team and will be going to the European

Championships in Portugal later this

summer. It’s a regatta that will host 40+

international teams in a sailing races

around a specially designed course. I’m

a solo sailor and the class of boat I sail is

called the Optimist.

What are your hopes for the future?

I want to move into international camp

with the Lasers, which is the next stage. I

just want to keep making progress and to

carrying on being involved in the GB


What is the most exciting thing that

has happened to you in your sailing


The best thing was when I went to Japan—it

was so cool. We were in Tokyo

for a week and did sailing and sightseeing.

The bullet train was amazing and the

sushi was strange but tasted quite nice


Matthew, how did you first get into

sailing as a sport?

I started sailing when I was 9 at

Penarth Yacht Club. I started sailing

because my parents are sailors.

What competitions have you taken

part in?

At the end of my first year of sailing I

qualified for the Welsh National squad.

The next year I qualified for the Great

Britain National Squad and was one of

only two ten year olds to ever qualify

and the other is also from Cardiff and is

expected to win a gold medal at the

Olympics in London in 2012. The year

after that, I qualified for the French

championships and was the 2nd

ranked Brit at the event. Last year, I

qualified for the World Championships

as one of the top five in the UK and I

also won the UK Inlands and the End

of Seasons races. This year I qualified

for the World Championships again by

winning the selections. I also won the

squad championships.

What are your aims for the future?

My aims for the year are to win the RS

Feva World Championships and be the

top Brit in the Optimist class.

Our school was also very proud that

Emma Davies, Year 8, won a national

competition to design the Olympic mascot.

Emma, what was your experience of

winning the competition like?

When I went up to London for the first

time, we went to an Art Gallery overlooking

the new Olympic Stadium. I

had to present my design to four

judges, one of whom was Jonathan Edwards,

former triple jump Gold medal-

“Gyrfaoedd chwaraeon arbennig”

Interviews (continued)

Stars of the School

list. My presentation had to include my inspirations

and some mind maps. When I

was told that I had won I was thrilled as

the prize was to go to a top design agency

to finalise the design and I made friends

with all the other regional award winners

from Scotland, Southern England and

Northern England.

What was the inspiration for your design?

My inspiration was Wales. I just thought

about everything to do with Wales and

tried to include it in my design. My parents

and family were all really proud of me

when I won and my Art teachers at school

were really happy too.

Rebecca and Kelsey, how did the Stanwell

team end up taking part in the


We played against other Vale teams and

were unbeaten so from that, we got picked

to represent the Vale of Glamorgan in a

schools’ tournament against other counties.

We were unbeaten in the tournament

over 7 games and conceded no goals. We

won the trophy and brought it back to

Stanwell and displayed it in the ‘link’.

Rebecca, how did you get interested in


I always played football with the boys in

my primary school but it was only this

January that I heard of a girls’ football

team starting up in Dinas Powys so I decided

to join. I then heard that Mr Pete

O’Sullivan the 5X60 officer was starting a

girls’ team here at Stanwell so I went along

and really enjoyed it.

Girls, what is the future for this team?

We hope to participate in more tournaments

next season and hopefully become

one of the best teams in Wales, continuing

our unbeaten streak. We think that the

team will definitely stick together—most of

The school’s PE Department and 5X60

Officer are delighted with the Year 8 and 9

Girls’ football team who won the Welsh

Football Championships.

The girls’ team consists of Rebecca Egerstrom,

Kelsey Murray, Niamh Teague,

Lucia Attanasio, Ellie Wenger, Ellie

Rees, Shanice Donovan, Georgia Atkinson,

Holly Gillingham and Morgan Bird.

We interviewed Rebecca, the star goalkeeper

and Kelsey who told us a bit more

about the competition.

the girls play for both Dinas Powys and the

school team and we’re all good friends so

there’s a lot more to see from this team.

“I made friends with all the other regional award winners”

Duke of Edinburgh

Award Scheme

Miss H Jenkins

This has been another great year for the

Duke of Edinburgh Award. It started last October

when the Stanwell Open Gold group

went out on expedition and impressed the

assessor greatly. Since then, the Silver and

Bronze have continued to excel.

The Silver participants completed their practice

expedition near Hay on Wye and were

then assessed during the 3 day expedition in

the Brecon Beacons. The assessor and the

Duke of Edinburgh Vale Coordinator were

impressed with the standard of the groups

and their commitment towards the Award.

The Bronze group have been the largest

numbers we have ever taken on expedition

at any one time with around 110 pupils out

walking the hills. The Bronze participants

have had an extra day walk to further consolidate

their map skills as well as their practice

overnight camp before undertaking their

assessed expedition in July in the Gower.

Both Bronze and Silver need to finish completing

the other sections of their award

(Volunteering, Skill and Physical). Those

completed before the Summer holidays

should look forward to receiving their certificate

and badge in September.

The Open Gold participants will be carrying

out their expedition in September. They will

undertake a 3 day expedition in the Brecon

Beacons on 16th to 18th September. Their

assessment will take place near Aberystwyth

from Wednesday 28th September to Sunday

2nd October. Good luck to all the participants.

The Gold participants also have to undertake

one further section which is the Residential

section. This must be completed over

5 consecutive days. Pupils have a wide

range of opportunities to complete this section

of the Award from sailing to France or

learning to scuba dive in West Wales. Participants

can also undertake ecology work .

Pupils in the younger years have also had

the opportunity to learn canoe and kayaking

skills at the White Water Centre in Cardiff.

When they reach the age for completing

Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, they may

have the opportunity to show these skills by

completing their expeditions by canoe.

Open Gold participants in September who

already have an interest and an ability in

these crafts may wish to complete their volunteering

section with the younger year


As always a big thanks must go to all the

staff who help on the expeditions, with the

delivery of the training throughout the year

and with the handling of the expedition kit.

Thanks to the parents who help ensure that

the kit is returned in an acceptable condition

and by the due date. The Award would not

be as successful without this help behind the


Congratulations to all the participants at any

level who have successfully completed their

Award to date. I look forward to receiving

any further record books that need to be

completed over the holidays and the best of

luck to the Open Gold in September on their


“impressed with the standard of the groups ”


Ms H Morgan

Thank You

Thank you to all who collected Christmas

Cards for this year’s Christmas card recycling

campaign. You should be happy to

know that our efforts have helped to make

Stanwell School the most successful secondary

school for collecting Christmas

cards for recycling in the Vale of Glamorgan.....

can we do better next year?

Congratulations also goes to Jack Powell

in Year 9 for collecting 1,222 cards. He

received a £100 voucher from the Vale of

Glamorgan .

This term the Eco Stanwell committee

have been working on a range of

schemes that we can use to help Stanwell

to become a more environmentally

friendly school. These have included

looking at Fairtrade, PV (solar) panels,

water bottles, a conservation area and

exploring the concept of Energy Vampires.

Energy Vampires don’t feed on blood—

they drink up electricity,

and they are VERY

real. In our homes,

schools and businesses,

we have lots of

electrical products that

cannot be switched off

completely unless they

are unplugged. These

are things like televisions

and cell phone

chargers. When

plugged in, they use

electricity 24 hours a

day, just sitting and

waiting for you to turn

on a switch or recharge


The “standby power” these items use can

be as much as 15 or 20 watts for each

one, which is a little more than a night-light

uses. That might not seem like much, but it

adds up quickly.

Did you know that your microwave oven

uses more electricity to power the digital

clock than it does to cook your food? Although

heating food requires more than 100

times as much power as running the clock,

most microwave ovens are not being used

more than 99 percent of the time.

Here’s a list of the biggest Energy Vampires

you may have in your home:

Television—especially plasma and LCD

Air conditioners


Video game systems

Microwave ovens

Power tools like drills, screwdrivers and


Help Eco Stanwell defend our school and

community from Energy Vampires by unplugging

anything that you can.

“Fighting Energy Vampires”

Sailing 2011

Mr D Darwall

The sailing trip took Year 12 students

Megan Doyle, Sam Harries, Sophie Jenkins,

Thomas Knight, Tom Pain, Cem Papaker,

Rhys Ward and Ellie Way, away on

Jolie Brise, a 1913 gaff rigged pilot cutter,

during the Easter holidays. The students do

everything to run the boat, cooking, cleaning,

sailing and navigation. Some use the experience

for aspects of the D of E gold qualification.

This year’s sailing trip was extended to a

week after last year’s success. The extra

time combined with some beautiful weather

over the Easter period meant we could visit

a much larger number of places.

The trip started at Stanwell early on the

Thursday morning with a minibus ride down

to Hamble in Hampshire to join Jolie Brise

and skipper Adam.

After a safety brief and packing stores and

bags away on board we set off through the

Solent and then overnight across the channel

to the island of Sark.

After a grey start the sun came out and the

crew explored the island, swam from the

boat and then had a BBQ for dinner before

sleeping on deck under the stars. The following

morning we sailed the short distance to

Herm and

anchored to

spend the

day on the

beach. In the

late afternoon

we set sail

again and

berthed in St

Peter Port,

Guernsey, for the night.

Sunday morning saw us departing St Peter

Port early to catch the tide through the famous

Alderney Race and on to Cherbourg

in France arriving in the early afternoon allowing

time to explore the town.

On Monday we left France for a long sail

back across the channel arriving near midnight

at Yarmouth

on the

Isle of Wight.

After a brief

shop for BBQ

food we spent a

day sailing in

the Solent before

finding a

mooring beyond

Buckler’s Hard on the beautiful Beaulieu

river. The warmer river water made swimming

here much more pleasant and we had

a steak BBQ in the evening for dinner.

Wednesday was unfortunately the end of the

cruise; we sailed the short distance around

to Hamble pausing for a quick final swim in

the Solent before cleaning the boat and returning

to Stanwell by minibus.

“we left France for a long sail back across the channel ”

February Ski Trip 2011

Miss R Povey

The Stanwell February ski trip travelled

to Hochfugen, Austria. Two buses filled

with Years 9 to 13 pupils undertook the

24 hour trip to Austria during February

half term.

lots of new skills from the ski instructors.

The standard of skiing was extremely

good and everyone left the slopes on the

last day a much better skier than when

they arrived. Even though there were a

few falls along the way, we had no major


The races took place on the Thursday

and everyone took part from beginners to

advanced skiers, even Mr Meddins and

Mr Chambers couldn't resist the challenge!

Advanced Group: Bronze, Silver and Gold Winners

On arrival at the resort it was extremely

cold, but there was very little snow

around. On the first evening it started to

snow and didn't stop for 2 days! This produced

excellent skiing conditions for the


During the week the eight skiing groups

had lots of fun on the slopes, and learnt

Well done to all of the beginners who

kept at it during the week. It is also great

to see the development being made by

the advanced & intermediate skiers.

“Well done to all of the beginners”

Easter Ski Trip 2011

Miss R Povey

The second trip took place during the

first week of the Easter holidays. Again 2

buses, this time filled with Year 8 and 9

pupils, travelled to Zell am See in Austria.

The 80 Skiers were split into 8 groups

ranging from beginners to advanced.

Up on the glacier it was extremely hot but

After a freezing cold February half term

trip, this one was actually very hot! But

that didn't stop Stanwell having a great

time on the slopes. Every day was spent

the snow was excellent, even though it

didn't snow during the week.

skiing on the Kuprun Glacier at 3000m.

The views were spectacular.

The groups had lots of fun whizzing down

blue, red and black slopes!

A great week was had by all; a big well

done to everyone involved in making the

trip a success. Hopefully we will see you

next year!!

“Gobeithiwn eich gweld y flwyddyn nesa”

School Council


Mr K Warkins

School Council

The School Council continues to make

progress by suggesting improvements

throughout the school. The councillors

have helped to organise new weights for

the multi-gym, 6th form lockers, charity

events and several subtle changes to

school uniform.

The Council also hosted a Question

Time event with the Vale Council Cabinet.

Very searching questions were

asked ranging from queries about proposed

public-service cutbacks to concerns

over the future of Penarth Boxing


The School Council organised and took

Youth PACT Group

The Stanwell ‘Partnerships and Communities

Together’ group was set up 5 years

ago to give children and teenagers the

chance to highlight any concerns they

have about local facilities and opportunities

outside of school.

The meetings held at Stanwell have been

attended by local and Vale councillors,

Youth Service Members and Police Community

Support Officers.

Chaired by PCSO Jenna Hargreaves, a

recent meeting included feedback from the

part in an Olympic i-Net Conference.

Several other schools attended and the

theme for the day was ‘aiming high to

achieve your goals’, with all students being

truly inspired by the visit of ,double

gold medal winning Paralympian, Graham


The next stage of Student Voice development

will be to set up a Learner Leadership

team. The team will be appointed

by the school and will be involved with

aspects such as ‘learning and teaching,’

‘facilities,’ and ‘resources.’

Vale Council’s transport officer, who was

extremely informative on all matters relating

to school transport. Group members

also helped to carry out traffic monitoring

sessions in Victoria Road and will soon be

taking part in a grafitti removal session and

a further monitoring session to establish

traffic speed in the vicinity of the School.

“inspired by... double gold medal winning Paralympian, Graham Edmunds”


Mr P O’Sullivan

A number of activities have proved very

popular over the last few months, with

over 600 pupils taking part in at least one

5X60 activity. A variety of extra curricular

clubs have been available, such as

Street Dance, Gymnastics, Dodgeball

and Zumba.

goal! This was largely due to the goalkeeping

heroics of Rebecca Egerstrom (Year

8), who lifted the trophy on behalf of the

team after a hard fought 1-0 victory over

Tonypandy in the final. Other players deserving

a special mention not just for winning

the cup, but their dedication to training

and matches all year are Emma Thomas,

Ellie Rees (both Year 9), Niamh

Teague, Ellie Wenger, Shanice

Donavan, Morgan Bird, Georgia Atkinson,

Holly Gillingham, Kelsey Murray

and the scorer of the winning goal in the

final (as she keeps reminding me) Lucia

Attanasio (all Year 8).

Thank you to the following pupils who

have helped out with 5X60 activities this

year after completing their Sports Leaders

award: Rochelle Gough and Dan

Phillips (Year 13), Josh Rees (Year12)

and Tom Smith (Year 11).

There has also been a large amount of

interest for new activities including Boxercise

and surfing, with a large number

of Year 10 pupils signing up for the surf

lessons that run every Thursday after


Congratulations must go to the Stanwell

5X60 Girls’ Football team who had a

number of successful fixtures against

other schools in the Vale including

Cowbridge and Bryn Hafren, culminating

in an invitation to the South East Regional

Schools competition in June. During

the one day competition the girls

played seven matches, winning six and

drawing one, without conceding a single

A special mention must also go to the

morning fitness club boys who have shown

fantastic commitment and dedication to

training three mornings a week before

school all year. The majority of these boys

have been from Year 10, with the addition

of a few Year 11 and Sixth Form pupils including

Harry Roberts, Sam Hall, Nick

Boudier, Alan Doyle, Dan Harvey, Jack

Hayward and Tom Smith. Two pupils in

particular, Matthew Allen and Oliver

Drake, are fast approaching 100 sessions

for the year.

