2006 Ymca annual RepoRt - YMCA of Greater Houston

2006 Ymca annual RepoRt - YMCA of Greater Houston

2006 Ymca annual RepoRt - YMCA of Greater Houston


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<strong>2006</strong> <strong>Ymca</strong><br />

Annual Report

Dear Friends,<br />

In many homes, the kitchen is a place where people gather in anticipation <strong>of</strong><br />

a meal, discuss the events <strong>of</strong> the day or share one another’s challenges.<br />

From our kitchens come the foods which, with their comforting<br />

ingredients, form memories, provide nourishment and<br />

<strong>of</strong>fer words <strong>of</strong> encouragement. We view our <strong>YMCA</strong> as the<br />

community’s kitchen – a place with the ingredients that<br />

help youth and teens develop into strong adults, where<br />

families find support and kids find caring adults who<br />

listen to their hopes and dreams.<br />

Children are our most important asset – and we believe<br />

that each child is a resource worth the investment. A commitment<br />

to creating a better world for youth is one <strong>of</strong> the ingredients that makes<br />

us all asset-builders. We believe that families are not only determined by biology, but by those<br />

whom you care about. A desire to reach out to families in need is an ingredient that makes all <strong>of</strong><br />

us compassionate. The <strong>YMCA</strong> believes in community; no one can do it alone. A commitment<br />

to the welfare <strong>of</strong> others is one <strong>of</strong> the ingredients that makes us human.<br />

The past year has been tremendously successful for the <strong>YMCA</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Houston</strong>.<br />

Recognizing that the pr<strong>of</strong>ile <strong>of</strong> a “typical” family is changing, we created a new income-based<br />

membership program, “Membership for All.”<br />

We expanded our apartment outreach programs from 13 to 15 sites, taking <strong>YMCA</strong> services<br />

and programs directly to those who cannot come to our traditional centers. Attendance at our<br />

three resident camps grew by 10 percent. We also opened 11 inner-city day camps, with a total<br />

<strong>of</strong> 72 day and teen camps in all, providing a fun, life-changing experience for children.<br />

This year we continued our commitment to helping those displaced by Hurricane Katrina<br />

by participating in the <strong>Houston</strong>’s Kids project, joining with several other organizations to<br />

provide summer day camp in the Alief community to nearly 500 children, many <strong>of</strong> them<br />

Katrina survivors. Their lives were enriched through a nurturing summer experience while<br />

giving their families peace <strong>of</strong> mind, knowing their children were in a safe environment. The<br />

<strong>Houston</strong>’s Kids project was so successful that we continued it by <strong>of</strong>fering after school programs<br />

for the same children through this entire school year.<br />

We began construction on two new family <strong>YMCA</strong>s, the Thelma Ley Anderson Family<br />

<strong>YMCA</strong>, serving the Alvin area, and the West Orem Family <strong>YMCA</strong>. We raised $3.5 million to<br />

acquire a former YWCA facility on Waugh Drive, which will provide much-needed services<br />

to that area.<br />

Once again, we balanced our $94 million budget and funded our reserves. The <strong>2006</strong><br />

Partners Campaign hit an all-time fund raising high <strong>of</strong> $4,765,467. Combine that number<br />

with our United Way support and the generous contributions <strong>of</strong> our other partners, and we<br />

made available close to $14 million in services to <strong>of</strong>ten underserved children and families in<br />

<strong>Houston</strong> and surrounding areas.<br />

The <strong>YMCA</strong> is an undeniably essential part <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Houston</strong>. For 121 years, we have been<br />

meeting the needs <strong>of</strong> our diverse and changing communities.<br />

Respect, responsibility, honesty, caring and faith – all are ingredients – when mixed with our<br />

volunteers, donors, members and staff, create recipes to live by… recipes for life. The kitchen in<br />

which all <strong>of</strong> these ingredients are mixed is the <strong>YMCA</strong>. You’re welcome to stop by any time.<br />

Warmest regards,<br />

Eric Mullins<br />

Chair, Board <strong>of</strong> Directors<br />

Clark Baker<br />

president & CEO

cup <strong>of</strong> acceptance=4 hugs<br />

<strong>Houston</strong>’s Kids<br />

Because every child is our child<br />

Eight year old Kenny Argueta hadn’t been excited about much <strong>of</strong><br />

anything lately, according to his mom. Originally from Mexico,<br />

during the school year he struggled to learn English and didn’t have<br />

many friends. This summer, he participated in <strong>YMCA</strong> Day Camp.<br />

