Feb. 20, 2012 - Indiana University Southeast


Feb. 20, 2012 - Indiana University Southeast


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Week of Feb. 20, 2012

SGA motions for microwaves

IUS Police snatch

possible burglar


Senior Editor


Feb. 11 at 3:08 a.m.

An arrest report was taken following a traffic

stop on Grant Line Road for moving vehicle

violations. An officer noticed a strong alcohol

odor coming from the car of Ronald Richardson,

22. After failing three sobriety tests, Richardson

was arrested on a charge of operating

while intoxicated with a Blood Alcohol Content

of above .08 percent.

Feb. 13 at 11:05 a.m.

Following a request from the Clarksville

Police Department, an officer was dispatched

to Physical Science to issue a warrant for a

student arrest after he had failed to appear in

court. However, the student provided paperwork

proving he had appeared in court that

day, and no arrest was made.

Feb. 15 at 10:40 a.m.

IUS Police were dispatched to the Children’s

Center after receiving a call from the

New Albany Police Department. A father and

grandmother were attempting to locate their

child. However, the father was not listed as a

family member due to the parents being in the

middle of a divorce case. An officer advised

the father to contact his attorney, and no information

about the child was provided.

Feb. 17 at 4:49 a.m.

IUS Police located a subject behind Crestview

Hall who was on parole for a history of

burglary. Officers issued a trespass warning

and escorted the subject off campus.


IUS denies issues concerning wastewater drainage


“With the addition of

he new lodge we will

e adding more parking

ear the sixth lodge,”

rompton said.

The Physical Plant

ill be working in the

ummer to complete

any of these parking


“During the summer,

e will turn the temporary

lot south of the

Activities Building into

a permanent lot,” Wolfe


There have also been

a few concerns raised

about wastewater and

sewage issues for the

new lodge. In 2007, IU

Southeast was able to

lower its sewer bills for

the dorms from $214,500

to $167,000. There have

also been other concerns

raised regarding drainage

from IU Southeast to

Grant Line Road.

“There’s no issue

with wastewater or sewage

for the new dorm,”

Wolfe said. “All of the

wastewater goes into

the current main off to

Hausfeldt Lane. Then

it goes into the sewage

plant from there.”

Wolfe said IU Southeast

plans to have the

lodge open for use in

August 2013.

There are also plans to

have many new events

on campus once the new

lodge is complete.

“We will also be continuing

efforts to host

events and activities for

all students at IU Southeast

to help build on an

already positive campus

community,” Crompton



esidence Life pursues new director position



An error was made in an issue of The Horizon,

published on Feb. 6.

On the front page, a mistake was made

in “Faculty fill in for vice chancellor.” Anne

Skuce, interim vice chancellor for Student Affairs,

and Chris Crews, acting director of Admissions,

were referred to as faculty instead of


The Horizon apologizes for this error.




The Student Government Association held its

weekly meeting on Feb. 21 in University Center


The majority of the 19 minutes of the meeting consisted

of a follow-up from Josh Kornberg, communications

senior and SGA president, on the working

projects of the SGA.

The main topic of conversation was adding additional

microwaves to The Commons. Currently, The

Commons have two microwaves, one of which is

frequently out of service.

The SGA has been working

with Physical Plant

It’s a really

cool thing that

the SGA can

put our stamp


Josh Kornberg

communications senior and

SGA president

to add three additional


“Physical Plant is

putting in additional

outlets by where the microwaves

currently are,”

Kornberg said. “They

are also going to take

that white particular

board out, and they are

going to put in shelving

and a new countertop.

They are also going to

take out the non-functioning

microwave and replace those with three new

functional microwaves.”

Physical Plant will be picking up the bill for electrical

costs and renovation of the countertop, but it

plans on being reimbursed for the cost of purchasing

the microwaves. The cost of the microwaves totaled

$139 per unit.

“These [microwaves] are the stainless steel industrial

restaurant microwaves,” Kornberg said. “They

are more heavy duty, and [people] buy them to last


The SGA is considering multiple ways to cover

the cost of the new microwaves. There has been a

loss in funds in the Student Life budget this semester

because of decreased enrollment, so the SGA

would like to try and reallocate funds to cover the

expenses of the microwaves.

“We had allocated $250 for homecoming expenses,

which we didn’t end up using because of weather

that was unforeseen,” Kornberg said. “We had to

ct with them.

“I am approachable,” Iverson said. “I want you to

now who I am. I need to be able to hear what you

ave to say.”

One concern from two faculty members in the audience

was the lack of tradition on IUS small-scale

residence life.

Iverson gave a recent example of how he started

a tradition at University of North Carolina Chapel


“During final exams there weren’t any stress relief

activities,” Iverson said. “We surveyed students

and found that stress was a big issue for them. We

then did an exam support fair with games, a craft table,

massage station, pizza forum, study pamphlets

and handouts.”

This is now a four-year tradition where Iverson

takes student feedback each year and learns how to

make the event better.

Iverson also discussed his role in summer conferences

and ability to advertise a school and get its

name out.

“We are not able to discuss our opinions or give

feedback at the moment because we are still interviewing

candidates,” Denise Jones, payroll system

supervisor for Human Resources, said.

Results of the hired candidate will be released

within the next two weeks.

cancel the bonfire, which is where our funds were

being used at.”

Matt Owen, political science junior and SGA senate

chair, said he would like to add the SGA logo to

the microwaves since they were purchased by SGA


“They have already ordered the microwaves, so

I would say that within the next two weeks we will

see something happen down there,” Kornberg said.

Kornberg has also been working with other organizations

on campus to find ways of advancing

student involvement. He is currently working with

Hunter Luthi, informatics senior and Gay Straight

Alliance president, about a program called “OMS”

that would send out e-mail and text alerts about

events on campus.

“The whole point of this is really stepping up to

a 21st century approach and really technologically

driven approach rather than strictly fliers, banners,

and poster approach,” Kornberg said. “We are really

trying to step it up and be innovative about it.

It’s a really great program.”

Luthi will be presenting the program to the SGA

within the following weeks.

“It’s a really cool thing that the SGA can put

our stamp on it,” Kornberg said. “Although it’s not

something that we did ourselves, but it’s something

we are a part of, and it’s something we continue to

build in to.”

Following up from last week’s meeting, the SGA

moved forward with their plan to transfer funds that

were originally set aside for uniforms and add them

to the budget for conferences and workshops. The

SGA set aside a budget of $250 for clothing, with logos

that would identify members of the SGA, which

they did not use.

The SGA passed the resolution, “Reallocation of

Funds: Within the Same Budget,” for the transfer of

funds from uniforms to the budget for conferences

and workshops account, which now totals nearly


Closing out the brief meeting, Stephen Prather,

radiography junior and SGA senate pro-tempore,

introduced the session binder he had been developing

to the Senate. The binder consists of the previous

resolutions, bills and session minutes from previous

SGA meetings.

Students can attend SGA meetings and voice their

concerns for the student body at its weekly meetings

on Thursday at 4:30 p.m. in University Center

South, room 122.

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