“over 600 pupils taking part in at-least one 5X60 activity”

Communication Developments

With the advancement of communication

technology, we have taken steps to further

develop our ability to communicate in-school

information to you, as well as enabling you

to provide information to us.

The School Website,, provides

comprehensive content about different

aspects of the school. These include news,

policies and calendar of events as well as

information regarding the curriculum courses

taught in the school.

We have developed a Virtual Learning Environment

( over the

past 12 months and we have found that pupils

find the resources contained here to be

of significant benefit as preparation for formal

assessment as well as in normal everyday

learning. This website is easy to follow

Mr G Lewis

have been assigned a VLE login, and all parents

of these pupils have been given logins also so

that they may access the resources and view

information about their son/daughter’s attendance

and curriculum assignments. As part of a

rolling programme we will contact all parents

with login details for the VLE, and a brief user

guide to logging in and accessing this information.

Parent (Text) Messaging

In March we contacted all homes, via letter, to

indicate the implementation of an automated

texting service which enables the School to

contact parents in cases of first day absence

and enabling you to reply to that text with confirmation

of the reason for absence. The use of

this system has been very successful and we

hope that further use will result in more parents

using the reply option, negating the need for us

to make a phone call regarding absence later in

and displays information about each of the

curriculum departments in the school as well

as being used to provide notes about current

topics, setting homework and to view exemplar

work and past examination papers. Our

aim is that this will become the access area

for up to date resources and news from each

subject area, as well as advancing further to

provide parents with attendance and assessment


All students have a secure login to this website

and are able to view courses, their timetable

and attendance details. Some departments

ask pupils to upload work to the VLE

so that it can be assessed and some electronic

feedback is given, all without the use

of paper and pen!

Parent VLE logins

During the summer term all Year 7 pupils

the day. Please note that we are assigned different

text numbers each day. Do not attempt to

contact us at any other time using the number

as it will not work.

We will also be emailing relevant information

about parents’ evenings, trips, sporting events,

musicals, newsletters and other school based

activities to you, if an email address was provided,

therefore improving the school/home

communication further.

“access area for up to date resources and news ”

Department News


Ms R Lewis

Holocaust Remembrance Exhibition:

A number of pupils from the Stanwell

School Art Department were recently

given the privilege of displaying some of

their work in an exhibition for Holocaust

Remembrance Day, being held in Barry

Town Hall. Pupils produced a number of

fantastic and moving pieces of artwork

relating to holocaust poems and personal

stories of the people that inspire them.

Selected work continues to tour the country.

a number of animated discussions with the

artists themselves. The pupils were excited

and grateful for the opportunity to talk

to the artists displaying work in the gallery

and found a number of sources of inspiration

for their own work back in school.

Competition Success:

Radio Times:

Congratulations to Amanda Dave (Year 8)

for receiving a commendation for her entry

into the Radio Times Royal Wedding competition.

Global Canvas Competition:

Congratulations to Ella Smith & Lucy

Richards (Year 7) who recently enjoyed

success in the David Shepherd Wildlife

Foundation, Global Canvas Competition.

Both pupils were invited to attend an exhibition

displaying their successful artworks

in the Natural History Museum London,

where they reacted very enthusiastically to

6 th Form Visit to the Washington Gallery

for Women’s Day artist seminar:

In February, Year 12 and 13 students

were invited to attend an exciting event at

the Washington Gallery, where an interesting

variety of work was being displayed

to mark Women’s Day. During the

seminar, pupils were given artist accounts

of the work on display and contributed to

the range and diversity of artwork on display

in the exhibition and cherished the opportunity

to meet wildlife artist David Shepherd

during the event.

Gallery Visits:

Year 9 & 10 two day visit to London:

In May a number of Year 9 and 10 pupils

took part in a two day visit to London,

where they undertook research for their

“Fantastic and moving pieces of artwork”

Art (continued)

Ms R Lewis

school projects. Pupils responded extremely

enthusiastically to their visit to the

National Gallery on the first day of the trip,

where they could react to a number of original

and intriguing artworks whilst also taking

in the general splendour of the buildings

themselves. Later that evening pupils attended

an exceptionally good performance

of Blood Brothers at the Phoenix theatre.

On the second day of the trip the pupils visited

both Tate Modern and Tate Britain

where once again they reacted thoughtfully

visit proved to be a stimulating and inspiring

source of new information and ideas. The

department actively encourages pupils to

experience Art first hand to help them with

their critical understanding and appreciation

of art processes and techniques.

and diligently to the diverse range of artwork

on display after enjoying a cruise between

the two galleries on the Tate Boat.

Years 11, 12 & 13 Visits to Tate Britain

and Tate Modern:

This academic year, Year 11, 12 and 13

pupils were given the opportunity to visit

Tate Britain and Tate Modern. The pupils

used these visits to gather valuable research

for their exam preparatory studies

and widen their understanding of contemporary

artwork. The pupils responded well

to the wide range of exhibits and took part

in animated discussions of the work with

each other and the Stanwell School staff

attending the gallery with them. During the

visit each of the pupils completed a number

of insightful studies of the artwork, as the is an internet address

being used to great effect by pupils in the

Art Department! All Key Stages have been

actively encouraged every week to use the

Virtual Learning Environment to help with

homework or coursework tasks. All set Art

homework is listed on the site and can be

accessed outside school via the Internet to

revisit set tasks, check instructions, gather

extra resources or follow web links to galleries

and museums to help with artist research.

As a department we would like to

say “Well done” to all our pupils who have

actively used the VLE to further their creative

success. As a resource, it has had a

marked effect on the quality of pupil homework.

Remember to access moodle, you just

need to use your normal login and password!

Business Studies &

Young Enterprise

Mrs J Macnamara

A Level trip to Jaguar

Students from Year 12 and 13 had an

amazing opportunity to visit the Jaguar car

manufacturing plant in Birmingham.

Young Enterprise

Two teams have been running this year as

part of the Young Enterprise Scheme.

Young Enterprise allows students to run

and manage their own businesses, allowing

them to develop practical entrepreneurial


During the visit students were given a presentation

on Jaguar cars, a top secret tour

of the factory and the opportunity to sit in

the cars and see the finished products.

At the regional finals the teams were very

successful with the Year 12 team winning

awards for ‘Environmental Awareness’ and

‘Best Trade Stand’, while the Year 10

team won awards for ‘Best Presentation’

and ‘Best Young Enterprise Company’.

Feedback from the students was excellent;

with one remarking ‘it was the best visit

that I have been on!’

Students learned about lean management

techniques and operations management

really allowed them to see the theory in


Tomos Davies was recognised for his

‘Best Individual Contribution’ and the Year

10 team attended the Welsh Finals held at

the Millennium Centre at the end of June.

During this event they won the ‘Wales Innovation

Award for Environmental Awareness’.

Well done boys!

‘It was the best visit I have been on!’

Design Technology

Mr N Gifford

they adopted when solving the brief. Following the

judges meeting they were awarded the Students

Prize. The project also impressed the link engineer

who invited the team to visit the ARUP offices

in Cardiff and present their project to the senior

engineers in the company. Students enjoyed the

experience stating ‘it was fun and challenging’,

‘it was a great opportunity to work as a team’

and ‘It was challenging but creative’.

Go4Set Yr9

Congratulations to seven pupils from Yr9 : Kathleen

Ahearne, Megan Wookey, Jay Kupuria,

James Humpage, Alasdair Cavaye, Jack Powell

and Tommy Higgins, who have successfully

completed the Go4set Engineering Scheme.

Following the launch event the team were linked

with ARUP engineers in Cardiff who, in light of

the 2012 London Olympics, set the challenging

task of designing a new community sports venue

for the Penarth area. Following discussions with

the link engineer the team concluded that a multipurpose

velodrome sited on the school playing

fields would meet the brief.! The team proposal


A velodrome

A BMX track

Cyclo Cross Course

Mountain Bike practice area


Cycle proficiency track/area

The design included many innovative technologies

for conserving energy

including green roofing,

water harvesting and solar power.

At the awards day the Team impressed the

judges with their presentation, the ambitious nature

of their project and the engineering approach

Engineering Education Scheme Wales (EESW)

Again this year a team of enthusiastic Yr12 students

consisting of Helen Brabham, Andrew

Sims, Alex Samuel, Rosie Tuthill and Daniel

Luxton have participated in the Engineering Education

scheme in Wales. For a 3rd year we have

been teamed with Aberthaw power station and this

year were set the challenging task to design an

efficient and effective

system for monitoring

the HP heaters which

can identify leaks in the

HP heater pipework in

the generation hall.

Following an informative

site visit, the team

gained a clear understanding of the issues involved

in this project. During the Cardiff university workshop

discussions, senior lecturers together with

model testing helped the development of a range of

possible solutions.

The final proposal

proved to be a viable

and possible solution

which the company will

be testing further .

During the presentation

the students performed

well and as a

result were all

awarded, in addition to

their EESW certificate,

Gold Crest Award. The judges commented favourably

on this stating; ‘The project was very

well thought out’

“it was a great opportunity to work as a team’


For the first time a group of female students from

both Yr9 and Yr10 Chloe Thomas, Beth Johnson,

Jade Detheridge, Amy Kenshole, Keira

Ryan, Kathleen Ahearne, Tia Stephens-

Collins, Hannah Nef, Evie James, Ella Butler-

Kavanagh, Charlotte Bloore, Hollie Lam, Eve

Carter, Bryony Guerrier and Beth Carter participated

in the Engineering Awareness Day arranged

by the EESW.

The event took place in Margam Park and involved

a series of team building and problem

solving tasks which were overseen by both the

army and the EESW. Teams were a mix of students

from all schools who were allocated 45

minutes to solve each task. Tasks ranged from

the practical construction of bridges to organising

the team to logically collect information. Everyone

enjoyed the day with many making positive

comments including; ‘Getting to mix with new

people and be more hands on with my learning’

and ‘I really enjoyed making friends with

other people and seeing how their brains

work. Also I really liked the activities’.

AS/A2 Level Moderation

Design Technology (continued)

Moderation for the AS and A2 students was very

successful with some excellent work on display.

The visiting moderator complimented the students

on the quality of the design work and the

innovative solutions they produced using a wide

range of materials. The following individuals

were singled out as producing creative, imaginative


Amila Alim’s work

caught the moderator’s

attention with

her carrot design for

a garden Water Butt.

Her concept was to

develop an arrangement

of items for the

garden that would

provide interest and


Emily Jones with

her design for an

ipod inspired coffee

table was praised for

her use of material;

Mr N Gifford

Ellie Way impressed with

her creativity in the use of

materials and pattern in her

design for her African inspired

dress, in addition her

sketch book was identified

as being excellent.


The visit by the GCSE moderation has been eagerly

awaited as students in Yr11 have a new format

for their coursework. The department were

pleased with the comment from the visiting moderator,

‘it’s good to see that Design & Technology

is flourishing in Stanwell‘.

For the first time 4 focus areas have been delivered

in DT: Food, Textiles, Graphic Products and RMT.

Students in all areas have proved to be creative,

imaginative and enthusiastic. A few have stood out

and produced some excellent work:

Rebecca Trigg displayed

great creativity

with her dress designed

for the character of

Tinker Bell;

Pheobe Page produced

a simple and elegant

light by bending strips of


“it’s good to see that Design & Technology is flourishing in Stanwell

Design Technology (continued)

Mr N Gifford

Zoe Harries for

her Graphic

Products project

produced an


wide range of


items for a new

surf inspired

restaurant named ‘REEF’

All these projects will be on display in school during

the Autumn term.

Barry College


This term 15

pupils from

Years 9 & 10

attended an Experience

Day at

Barry College

and were served a three course meal in the college’s

‘Glamorgan Suite’. After this, pupils had the

opportunity to learn some presentation skills of

their own with the use of napkins and cleverly cut



At the beginning of this year Amelia Squire, a

Year 9 student, won the school stage of the

‘Young Chef’ competition. The guest chef judges

were extremely impressed with the standard of

cooking and presentation skills that the young

students demonstrated and had a very difficult

time deciding on the overall winner.

Amelia had put together a fabulous Halloumi,

Watermelon and Mint Salad starter, followed by a

Herb Crusted Cod Loin on a pea and watercress


Amelia also went through to the second round

which was held at Barry College and competed

against another two students from Bryn Hafren

School and Cowbridge Comprehensive School.

Once again the competition was very tough and

the young chef from Bryn Hafren School was the

overall winner. The judge complimented all three

chefs on

their culinary


and encouraged

them to





The 6 class winners from competition

and the winner Amelia with the judges


GCSE Textile students attended the ‘Clothes Show

Live’ in Birmingham where they picked up an entry

form for the Lisa Lam, Design a Bag competition.

Pupils were in the process of completing a clutch

bag project, so this competition fitted in perfectly.

Pupils enthusiastically entered the competition and

we were delighted to find out that the winner of the

competition was Year 9 pupil Nicole O’ Grady.

Nicole, who hopes to further her career in Design,

won a computerised sewing machine and Lisa Lam

will make up her bag for her. The bag will be published

and a paper pattern will be available to buy.

Many congratulations to Nicole and all the other

pupils who created very impressive designs.

“encouraged them to continue creating mouth-watering dishes”

Design Technology (continued)

Mr N Gifford

The Clothes Show

‘Design a prom dress’ competition

A big pat on the back to Year 8 for the high standards

in their practical work in their Food from

around the World project.

Congratulations to Silvija Suliokaite in Year 9

who out of hundreds of entries came runner up in

the Clothes Show ‘Design a prom dress’ competition.

Silvija had her design work on display at the

NEC in Birmingham.

Year 7 textile pupils have been working on a cushion

project. Pupils are enjoying this project and

have produced some excellent work this term. The

bag project in Year 8 continues to be a success.

Pupils have produced a range of bags including

boot bags, hand bags, tote bags and drawstring


Key Stage 3

Well done to Year 7 for their innovative contributions

to the cake project.

Examples of their excellent work

After School Club

After School club continues to be popular. Pupils

are encouraged to attend the workshops after

school to complete projects and to increase their

skills or for any extra support.

Mr Rees

And finally, it is the end of an era. After 29 years

teaching at Stanwell Mr Gareth Rees will be retiring

at the end of this academic year. He has been a

stalwart of the department, teaching all age groups

and levels, maintaining our stock and been involved

in may extracurricular activities ranging from

construction of a replica Civil War canon to accompanying

School visits to Berlin and France. We all

wish him a very happy retirement.