Take ingredients<br />

like mentorship and<br />

encouragement and add<br />

kids like Kenny to the mix – the<br />

result is confidence and a sense<br />

<strong>of</strong> purpose that will shine<br />

Alief Family <strong>YMCA</strong> camp counselor Elisabeth Cooper said, “On<br />

the first day <strong>of</strong> camp he was so shy that the counselors had a<br />

hard time communicating with him.”<br />

For many children like Kenny, summer is not a time <strong>of</strong> fun and<br />

new experiences, but a time <strong>of</strong> boredom and temptation to<br />

engage in dangerous activities. To help prevent this, the <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

– as part <strong>of</strong> a collaboration with the United Way, the Joint City<br />

County Commission on Children, Communities in Schools, the<br />

Alief Independent School District and the Children’s Museum <strong>of</strong><br />

<strong>Houston</strong> – provided summer day camp to nearly 500 students<br />

in the Alief community, many <strong>of</strong> them displaced by Hurricanes<br />

Katrina and Rita.<br />

Kenny Argueta<br />

Kenny Argueta<br />

As summer progressed, Kenny began to change. Camp<br />

counselors encouraged Kenny to try new things and set high<br />

goals for himself. He met other kids who were like him and<br />

learned how to get along with kids who were different. He felt<br />

accepted and valued.<br />

Kenny’s mom watched as excitement returned to her son’s<br />

smile. “He would get up early every morning and put his camp<br />

shirt on, waiting for me to bring him to camp,” she said. “This<br />

program is the best thing that has ever happened to him.”<br />

Y M C A o f G r e a t e r H o u s t o n<br />

R e c i p e s f o r L i f e

Camp<br />

Pine Tree<br />

A lifetime <strong>of</strong> memories<br />

“I’m going next year but only for five days, because more<br />

than five days… I will miss you too much, Mom, but I am<br />

going to camp again next year,” 11 year old Landon Fanguy<br />

said to his mother.<br />

Last summer at <strong>YMCA</strong> Camp Pine Tree, Landon earned an award<br />

for courage, while his little brother Zachary, received an award for<br />

friendship. During camp, big brother Landon comforted eight year<br />

old Zachary, who was homesick. Landon hugged Zachary, telling<br />

him that things would be okay. When camp director Justin<br />

Conner phoned Landon’s mother to tell her about Landon’s<br />

behavior, she couldn’t believe it.<br />

A supportive, empowering<br />

environment and caring adults<br />

who believe all children can<br />

succeed – mix those ingredients<br />

and a healthy child emerges.<br />

More than 13,700 young people<br />

like Landon developed their<br />

self-worth at <strong>YMCA</strong> <strong>Houston</strong><br />

resident camps in <strong>2006</strong>.<br />

“This was a child my husband and I felt would never<br />

experience the same thing as other children could,” says<br />

Nicole Fanguy.<br />

Landon Fanguy<br />

Landon has autism – a developmental disorder that makes<br />

it difficult for him to communicate and socialize, leaving him<br />

emotionally detached from people; Landon must follow a strict<br />

routine just to get through the day. When Nicole Fanguy called<br />

several <strong>Houston</strong> area summer camps, none <strong>of</strong> them would take her<br />

son, but <strong>YMCA</strong> Camp Pine Tree staff welcomed him, recognizing<br />

that camp would be beneficial to Landon, and that Landon would be<br />

beneficial to camp.<br />

“Landon was scared to do things, but he<br />

tried everything at camp, even rock wall climbing.<br />

We are all so proud<br />

tablespoons<br />

<strong>of</strong> him,” says Landon’s<br />

<strong>of</strong> compassion=5<br />

mom.<br />

memorable days<br />

“It couldn’t have been a better experience…<br />

and he will be going back next year.”<br />

Y M C A o f G r e a t e r H o u s t o n<br />

R e c i p e s f o r L i f e

Because all<br />

children need a Y<br />

Northwest Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

A crowded apartment complex filled with families and children,<br />

sometimes interrupted by police sirens or gunshots, may be the<br />

last place you’d expect to find a <strong>YMCA</strong>.<br />

But the <strong>YMCA</strong> goes where it is needed most –<br />

sometimes into our most troubled communities.<br />

The Luxor Park Apartments is such a place.<br />

“It helps the parents because we know our children are safe,”<br />

says Tamishe Darden, a Luxor Park resident whose seven year<br />

old son, Jaelon, participates in free swim lessons <strong>of</strong>fered by the<br />