“Safonau uchel yn eu gwaith ymarferol ”


Our AS/A level students have been very busy

recently as they attended a production by professional

theatre company ‘Earthfall’ in Newport

and were also lucky enough to join a

workshop led by the professional actors. The

theatre company is recommended by the

WJEC Examination Board as an effective way

to inspire students into creating exciting and

dynamic devised work. Creating an original

piece of theatre is part of the coursework for

both AS/A level. Bearing this in mind we also

arranged for National Dance Company Wales

to come into school and teach a workshop in

creating original drama using physicality and

physical theatre to represent stories or relationships.

Students also saw their performance

at The Wales Millenium Centre.

Miss R Davies

on how to light productions with style. This was

very useful to the students as they are asked their

ideas on how to light plays in both their written

examinations. Year 12 also visited The New

Theatre, Cardiff to watch a production of The

Haunting by Charles Dickens.

Our external GCSE examiner this year was very

impressed with the students’ work. He described

some of our students as being ‘ the mark

scale with regards to ability’. Our external examiner

for the A level performances also seemed

very pleased with the work.

Mrs Hall has created a wonderful production of

‘The BFG’ by Roald Dahl as a Year 7 project

performed for pupils in our local primary


Finally, we are busy preparing for our production

of Bugsy Malone. This is performed by students

in Year 8 and helped by students in the band and

back stage from Year 9 and 10. Please make sure

you get your tickets for this popular and much

loved show. Details of ticket sales have been

sent home with your son or daughter . Bugsy

Malone will be performed in our auditorium on

July 12th, 13th and 14th.

Lowri James visited the school to share her

experience of devised work. This was an excellent

opportunity for the students to ask a

professional actress her opinions on devising,

invaluable since Lowri has an M.A in devising

and has recently set up her own theatre

company. Year 12 and 13 performed their

practical coursework to an audience this year

and this was an extremely successful project

we plan to repeat next year. Parents were impressed

with the talent and creativity we have

here at Stanwell and I was very pleased with

the high standard of work. Year 12 and 13

also attended a lighting lecture/workshop led

by accredited lighting designer John Watson

“Give a little love and it all comes back to you..........”(Bugsy Malone).

Economics and


Mr J Boggan

Year 9 pupils are coming to the end of

their first year’s exposure to the subject

with its focus on ‘Personal Economics.’

Latterly they have been studying exchange

rates and the impact on consumers

of a ‘weak’ currency. Many of the

Year Ten group felt the pain of sterling

weakness against the euro on the recent

Berlin trip where a three euro bottle of

Coke in the hotel equated to three

pounds—at least the calculation is


They have also considered the economics

of unemployment—types, costs and

possible cures. We made use of ‘The Full

Monty’ in considering issues of occupational

mobility and a recent Panorama

featuring unemployment in West Rhyl

where over half of the adult population

draw benefit. A controversial issue covered

in the course is the economics of migration.

Pupils need to be able to evaluate

the economic advantages and disadvantages

of net immigration— considering

issues such as the demand for public

services and housing set against cheaper

labour costs for instance. In the post internal

exam period pupils have undertaken a

project on the housing market—the pros

and cons of buying as against renting and

a guide to the local housing market by

price bracket—what your money will buy.

Pupils may remind parents that in the absence

of help from the ‘Bank of Mum and

Dad’ the first—time buyer is nearly forty!

Year 10, as the last cohort of the two year

GCSE, have recently taken their external

exam so have worked at a keener pace

than Year Nine, covering ‘ethical consumption’


An innovation in this new GCSE is

‘Investigating Economic Issues’ - topics

for study which are varied annually. For

2011 pupils had to study poverty in the UK

and the causes and consequences of rapid

economic development in China and India.

‘Slumdog Millionaire’ was a recommended

and very useful source on the transformation

of India as was the BBC’s ‘The Chinese

are coming’ on the ‘Chinese diaspora’.

‘ For 2012 ‘globalisation’ has been

retained but ‘poverty’ has been replaced

with ‘the economics of monopoly power’ -

so watch out Tesco and Sky....

A subscription of thirty copies of ‘The

Economist’ for £2 (full price per copy of £4)

to Sixth Formers was an offer “we couldn’t

refuse.” It also provided Year 13 pupils with

an excellent example of practical price discrimination

- if the marginal cost of each

copy is less than 7p then................

Two of the Year Thirteen cohort have, subject

to exam results, places at Oxbridge—

Jack Kinnersley at Oxford to read P.P. E.

and Martin Boden at Cambridge to read

Economics and Maths. Congratulations in


By fortunate coincidence the Year 12 Govt

and Politics group were studying referenda

and electoral systems at the same

time as the recent plebiscites on greater

powers for the Assembly and replacement

of FPTP with AV. These votes provided rich

material on issues relating to voter ignorance,

apathy and turnout and, as suspected,

both referenda and electoral systems

featured in their A/S paper .

Within the Year 13 group we had a competition

to see who could most closely predict

the turnout and result of the national referendum

on electoral reform. Peter Woolley

was the winner, who rather spookily came

up with the correct answer—32% in favour

from a 42% turnout.

“Year 9 pupils...focus on ‘Personal Economics.’ “

Competition Winners


The English Department had an excellent

start to the Summer Term, with the news

that so many of our pupils had won prizes in

the Mini Sagas national competition. The

task was to write a complete story using only

50 words. The following Year 7 pupils were

all accepted as winners and will be published

in a collected volume of mini sagas

due to be released this summer.

Congratulations to:Mark Crothers Casey

Curtis, Francine Couzens, Lewys Davies,

Shaun Donovan, Alexander Fernandez,

Jordan Fitt, Lauren Franks, Elias French,

Isabel Grafton, Megan Hain, Charlotte

Hardy, Maisy Holland, Sophia Holmes,

Joshua James, , Daniel Jennings, Thomas

Lam, William Marsh, Cerys Matthews,

Ffion McGowan, Olivia Munro,

Olivia North, Joe Odgers, Joshua

O’Sullivan, Rhiannon Pearce, Finlay Price

- Milne, Emily Ross, Jay Ruckley, Grace

Samuel, Kade Sealy, Joe Short, Luke

Spear, Eliesha Spencer, Sam Tucker,

Charlotte Way and Jessica Williams.

project which plays a valuable part in

Stanwell’s Key Stage 2-3 transition arrangements.

Miss Phillips was involved in organising

the project and praised the pupils’ efforts.

Participating pupils were: Kaylan Coombs,

Francine Couzens, Rachel Short , Lucy Sibert,

Calum Wincott and Emily Wooster.


Mrs M Williams

The school Eisteddfod was once again very

successful and the judges, Mrs Rogers and

Year 12 English students were very impressed

by the quality of the entries. In Year 7, congratulations

go to Seren Lewis, Joe Valek,

and Llywelyn Peake, who were first, second

and third respectively in the poetry category.

In the creative writing competition, Ella

Robertson took first place, with Emily Geen

second and Amy Bond third. Year 8 winners

were Jess Vining, Sian Smith and Jessica

Boland for their poetry and Abbie Isaacs,

Ben Rose and Peter Tuthill for their stories.


Key Stage 2/3 Transition Project

Year 7 pupils have been exercising their

creative talents by devising sketches and

presentations to help current Year 6 students

overcome their worries about secondary

school. Many thanks to the students

that have been involved in this

Year 9 pupils visited the Odeon cinema in

Cardiff to watch ‘Gnomeo and Juliet’. The pupils

enjoyed the film and their conduct was a

credit to the school. Also students from Years

12 and 13 went to see a production of

‘Wuthering Heights’ in the Riverside Theatre in


“so many of our pupils had won prizes in the ‘Mini Sagas’ National Competition”


Ms H Morgan & Mrs R Selman

2011 has been a very busy time for the

Geography department. Various

fieldwork visits and in class activities

have enhanced the pupils’ geographical

concepts and understanding in the wider


Focusing on the local area, Key Stage 3

pupils were given the challenge of

creating a “Welsh Landscape in a Box”

as part of the Eisteddfod competition.

Pupils designed an array of scenes from

the South Wales coastline to the

mountains of the Brecon Beacons.

Congratulations to Rowan Jones who

claimed first prize!

As part of the Year Eight curriculum

pupils investigated the problems of

rainforest exploitation. Over 100 pupils

visited Bristol Zoo in April to explore the

challenges of conservation and

sustainability in the tropical rainforest

environment. The opportunity to get up

close to snakes, hissing cockroaches

and other rainforest animals was a

highlight of the day!

In Year 12 students have been

undertaking a series of fieldwork

exercises as part of their AS course. In

February, students were kitted out in

some very attractive waterproofs for a

day in the River Ogmore, Bridgend.

Everyone got slightly damp by the end of

the day, but enjoyed the physical fun in

the outdoor classroom.

Year 12 also visited Cardiff Bay and the

Central Business District (CBD )to

explore the recent changes in urban

areas. Mr Baldwin ensured that the

itinerary included the chance to taste

food from different cultures as part of

migration issues!

On the subject of food, Year 13 were

privileged to listen to a lecture on

Sustainable Food Issues provided by Dr

Flynn from the University of Wales,

Cardiff. This will be very useful with their

A Level exams this summer. The

Geography department wishes them all

the very best of luck for their future.

Coming Up - International Fieldwork to the Bay of Naples, Italy, Oct. 2011


Mr G Morgan

It has been another very busy and enjoyable period

in the History Department. Once again, the

level of enthusiasm for this year’s Eisteddfod

competition was exceptional and the department

received some fantastic entries for the 2011

Welsh Walk of Fame. Pupils were asked to use

their research skills to find out about a famous

Welsh figure of their choice. We had ‘old time’

favourites such as Owain Glyndwr and David

Lloyd George as well as more recent stars such

as Duffy and Gareth Bale. Many congratulations

to this year’s winners, Amy Hickery (7O), for her

entry on Roald Dahl and Ben Rose (8R), for his

excellent work on Rob Brydon.

Year 7 pupils have been investigating what life

was like in medieval

society. They

have been learning

about medieval

religion, town

and village life, as

well as the gruesome

details of

medieval medicine

and the

Black Death. A

large number of

Year 7 pupils

have also recently

experienced the drama and excitement of

a medieval jousting contest at Cardiff Castle.

Years 9 and 10 have been examining the Weimar

Republic and the Rise of the Nazi Party.

Both year groups have continued to work extremely

well and will no doubt maintain these

high standards next year.

In addition to their outstanding work this year,

sixty-two Year 9 pupils recently visited the battlefields

of The Great War. They visited the Flanders

Field Museum,

St Georges

Memorial Chapel

and attended the

Ceremony of the

Last Post at the

Menin Gate. The

pupils also visited

Mametz Wood, the

scene of tragic

heroism by men of

the 38th Welsh

Division. The trip was a roaring success and a

great time was had by all.

During the Easter Holidays, Year 10 pupils travelled

to Berlin. This is a popular annual trip and is

now in its eleventh year. They visited historical

sites in Berlin with particular emphasis on Nazi

Germany and the Cold War. Sites included Sachsenhausen

Concentration Camp, the Olympic Stadium,

Checkpoint Charlie, the Brandenberg Gate

and the Reichstag. On a lighter note, pupils

watched, listened and danced to tribute acts to

such artists as Freddie Mercury and Diana Ross

and had a lively meal in the Hard Rock Café. The

pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were a

credit to the School.

Year 8 have been thoroughly interested in studying

the slave trade and its significance and legacy

in the present day. They have also spent the

term investigating the many aspects of the Great

War. In particular, they have developed a good

understanding of the complex causes of World

War One and have considered its on-going relevance.

Years 11, 12 and 13 have been busy preparing for

their examinations. We wish them all the very best

of luck for their forthcoming examination results

and every success for the future.

“Yr oedd y brwdfrydedd tuag at yr Eisteddfod eleni yn arbennig! ”

Information Technology

Mr P Davies

KS3 and Transition

Since the beginning of the year, we have

been working with a number of new curriculum

resources in both Years 7 and 8. Pupils

have been busy building websites in Dreamweaver,

developing new graphic skills using

the Adobe Illustrator and learning essential

spreadsheet tools. All these skills will be crucial

in the forthcoming years at Stanwell and

developed further during this time. There

have been many notable examples of great

work in Year 7 including that by Jorawar

Hayer, Francesca Le Guilcher, Jasmine

Rahman and also in Year 8 by Ellie

Wenger, Emma Davies, Evgenia Brusnitskaya

and Liam Quinn.

Year 8 have also had the opportunity to plan

and produce a pod cast to advertise a new

product by editing existing sounds and also

recording themselves using a package called

Audacity. This was a fun activity that produced

some interesting results with a lot of

enjoyment when we got to listen to the finished

article! Most recently we have been

creating our own game using Mission Maker

and this has undoubtedly been the favourite

part of the year’s work for most pupils. Jamie

Stafford has shown a keen interest in this

work and developed his game design skills to

a high standard; his support to others in class

with this unit has been excellent! Da iawn pawb!

With the next academic year nearly upon us, the

department has been involved in hosting the

feeder Primary schools. In these sessions we

have created an `E-safety` movie and comic

strip, which helps highlight some of the implications

of using technology today. These days

were both enjoyable and productive for all those


Key Stage 4

Pupils are thoroughly enjoying the DIDA course

at Key Stage 4. Jack Edgeworth had the top

mark in Year 11 for Unit 1 – well done Jack!

Homework clubs were very well attended in the

Spring and Summer terms and it is good to see

some Year 9 and 10 pupils making use of these

clubs as well as Year 11. Several coursework

catch up sessions were held over the Easter holidays

and again these were very well attended

and it was good to see pupils making such a concerted

effort to finish and improve their work.

Year 9 and 10 option pupils have worked very

hard to finish their first unit of work at February

half term and are now well into their second

which is a graphics unit that all pupils are enjoying.

Some excellent Unit 1s have already been

produced: Kathleen Ahearne, Megan Doran

and Megan Wookey in Year 9 are notable examples

and Laura John and Jonathan Gambling

in Year 10 have produced some excellent work

as well. Some very imaginative work is now being

produced for the Centre Stage project which

should be finished around the end of September.

Sixth Form

Sixth Form pupils Owen Davies and Dan Morgan

produced excellent A2 Computing Projects

this year. In addition Lauren Barry and Stuart

Jones produced excellent A2 Applied ICT multimedia

and graphics project .

We would like to take this opportunity to wish

all our students good luck for their results in

August .

“helps highlight some of the implications of using technology today”


Miss E Murphy

It has been a successful year in the

Mathematics department. Years 11, 12

and 13 have taken their GCSE, AS and A

Level examinations respectively. We say

goodbye and good luck to our Year 13

students and look forward to welcoming

back some Year 11 pupils for AS Maths

and Further Maths in September.

This year, five pupils in Year 10, Khushal

Arjan, Sheng Tong Bei, Kieran Britten,

Tom Rose and Ellen Rowlands, gave up

their Saturday mornings during the Spring

Term to attend the KS4 Royal Institution

Maths Master classes at the University of

Glamorgan. They listened to many talks

including Einstein’s Relativity Theory, Nuclear

Bombs and Chaos Theory.