Northwest Family <strong>YMCA</strong>.<br />

Shawn and Jaelon<br />

Luxor Park is one <strong>of</strong><br />

15 <strong>Houston</strong> area<br />

apartment complexes<br />

that are home to<br />

<strong>YMCA</strong> outreach<br />

programs.<br />

Adults who care,<br />

coupled with creative<br />

activities and a safe<br />

environment – these<br />

ingredients, blended<br />

together, create a strong<br />

foundation for children<br />

to build upon as they<br />

embrace their future.<br />

Through a partnership with apartment complex managers, the<br />

<strong>YMCA</strong> moved into the clubhouse at Luxor Park, which now<br />

hosts Y programs like homework assistance, youth sports,<br />

karate and hip hop dance.<br />

This summer, <strong>YMCA</strong> staff gave swim lessons to 21 children<br />

at Luxor Park. “We think every kid deserves the same<br />

opportunity,” says Northwest <strong>YMCA</strong> Executive Director<br />

Shawn Borzelleri. “I see us connecting with the kids and<br />

<strong>of</strong>fering them structure and stability.”<br />

“It just takes one person in their lives to make a positive<br />

impact,” says Jaelon’s mom.<br />

What does Jaelon think <strong>of</strong> Shawn? “She is brave. She helps<br />

people,” he says.<br />

gallons<br />

<strong>of</strong> splashed<br />

water =<br />

1 safe place<br />

to play<br />

Y M C A o f G r e a t e r H o u s t o n<br />

R e c i p e s f o r L i f e

pinch <strong>of</strong> kindness<br />

goes a long way<br />

Ed and Lynn Murphy<br />

Lake <strong>Houston</strong> Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

A road to recovery<br />

On January 6, 1992, Ed Murphy was on his ro<strong>of</strong> removing Christmas<br />

lights when he fell, landing on the driveway. With severe injuries to his<br />

brain, he underwent emergency surgery that ended in a month-long,<br />

drug induced coma.<br />

Recipes for Life<br />

Last year at the <strong>YMCA</strong>, seniors<br />

experienced more than 43,900<br />

life-changing moments - all part <strong>of</strong> a<br />

unique recipe that combined<br />

Y M C A o f G r e a t e r H o u s t o n<br />

R e c i p e s f o r L i f e<br />

Mr. Murphy soon recuperated physically, but his mental<br />

recovery was slower. He was diagnosed with aphasia,<br />

a language disorder caused by his brain damage. The<br />

disorder impairs his ability to express himself. “He had to<br />

learn all over again,” says his wife, Lynn.<br />

Frustrated, Ed became severely depressed. After more<br />

than a decade <strong>of</strong> struggling, his wife turned to the Lake<br />

<strong>Houston</strong> Family <strong>YMCA</strong> in 2004. “We were looking to fill<br />

a void,” she says.<br />

They joined the <strong>YMCA</strong>’s Active Older Adults program.<br />

“We started with water aerobics. Now, he has flourished,”<br />

she says.<br />

Once unable to turn a key in a lock, Ed Murphy now comes<br />

into the <strong>YMCA</strong> to swim, lift weights and even make c<strong>of</strong>fee<br />

for the other members. While speaking is still difficult, Ed<br />

makes one thing especially clear.<br />

“The people here know me. I can talk and<br />

listen to things. They know me as ‘Mr. Ed.’”<br />

“The <strong>YMCA</strong> gives us a renewed appreciation <strong>of</strong> how<br />

important fellowship is,” Mrs. Murphy says.<br />

hope and friendship.<br />

No matter your age or ability, we all<br />

need to feel valued and connected.

parts <strong>of</strong> caring =<br />

a new life<br />

Where we make<br />

time for everyone<br />

Westland Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

When Viola Williams came to the<br />

<strong>YMCA</strong> looking for a swimming lesson,<br />

she found a warm, welcoming place, rich<br />

with ingredients like kindness and caring<br />

- a place where people make time for her.<br />

Nearly 876,000 people walked through<br />

“My mother and I almost drowned last year<br />

during Hurricane Katrina.”<br />

our doors last year; each person walked<br />

out changed for the better.<br />

Viola Williams says that when the levee broke near her mother’s New Orleans home, the<br />

water rose so fast that she and her mom panicked. Neither <strong>of</strong> them knew how to swim.<br />