The Year 11 homework club was a great

success this year, with a great number of

pupils attending. A special mention to all

our Year 12 pupils who gave up their

valuable time; the mentoring scheme

would not have been so successful without


In February pupils from Years 9, 10 and

11 took part in the National UKMT Maths

challenge at Intermediate level.

Congratulations to Year 11’s Frankie

Law, who went through to the European

Kangaroo round of the competition and

Year 9’s Balaji Krishna, who went

through to the IMOK Olympiad round of

the competition. Both Balaji and Frankie

received gold certificates; the other gold certificate

winners were Sheng Tong Bei,

Leah Byrne and Tom Rose (Year 10).

Keen mathematicians from Years 7 and 8

took part in the National UKMT Maths challenge

at Junior level. Congratulations to

Year 7’s Jonathan Wright, who went

through to the JMO round of the competition.

The second best score was Year 8’s

Harry Jowett, who also won a gold certificate.

Other gold certificate winners were

Katie Macleod, Sarah Brabham, James

Senior (all Year 8), Jasper Aeschlimann

and Robyn Iredale (both Year 7).

Following on from last year’s success a

team of Year 8 and 9 pupils was entered

into the prestigious UKMT team challenge.

The team consisted of Balaji Krishna and

Leo Tucker (Year 9), Katie Macleod and

James Senior (Year 8). They all thoroughly

enjoyed the challenge and competing

against schools from across the UK.

During March the Year 7, 8 and 9’s participated

in World Maths Day. The pupils thoroughly

enjoyed the online Maths Challenges,

competing against people from all

over the world. Congratulations to Chandler

Chick, Victoria Hill, Alex Lean,

Seren Marsh, William Marsh, Tom Mullett

and Emily Ross who all received more than

1000 points on World Maths Day.

Good news for Rhea Ghosal (Year 12) who

has ambitions to become a Mathematics

lecturer. She has been accepted to do work

experience in the prestigious Mathematics

department at Cardiff University where she

will closely shadow lecturers and students.

“Keen mathematicians .. took part in the National UKMT Maths challenge ”

Media & Film

Mr I O’Rourke

It is most satisfying to look back on a productive

year in the department, when so many things

have happened and so much has been achieved.

Year 9 & 10 students have started to become

confident media analysts, with two examinations

under their belt and some very promising pieces

of early coursework – especially their selfdevised

Comics and Animated Film analysis.

This work will be on display in the Autumn Term

in time for Open Day.

has included the production of the promotional material

for ‘Bugsy Malone,’ with the principal photography

by Year 12 Media student Kate Humphreys.

Members of the department also continue

to provide back stage support and assistance for the


Year 11 applied themselves throughout the year

to the task of becoming thoroughly prepared for

their GCSE examination. This involved the production

of a coursework folder reflecting their

very best work, and sitting a written examination

in June. Outstanding coursework was produced

by Laura Elder, Lisa Gourley and Joe Tucker.

This year’s paper was based on Music Videos

and Fan-based Websites. Both topics stimulated

great interest and enthusiasm on the part of pupils,

many of whom naturally enjoy these aspects

of media output in their personal lives.

Year 12 seem to have relished their first year of

A Level study, and have just finished the first

two of their four modules. The first module was

a series of coursework pieces that tested their

creative and analytical skills to the limit and the

second was a tough external exam that focused

this year on Magazines for older people. Students

of note for coursework excellence include Olivia

Davies, Jordan Holt, Natalie Lam and Alex


Year 13 have concluded their two year programme

of study and we wish them all the very

best for their exam results and future choices.

We have seen some of the most accomplished

coursework pieces from this cohort particularly

from Darren Breed, Ben Ceresale and Matthew

Goodfellow for their original animations

and Sophie Chatham for her highly original

print-based work.

The Media Studies Awards for GCSE and A Level

were won this year by Victoria Isaac (Year 11) and

Sophie Chatham (Year 13). Victoria has worked

enthusiastically and consistently, producing an outstanding

coursework folder, while Sophie received

this year’s A Level Media Prize for her consistent

standards of attainment.

Film Studies

A group of fifteen students began the year studying

for a new A Level in Film Studies and have recently

completed the first of two rigorous external examinations.

The standard of the actual filmmaking for

the coursework element has been outstanding and

has sent a buzz around the school. Tom Campion,

Jake Hatter, Ashley Madoo and Joe Sheppard

have proven themselves to be first class cinematographers.

Praise is due to the whole class for their

commitment throughout the year.

The department has also been extremely busy

with extra-curricular activities this term. This

“some of the most accomplished coursework”

Modern Foreign


Mrs T Davis

It’s been another busy year for the Modern

Languages department! Mrs Symonds, together

with the Welsh department, took 55

Year 8 pupils to Paris to enjoy the St.

David’s Day celebrations at Disneyland. Pupils

also did a sightseeing tour of the city as

well as enjoying a boat trip down the Seine.

They also got to go up the Eiffel tower,

which is always a highlight.

judged in two categories since we were inundated

with a variety of 3D versions as well as

conventional posters!

The winners in the poster competition were:

first Hazel Doran, second Anastasia Mirza-

Davies and third Sally Jones.

In the 3D/ model section: first Jack Bosley,

second Max Shepherd and third Lauren


Year 8 German pupils were asked to create a

poster about “Meine Familie” (my family) and

Year 9 pupils designed posters entitled “Mein

Urlaub” (My holiday). There were some highly

imaginative entries

and the standard

was very high. After

great deliberation

the winners in

Year 8 were chosen

with Milissa

Sorenson taking

first place, Emma

Davies was second

and Emily

Walters third. In

Year 9, first place

went to Lissie Britten, with Beth Johnson

coming second.

The Stanwell-Staufen Exchange continues to

thrive and just before Easter Mrs Davis and

Miss Lemon accompanied 46 pupils from

For this year’s Eisteddfod Year 7 French

pupils created a poster about themselves

entitled “Moi”. There was a large number of

entries and judging was very difficult but the

eventual winners were: first, Seren Marsh,

joint second Rowena Cameron and Lucy

Richards and third, Bethan Evans.

The stage item was won by Paul Monaghan

and Tristan Worssam.

In Year 8 the title was :”Ma chambre idéale”

(my ideal bedroom). Entries were

“It’s been another busy year for the Modern Languages department!”

Modern Foreign (continued)


Mrs T Davis

Years 8 & 9 to spend ten days in the South

of Germany.

This year we were blessed with glorious

weather which made the trip to the Titisee,

the biggest lake in the Black Forest, particularly

pleasant. Last time we visited the lake

was actually frozen but this year the children

were able to take out pedalos. I’m sure

there were some very tired legs at the end

of the half hour!

The pupils attended school, which was an

interesting experience, as well as enjoying a

number of excursions. The highlight was, as

always, the visit to the Europapark, Germany’s

biggest theme park, where the rides

seem to get bigger and faster every year!

We also had a treasure hunt around

Staufen and the winners were:in first place,

Katie Black, Bethany Woodcock and Lissie

Britten. (Y9) In second place, Fynn

Lacey, Jac Humphreys, Rhodri Guerrier

(Y8) and Sam Hills (Y9) .

A number of students from Years 12 and 13

attended an activity day at City Hall in Cardiff

entitled “Languages into Europe”.

Amongst other things they had the opportunity

to try Chinese calligraphy and learn

about the possibilities of studying abroad. In

the afternoon there was a quiz with our pupils

performing extremely well. Congratulations

to all involved.

The French department has enjoyed a visit

to the seaside town of Boulogne this term.

At the beginning of July 43 pupils from Y7

spent the weekend practising their French

and sampling the delights of French culture

and cuisine. Highlights included visiting Nausicaa,

Boulogne’s aquarium, exploring the

ramparts and cobbled streets of the old town

and eating some traditional and quite delicious

crêpes. C’était fantastique!

At this year’s Award

ceremony the MFL

department recognised

the efforts of

some excellent linguists.

The Myerscough-Schwenk

award for the best A

Level linguist went

to Eleanor Davis

(Y13), who is hoping

to study French

and German at Bristol

University next

year. The Key

Stage 4 Linguist award went to Amy Palin

(Y11) who has produced work of a super

standard in both French and German at

GCSE. The Key Stage 3 Linguist award went

to Seren James (Y8) who is making excellent

progress and will be studying French and

German for GCSE next year.

“The Stanwell-Staufen Exchange continues to thrive.”


Mrs J Richards

The Spring Term started in earnest with

preparations for all the GCSE and AS /A2

composition coursework and practical examinations

taking place before Easter. Visiting

examiners were extremely complimentary

as regards the excellent standards of

the performances given by the pupils. In

addition, there were a number of Year 10

pupils taking the GCSE practical examination

a year early and they all did extremely

well. We wish them all good luck for a brilliant

set of results in the summer!

At the beginning of March, Year 7, 8 and 9

took part in the annual school Eisteddfod.

Pupils took part in the competitions of vocal

solo, instrumental solo and group performance.

Entries were of a very high standard

and it was very difficult to choose performers

to go thorough to the stage round of the

competitions. Congratulations and well

done to all who took part. In addition, on

March 2 a group of Stanwell pupils (Year 7

to 13) were asked to take part as a choir in

the Wales ‘R.E. Festival’ which was held at

Stanwell. They performed ‘Place of Trust’,

a bilingual song that was specially commissioned

for the festival. They gave a musical

and much appreciated performance. On

March 23 rd , pupils in Year 9 visited the

Wales Millennium Centre and took part in a

Rock Band and song writing workshop. Pupils

were given the opportunity to ask questions,

gain tips on how to write a successful

song and try out various equipment. It was

a thoroughly enjoyable visit and pupils were

particularly fans of a guitar and vocal loop

station! Congratulations must also be given

to a group of our senior musicians known

as the OPEN HOUSE BAND. The gave a

most enjoyable concert at Cardiff Arms

Park, which was a charity fundraising event

in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care. Members

of the band are James Biss Year 12),

Josh Biss (Year 10), Thomas Elliot (Year

12), Patrick Mullan (Year 12) and Zac

Ghazi Torbati (Year 10) Well done fellas!

Stanwell certainly finished the Spring Term

on a musical note when in the final week

two events took place in the school Auditorium.

The first was the departmental KS3

concert held on April 13th, an impressive

event involving hundreds of pupils which

was organised by Miss Cooksey, who

worked tirelessly to organise the event.

Many thanks to her for all the hard work.

This year, all pupils in Year 7 were involved

singing a Take That Medley, which had

been learnt in their classroom lessons. During

this event Year 7, 8 and 9 Eisteddfod

Music competition winners were also

given the chance to perform their winning

entries on stage. Soloists were Megan

Hain (Year 8), Charlotte Hardy (Year 7),

Dafydd Jones (Year 7), Joe Short (Year

7), Erin Summerhayes (Year 7), Becky

Thompson (Year 9) and Ray Vandyck

(Year 7). Other items included the Year 7

Steel Pan group (joined by their tutor Wahda),

Junior Jazz (conducted by Joseph

Keenan Year 11), Brass Group

“excellent standards of the performances given by the pupils”

Music (continued)

Mrs J Richards

(conducted by Shirley Howman), Outsiders

Boys’ Choir and Girls’ Choir, conducted

by Miss Cooksey. The concert was

a thorough success and well done to all

pupils who were involved. A donation from

the ticket sales has been given to the Japan

Tsunami Relief Fund.

Junior Jazz Brass Group

The second event was a concert held on

14 April 2011 which featured The National

Youth Orchestra of Luxembourg, Symphonic

Brass and Cardiff & Vale of Glamorgan

Youth Wind Band, which included

some of our students. The music presented

was of a terrific standard, again—

well done to all.

The Summer annual Rotary Concert tookplace,

with all the schools from Penarth

presenting musical items in aid of charity;

this year ten schools took part! The contribution

from Stanwell was our Junior Jazz

group performing two pieces - ‘What I’d

Say’ by Ray Charles and ‘I Feel Good’ by

James Brown. Soloists were Ray Vandyck

(Clarinet, Year 7) and Becky Thompson

(Vocals, Year 9).

We must acknowledge a superb achieve-

ment by one of our young musicians in Year

9. Following on from last year’s success

with a Stanwell sixth former winning the

prestigious Cardiff Richard Fice Memorial

Award, Peter McDonough (who has been

successful in a number of local competitions),

has won the competition this year,

the youngest winner so far in the history of

the event. We are very proud of him!! Well

done, Peter.

Finally—but certainly not least— rehearsals

are in full flow at the time of writing for the

end of term Year 8 production of BUGSY

MALONE. Pupils from KS3 are supporting

backstage and in the accompanying band;

it is going to be a very exciting show! Tickets

will be on sale from the school office,

with the dates of the show being the 12 th ,

13 th and 14 th of July.

During the last week of term, many of our

pupils will have performed in City Hall, St

Davids Hall and Cardiff County Hall, in senior

County groups such as Jazz News, the

County Youth Choir and the County Youth

Brass Band. It is extremely encouraging to

see our pupils being involved in such



Anyone interested in learning to play an

instrument or having singing lessons next

year should see one of the music staff immediately

at the start of the Autumn Term.

“a superb achievement by one of our young musicians”

Physical Education

Mr I Summerfield

The PE department has again this summer

run a very successful trip to the Storey Arms

Outdoor Educational Centre, where nearly 50

pupils participated in various activities such

as gorge walking, rock climbing, caving, canoeing

and orienteering. They were also required

to look after themselves in terms of

cooking, cleaning and making beds, all life

skills which have hopefully been continued

since returning home!

An incredible year for the Year 7 Rugby team

who have remained unbeaten in all forms of

rugby throughout the year. This has resulted

in the team being crowned Vale of Glamorgan

league winners, Vale of Glamorgan

Cup winners and Vale of Glamorgan 7s

winners. In the league after some easy victories

against Llantwit Major, Barry and St Cyres

the team came up against a strong Cowbridge

side who pushed the team to their hardest victory

squeezing home 15 – 10. Throughout the

season the team have played attractive rugby

with many players contributing to the attacking

style. The team has been well led by Spencer

Robinson with Basil Crack, Charles de

Grey, Rhys Picton and Joe Short providing

an excellent supply of possession from the

forwards, enabling many talented backs such

as Morgan Humphreys, Nic Mackey, James

Price, Morgan Rees, George Roberts and

Harry Williams to seemingly run in tries at

will. In the Final which was played at the home

of Cardiff Rugby Club the team ran out easy

winners beating Bro Morganwg 54 – 0. The 7s

Tournament proved very challenging but the

pace of all players proved decisive in beating

Cowbridge in a close final. It will be difficult to

beat such a year but I feel confident that this

group of talented and hardworking players will

do their best to try to equal it in Year 8.