Luckily, her brother pulled them to safety through the attic and onto the ro<strong>of</strong>. Rescued<br />

by a passing boater, the family spent a harrowing night on a highway overpass. A bus<br />

eventually brought them to <strong>Houston</strong>. After finding housing and a job, Viola knew she<br />

had to make other changes. She soon signed up for swimming lessons at the Westland<br />

Family <strong>YMCA</strong>.<br />

“I chose the Y because it’s based on your income,” she said.<br />

But Viola soon realized she was getting more than her money’s worth in her two young<br />

instructors, 21 year old Jyme Roundtree and 19 year old Dalen Fitzgerald.<br />

“I was amazed; they are young and most young people don’t put forth that<br />

kind <strong>of</strong> effort,” Williams remarked. “They made time for me.”<br />

Viola wrote Jyme and Dalen a thank you letter for helping her<br />

learn to keep her head above water. In it, she said they were,<br />

“Extremely patient, helpful and they went above and beyond.”<br />

Y M C A o f G r e a t e r H o u s t o n<br />

R e c i p e s f o r L i f e<br />

Jyme Roundtree<br />

Viola Williams<br />

Dalen Fitzgerald.

<strong>YMCA</strong> Volunteers <strong>of</strong> the Year<br />

Deborah<br />

Rose<br />

Tom<br />

Wilcox<br />

Dr. Kidane<br />

Araya<br />

Doug<br />

Stanley<br />

John<br />

Brooks<br />

Therese<br />

Brooks<br />

Willis<br />

Johnson<br />

Kellie<br />

Buchanan,<br />

Ph.d.<br />

Ginger<br />

Glass<br />

Martha<br />

Garza<br />

Jack<br />

Bowen<br />

Karen<br />

Westbrooks<br />

Michelle<br />

Dotter<br />

Magnolia-Tomball<br />

Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

Fort Bend County<br />

Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

<strong>YMCA</strong> International<br />

Services<br />

Lake <strong>Houston</strong> Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

North Galveston County<br />

Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

North Galveston County<br />

Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

<strong>YMCA</strong> Camping Services<br />

Liberty County<br />

Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

Cossaboom Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

Westland Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

<strong>YMCA</strong> Camp Hamman Ranch<br />

Wendel D. Ley Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

E.A. Smith Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

Fritz<br />

Guthrie<br />

Danice<br />

Oliver<br />

Chandra<br />

Richardson<br />

Ronnie<br />

Hallenberger<br />

George<br />

Munns<br />

Al<br />

Stewart<br />

Anna<br />

Ingvardsen<br />

Luke<br />

Johnson,<br />

Jackie<br />

Craver<br />

Racquel<br />

Trimmer<br />

Billy<br />

Lee<br />

Tony<br />

Allison<br />

Donald<br />

Dean<br />

Michelle<br />

Pena<br />

Conroe Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

San Jacinto Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

West Orem Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

Weekley Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

M.D. Anderson Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

Northwest Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

<strong>YMCA</strong> Camp Pine Tree<br />

Post Oak Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

Downtown <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

<strong>YMCA</strong> Texas Medical Center<br />

Child Care Center<br />

North Harris County<br />

Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

South Montgomery<br />

County <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

Northeast Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

Alief Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

Linda<br />

Beeman<br />

Irene<br />

Montoya<br />

Steve<br />

Flodder<br />

Velocia<br />

Ulmer<br />

Bill<br />

Myers<br />

Veronica<br />

Deboest<br />

Jim<br />

Schier<br />

Jim<br />

Spivey<br />

Mandy<br />

Spivey<br />

Parker<br />

Rossy<br />

John<br />

Harding<br />

Seth<br />

Sharr<br />

Barbara<br />

Wooster<br />

Clay Road Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

Alvin Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

Katy Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

<strong>YMCA</strong> Success By Six<br />

T.W. Davis Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

South Central Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

Cypress Creek Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

Huntsville Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

Huntsville Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

Langham Creek<br />

Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

Vic Coppinger Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

Aldine-Greenspoint<br />

Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

Baytown Family <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

<strong>YMCA</strong> volunteers are the unique ingredients that, when mixed with elements<br />