Year 7 Rugby

Year 7 rugby Sevens team with shield

Year 8 Rugby

After a poor start to the season, the Year 8

team came back strongly to record their first

victory and give a very good display in the 7s

Tournament. Many new players joined the

team and contributed well. Ed Drake, Oliver

“An incredible year for the Year 7 Rugby team “

Physical Education (continued)

Mr I Summerfield

Shore, Caleb Docking, Sam White and Dan

Watts worked well throughout the season and

should feel optimistic for the next year.

Year 9 Rugby

Year 9 rugby showed great promise with new

players joining the team. The season finished

with a fantastic battle against Cowbridge in the

final of the Vale of Glamorgan 7s. These young

men show great potential and we look forward

to seeing how they progress next season.

Year 10 Rugby

Year 10 rugby team finished on a particularly

high note by not only winning the Vale of Glamorgan

7s tournament (with an excellent last

minute solo effort from David Pain finished with

a controversial Chris Ashton style swan dive)

but also having four players selected to represent

Cardiff Blues (Harry Roberts, Alan Doyle,

Matthew Allen and Nicholas Boudier) and

one player selected to play for the Cardiff Blues

Academy (Sam Hall). Well done to all boys involved

and lets hope you maintain your continued

effort and success when playing for Stanwell

1 st XV next year.

Senior Rugby

The senior side also finished in good fashion

beating top of the table Barry Boys convincingly

35 points to 15. This secured Stanwell’s position

in the top half of the table and proved to opposition

sides that Stanwell will be a force to be

reckoned with in future seasons. Many thanks

to all the players who trained and played with

grit and determination throughout the season

especially Danny Phillips who has been a superb

captain and player both on and off the


Cross Country

Following a highly successful winter season

the Year 7 Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country

teams finished on a high winning both their

final league match and the County Cup.

They finished top of the league and have

recently attended a presentation evening

where their achievements were formally


All of the athletes have shown great commitment

to the sport and fully deserve the

achievements they gained this season.

Well done to the team – Tom Collins, Will

Gale, Cameron House, Morgan Humphreys,

Ethan Hutchins, Alex Langrish,

Nick Mackey, Will Marsh, Ben McCullagh

and Spencer Robinson and Annabelle

Birch-Hurst, Morgan Hayman, Rebecca

Humpage, Georgia Logan Davies, Seren

Marsh and Emily Wooster

Annabelle Birch-Hurst, Seren Marsh,

Emily Wooster, Spencer Robinson, Ben

McCullagh, Alex Langrish and Will Marsh

all represented Cardiff and the Vale County-

Schools in Cross Country.

Well done to Kate Coker, Year 9, who

came second as an individual in the Year 8

and 9 Cross Country Championships. She

has also represented the County and


“great commitment to the sport ”

Physical Education (continued)

Mr I Summerfield

Olivia Hamzelou, Emma Llewellyn, Anna

Mirza-Davies, Maisie Squire and Lily Webbe,

all qualified for the U15 Cardiff and the Vale’s

County Schools athletics finals.

Girls’ Basketball


The Athletics season has started with a

bang with Che Pomphrey and Tom Williams

successfully competing at the Cardiff

and Vale Multi Events Championships.

They are due to represent the County in the

Welsh Schools Multi Events Championships

this summer, where they will complete a

pentathlon consisting of 100m hurdles, long

jump, shot putt, high jump and 800m.

At the U17 County Championships Matteo

Holmes and Tom Williams were selected to

represent the county in the upcoming Welsh

Schools championships.

Year 7, 8 and 9 girls have had a fantastic season

this year obtaining numerous wins against

schools such as St Cyres and St Richard

Gwyn. Unfortunately there were some games

cancelled at the start of the year, however the

girls training paid off when they were entered

into the Welsh National Schools Basketball

Tournament in April. Through hard work and

determination, a team of twelve Year 8 and 9

pupils progressed through the stages of the

tournament and found themselves in the final

against Pen-Y-Dre High School. They are now

awaiting a date to be confirmed to play in the

basketball finals. All girls have worked extremely

hard this year and are now looking forward

to starting a new season next year with

more games lined up to hopefully continue their

success. Special mention goes to: Rebecca

Egerstrom who has made a superb contribution

to all games this year, Harriet Blunden,

Keely Durham, Ellie Rees and Carys Warner,

(Year 9), Georgia Atkinson and Niamh

Teague (Year 8), Amy Bond, Rebecca Humpage

and Seren Marsh (Year 7) for all their efforts

and to a year 10 pupil Erin Murray who

again has been selected to represent the

Tom Geen, Calum Hughes, Che Pomphrey,

Spencer Ward-Henry, Kate Coker,

“fantastic season this year ”

Physical Education (continued)

Mr I Summerfield

Welsh U15s development squad this year. Well

done girls!

Boys’ Basketball

Despite having a slow start to the season, the

boys have trained hard and have played very

well. They were entered into the Welsh National

Schools Basketball Tournament in April where

their excellent efforts allowed them to obtain a

comfortable win against St Cyres. Unfortunately,

in a close competition they were unable

to defeat Cowbridge and St Richard Gwyn to

progress to the next stage of the tournament.

Excellent individual performances throughout

the year came from Matthew Allen, Calum

Hughes, Stavros and Tato Katsikeas and

George Kynaston. Well done boys!


Congratulations to the Year 7, 8 and 9 netball

teams who won their round of the tournament

and qualified for the county finals at

Whitchurch. All three teams played really

well and came away in 4 th place.


In January a Year 7 and 8 team and a Year

9 and 10 team took part in the Cardiff and

the Vale Tumble and Vault competition.

The girls performed really well and Year 7

and 8 came away in 2 nd place with excellent

individual performances from Chloe Poole

and Seren Lewis. The Year 9 and 10

team came away in 3 rd place. Congratulations

to Chloe and Seren who were

selected for the Welsh team in Gymnastics.


Congratulations to the Year 7 and 8 boys’

and girls’ team who won the Vale of Glamorgan

section of the Aegon Tennis tournament

held at Dinas Powys tennis club.

Both teams will now go on to play against

the Cardiff schools winners in July. The

team consisted of Georgia Atkinson,

Olivia Hamzelou, Nick Mackey, Tom

Marsh, Seren Marsh, Will Marsh,

Spencer Robinson and Milly Williams.

New Sports Kit

The PE department would like to thank

the PTA for purchasing both the netball

and basketball kits. All pupils are looking

forward to playing in their new kit next

year. I’m sure you agree they look very



Tim Harry( Year 9) and Lloyd Phillips

(Year 10) have been selected to represent

Cardiff and the Vale in the Inter-Counties

Welsh Schools Golf Championship to be held

in Newport.

“Excellent Individual performances throughout the year ”


Miss L Donovan

It has been a very busy and enjoyable year

in the Psychology department.

Since January

Year 12 have

been working hard

towards their

PSYA2 assessment.

They began

by studying stress

and its impact. In

particular they

have focused on

the role personality can play in mitigating

the effects of stress and they have enjoyed

studying the various strategies which can

be employed to manage stress effectively.

Year 12 have also studied the reasons why

people obey and conform which has included

an examination of the dangers of

blind, unquestioning obedience in a historical

context. This module was completed

with a focus on abnormal behaviour and

mental disorders ranging from Obsessive

Compulsive Disorder to Depression. They

have applied various psychological models

to understanding the causes of such disorders

including faulty thinking,

hormones and genes.

They also enjoyed looking

at the range of treatments

available from the widely

accepted use of drug

therapies and CBT to the

controversial use of ECT.

Results from the January exams were very

pleasing with 50% gaining A-B in Year 13.

Particular congratulations on gaining over

90/100 marks go to Laura Bowles, Laura

Flynn and Natasha Martell. There were

also fantastic results at AS with Malita Chimuzi,

Jordan Holt, Kim Lewis and Emily

Price achieving very impressive marks.

Year 13 have also been preparing to sit their

final exams as A level students. They have

particularly enjoyed studying the formation,

maintenance and breakdown of relationships

and how relationships differ across cultures.

They have also investigated eating behaviour

including factors affecting attitudes towards

food as well as the

various causes of

eating disorders

such as anorexia

nervosa. Year 13

completed the module

by focusing on

gender specifically

looking at biological

and psychological

influences on gender. Throughout the course

students have developed their skills in analysing

research and debating the relative contributions

of nature and nurture. They have

also developed an understanding of the

power and possible limitations of the scientific


Many students in Year 12 and 13 have taken

advantage of Psychology drop-in sessions on

Wednesdays after school. Students have utilised

these sessions as an opportunity to revise

and gain additional practice in employing

exam techniques. These will continue in the

next academic year and all students are welcome

to attend.

We wish all Year 13 students the very best of

luck in the future particularly those who are

going on to study Psychology-related courses

at university including Charlotte Bloxham,

Laura Bowles, Anna Checchi, Kelly Davies

and Jessica Eades.

“students in Year 12 and 13 have taken advantage of Psychology drop-in sessions”



The National RE Festival for England and

Wales took place through the whole month of

March 2011. The purpose of the Festival was

to celebrate and publicise the value and importance

of Religious Education in schools

and it provided the perfect opportunity for

schools to showcase some of the good practice

that takes place in RE. The launch of the

Festival in Wales took place on March 2 nd at

Stanwell. The keynote speaker was the

Archbishop of Wales, Barry Morgan and there

were contributions from a fabulous Stanwell

Year 7 rap group and pupils from feeder Primary

schools, as well as other schools in the


A national song entitled ‘A Place of Trust’ or in

Welsh ‘Hafan Ffydd’ was specially written for

the event. The central theme of the song revolves

around the RE classroom being a ‘Place

of Trust’ or ‘haven’, where young people can

learn about themselves and others in a safe

and respectful environment and was sung by

choirs from Stanwell, Evenlode and Albert

Road schools on stage during the day.

Above—Year 7 take to the stage with confidence

to perform their “Holy Week” rap.

During the day students from Stanwell’s Sixth

Form had the opportunity to meet Archbishop

Barry Morgan and took part in a multi-faith

“Question Time” style session which was invaluable

for their studies and gave a rare opportunity

to debate ethical and controversial

issues with members of major world faiths.

Feedback from all the visitors to the school that

day has been overwhelmingly positive and

Stanwell pupils were a credit to the school and

community in Penarth.

Mrs J Skilton

Pooncholai update

Carol Evans visited Stanwell again this year and

shared her experiences of working to alleviate

the effects of poverty in Tamil Nadu, India.

Carol, a former Deputy Head at Bryn Hafren

school in Barry, has worked for many years to

set up and run a children’s home. Over the

years pupils at Stanwell have provided support

in a number of ways and currently supports 3

pupils, with Young Enterprise providing additional

funds to enable this to happen. The

money raised provides food, clothing, medical

and educational expenses, staff salaries and

overheads. Carol keeps pupils regularly updated

with the progress of the children they

sponsor. This includes newsletters and photos.

Year 13

The department sends good wishes to the first

students to sit RE A level at Stanwell and are

confident they will achieve their potential having

worked hard over the last two years. They were

helped in their final preparations for exams by

attending a challenging session on medical ethics

at Techniquest in April.

Stanwell pupils were a credit to the school and community in Penarth”


Mr P Johnson


The new A level class has settled very well and

will be busy over the Summer vacation,

designing and investigating a project on a

chosen theme.


Regular homework club attendees in Year 12,

Cem Papaker, Saul Crandon and Kim Lewis

have kept us vey busy!

One of this year’s highlights has been the Year

9 visit to Bristol Zoo, Andreas Asprou

particularly enjoyed learning about how

penguins adapt to their environment!

Year 13 had two very busy days working with Dr

Regina Teo of Cardiff University, investigating

the applications of DNA technology, especially

PCR, gene transformation and electrophoresis.

A number of students from Year 12 ended the

term taking part in a research project looking at

teenagers attitudes to genetic risk; the results of

the project are available on ‘You Tube’.

As has become traditional, end of year activities

such as the Year 7 trip to Cosmeston and

Primary school visits are taking place with the

Biology department playing a major role.


Four Year 9 pupils (Laura Gale, Megan Herrity,

Seren Jones and Kathryn Tann) all attended

the Career Wales ‘Discover’ initiative on

Saturday mornings for Science insight for girls.

It was a very interesting and varied programme

that our pupils thoroughly enjoyed.

Many thanks to Alex Hodgson and Ben

Hopkins in Year 13 for completing a successful

two year period representing the school on the

local Chemical Industries Liaison panel.

Science Club has continued to be a very popular

after-school activity with our Year 7 pupils,

including Esther Buckton, Tristan Goodway-

Sims, Jamie Green, Lloyd Hanson, Izaac

Lee, Paul Monaghan, Sam Wiltshire and

Year 13 Pupils preparing gels for


Tristan Worssam. Recent projects have

included ‘exploding volcanoes’ and building

hot air balloons!


To reinforce the teaching of the materials

module at A’ level, the department ran a very

successful trip for all Year 13 students to

Cardiff University engineering department.

Students carried out some of the material

testing covered by first year engineering

students including tensile testing of different

steels to destruction.

Throughout the year the department has

been very pleased to see an increased

number of our students taking advantage of

the support available outside of formal

lessons whether by e-mail, Moodle or face to

face tutorial sessions.

A number of our Year 12 students recently

attended a ‘Medical Physics’ workshop at

the University Hospital of Wales with Mr

Doyle, looking at techniques such as nuclear

medicine. Ben Cockerill-Evans, Megan

Doyle, Rebecca Ferriday, Rhea Ghosal,

Andrew Graham, Sam Harries, Geraint

Hopkins, Daniel Luxton, Cem Papaker,

Lucie Thompson and Rosie Troth gained

valuable experience from the visit.

“It was a very interesting and varied programme that our pupils thoroughly enjoyed.”


Mrs C Flaherty

As ever this has been a very busy year

for the Welsh department.

The highlight of our Spring Term is always

the Eisteddfod and this year was

no exception.

One particularly talented performer was

Tom Sharpe, who competed in the piano

solo with his own composition.

We are always delighted and amazed

by the wealth of talent we have at

Stanwell and impressed with the

amount of pupils brave enough to

compete and perform on stage in front

of their peers. They show true courage!

Esther Buckton, Emily Geen, Sali

Harmes, Megan Jones, Lucy Sibert

and Erin Summerhayes all sang

beautifully in the Year 7 vocal solo competition.

The DT ‘Tangram’ competition is always

exciting and very much enjoyed

by the audience.

As teachers we have been especially

delighted by the hard work of our pupils

this year. We have particularly enjoyed

sending our new colourful Welsh

postcards home to pupils; recent recipients

include Ben Atkins, Lucie

Dyer, Katy Gibbs, Abby Mills and

Tom Pascoe.

A special mention is deserved by several

pupils who have worked hard

throughout the year and who have put

in extra effort of late. Francesca Le

Guilcher, Tara Lovering, Ben

McCullagh and Poppy Wilde in Year

7 have all been very enthusiastic.

Ross Freaney and Nic Constantino-

Russell (Year 10) have also put in a

very special effort this year and are

making good progress. Lloyd Allen,

Tom Smith, Harry Wood and Amy

Young (Year 11) have impressed us

with their effort and commitment.

“delighted and amazed by the wealth of talent we have at Stanwell

Welsh (continued)

Mrs C Flaherty

The Welsh department also enjoyed a

Year 8 trip with the French department

to the St David’s Day festival in Disneyland

Paris. The pupils were very

well behaved and represented Stanwell

very well indeed.

We dined near the Arc de Triomphe

then had a rather chilly trip on a bateau

mouche on the Seine.

Also Year 9 pupils Tom Dwyer,

Jodie Miller and Allan Vermeullen

are to be congratulated on the effort

they have put into their work throughout

the year.

Year 10 pupils have been dealing

well with the demands of the new

GCSE course. In the Spring they

completed a four week project which

culminated in a controlled assessment

worth 15% of the final grade.

We were particularly pleased with

the efforts of Lucy Berry, Hannah

Buchalter, Laura John ,Sophie

McCaul, Bethany Parkhouse,

Stephanie Price, Joe Pollock,

Megan Tunley and Ralf Warren.

Da iawn pawb! Well done all!

Our Year 12 and 13 pupils have enjoyed

some cultural activities, seeing

the Welsh language drama Gadael

yr Ugeinfed Ganrif (Leaving the 20th

Century) and the film Patagonia in

Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff.

Year 9 pupils have been working particularly

hard this year with some outstanding

results achieved, especially

by Kathleen Ahearne, Jessica

Ashill, Amrit Banga, Kayley Birch-

Hurst, Jack Davies, Emma Donovan,

Laura Gale, Amy Guppy, Balaji

Krishna, Abigail Phillips, Seren

Robinson, Kathryn Tann , Megan


We of course wish our GCSE , Year

12 and Year 13 pupils Sophie Mair,

Jordan Rahman and Kirsty Woodford

the very best of luck as they

await the results of their external examinations.

Wishing you all a very restful and enjoyable


“Mae disgyblion Blwyddyn 9 wedi bod yn gweithio’n galed iawn eleni”


Mr R Deighton-Jones

Year 11 were the first cohort for the new

Workskills course. The feedback from the

pupils has been very positive and they enjoyed

the vocational style of the course. Abbie

Pemberton, Christy Simmonite and

Andrew Williams produced some excellent

coursework over the past two years. Good

luck to all of the Year 11 Workskills pupils

and I hope you will put your new skills into

practice in employment, college or the Sixth


great deal. On the 16 th June the Year 9 pupils

participated in a litter pick at Porthkerry Park

organised by the Visible Team at Vale of Glamorgan

Council. It was not all work and no

play for the Year 9 pupils however as they

Since Christmas Year 10 pupils Scott Dennison,

Daniel Harvey, Dean Hotchkiss,

Abbie Shaw, Bethan Shaw, Jake Simmons,

Emma Smith, Corrie Wolfenden ,

have learnt about personal finance, searching

for a placement, applying for a job, preparing

a CV and interview skills. They have

been using the Workskills course to prepare

for their Work Experience Placement in July

- good luck and enjoy your placement.

The Year 9 pupils have undertaken the new

Finance and Money skills course. The units

covered this term are Working & Earning,

Saving & Spending, Borrowing Money &

Managing Risk, Using methods of Payment,

Using Money Abroad and Economic & Business

Understanding. Pupils found these topics

very interesting and have enjoyed the

related activities on the BBC Skillswise site a

made the most of the fine weather and finished

the day with a game of softball. Team

Captains Katie Way and Jade Harry led by

example scoring home runs. They were assisted

by Mrs Chellingworth and Miss Spear. A

great day out.

“enjoy your work experience placement”

Year Group News

Year 7

Mr M Baldwin and Miss R Sterlini

As Year Tutors we are always impressed by

the achievements of the form groups. Year 7

are always full of energy and a determination

to succeed. They have achieved medals and

certificates in a wide variety of disciplines. We

are very pleased that they have all done so



Many of the boys in the form are still playing

rugby for either Sully (who has won the

league), Penarth or Dinas Powys. Alex

Hamzelou and Ben Stewart have been

chosen for Newport Academy and Kate

Hayward has now moved up to a Level 3 in

horse riding. Anna Jones is working towards

her next Grade in karate (so watch out!) and

Olivia Munro has just taken part in the ‘Race

for Life’ and raised £50 for charity. Emma

Spray has achieved a Grade 5 in dance. Luke

Pringle has just taken up guitar and passed

his Grade 1. Joe Short has achieved his

Grade 6 in guitar, Paul Monaghan has

achieved a Grade 2 in piano and Hollie Day

passed Grade 3 and has her Grade 4 exam

coming up. Ella Buehner Gattis has been

playing double bass at Grade 1 , guitar at

Grade 1 and is working towards a Grade 4 in

piano and euphonium. Budding actress

Victoria Pemberton played Little Red Riding

Hood in a professional performance with Stan

Stennett and Charlotte Hardy has been

singing with the Welsh National Opera as well

as achieving Grade 6 in flute and Grade 5 in



Alice Durham and Francesca Le Guilcher

achieved one hundred per cent in all recent

French tests. Alice also attained a Level 5

skiing award. Ben McCullagh got into

Cardiff and the Vale Cross Country Squad.

Abigail Mock achieved the highest horse

riding level for jumping and hacking.

Sophia Holmes passed Grade 2 piano.

Chloe Poole passed gymnastics Grade 5

and recently made the Welsh team. She

came seventeenth in the British finals

against England, Scotland and Ireland and

the Welsh team came third. Amy

McAndrew was second overall in a club

swimming championship gala and was in

the top ten out of fifty competitors in every

event. Elizabeth McCulloch came fourth

in the South East Wales Regional

Swimming Championship and also had one

of her stories published. James Adney

was awarded Manager’s Player for football

in a recent presentation. Rhian Cull

received a gold medal for cheerleading

with the Cardiff Cougars. Charlotte

Leighton-Price achieved Grade 2 in horse

riding. Emily Glaze was awarded almost

300 stars in French. Clare Halligan came

second in the 100 metres and third in the

200 metres events at the Regional

Championships. Jonathan Wright passed

Grade 2 in a guitar exam in April. Joel

Price came first in a recent tennis club



This year has been highly successful for

the pupils in form 7A both in and outside of

the school. Academically there have been

some very high achievements. In Science,

with Grace Loweth scored 100% in her

tests. In languages, Jessica Martin

scored 100% in all French tests during the

year and Thomas Morley has shown hard

“impressed by the achievements of the form groups”

Year 7 (continued)

Mr M Baldwin and Miss R Sterlini

work and determination during French

lessons earning himself both “Blanc” and

“Rouge” certificates of achievement.

Victoria Spray scored top marks in both

Drama and Music tests and Francesca

Merrick achieved excellent marks in an Arts

project. The girls are definitely flying the

creative flag for the form! There have been

several pupils showing aptitude in the

Performing Arts, with Bethan Hearne gained

Grade 1 and Grade 3 passes in the piano

and trumpet respectively; Coire Clarkson

passing Grade 3 violin; Emily Geen gained

a distinction during her Grade 5 piano exam;

Ellen O’Rourke played with the Cardiff City

and Vale of Glamorgan Youth Transition

Orchestra in St. Davids Hall for a charity

concert and Tristan Worssam’s Everyman

Youth Theatre troupe won a recent ‘improv’

drama competition. The boys and girls of

the form have decked themselves out in

sporting glory also: Emily Ross’ team in the

Barry and Vale Harriers came second in

their 4x100m relay race; Rory Andrew

came in first in the 100m sprint for the Sully

Athletics; Ffion Adams recently passed her

14th level exam in ice skating and is now

level 1 in competitive ice skating. Jamie

Green gained his place on the Cogan

Football A team; through hard work and

dedication the school rugby team were

undefeated this year, including, Jack Revell-

Griffiths, Josh James, Spencer Robinson,

George Roberts and Harry Williams from

the form. Spencer Robinson was also part

of the school tennis team that won the

Interschools Tournament this term. George

Roberts was also part of the Cup and

League winning team for U12 Sully Sports

FC; Jack Revell-Griffiths came third in the

Sea Cadets kayaking competition in Bedford



The form is buzzing with talent! Robbie Bain

recently completed a 33 mile bike ride for the

Stroke Association and has raised over £200 so

far. Ffion McGowan has earned herself a

worthy distinction in her Grade 3 ballet exam.

Nicholas Mackey has successfully trialled for

the Cardiff and Vale Cricket team and Morgan

Humphreys now plays for the U12s Wales

Cricket Team. Amy Bond swam her way to 3

Golds competing against 11 year olds from the

whole of South Wales. Taylor Phillips has been

dancing her socks off in the Millenium Centre to

raise money for her dance group Rubicon.

Ebony Rees will be spending her summer

holidays treading the boards with the Youth

Music Theatre Group in Plymouth after

successfully auditioning here in Cardiff.

Rebecca Hardess has completed a 12 mile hike

with Scouts; that’s quite a distance! Anton

Elliott has a rare talent playing the Bosun’s Call,

a Navy whistle, for the Penarth Piping Team who

came first at a recent competition. Rhys

Capener is proving to be an excellent shot and

has got through to the finals for the annual Welsh

shooting competition. Finally, the whole of 7M

wishes Jonathan Ignacio lots of good luck in his

upcoming Grade 1 violin exam.


Orla Emberson has passed her Grade 3 cornet.

She was also awarded joint 1st place in the

piano competition of the Year 7 Eisteddfod.

Sumaiya Anwar has achieved her 50 metre

badge in swimming. Rebecca Johnson was

awarded a football trophy for her commitment to

the team and has moved up a stage in horse

“several pupils showing aptitude in the Performing Arts”

Year 7 (continued)

Mr M Baldwin and Miss R Sterlini

riding. Lauren Franks is a member of the

Helen O’Grady Drama Academy in Sully and

was awarded a trophy for taking part in a

showcase in Barry Memorial Hall. Jodie

Morgan has achieved her red belt in Tae-

Kwando. Ethan Hutchings is a member of

the school cross country team and regularly

plays football for Dinas Powys. He also

achieved his red belt in judo. Gregor

McBeth took part in the Rotary Club Concert

held in Stanwell School in May as part of the

junior jazz group. Joshua Brooks is a

member of the Penarth Sea Cadets and has

recently been awarded his shooting and first

aid badges. Hugo Dodd was given the

opportunity to have some of his artwork

displayed in the Washington Gallery in

Penarth. Emily Pearce has moved up to

stage 5 in kayaking. Ella Smith came 3rd in

the World Wide Arts Competition. She is a

member of the Art Club and made a cake

model of the Penarth Pier Pavilion for the

Washington Gallery. Ella and Rhiannon

Pearce took part in ‘Lengths for Life’ in

Guides and swam 64 lengths. They raised

almost £60 for Cancer Research.


Pupils have had a busy year! Adam Yusuf

won Player of the Year for Grangetown AFC,

as well as reaching his brown belt in karate;

Ben Thomas also got his blue/white belt in

karate. Our cricketer, Nathan Frost plays

for the Vale of Glamorgan and they won a

local tournament. The girls have been

showing off in gymnastics and swimming:

Jordan Thomas came first in a trampoline

competition; Beth Macmillan came first on

the floor and second on the tumble strip and

third on the bars in her club competition.

Lily Winnan won silver in the breaststroke and

backstroke, as well as gold in the front crawl and

butterfly. Rowan Jones has been excelling in

circus tricks and has learnt how to juggle with

clubs and hoops. Daisy Williams gained a

certificate for being in the school’s cross country

team all year and Cameron House came 15th

out of everyone in Wales in cross country! Many

pupils won awards in the Eisteddfod and Kyle

Brooks and Nathan Frost performed their

amazing RE rap in front of the Archbishop of

Wales. Lastly, numerous pupils in the class have

worked hard all year and have managed to gain

100 house points. Well done 7W.


Morgan Crimp, Jamie Evans, Rhys Picton and

George Prickett all play for the Cogan Under

13s football team and recently beat Barry to get

to the semi-finals of the Tesco Cup. Joshua

Dixon, Jacob Troth and Joseph Valek play for

the Sully B football team and Tom Pascoe plays

for Wenvoe. Emily Wooster has been busy

competing in Athletics competitions and has won

the 800m race in the Indoor Championship in

Cardiff and the 600m International Race in Malta.

Tom Pascoe plays for the Sully Centurians

Cricket Team and recently won a match against

Lisvane, while Morgan Crimp, George Prickett,

Morgan Rees and Jacob Troth all play for

Penarth. We also have some fantastic

swimmers in the form: Lloyd Hanson has

represented Cardiff in a swimming competition in

Stuttgart and Cerys Matthews has won a

Lifeguards Competition in Cardiff International

Swimming Pool. Faye Bramhill has represented

Penarth in a Gymnastics showcase in Cardiff and

Rachael Salisbury has competed in an iceskating

competition in Basingstoke. 7O has lots

of musical talent as well, including Amy Hickery

“ Mae’r disgyblion wedi cael blwyddyn brysur iawn! ”

Year 7 (continued)

Mr M Baldwin and Miss R Sterlini

who is working towards her Grade 5 violin

and Grade 3 piano exams, Jasper

Aeschlimann who is working towards his

Grade 3 guitar and Megan Jones who is

working towards Grade 4 on the tenor horn.

Well done 7O and we wish you all the best

for next year!


Sully A Football team won the league and

the cup; Frankie Norton and Ben Walsh

were part of the winning squad. Alisha

Marsh and Elin Matthews were part of

Stanwell’s U13 gymnastics team that came

second in the Cardiff and Vale competition.

Logan Nicol is currently ranked 5th for his

age in Welsh surfing. Joe Phillips came 5th

in the Welsh Go-Karting championships.

Morgan Hayman and Alex Langrish were

part of the Year 7 boys’ cross country team

that won the league and championship in

Cardiff and the Vale. Annabelle Birch-

Hurst was selected to represent the county

in cross country and was part of the Year 7

girls’ cross country team that won the

championship and the league. She was also

part of the Year 7 netball team that came

4th in the Cardiff and Vale tournament. Erin

Summerhayes came first in the singing

competition in the Eisteddfod. Katy Gibbs

was part of the Year 7 netball team that

came 4th in the Cardiff and Vale tournament.

Charles de Grey was part of the Year 7

rugby team that won at the Vale 7s

competition. Alex Langrish and Lewis

Campbell are in the school production of

BFG that will be performed for Primary



The form have been successful since Christmas.

Tom Tunley has represented the form on the

School Council. Olivia Hann was awarded the

Science prize in this year’s Eisteddfod. Rebecca

Humpage, Tara Lovering, and Rebekah

Stavrakis have played in the School’s Netball

team. We are very pleased to see that Sam

Jones attended every single homework club

session since Christmas. Tom Lam has also

had a successful time; he has played in both the

junior jazz band and the school brass band.