like mentoring, positive values and empowerment, add a special touch<br />

that can transform lives.<br />

Volunteers, with their ethic <strong>of</strong> service and caring, help children, families and<br />

communities everyday. We honor them by recognizing a volunteer<br />

<strong>of</strong> the year from each <strong>YMCA</strong> center.<br />

Not pictured: David Keen <strong>YMCA</strong> Camp Cullen

Financial Formula<br />

REVENUE <strong>2006</strong> 2005<br />

Public Support<br />

Contributions $4,499,535 $4,235,107<br />

United Way $2,473,201 $2,467,544<br />

Total Public Support $6,972,736 $6,702,651<br />

Program Fees<br />

Program Fees & Related $31,889,214 $30,240,833<br />

Membership Fees $43,194,062 $41,629,908<br />

Fees from Government Agencies $5,767,752 $5,235,915<br />

Other Revenue $6,186,994 $6,327,934<br />

Total Program Fees $87,038,022 $83,434,590<br />

Total Public Support $94,010,758 $90,137,241<br />

& Program Fees<br />

Expenses<br />

Salaries & Benefits $53,106,409 $49,771,624<br />

Office & General $15,497,982 $13,392,848<br />

Occupancy & Equipment $16,772,152 $14,913,271<br />

Other $8,511,204 $11,898,870<br />

Total Expenses $93,887,747 $89,976,613<br />

Association Staff<br />

Clark D. Baker<br />

President/CEO<br />

C. Wayne Brewer<br />

Executive Vice President/CFO<br />

Charles Cleveland<br />

Executive Vice President/<br />

Association Services<br />

Mike Emmons<br />

Vice President/Controller<br />

Cindy Ferguson<br />

Vice President/Program<br />

Development<br />

Ann Gibson<br />

Senior Vice President/<br />

Leadership Development<br />

Gail Glasser<br />

Senior Vice President/<br />

Financial Development<br />

Michael J. Hagan<br />

Vice President/Marketing<br />

Ken Harris<br />

Vice President/<br />

Corporate Services<br />

Dave Kretsinger<br />

Vice President/Major Gifts<br />

Linda F. Lykos<br />

Vice President/Financial<br />

Development<br />

Jose Rendon<br />

Vice President/Public Policy<br />

Sheldon Stovall<br />

Vice President/Diversity<br />

Dale Walters<br />

Senior Vice President/COO<br />

Excess <strong>of</strong> Public Support<br />

& Revenue over Expenses $123,011 $160,628<br />


Program Participants<br />

Aquatics 52,016 51,261<br />

Child Care 10,601 10,366<br />

Day Camp 66,257 69,242<br />

Parent/Child 7,119 7,220<br />

Teens Served 70,300 52,426<br />

Youth Sports 78,774 75,342<br />

Resident Camp Outdoor Education 3,236 2,375<br />

Summer Youth Camp 3,737 3,059<br />

Weekend Camp 6,730 7,989<br />

Special Services<br />

Outreach & International Services 60,435 41,799<br />

Members<br />

Facility Members 228,948 213,111<br />

Program Members 198,322 186,400<br />

Group Executives<br />

Darwin Barnett<br />

North Group<br />

Chris Coker<br />

Southwest Group<br />

Steve Gimenez<br />

East Group<br />

Gloria Jackson<br />

Central Group<br />

Karen Heintschel<br />

Southeast Group<br />

Jeff McBride<br />

Fort Bend Group<br />

Roger Moon<br />

Northwest Group<br />

Steve Peterson<br />

West Group

Executive Chefs<br />

Center Leadership<br />

<strong>YMCA</strong> Association Board Leadership<br />

Officers<br />

Center Name Executive Board Chair<br />

Aldine-Greenspoint Ralph Wheeler Seth Sharr<br />

Chairman <strong>of</strong> the Board<br />

Eric Mullins<br />