Tom Collins was a member of the Stanwell Year

7 cross country team who won the county

championship. Tristan Goodway-Sims is now a

yellow belt in Ju-Jitsu. Jorawar Hayer plays

cricket for Sully and football for Wenvoe. Ieuan

Hicks is working towards Grade 2 guitar. Amy

Walsh has won several medals for swimming (2

bronze, 1 silver ) and is a member of the Penarth

Swimming and Water Polo Club. Will Gale is a

member of the Cardiff & Vale cricket team and in

the Stanwell Year 7 cross country team who won

the County Championship. Kyrsty Jones will be

busy filming for CBBC show Copycats on 1st

September . Elizabeth Ingram is also filming for

the CBBC show Copycats and has passed her

Grade 4 violin. Olivia North has passed her

Grade 1 in singing and is now working on her

Grade 3.

“wish you all the best for next year!”

Year 8

There have been many interesting and exciting

events happening

since Christmas.

Pupils have been

taking part in

canoeing club,

where they have

had expert

instruction at

Cardiff International White Water Centre in

Cardiff Bay.

The Year 8 Musical ‘Bugsy Malone’ has been

keeping many pupils busy due to rehearsals.

The annual

Eisteddfod was

very successful

with several



their talents on

stage and in

the homework competitions; well done to all

those involved.

All pupils have made mature decisions this year

regarding their GCSE subject choices ready to

start in Year 9.


Shanice Donovan has been training with the

Wales football team for girls, competing in

matches and has an upcoming tournament.

Callum George participated in a Welsh fencing

competition and came in 8 th place. Emma

Llewellyn took part in an athletic competition and

came 3 rd in the discus. Annabel Richards plays

in the ladies tennis team at Windsor tennis club.

Lucy Sharpe and Hannah Sood won a dance

competition together. Ben Tanner competed as

part of the Wales team in an indoor athletics

competition. Verity Tucker entered a dance

competition and was highly recommended. Peter

Tuthill has recently had Cardiff and The Vale

football trials. Well done all!

Miss L Jenkins and Mr A. Meddins


Congratulations to Mathew Bennett who

has football trials for Newport County

Academy. He is already a member of the

Vale of Glamorgan football team, Sully A

and Penarth cricket teams. Jack Bosley

recently took part in a fencing competition.

Isaac Dyer is a goal keeper for Cardiff

football team. Samuel Jennings is a

member of the school’s rugby team and

plays cricket for Penarth. Well done to Ella

Skinner who recently passed her ice

skating test. Rebecca Villis represented

the school in a recent athletics

competition. Emily Walters participated in

a Girl Guide show. Daniel Watts plays

rugby for East Wales, Penarth and the

Vale. He also plays football for Sully and

Cardiff City ADC.


Alex Donovan plays football for Cardiff

City ADC and has recently had trails for

Cardiff football Academy. Congratulations

to Megan Hain who passed her Grade 4

singing exam with a merit. Well done to

Thomas Hann who has recently joined

Penarth rugby team. Congratulations to

Kelsey Murray on being selected to play

football for the South Wales regional

squad. Maisie Squire has represented the

school in several athletics competitions

this year.


Elizabeth Birch-Hurst recently

represented the school in an athletics

competition and came first in the javelin.

Lucy Bond also represented the school in

athletics, competing in the javelin and shot

put competitions. Alexander Candy has

moved up to a new squad in his boxing

club. Good luck to Olivia Hamzelou who

has trials for the county hockey team.

Joshua Lewis has played football twice at

Cardiff City Stadium and has represented

the school in an athletics competition.

Michael Regan plays rugby for the school


“pupils showcasing their talents on stage and in the homework competition”

Year 8 (continued)

Miss L Jenkins and Mr A. Meddins


A talented and busy form! Christina Bugert

has competed in an ice-skating competition.

Congratulations to Ashley Cullen who is a

Marksman and First Class Award in the air

cadets. Emma Davies is very busy as she is

the new captain of Cardiff and The Vale Girls’

cricket team. She plays cricket for both Sully

Under 13s and Wales nder 13s. Well done to

Sebastian Dumitrescu who came 6 out of 30

in his second fencing competition.

Congratulations to Yoko Hargreaves and

Laura Huntley who both won a horse-riding

competition. Well done to Sasha Horrobin who

passed her Grade 2 lifeguard qualification.

Congratulations to Harry Jowett who has

passed Grade 5 piano theory with a merit.

Nicole Rose runs for Cardiff. Good luck to

Alex Warren who is taking part in a dancing

show. Congratulations to Iestyn Willis for

passing Grade 1 on the guitar.


Congratulations to Amelia Rowlands who has

passed her Grade 5 trumpet with a merit. Well

done to Georgia Wiltshire who has passed

Grade 5 with a merit on the cello. Emma

Harrison is very busy boxing for Penarth ABC,

representing Sully playing football, playing ice

hockey and being a member of the Army

Cadets. Caleb Docking represents the school

and Penarth at rugby. Jospeh Fettah is a

boxer for Rhoose ABC. Ellis Pyman is a

member of the Cardiff Devils U14 ice hockey

team. Joshua Whittaker plays rugby for Sully

and Daniel Wilson plays football for Sully

football club.


Well done to Leon Appiah who received

trophies from his rugby and football teams.

Congratulations to Thomas Mullett on winning

a bronze medal at the Welsh karate league

representing the Vale karate team. Chantelle

Reed has been busy practising water skiing for

her upcoming championship competition.

Congratulations to Jac Ursell for getting to the

semi-finals of the Blues Cup with Penarth

R. F.C.


Harriet Alderman will be performing at Kings

Square Dance with Emily Franks. Harriet will

also be competing in Barry representing the

Vale of Glamorgan. Well done to Eric Aydin

on scoring his first try for Penarth RFC.

Tonicha Harlow is busy training and

preparing to run the Race for Life.

Congratulations to Anastasia Mirza-Davies

who came 2 nd in the Cardiff and Vale school

championship U15s 800m. Well done to Liam

Quinn who received trophies from his rugby

and football teams. Simon Barber is a keen

member of the Badminton club. Thomas

Moreton plays football for the school team

and is also a keen tennis player. William

Rotherham enjoys playing tennis.


Well done to Jenny Blunden who completed

her first ever dressage test. Jacques

Broomfield played in the Junior Jazz band in

the Year 7 concert. Well done to Scott

Dutfield on winning 3 tennis trophies - 2 first

place and 1 second place trophy.

Congratulations to Rebecca Egerstrom who

has been selected to represent South Wales

as a goalkeeper in the girls’ football team.

Dylan Falcon plays football for Cogan and

basketball for Penarth U16s. Samuel Grace

regularly skis and snowboards for the Junior

Welsh Ski team. Well done to Edward

Herbert who came 3 rd in a swimming race

representing Cogan. Well done to Rebecca

Lim who came 3 rd in a badminton tournament.

Hannah Merrett is an Army Cadet.


Congratulations to Solomon Borde, David

Constantino-Russell and Joseph Stanton

who have all won awards in football. Well done

to Deklan Grotz who has won an award in

rugby. Thomas Jones has finished a season

with Sully Sports B. Congratulations to Max

Scott who is the new captain of Sully rugby

team. Virginia Leo has been busy rehearsing

with the Welsh National Opera for their

production of “Turandot”. Harvey Atkins plays

rugby for the school team and Sully.

“Dosbarth talentog a phrysur!”

Year 9

Mrs K Chellingworth & Mr H Roberts

There have been many exciting and interesting

events taking place for Year 9 this year.

For the first time pupils have begun their

GCSE courses in all subjects and have coped

well with the challenge this has presented.

There has been considerable interest in applying

for courses at Barry College next year. All

pupils performed very well in their interviews

and thoroughly enjoyed the taster sessions at

the college.

Pupils received valuable business advice from

guest speakers in the recent Dynamo Project.

The Proto Toy Day was a success with some

interesting and innovative designs being

shown. It appears there are some budding entrepreneurs

in Year 9!

Chloe Franks and Lauren Miller came 3rd in

a gymnastics competition while Sophie Fox

and Jodie Miller have been valuable members

of the school netball team. Jessie

Preece was part of a team that won a textiles

competition with a holocaust theme.

Good luck to Luke Morley for his upcoming

Grade 5 piano exam and to Joel Lapton

in his trials for Bristol Rovers football



Adam Jones has been part of the Cogan

B football team that came 2nd in the

league this year. Stanley Johnson won a

kayaking competition with Sea Cadets

while Rhodri Harmes won a tennis tournament

playing for Dinas Powys LTC. Well

done to Ellicia James for passing her

Grade 1 ballet exam.

The Girls’ Basketball team deserve a special

mention as they progressed to the Welsh finals.

Well done all those involved.


Well done to Alice Nottingham who has continued

her excellent performances in athletics

by coming 3rd in the 100m in the South Wales

Championships and Cengizhan Ziyaeddin

has been a part of the Cardiff Blues U16 team

this season.

There have been some notable musical

achievements with Kathleen Ahearne passing

her Grade 5 clarinet exam while Tom

Geen and Calum McWilliam’s band raised

over £400 in a recent charity concert. Continuing

the musical theme well done to Amy

Guppy for performing for the BBC and in a

recent ballet production at the New Theatre.



Congratulations to Alasdair Cavaye for

getting to the final of the Vale of Glamorgan

Scouts Air Rifle competition and

Megan Herrity for obtaining her Level 4

Kayaking award. Megan also passed her

Grade 2 guitar exam. Jemima Scott will

be performing in a ballet at the New Theatre

while both Fiona McGavin and Seren

Robinson have parts in the musical

“Hairspray” at the Paget Rooms in July.


Kathryn Tann has been very busy choreographing

a dance routine for her Guide

group that was performed at a District

show. Well done to Rhodri Jones for

passing his Grade 7 guitar exam with distinction.


There have been some notable sporting

achievements this year. Chloe Saliba

“It appears there are some budding entrepreneurs in Year 9!”

Year 9(Continued)

Mrs K Chellingworth & Mr H Roberts

came 1st in an international ice skating

competition in Latvia. Rhys Savory has

competed successfully with the Cardiff

Blues rugby team at both 15-a-side and 7-

a-side versions of the game while Jamie

Hitchen was part of the Welsh Development

squad for cricket. Well done to Jade

Detheridge for coming 3rd in a trampolining

competition. Congratulations to Grace

Hewlett on passing her Grade 5 piano.


Courtney Bridge has been a member of

the school basketball team that got to the

Welsh finals while David Ring had a successful

season with Cogan Coronation

football team. Kieran Gibbs was part of a

team that came 4th in a ten pin bowling

competition. Well done to Rebecca Te

Water Naude for passing her Grade 4 violin



There have been some very impressive

musical achievements this year. Congratulations

to Peter McDonough for winning

the prestigious Richard Fice Award for

Brass Instrumentalists. Megan Wookey

passed her Grade 3 piano while Imogen

Sibert passed her Grade 6 violin– well

done both.

Cea-Jay Morgan and Jacob Frost were

part of a successful Cogan B football team

while Morgan Clarke, Megan Wiltshire

and Utako Wirth have competed in local

tennis tournaments. Well done to Harriet

Blunden for winning a recent show jumping



There have been some outstanding sporting

achievements this year. Will Creaven

came 1st in the Welsh School Sailing

Championship and has qualified for the GB

Sailing team. Maybe we’ll see Will in the

2016 Rio Olympics? Isaac Ridgley came

3rd in a Welsh Indoor Rowing competition

while Tom Farmer won a squash development


There have also been some excellent musical

achievements. Suzie Collins passed

her Grade 3 piano and both Megan Holland

and Hanir Mousa passed their Grade

5 piano exams. Eva Vestergaard has continued

her ballet performances while Elinor

Brunker appeared in “Puss in Boots” with



Well done to Hollie Milward for qualifying

for the area dressage competition with her

horse Jellybean. Phoenix Kaged competed

in a gymnastics competition while Owen

Rees and Andreas Asprou were part of a

7s rugby team that came second in a recent

tournament. Kate Coker has continued her

successes in distance running by competing

for Wales in an international competition

in Ireland. Che Pomphrey has qualified for

the county pentathlon competition as well

as playing for the Cardiff Blues U14s.

Evan Davies and Callum Page have been

demonstrating their thespian abilities by

both winning awards from the Mark Germaine

Stage School. Callum won an award

for comedy acting while Evan won an

award for characterisation. Well done both.

“some outstanding sporting achievements this year”

Year 10

Rory Hay and Jack Hayward are both

learning to play the Kazoo and are hoping

to achieve their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze

Awards. Megan Buckingham came second

in the horseriding jumping competition

for Wenvoe riding school and won a

rosette. Annes Lloyd achieved Grade 6 in

piano and Grade 4 in the Clarinet. She

also swims for Cogan Under 16 Swimming

Squad and does Water Polo for the Cardiff

International Pool squad. Brittany Isaac

has been offered a position in the Welsh

Under 16 Squash team. Robert Togden

achieved Grade 5 in the piano. Callum

Jalil plays basketball for Under 16 team

Penarth Patriots and is training to join the

league in September. Kate Mathias

achieved Grade 6 in piano and Robert

Cavaye achieved Grade 6 in violin. Erin

Murray has been offered a trial for a Soccer

Scholarship in America and she won

the 800 metres in the school Athletics

competition in Leckwith recently. Luke

Bowles came second in the TIHS Judo

Championship in Swansea. Hannah Bu-

Mrs L Jones & Mr G Penny

chalter gained Grade 7 in the piano. Ralf

It has been a busy past few months for Warren achieved Grade 3 in the Guitar.

Year 10 pupils— both in terms of academic

challenges and extra-curricular in-

coach in Penarth Tennis Club. Rory Hay

Joseph Hall has become a junior tennis

volvement. They have coped admirably represented the school in the Jenner Park

with their external modular exams and ‘It’s a Knockout’ Athletics competition.

many have already completed numerous

pieces of Controlled Assessments that 10E

count towards their final GCSE Grades.

Pupils have been selecting and preparing

for their work experience placements and

have benefitted from a work experience

preparation day in June. We hope they enjoy

their taste of working life!


Ciaran Duffy was mascot for Cardiff’s

match against Reading. Henry El-Jawhari

is a Welsh Karate League Champion and

achieved Grade 2 in Guitar with a distinction.

Alex Elsen achieved Grade 3 in Piano.

Sam Hall is in the Cardiff Blues Development

squad. Luke Smith achieved

Grade 5 in Guitar and was entered for the

Welsh Unsigned Stand-up Comedy

Awards. Bethany Parkhouse is a keen

mentor for Penarth Rowing Club. Myles

Harding is Captain for Sully B team this

season. Millie Earp is a Guide Young



Sam Jones is a valued player of the Under

16 Cardiff City Football Academy.

James Longman is a talented and committed

player of the Under 16 Newport

County Football team. Rock Ho has joined

the Penarth Junior Badminton Club and

passed Grade 5 piano. Taylor Knight enjoyed

the recent Food Technology trip to

the Barry College Catering Department.

Lauren Beeslee gained her Black Belt in

Karate. Annika Bugert passed her Grade

5 Music Theory exam and gained an A* in

her German GCSE. Very impressive!

Sheng Tong Bei was involved in the

Dodge Ball tournament at Cowbridge and

his team came an impressive second

place. Sheng has also attained an A* in his

“Pupils have been selecting and preparing for their work experience placements”

Year 10 (continued)

Chinese GCSE.—a superb achievement

. Well done!


Laura Gilbert is a talented writer for the

school newspaper and has completed

the expedition for Bronze Duke of Edinburgh.

Kitty Edwards passed her Grade

2 in Ukalele with merit. Luke McJennett

won a rugby award from his Penarth

team. Alan Doyle has been included in

the Cardiff Blues Under 16s South

Squad for rugby. Olivia Muse has completed

her tennis leader’s course at

Penarth Tennis Club. Ellen Rowlands

has completed her expedition for the

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Tamas Barry represented the school in

the Jenner Park ‘It’s a Knockout’ Athletics

competition. A huge congratulations

must go to James Flanigan who has

just been accepted in the Welsh Swimming



Sam Sellick won the Vale of Glamorgan

squash championships and is now

ranked 4th in Wales.

Sam Wooding won the Players’ Player

trophy for Sully Falcons 2010/11 season.

Fraser Hodgkins represented the

school in the Jenner Park ‘It’s a Knockout’

Athletics competition.

Jones represented the school in the Jenner

Park ‘It’s a Knockout’ Athletics competition.


Elliot Richards represented the school

in the Jenner Park ‘It’s a Knockout’ Athletics

competition. David Pain is participating

in the Sailing World Championships

in San Francisco this summer.

Emilio Pena Taylor was delighted to

achieve an A* in his recent GCSE Spanish

module. Jacob Jones, Robert Jones

and Jenni Davies enjoyed the recent

History visit to Berlin.


Mrs L Jones & Mr G Penny

Nick Boudier won the Sevens plate for

the Vale of Glamorgan rugby team. He

has made it into the Cardiff Blues team.

Tom Davies won Best Individual Contribution

award at the Vale of Glamorgan

Young Enterprise Finals. Sian Moss beat

all her personal bests in a recent swimming

gala. Taro Wirth passed Grade 7

piano with a Merit. He also won the Cardiff

Violins Cup in the senior strings in the

South Glamorgan Festival for Young Musicians.

Matteo Holmes came first in the

south regional championships in both

javelin and discus and a close second in

the hammer throw in the under seventeen's



Dewi FFord was voted the Most Improved

Player for Sully A Football team

and Tom Phillips was voted the Most

Improved Player for Sully B team. Jack

Matthews has competed in Welsh Junior

Championships in BMX cycling. Ieuan

“Best Individual Contribution award at the Vale of Glamorgan Young Enterprise Finals”

Year 11

Mr B Crompton & Miss H Jenkins

Since Christmas, Year 11 have been preparing

themselves for the forthcoming

GCSE examinations and deciding on their

options for September - whether to stay at

Stanwell and study A Levels, to study at college

or apply for a job. To aid this process,

we organised the 6th Form Options Evening,

intention interviews, assemblies to introduce

the new subjects at 6th form and

guest speakers from Careers Wales.

Intentions interviews have been carried out

with all the pupils to help and support the

choices they make post-16. All this preparation

has been to give the pupils the best

chance of success in their GCSEs and to

ensure they make informed choices regarding

their future studies.

The examinations started on Monday 16th

May and ended on Monday 20th June, during

which time formal revision sessions were

held in Maths, English and Science and

other sessions were arranged by various

departments, in order to consolidate learning

and ensure key skills were refreshed immediately

prior to the important external exams.

Attendance at the formal revision sessions

was around 90%, which shows the enthusiasm

and commitment of Year 11 pupils.

We look forward to results day on Thursday

25th August where we hope that the pupils’

hard work will be suitably rewarded!


Beth Hopkins has achieved her

Grade 6 Piano and Grade 8 qualification

in Harp. She has also successfully

completed her expedition

section of the Silver Duke of Edinburgh

Award, along with George

Barber, Aimee Brinn, Thomas

Lewis, Charlotte Preece, Charlotte

Goodway-Sims and Ceire Wincott.

George has also completed a

100 mile Manchester cycle for charity

and a 99km London to Brighton

Cycle for charity. Molly Crowther

has achieved her Grade 1 UK Skating

level. Alex Macey has achieved

her Grade 5 violin. Charles Fear

has created an information video on

dyspraxia to help raise awareness.


Oliver Glover has been one of the

two year representatives on the

School Council. Henry

Stephanakis is the Penarth Youth

Action representative and was chosen

by the other PACT members for

this role. Rebecca Trigg has completed

her Grade 6 in Dancing as

well as her Silver Duke of Edinburgh

Expedition. This was also completed

by Tesoro Monoghan and

Adam Jones.

to give the pupils the best chance of success in their GCSEs”

Year 11 (continued)

Mr B Crompton & Miss H Jenkins


Morgan Harris attended a Rugby tour to

Spain with the Penarth team. Luck Crockett

and Gwynfor Parr have represented the

school as part of the Senior Rugby team.

Amy Palin has completed her Grade 4 piano

exam and her Silver Duke of Edinburgh

expedition. This was also completed by Elinor

Cheason and James Porteus.


Taite Drew attended the Rugby tour to

Spain with the Penarth team. The following

successfully completed their Silver Duke of

Edinburgh expedition section: Paul Keeling,

Joe Keenan and Seren Vickers. Amy

Young has been promoted to Corporal in

the Air Cadets and Jake Johnson won the

league cup representing the Sully B team in



Anna Walsh has performed in Holiday on

Ice and came second in a Bristol competition

for figure skating. Beth Cowley passed

a beginner’s first aid course. Matteo Attansio

and Tom Lander successfully completed

their Silver expedition section of the

Duke of Edinburgh Award.


Kirsty McGarrigle has been fundraising for

the Lengths for Life and Comic Relief. Mikaela

Wood auditioned and secured her

place on the Young Actors Studio course in

the Royal Welsh College of Music


Harry Wood is a member of the

Sully football team and the Penarth

Rugby team. Charlotte Bishop has

secured a place in the Welsh Academy

for the U18s Hockey. Joe Ingram

recently performed in West

Side Story. Henri Franklin-Pugh

has won a Laser U16 competition in

South Wales.


Jaimie Jenkins has completed a

first aid course and her Silver Duke

of Edinburgh Award expedition. Will

Barber, Andrew Dyer and Ben

Ware play for the Sully A football

team and were in the cup final. Abigail

White has been picked to play

for Wales U17 in football. Well done

Abi! She has been on two international

training weekends in Llanelli

and Cardiff.

We wish Year 11 every success

when they receive their GCSE results

and look forward to seeing

many returning to the Sixth Form.

We wish those not coming back to

Stanwell next year all the best in

their chosen career paths.

GCSE results day

Thursday 25th August 2011.

“successfully completed their Silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition section”

Year 12

Miss P Menhenitt & Mr K Watkins

Year 12 have had a pressured few

weeks, having just sat their external AS

examinations. These began in the middle

of May and for some students ran through

to the latter stages of June.

Since their return from study leave, the

students have been focusing on several

elements of the Welsh Baccalaureate.

Each student has completed their ‘working

with an employer’ element, either by completing

a week of work experience or

through their part time job. This has given

them an invaluable insight into the world

of work and, hopefully, will have helped in

the decision making process for a possible

future career. This was an important

area of consideration as we embarked on

our Higher Education week which introduced

the students to the UCAS application

process and encouraged them to start

researching different universities and

courses, and potentially the world of work

via employment or apprenticeships. In

support of this process, parents were invited

to attend a Higher Education evening

held at the school. Caroline Coleman-Davies

from Swansea University

gave parents a very informative presentation

on the UCAS process and various issues

such as finance.

Students have also been working on their

‘Individual Investigation’ for the Welsh

Baccalaureate. A range of interesting titles

have been submitted, such as the effects

of climate change in Wales and

Europe and the effects of the decline in

the newspaper industry.

Welsh culture and heritage and the methods

used to promote this was also an issue

studied during these final weeks.

This included a visit to the National Museum

of Wales at St Fagans. All Year 12

students have been studying Spanish as

part of the Welsh Baccalaureate qualification

this year. To finish this in style a

’Spanish Day’ has been organised by the

Sixth Form team to include quizzes and

cultural awareness studies.

Students attended a conference organised

by Damaris in which they learnt about democracy,

third world poverty and global citizenship.

As imaginary politicians they explored

the consequences for African countries

of Western governments decisions regarding

their debt.

Elections and interviews for next years the

Senior Team have now taken place. Cerys

Young and Rhys Ward have been appointed

Head Girl and Head Boy with Rhea

Ghosal and Tom Knight as deputies.

Senior Prefects are Chloe Blunsdon,

Emily Davies, Andrew Graham and

Rosie Troth. Congratulations to those

students appointed and thank you to all

those who voted and/or applied.

Well done to Rose Barker and Ella Mott-

Riley who took part in the Lesotho Project

‘Musicathon’ organised by Andrew

Graham. Andrew and team also organised

a very successful fashion show for Lesotho,

with a range of fashions modelled by students

and staff. Congratulations to Miles

Braithwaite who has successfully auditioned

for the ‘Welsh National Youth Opera’

and will be performing in their production

of ‘The Sleeper’ in July. In swimming,

Otto Putland took part in the World Swimming

Championships trials in Sheffield.

Sam Harries will be taking part in the Rotary

Youth Leadership Award scheme at

the end of July.

May we take this opportunity to remind

you that AS external examination results

will be available for collection between

10.00-11.30a.m. on Thursday, August

18th from the school.

the decision making process for a possible future career’

Year 13

Mr R Relph and Mr K Watkins

The Spring Term began with the serious business

of the January series of examinations with

virtually all members of the year group resitting

AS units and taking new A2 modules. The results,

when published in March, showed a definite

improvement with a higher percentage of

the year group achieving or exceeding their A

Level target scores.

Virtually all UCAS applications were completed

by the January 15 th deadline and students have

now made their final decisions. Congratulations

are extended to all members of the year group

who have been offered conditional places, but

particularly worthy of mention are our five successful

Oxbridge candidates. Laura Bates, Liz

Elder, Ben Hopkins and Jack Kinnersley have

all received offers from Oxford to read History,

Biochemistry, Biological Sciences and PPE respectively,

while Martin Boden has a place at

Cambridge to study Economics. Our aspiring

medics have received considerable additional

support throughout the UCAS process and were

particularly grateful for the interview preparation

sessions conducted by Dr Alison Mott, Mr Martin

Blamey and former student, Anita Parbhoo.

For much of the second half of this year completion

of the Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate

Qualification has dominated Sixth Form life.

Students have put a lot of time and energy into

completing all the Key Skills requirements

alongside their Diploma Diaries. It has been

particularly gratifying to see members of Year 13

rewarded for their efforts with the Welsh Bacc

being recognised by the vast majority of Higher

Education institutions and forming part of the

offers made to our students.

Visiting speakers have contributed to the successful

delivery of the programme and these

have included a group of medical students from

Cardiff University who conducted a very informative

session on relevant health matters and

Ffion Haf from the Meningitis Trust. Current

Year 13 students, David King and Jack Kinnersley

led an assembly on political awareness

and the Welsh Assembly elections, while Mr

Barrie Clarke of Swansea University enlightened

the year group on the “Realities of Higher Education”

in a typically entertaining address. Further

preparation for university life included a ‘mock’

higher education lecture given by Dr Julian Gould

-Williams of Cardiff Business School.

The David King and Jack Kinnersley “doubleact”

featured once again when they conceived

and compared the very successful “Stars In Their

Eyes” concert to raise funds for victims of the Japan

Earthquake, when the audience was treated

to some very professional performances by students

and members of staff. Equally important on

the fund-raising front was the huge effort made by

Laura Flynn in contributing to the Lesotho Fashion

Show, which not only raised a considerable

amount of money for this very worthwhile project

but also proved a highly enjoyable evening for all

those who attended.

The year drew to a conclusion with intensive

preparation for the important summer examination

series, the year group photograph and a final

assembly which reflected on some of the early

educational accomplishments of a year group

which over seven years has endeared itself to

many and made a significant contribution to the

life of the school.

Particular thanks are extended to Sarah Jones

and Daniel Phillips our outgoing Head Girl and

Head Boy, who have led the senior team with

such distinction and dedication that they will be a

very hard act to follow. Many highly valued contributions

have also been made by their deputies

Faraz Alauddin, Jack Kinnersley, Jessica Morrick,

and Kirsty Woodford, as well as senior prefects

Jia Cheung, Alex Hodgson, Bill Jones,

David Richards, Megan Rourke and Atlante

Sultana .

The Valedictory Dinner will take place on July 15 th

at the Mercure Holland House Hotel in Cardiff and

we await Results Day on the 18 th August, sincerely

hoping that all our students achieve the

grades they are aiming for and deserve.

We wish all members of Year 13 success in this

respect and in everything that they do in the future.

“Congratulations to ...members of the year group who have been offered conditional places”

Congratulations to the following pupils who have all achieved 100%

attendance from : 8/9/2010 to 8/6/2011

Year 7

Year 9





Cole, Gregory


Browne, Tomei


Collins, Thomas


Collins, Suzie


Dawson, Matthew


Davies, Channing


Durham, Alice


Fisher, Liam


Iredale, Robyn


Franks, Chloe


Loweth, Grace


Frost, Jacob


Pain, Harri


Hopkins, Kieran


Price, James


Howe, Benjamin


Proctor, Catherine


Keane, Robyn


Rees, Morgan


Monaghan, Siena


Saji, Linda


Nottingham, Alice


Samuel, Grace


Phillips, Abigail


Troth, Jacob


Tann, Kathryn


Tucker, Sam


Williams, James


Turpin, Benjamin


Wooster, Daniel


Way, Charlotte


Williams, Harry


Wiltshire, Samuel

Year 8


Year 10


Cummins, Lauren

Doyle, Martin





Carter, Eve

Dich, Jacqueline




Fford, Rhys


Guerrier, Bryony


Guerrier, Rhodri


Jones, Robert


Herbert, Edward


Lam, Haw Yee


Jowett, Harry


Ong, Pei Pei


Keating, Callum


Righton, Daniel


McGavin, Kieran


Thomas, Sion


McGavin, Stuart


Warren, Ralf


O'Leary, Caitlin


Wooding, Sam


Stanwell wishes to congratulate all pupils and staff on their

achievements this year. Apologies to anybody who has been

left out of the newsletter.

Learning to Excel

Ysgol Stanwell School

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