Alief Gladys Brumfield elsie Smith<br />

Alvin Jody Jernigan Doug Kelly<br />

Vice Chair<br />

David Shindeldecker<br />

M.D. Anderson Marie Arcos michael Schildknecht<br />

Baytown carrie Gaskamp al Richard<br />

Clay Road Bill Powell Rick Ciaccio<br />

Conroe Scott Harper andrew Cantu<br />

Vic Coppinger Jamie Scaffidi mitch Sharp<br />

Vice Chair<br />

Tom Gee<br />

Chair-Elect<br />

Paul Van Wagenen<br />

Cossaboom lori Rumfield Ruben Mercado<br />

Cypress Creek Rexanne Isham Jim Schier<br />

Immediate Past Chair<br />

Scott Halliday<br />

T.W. Davis Brian Haines Ruben Hope<br />

Downtown mandy Stelzer michael Hansen<br />

E.A. Smith Jacki King Susan Braymer<br />

Fort Bend charlie Myer Jacqueline Baly-Chaumette<br />

Huntsville Sandra Clifton Kelly Prew<br />

International Services Jeff Watkins Dr. Ron Rea<br />

Katy michael Batiato Steve Flodder<br />

Lake <strong>Houston</strong> Cezar Gonzalez Seth Brady<br />

Langham Creek Jess Stuart Robert Jenkins<br />

Liberty County Katina Delk Sherri Clark<br />

Magnolia/Tomball Debbie Williams Deborah Rose Miller<br />

North Galveston Lisa Renfroe michael Vaughn<br />

North Harris County Jenna Christiansen Ernestine Mitchell<br />

Northeast Demetta Landry Iris Allen<br />

Northwest Shawn Borzelleri mike Holland<br />

Post Oak Kevin Fiorillo mark McCullough<br />

San Jacinto christine Powell Jerry Sue Dyess<br />

South Central Mark Boudreaux larry Hawkins<br />

South Montgomery Co. Mark Cochran<br />

Bret Strong<br />

Weekley Rick Byrd Dr. Charles Cleveland<br />

W.D. Ley altonette Perry ed Perkins<br />

West Orem Kelly Raglin Deborah LeBlanc<br />

Westland<br />

Bert Ruiz<br />

Robert T. Aspromonte<br />

President<br />

Lakeco Properties<br />

Gerri Ayers<br />

President<br />

Ayers Meetings & Events<br />

The Honorable Caroline Baker<br />

Judge<br />

151st Civil District Court<br />

John C. Bass<br />

Managing Director<br />

JP Morgan Securities<br />

Richard Blades<br />

Managing Director<br />

John L. Wortham<br />

Thomas C. Brennan III<br />

President<br />

Brennan Interests, LLC<br />

Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell<br />

Senior Pastor<br />

Windsor Village United<br />

Methodist Church<br />

Board Members<br />

Deborah M. Cannon<br />

President<br />

<strong>Houston</strong> Zoo, Inc.<br />

Charles Casserly<br />

Executive Vice President,<br />

General Manager<br />

<strong>Houston</strong> Texans<br />

Theresa Chang<br />

Chief <strong>of</strong> Compliance Division<br />

Harris County Attorney’s Office<br />

Jack Clark<br />

Attorney<br />

Glenn H. Clements<br />

Executive Vice President,<br />

Regional Manager<br />

Stewart Title Guaranty<br />

Charles E. Comiskey<br />

Vice President<br />

Brady, Chapman, Holland<br />

Robert J. Doyle<br />

Retired<br />

Vice President, Exxon<br />

Coal & Minerals<br />

Robert Duncan<br />

Chairman<br />

Transwestern Group<br />

Nancy Dunlap<br />

Civic Volunteer<br />

Thomas H. Estus<br />

President<br />

Shelby Estus Realty Group, Inc.<br />

Elvin Franklin<br />

Agent<br />

State Farm Insurance<br />

Barnett L. Gershen<br />

President<br />

Gershen Consulting<br />

Terry M. Giles<br />

President<br />

Giles Enterprises<br />

Rey Gonzales<br />

President<br />

Universal International<br />

Services, Inc.

Board Members Continued<br />

Scott Halliday<br />

Gulf Coast Area<br />

Managing Partner<br />

Ernst & Young<br />

Judge Richard Hill<br />

Attorney<br />

Linebarger Law Firm<br />

Karen Huff<br />

Civic Volunteer<br />

Laura R. Jaramillo<br />

Vice President Texas Market<br />

Wells Fargo<br />

Larry Kellner<br />

President<br />

Continental Airlines<br />

Khambrel Marshall<br />

Executive Producer<br />

KPRC TV<br />

Ayse McCracken<br />

President<br />

Texas Children’s<br />

Pediatric Associates<br />

Robert E. McFadden<br />

Vice President<br />

<strong>Houston</strong> Operations<br />

Energy Management<br />

& Services Company<br />

Clay E. Morel<br />

Founder<br />

ProStaff Consulting<br />

Thomas Gee<br />

Retired<br />

University <strong>of</strong> Texas<br />

Karl Amelang<br />

Harry S. Badger<br />

W.J. (Jack) Bowen<br />

John H. Duncan<br />

Tommy M. Parker<br />

Regional Managing Director<br />

Resources Global<br />

Harry J. Phillips, Jr.<br />

President<br />

Timberlake Interests<br />

Raul Reyes<br />

Captain<br />

<strong>Houston</strong> Fire Department<br />

Abelardo (Abe) Saavedra<br />

Superintendent<br />

<strong>Houston</strong> Independent<br />

School District<br />

Richard Schissler III<br />

Consultant<br />

Silver Fox Advisors<br />

Tom Simmons<br />

Managing Director-<strong>Houston</strong><br />

SpencerStuart<br />

David Steiner<br />

CEO<br />

Waste Management, Inc.<br />

Shawn Taylor<br />

President<br />

Family Eats, Ltd.<br />

Howard Tellepsen<br />

President<br />

Tellepsen Construction Company<br />

E. Robert (Bobby) Theriot<br />

Managing Director<br />

Merrill Lynch<br />

Ex-Officio Directors<br />

Mike Logan<br />

President<br />

Texas Pitcrafters<br />

Life Board Members<br />

Joe B. Foster<br />

D. Bradley McWilliams<br />

Louis B. Paine<br />

Robert C. Thomas<br />

Consultant<br />

Carlos Valdez<br />

Vice President<br />

JP Morgan Chase<br />

Barron F. Wallace<br />

Partner<br />

Vinson & Elkins<br />

Marc Watts<br />

Managing Partner-<strong>Houston</strong><br />

Locke Liddell<br />

Kevin H. Whalen<br />

President<br />

Ascent Auto Group<br />

Valerie Williams<br />

Partner<br />

Ernst & Young<br />

Willoughby C. Williams, Jr.<br />

Vice Chairman<br />

JP Morgan Chase<br />

Bryan Wimberly<br />

Retired<br />

CEO, Southern Engine<br />

& Pump Company<br />

Beth Wolff<br />

CEO/Chairman<br />

Beth Wolff Realty<br />

George Yang, Ph.D.<br />

Chairman<br />

Asia Chemical Corporation, Inc.<br />

David Shindeldecker<br />

President/CEO<br />

The Redstone Companies<br />

F. Max Schuette<br />

Edgar A. Smith<br />

Gray Wakefield<br />

James D. Woods<br />

Dear Donors,<br />

Thank you for your generous financial support <strong>of</strong> the kids and families that participate in <strong>YMCA</strong><br />

programs. Your donation enables <strong>YMCA</strong> volunteers and staff to provide a nurturing environment in<br />

which young people learn leadership skills, peaceful conflict resolution and core values. Your gift also<br />

supports programs that provide families with the resources they need to build a better life for their<br />

children and themselves – programs such as parenting classes, literacy programs and events designed<br />

to build on each family’s strengths.<br />

More than 7,000 kids and families are the beneficiaries <strong>of</strong> your caring gift.<br />

You are a key ingredient in the success <strong>of</strong> our <strong>YMCA</strong>.<br />

Thank you,<br />

Gerri Ayers<br />

<strong>2006</strong> Partners Campaign Chair<br />

Clark D. Baker<br />

President & CEO<br />

You’re a key<br />


<strong>YMCA</strong> Mission: To put Judeo-christian principles into practice<br />

through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.<br />

ymca <strong>of</strong> greater houston<br />

1600 Louisiana street<br />

<strong>Houston</strong>, Texas 77002<br />

713-659-5566<br />

www.ymcahouSton.org<br />

Special Thanks to Hayden Brown, Michol Chaney, Bria Jackson, Timothy Smith, Jr., Isaac Soto,<br />

Isabella Torres and Ronia Washington – the members <strong>of</strong> the <strong>YMCA</strong> Texas Medical Center Child Care Center<br />

who appear in many <strong>of</strong> these photos.

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